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Volume 985 - T-ball 

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 Wednesday    January 29, 2003 


"He does not respect the UN.
  He has nothing but contempt for the UN."

 Saddam about the Illegal Moron,
 The Illegal Moron about Saddam.- I forget which.

 Power-mad dictators have no use for the United Nations.

 A Credibility Problem
   by Paul Krugman

  Click  Here

'We can be sure that some pundits will acclaim the speech as bold and brilliant; they would
 do that if he read from "The Very Hungry Caterpillar." Whether their praise, and the theatrics
 of the occasion, will turn things around is anyone's guess.  A lot depends on whether Mr. Bush
 is held accountable for the promises he made in his last State of the Union address.

'For there was more to that speech than the axis of evil (a phrase, by the way,  that has vanished
 from Mr. Bush's vocabulary, along with the name of that guy he promised to bring in dead or alive).

 It's hard to believe Bush is 55 and has never been held accountable for anything.
 He admitted he was "just a media creation," he dodged Vietnam, went AWOL from
 his "rich boys" National Guard Unit, made it through all his campaigns without having to
 reveal his drug-and-arrest record, or answer ANY substantive questions.

 I still burn when I think of Bob Scheiffer (R-Whore) exclaiming, 'I was struck by Bush's vast
 knowledge of foreign affairs," after a debate, when everyone knows he can't find Mexico on a map.

 He had to hide his papers, lest he be found out, he hid his daddy's papers and Reagan's papers to
 prevent America from knowing how they got elected in 1980. He's gutted environmental laws that
 protect us and put the polluters on the "Honor system."  His entire life had been a sham.
 His confidence comes from never having lost, yet he's never been in a battle.

 Will the good puupy American press ever hold this dim-witted clown accountable for anything?


"Saddam is an evil man - he tortures those who would overthrow him.
  If that's not evil, (big dramatic pause) ....then evil has no meaning."
   -- Smirky McWarhardon, SoTU


 Governor, I have a question:
 Why are the Al Qaeda and the Taliban being held in Cuba, not America?

 Isn't that so America can torture those
 who would overthrow our government?

 How are you different from Saddam, Governor?

 I loved it!

 On CNN, right after the Chimp lied about murder for oil, The Butterqueen (Candy Crowley)
 explained how smart and wise and sincere and statesmanlike the handjob Chimp was.

 BQ, expect a little something extra in your envelope this week!

Subject: Sorry, I cannot support your radio venture

Dear Bartcop,

I was considering supporting your radio show venture on a five dollar a month basis basically
because thats all I can really afford. I was thinking about doing this despite you unfair criticisms
of Ralph Nader who I consider to be one of the greatest fighters for Liberal causes alive today.

But the straw that broke the camels back was your criticisms of the people who are going
to Iraq to set themselves up as human shields.  I agree totally with Patrick O. F.'s  comments
and I thank you for posting them on your site.  I will continue to read Bartcop because I agree
with 90% of what you say but that is the best I can do.

Best wishes and keep fighting the good fight.
Ray V

Ray, make the case that people murdering themselves for no reason is a good thing
and I'll switch sides faster than Rush slurs a black woman.

BTW, have you told your family that you're going to Iraq?
...or have I read you wrong?

Marty's E! page
Marines deny giving the 'American Idol' perks
Jenna Bush in Sun Valley with her stud
Jeopardy likes Nebraska
Olsen Twins each scored a perfect 1600 on their SAT's
and they're worth $76,000,000
Johnny Carson donates  $
CBS kills Presidio Med & Queens Supreme
Disney kicked Sidney Poitier off their board
(because he's black?)
Rob Lowe has a new TV show
nominees for the Screen Actors Guild Awards
February sweeps officially begin Thursday night!
Woo Hoo!


 "Saddam had used WMD on his own people."

   Yak, yak, yak

 "Saddam is another Hitler, gassing his own people."

   Yak, yak, yak

 "Saddam never possessed a weapon he didn't use."

