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Volume 1058 - Monkey in a Flight Suit

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 Friday   May Tooth, 2003 


"The mainstream media has, in my opinion, been so grossly negligent, so disturbingly devoid
  of authentic debate, and actual dissemination of information. They are, in theory, the custodians
  of fact, the watchdogs of government. That's the theory. At a time as important as this, they have
  absolutely rolled over to the conservative hawkish agenda. "The parents of the troops who die and
  the parents of Iraqi civilians who die should have the right to slap a lot of these media outlets with
  a suit of criminal negligence. Military parents would have a legitimate case, especially against Fox
  and the New York Post for cheerleading this thing the whole way, for waving the flag, and using
  knee-jerk, sycophantic, pseudo-patriotism as a tool to galvanize public opinion. That brings us to some
  of the rightwing pundits who dominate the radio, like Mike Savage, or some of the commentators at
  Fox--the Ann Coulters, what have you. I think what they do is they turn their own personal issues
  --whether they be racist, homophobic, sexist, xenophobic, or imperialistic--and they wrap them in
  the flag and hide them behind Jesus."
      --Janeane Garofalo, unafraid of the right-wing dirt machine

"I want her killed.  I can do that, you know - legally.
 The Democrats gave me that power - they really did."

  The Secrets of September 11
  Bush stonewalling critical report about 9-11

  Click  Here

 At the center of the dispute is a more-than-800-page secret report prepared by a joint congressional inquiry
 detailing the intelligence and law-enforcement failures that preceded the attacks-including provocative,
 if unheeded warnings, given President Bush and his top advisers during the summer of 2001.

 I remember the summer of 2001 very well.  That's when I did my first verbal rant about President Dunce
 taking ANOTHER month-long vacation while the FBI and CIA weres trying to get him involved in the fight
 against terrorism, but he was too busy talking to the cows, remember?

 He said he liked talking to the cows "because they were good listeners."
 I think he likes the cows because he can beat them 3 out of 5 playing checkers.

"It's nobody's business what I knew about 9-11!"

 Why would they do that?

 When Smirk strutted his smirking ass across the flight deck on the USS Abraham Lincoln.
 they band played, "Bringing in the sheaves."   Can anyone explain that?

 But the worst was yet to come.
 At one point, right after Smirk had said one of his patented, "Worship me" phrases,
 nobody clapped and in the lower right-hand of the TV screen I saw a flashing light.
 Was it ...maybe, ...the applause sign?

 Six times, (I counted), Bush would say something like,  "All liberals are evil, and you're
 finally going back to your home and your loved ones after ten long months at sea!"

 Of course, they cheered that line like crazy.  I'm sure FOX News will edit it to say, "All liberals are evil,"
 and then they'll cut the the cheering crowd while avoiding the flashing, "APPLAUSE"  sign.

 Subject: Bill O'Reilly

 I saw this dipshit (Bill O'Reiily) tell Charlie Gibson on Good Morning America
 right before the invasion started that if we didn't find WMD that he would never
 believe the Bush Cheney administration again in anything they tell us.

 Just wondering if anyone has seen him make any more comments about this?
 I really enjoy your site.


 Kansas City

 Bill O'Reilly is a lying whore.
 He probably sincerely thought they'd find something, so he gambled - and lost.

 If called on it, I'm sure he'd say that since the army found a couple of empty rockets
 that COULD conceivably hold some kind of WMD, he feels vindicated and will continue
 to fellate Bush and Cheney at every opportunity. You don't get to be Number One on the
 worst of the whore networks by being honest and straightfoward with the "facts.".


"The Dixie Chicks were like, 'We were only speaking our minds.'
  Yeah, so were all the people saying they hate you."
     --Drew Carey, as Nazi as they come, and it's hard to be a funny fascist

 ...uh, ...Drew, was it the people who hate the Dixie Chicks?
 Or was it Clear Channel trying to destroy them to get favors from Mikey Powell?

 Clinton's military

 Dear Bart:

 Those decrying Clinton's alleged destruction of the military pointed to the
 loss of a couple air wings (however many planes are in a wing), many Army
 divisions (about half of them), and etc., which were implementations by
 Clinton of the force structure reductions signed into law to be phased in
 later, by Bush 41 and then-SecDef Cheney.

 NONE of those reductions has been reversed. There aren't any new AF air
 wings, and no new Army divisions. There aren't any new weapons in the field,
 and, in fact, while Clinton's last budget for defense spending was in
 operation until September 30, 2001, Bush's own first military budget simply
 followed Clinton's next budget projection, to the exact dollar amount.
 That was in effect through September 30, 2002.

 There is no doubt that the military performing as they have been has been
 accomplished with the same manpower and equipment that the GOP was
 characterizing as a destruction of the military, which it most plainly is not.

 Phillip Schuman


"I can't stand watching history roll right over us. It's like they're asking you
  to bend over, put your head in the sand, and put a flag in your ass."
     --Janeane Garofalo, knocking 'em dead

 I had CNN on in the background while building yesterday's page.

 CNN was gushing over how manly Bush was for HOURS.
 They said he looked so suave in his pilot's uniform (what a joke)
 and they said he even managed to "figure out the pilot's swagger."
 Bush is the only president (sic) we've ever had who can smirk by walking.

 Why did the Unelected Monkey wear a pilot's uniform to fly an hour in a jet?

 They also said since Bush was once a pilot, he might even be
 at the controls and actually flying the plane.   What a handjob!
 Hell, I've flown a plane - any idiot can fly a plane for a few minutes.

 And then the camera stayed on Bush for hours while he talked to the men on the ship.
 The reporters said they had personally talked to every man on the ship (that's not possible
 - I'll bet the Lincoln has 5,000 personnel.) and "each and every one of them"
 was super-excited about meeting our great and wonderful war hero president.

 I didn't have the courage to see what FOX was doing with this.
 CNN wants to be FOX so bad they can taste it.

 I need a drink...

Please visit our sponsors.

 Dixie Chicks Fans Cheer at Tour Opener 
  Clear Channel upset, fails to destroy careers of women with opinions

  Click  Here

 A sold-out crowd cheered, danced and sang along during the Dixie Chicks summer
 tour kick-off concert, showing little concern for the controversy that has surrounded
 the band since speaking out was made illegal by the Bush administration.

 Thursday night, the Dixie Chicks quickly realized their fans still loved them as about
 15,000 packed the Bi-Lo Center for the sold-out concert. If there was a boo as the
 band appeared on stage, few could hear it.

 Maines didn't wait long to address the problems that have arisen from her comments.
"We have a plan for this," Maines said. "If you're here to boo, we welcome that.
 We're going to give you 15 seconds to do that."

 And when Maines counted to three, the sold-out crowd erupted in cheers and the
 Chicks broke into "Long Time Gone."

  Look, it's the Coke Nazi!
 Did the BFEE take over Coca Cola, too?

 Coca-Cola promotes drink with 'swastika' robots
 A Coca-Cola promotion in Hong Kong featuring a robot
 adorned with 'swastikas' has been condemned.

  Click  Here  if you think I made this up.
  Thanks to Ver Doron

"Robowaru," has two swastikas on its chest and can be bought in the
  UK for around £2.60 with any purchase of six bottles of Coke.

 Hey Bart!
 I have been thinking, and I want to up my subscription to $10 per month.
 I currenty subscribe at $5 per month.

 Kevin, either way is fine, and I appreciate that.
 You can change your subscription by signing into PayPal, then clicking "Profile,"
 then go to "account management," and you can change whatever you like.

 Thanks for your support,

 From: Carson Koch

 Subject: What Clinton didn't do

  Click  Here

 This isn't quite a Number Six, but it's as serious an ass whoppin'
 as I've had to put on some crazed simian's punk ass in a long time.

   PIRACY, n.
   Commerce without its folly-swaddles, just as God made it.
         --Ambrose Bierce

   Visit  The Devil's Dictionary   (2003 SXSW Finalist)

 Subject: Greetings from Iceland

 Hey Bart, longtime reader here.
 I was kind of surprised not to see the following link on today's edition.

 Click  Here

 It's that dastardly Henry Waxman attacking His Benevolence, Richard Cheney, True Christian (TM),
 and Son of God.    Good to see there are at least some Democrats with cajones left.
 Anyway, keep up the good work.

 Myself, I'm exhausted trying to argue with Bush-loving dittoheads over the internet.
 They wouldn't recognize logic if it painted itself purple and danced naked on top of a hapsicord.

 Take care,

 ps. please don't print my name or e-mail address.
 The last thing I need right now is hate mail from right wingers,
 especially now when it's fashionable to be a xenophobic, jingoistic, bible-thumper.

 Thor, that's great stuff!  I hope everyone clicks on it.

 It's a pdf of a letter Waxman sent to Rummy asking him to explain why Haliburton
 was doing business and making hueueueueueuge profits with the Axil of Evil during the ninities.

 Wait a minute, wait a minute...

 Once you think about it, what are the chances that the USS Abraham Lincoln just happened to be
 an hour off the San Diego coast at 9 PM EST so Smirk could give his speech before another captive,
 unders-orders-to-clap group of men who are desperate to get home to their families.

 For all we know, The Linc was supposed to be home two weeks ago, but Smirk couldn't run
 his victory lap for the good puppet media until this week, so those men were just sitting in the Pacific
 wondering what the long-ass delay could be getting back home?