   Yak, yak, yak

 Hey, he did all that and THEN Cheney did $23M business with him.

 What's he done since Cheney cut him off?


"If war is forced upon us, we will fight with the full force of the US military."
    -- Howdy Dooty, SoTU speech

 Put another way...

"If Iraq's won't give me their oil fields,
  we will seize them with the full force of the US military."

Susan McDougal on Larry King tonight

 Dutton's Books of Brentwood, Los Angeles, February, 4, 7:00 PM
 Barnes & Noble Los Angeles on Grove Street, February 6, 7:30 PM
 Borders San Francisco in Union Square, February 8, 4:00 PM
 Barnes & Noble in Emeryville (in the East Bay), February, 10, 7:00 PM
 Borders Seattle on Fourth Avenue, February 12, 2003, 12:30 PM
 Elliott Bay Books in Seattle on South Main Street, February 12, 2003, 5:30 PM

Subject:  Super Bowl review

Bart, you wrote:

>"I thought the girls were doing just fine, but then they cut Gwen's second
> song so seventy-year old Sting could come out and sing a seventies song - why?"

Well geez Bart, don't us women have a right to some bodacious eye-candy during the big game?
He may be old (so am I) but he's still hotter'n Georgia asphalt.

Heather P

Heather, you got to watch 150 men in tight pants for 4 hours :)


 Christian is in Atlanta for a few days, on assignment for her newspaper.

 She expects to be back Thursday.


"Before September the 11th, many in the world believed that Saddam could be contained.
  But chemical agents, lethal viruses and shadowy terrorist networks are not easily contained.
  Imagine those 19 hijackers with other weapons and other plans -- this time armed by Saddam."
       --Dubya,  SoTU

 That's not a case for war, that's a case of pure horseshit!
 "Imagine them armed by Saddam?"

 Imagine them armed by the Klingons!
 Imagine them armed by The Dark Side!
 Imagine them armed by the evil wizards in The Lord of the Rings!

 Imagine them armed by Mrs.Wilson's third grade class!
 Should we invade Mrs Wilson class to prevent a "possible" second wave of attacks?

 Moonbeams and Magnolias at the New York Times
   by Gene Lyons

  Click  Here

 Here at Unsolicited Opinions, Inc., we too have reviewed a bunch of books over the years and
 have also taught writing to college students. At the expense of pedantry, we'd like to offer our
 esteemed colleague at George Mason this advice: "Yo, Beverly. Next time, read the damn book."


 As for the New York Times, what is there left to say? The cover-up continues. Mention the Clintons
 or Whitewater, and the nation's single most influential book review metamorphoses into The Drudge
 Report. Have its editors no standards of professionalism and intellectual honesty whatsoever?

 I just remembered...

 That liar who subbed for Rush, Tom Sullivan?
 He's the "Sullivan Institute" that verifies the vulgar Pigboy is right "98.4 percent of the time."

 I'm sure for Rush and Sullivan, that's a cute little joke, Rush's way of saying "Hi," to his old friend
 who took his place behind the urine-colored microphone in San Fran when the Pigboy went national.
 But to the true ditto-monkey, that's their "proof" that Rush is telling the truth.

 It's in a back issue, somewhere, but I wrote about arguing politics with my old boss, and when
 I said "Rush is a certified lying, Nazi whore scumbag," he looked at me with all the sincerity
 he could muster and said, "But Bart, ...he's been documented right 98.4 percent of the time."
 He was not kidding.
 That's why Rush'a target audience is the brain-dead ditto-monkey.
 He bought Rush's bullshit all the way.

 That's why I don't like it when some people say "Bart is the Rush of the left."
 I would never urinate on my readers the way Rush does to his listeners.


"See, we were running deficits in the $275 billion a year. This country had $3 trillion
  of debt under Republican mismanagement, and ridiculous tax cuts we couldn't afford.
  We came into an era of fiscal responsibility under Bill Clinton and Bob Rubin and had
  the largest expansion ever. I hope the president starts taking advice from people like
  Bob Rubin and Bill Clinton and gets this economy going."
    --James Carville, Crossfire, 01/28/03

 Warren Zevon: In His Time of Dying

  Click  Here

 Letterman asked Zevon if his condition had taught him anything about life and death.
''How much you're supposed to enjoy every sandwich,'' Zevon answered.