 Hell, they did it to the chained and blindfolded hostages Iran took - for 90 days!
 This was just a couple of weeks for a few thousand lovesick husbands and fathers.

 ...anything to prop up the illegal and never-elected Corrupt Commander..

 Remember the "Haircut on the Tarmac?"

  Click  Here

"The ship was slowed so Bush could spend the night on board before it docked on Friday, officials said."

 Now how can you 'splain this? Bill Clinton was jabbed by every conservative pundit with a soapbox to stand on
 for getting a haircut while Air Force One sat on the ground in Los Angeles. The gasbags liked to pretend that Bill's
 egregious new 'do bottlenecked traffic at the airport for hours. All hogwash, of course.

 But now we have an aircraft carrier full of sailors headed home after months at sea and at war.
 According to Bush, 150 or more have kids they haven't seen yet. How does Bush show his support?
 By slowing down the damn boat so W can spend the night playing sailor!

 I just can't believe it.
 Joe M.

 Swear to Koresh, I wrote that piece above before I read this e-mail.
 With Bush, you can assume the worst and be prewtty sure that it's true.

 And since the Clinton haircut fiasco never happened, talk radio hammered it home forever.
 And the FACT that Bush kept these men from their families so he could look good on TV will be kept quiet by
 the American media on the BFEE payroll because Mr. Rove doesn't like seeing the truth in the papers or on TV.

 Bush supporters are blind zealots
   by: consider_this_for_a_moment

 Apparently, no matter what happens during Bush’s reign, no matter how many inside deals
 are brokered and jobs taken away it will always somehow be Clinton’s fault.

 So brainwashed are the folks that support Bush that he could be discovered standing over
 a dead body with a blood covered knife in his hand and scrapings of his skin under the dead
 person's fingernails and they would still try to shift the blame to Clinton.

 ...and the media would back them up

 Douglas and Zeta-Jones take on Clear Channel Nazis
 (my title) to a story on  thesmokinggun.com

  Click  Here

 MAY 1--Catherine Zeta-Jones and Michael Douglas are threatening legal action against
 Clear Channel Worldwide, claiming that the media giant has recently published photos
 showing the Oscar-winning actress "heavily pregnant and topless," The Smoking Gun has learned.

 Follow up - from Volume 1046 - The rockets blue glare

Subject: Integrity among Republican Presidents

> Hey Bartcop,

> Just saw the following in a letter to Sports Illustrated, in response to an article
> implying that Bill Clinton's creative golf scoring is a sure sign that his integrity is lacking.:

>"We have not had a Republican ex-president since Eisenhower
>  who did not get a pardon or give one to his predecessor or staff..."

> Politico60

> Hey, whoever wrote that reads  bartcop.com
> And doesn't it speak volumes about today's GOP when taking a mulligan at golf is worse
> behavior than selling Stinger missles to Islamic Jihad and lying about it under oath?

> The America press has done their job well...

 Well, the author wrote:

 Unfortunately, http://sportsillustrated.cnn.com/features/cover/03/0414/
 Does not include the letters to the editor section and I know you don't have
 time to dig for copy of the issue.  My chance to "be famous" is blown.
 For the fun of it, here is my letter to SI verbatim:

"Your foray into politics is most unwelcome.  We have not had a Republican ex-president since
  Eisenhower who did not get a pardon or give one to his predecessor or staff, yet you choose to
  bash the integrity of the man who gave us eight years of peace and the greatest economic boom
  we have ever known.  Cheating in golf is not nearly as bad as cheating in elections.  Is that article
  meant to help us accept recession and war?  So much for the corporate press being liberal."

 They also published one short pro-Clinton letter, and six letters that were critical and supporting
 of the hatchet job.  Clinton agreed to play a round with the author and was beat up for it.  I couldn't
 stand it and since my everyday language is now spiced with "Bartisms" it came out the way it did.

 Thanks for your daily inspiration

 Bob, thanks for the note.


“These fellows are all honorable men, I’m sure. But they call for war with all the ferocity of
  non-combatants and then turn around and feed on the corpse of war. Illegal? Not in our system.
  Unsavory? No matter how you slice it. But the main point is this: America’s corporate and
  political elites now form a regime of their own and they’re privatizing democracy.
  All the benefits — the tax cuts, policies and rewards flow in one direction: up.”
      --Bill Moyers


 I put Bill O'Reilly's name into the Anagram Generator from Volume 144 and I got "oily libeller"!

 Ain't that a hoot?



 Sorkin, Schlamme Leaving West Wing

  Click  Here

 Aaron Sorkin is leaving The West Wing after this season.