 Weeks later, Letterman was still struck by the reply. ''Here's a guy looking right down
 the barrel of the gun,'' he said. ''And if a guy wanted to indulge himself in great hyperbole
 in that circumstance, who wouldn't forgive him? But that was perfect, the simplicity of that.
 If this guy is not a poet, who is?''

 Subject: Human Shields

 I'm just guessing -- like Bob Somerby, I try to refrain from making definite
 statements about the motives of people I've never met -- but I doubt it's really
 about influencing Putsch or any of his handlers.

       Possibility one: they hope to influence American soldiers' consciences.
         Subpossibility A: they hope somebody behind a gun, faced with US citizens willing
           to put themselves in front of it, will consider the order to fire immoral and refuse to obey it,
           leading to a court-martial that could put the war itself on trial.
         Subpossibility B: they hope that even if he doesn't hold his fire, the knowledge of having
           killed Americans will gnaw at him and create a Ron Kovic (or at least an Oliver Stone).
       Possibility two: they hope to win hearts and minds back home.


 Austin, it's my guess O'Keefe won't die from a bullet fired by a soldier 30 feet away.
 He'll die from a missle fired from a plane at 15,000 feet up or from a ship-fired cruise missle..
 Nobody will see his sacrifice, we may not even know that it happened, if it does.
 He could be killed by Iraqi borders guards the minute he enters the country.
 What would he gain from that?

 Bush Sets Sights On Killing Medicare
    by Joe Conason

  Click  Here

"...Mr. Bush appears to be imitating neither his father nor his supposed model, Ronald Reagan, but his
 despised predecessor, Bill Clinton—with a wish list of new domestic initiatives appealing to moderate voters.

 Having misplaced my invitation to the White House preview staged for select industry lobbyists and
 conservative political activists, I am unable to confirm the press leaks about those initiatives. But what
 appears to be his most ambitious plan—aside from invading Iraq—is also one of the Republican Party’s
 oldest schemes. That would be the effective dismantling of Medicare.

"800 Cruise Missiles in 2 days!"

  Click  Here


 On one hand, I understand why the human shields are doing this; they want to show
 how low this administration will go.  I believe it's been demonstrated already, they have
 no regard for anyone's life, they will die and this media will call them traitors instead of heroes.

 Dave Migs

 Dave, good point.
 I don't mean for this to be the "flashback" issue, but that reminds me of another story.
 About 20 years ago, I saw "Billy Jack goes to Washington."

 Billy tried to save the cute little orphans, but the mean American soldiers showed up and
 laughed and giggled as they fired their M-1 bullets thru the women and little orphan children.

 Yeah, that's what out military is trained to do - murder defenseless women and children.
 I came out of that theater so angry I would've voted for Nixon.

 Twenty years later, that mentality is our Commander in Chief.
 He loves death.
 Remember when he giggled during the debate about killing the three men (only two received the DP)
 who dragged James Byrd to his death behind a pickup in Texas?  The son of a bitch giggled in a debate
 to see which man was more qualified to lead this once-great country (and the press forgave him.)

 This is the same guy who mocked reformed-killer turned Christian Karla Faye Tucker with a
 tiny voice, "Please don't kill me," for the amusement of Crossfire's  Bow-Tie-boy, Tucker Carlson.
 To his credit (please forget I'm saying this) Carlson was a decent enough human being to be appalled
  to such a degree that he reported the incident, which kicked him off Team Smirk forever.

 The Illegal Moron loves to kill people and then joke about it!

 How many innocent people did he murder in Texas?  Without even bothering to read the report
 from the Texas Parole Board?  Remember, as a boy, he liked to insert firecrackers in the anus
 of a frog and toss the frog into the air and them shout with glee with the frog exploded.
 He is a sick bastard.
 THIS is the scumbag who's dragging America into a war WE DON'T WANT?

 And the GOP and the press (same thing) tell us we're un-American
 if we don't want to follow this sadistic monster into an immoral war?

Who is this?

It looks like she's at a function,
so she could be famous.

 How insulting!   They sent a moron to lie to us
 State of the Union signs

  Click  Here

 Dear NY Times Book Review.

 As you are, by now, no doubt aware, your review of Susan McDougal's book contained
 false, misleading and arguably libelous statements which sadly add to the Times' sorry record
 regarding almost anything connected with the Clintons and Whitewater. Your once great
 newspaper is in danger of becoming a pathetic laughingstock, especially when dealing with this
 particular subject. Honesty demands that you correct these errors prominently and apologize
 to those involved publicly (a personal apology from Ms. Lowry discussing whether she is
 simply incompetent, or did not in fact read the book she reviewed, would be nice as well).

 This review and your publication of it might have satisfied the Fox News standard for journalism
 and commentary, but it is close. In any event, I hope your standards are higher than that.
 I will look for your correction and apology next week. Thank you.

 Michael Baxter

  Gee, could it be the oil?
 Butler: U.S. has 'Double Standards' on Iraq
 "Shocking double standards" in considering military action on Iraq

  Click  Here

 Former U.N. arms inspector Richard Butler said Bush had "shocking double standards."
"...a U.S. attack, without UN backing, and without any effort to curb the possession of WMD
 globally, is against international law and could sharpen the divide between Arabs and the West.

 Cleaving up Clooney
 O'Reilly blasts George Clooney for 'un-American remarks'
  by Bill Berkowitz

  Click  Here


"When I was working for President Clinton, since we've seen what a real president
  looks like giving a State of the Union address, he gave a speech on healthcare, which is
  the most complicated domestic issue there is. The teleprompter broke, he went and
 ad-libbed for nine minutes. What would happen if the prompter breaks tonight on Bush?"
        --Paul  Begala, Crossfire, 01/28/03

 I don't know, but I'd pay money to see it.
 My guess is they'd unplug the feed and call it "techinical difficulty," to protect the Moron.

 Subject:  LOL, here's one for ya!!!

 The Usurper said:

>"Tonight I am proposing 1.2 billion dollars in research funding so that America
> can lead the world in developing clean, hydrogen-powered automobiles.
> A simple chemical reaction between hydrogen and oxygen generates energy,
> which can be used to power a car - producing only water, not exhaust fumes. "

 This "Technology" has been around for frickin' 200 years!  It's called the "STEAM ENGINE."
 Why spend 1.2 BILLION dollars on something we ALREADY KNOW WORKS?  SHIT!
 Next he'll be spending money on bubble gum and records!


 The Al-Q'aeda Awards

  Click  Here

 Critics of this year's ceremony complain that the United States has an unfair edge over
 poorer nations and under-funded terrorist organizations. "How are we expected to compete?"
 asked sleeper cell ombudsman Kyle Hazeem. "Nothing we do to America can possibly
 compare with what American is doing to itself."

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  Thanks to Bruce Yurgil

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 The Internet Resistance is all we have.

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 Comp Quotes

"The Democrats don't need to respond to the State of the Union.
  All they need to do is replay the broken promises from last year's speech."
         --Tony Daughtrey, Tennessee., Crossfire e-mail, 01/28/03

" We've only got an hour...We couldn't get them all in."
        --James Carville

 Bush's 'Nation of Enablers'
  as seen on

  Click  Here

 But more than “a nation of patriots” or “a nation of pirates,” the United States has been behaving
 for the past two years like “a nation of enablers.” At times, it seems that the U.S. political system
 is dedicated to treating George W. Bush like he's some addicted adolescent in a family that won't
 confront the youngster's behavioral problems and "enables" the problem to get worse. Virtually no
 one in the major news media will admit that Bush's personal behavior has been downright strange...

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