"Aaron Sorkin and Tommy Schlamme are irreplaceable," said surviving founder
  JohnWells said in a statement. "... They will be sorely missed."

 Aaron wrote the "Pockets" episode while driving in the desert listening to Brothers in Arms
 by Mark Knopfler. He said that song, (and maybe a doobie?) inspired him to write that episode.

 I think this is really bad news.
 The show won't be the same without Sorkin.

Please visit our sponsors.

 I went to the PO Box Tuesday, and there was a package from Amazon.com

 I opened it, and it was the Angelfish CD. Angelfish was Shirley's band before
 Butch invited her to join Garbage, and the rest is history.

 But I didn't remember ordering it.
 I thought, "I should give the credit cards to Mrs. Bart when I'm SWI."

 But it turns out a Keith Jones had sent that to me.

      Click to Order

  Thanks, Dude.

 This is a press release from an independent polling group. The results show what
 happens when you ask honest questions in a poll instead of CNNing them.


 Poll finds 'Climate of Fear' grips US

  Click  Here

"Exploring the issue of a "climate of fear" Retro Poll found that 61% believed that there is now
 a "general climate of fear in the U.S." That group was then given 6 items to rate as contributing
 "much, some, little or none" to the climate of fear. When those who said "much" or "some" for
 each question were combined, the respondents ranking for causes of fear were:

 Terrorist actions (85%)
 media hype (83%);
 failure to catch Bin Laden (77%);
 homeland security alerts (73%);
 poor relations with other nations (71%);
 Saddam (71%);
 and the anthrax attacker still on the loose (65%).

 With "media hype" getting the most votes for causing "much" fear (57%),
 the poll provides evidence that the public is very suspicious of the way that
 TV (where 2/3 get their news) and other media process and manipulate information.

 I read the Dixie Chicks interview in Entertainment Weekly.
 Natalie said the same thing, that people are scared and they need a victory,
 they need someone to beat up to remind us we're still big and strong so Bush
 murdered Baghdad and Clear Channel set out to destroy the Dixie Chicks.

 This is what happens when an unelected fraud steals power, then takes month-long
 vacations while the evil men behind him make deals with terrorist groups and nations.

 How did bin Laden get away?  On an F-16-escorted C-130?
 How did Saddam slip away?  On an F-16-escorted C-130?

 Why does the FBI have no interest in catching the anthrax killer?
 Because he only targets Democrats?

 What happened to our 5 trillion dollar surplus? It's been replaced by a 5 trillion dollar deficit,
 and Bush says the best way to fix it is to make his friends even richer.

 Which countries are next on Bush's hit list?
 In what country will the next 137 men die?

Worship me, I went AWOL for Jim Beam.

 Free Radio Ads

 If you ever bought an ad on  bartcop.com  even if it was just once, many years ago,
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 Bixby corn or Chinaco Anejo, we can't say "This is the best product ever."
 It has to be true if we're going to say it.

 After all, I'm not Paul Harvey, I'm not Laura the Screech and I'm not the vulgar Pigboy.
 My integrity is not for sale.

 If you paid for some ads that have yet to run their full amount, I'm not trying to cheat you.
 Send a friendly reminder to the business address,  bc_biz@yahoo.com  with your URL
 and banner and the number of ads that still need to run and I'll fix you up.  I need a staff.

  President Gore: A Look Back
   by Ted Rall

  Click  Here

 Gore's polls, already falling due to the lagging economy, hit rock bottom in the weeks after
 the September 11th attacks. "People rightly blamed the Commander-in-Chief for not doing
 anything to intercept planes that had clearly been hijacked and for ignoring warnings of an
 imminent threat," says a GOP pollster. "But concern about incompetence quickly segued into
 the 'wimp thing.'  Disgust at Gore's cowardice became widespread when he abandoned
 Washington to the terrorists and flew off to hide in that silo under Nebraska. Diligent journalists
 then reminded Americans how he'd wussed out of Vietnam by joining the Tennessee Air
 National Guard and then going AWOL, and for many voters that was that."

"Are you prone to remain uninformed? Why bother changing things?
If real news coverage makes you fret, then come chew the fat with FAUX's Juvenile Friends!"


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 Biff's Beef

 Subject: holy cats!!!

 holy cats!!  i never realized that you're a Tulsa....and i said that nothing good could ever come of an oklahoman.

 ha ha
 I understand - completely.

 i applaud your fight for the truth.  i'm a big fan of your site; i showed it to some conservative friends of mine...
 if only you could see them fume at the attacks made against the "infalable" commander in chief.   it sickens me
 that the man that "runs" this sad, pathetic state of a country, is really only the puppet of twisted, "big-business" cronyist.

 That's my beef...for now,

 Bush said that soon, every person in Iraq will have electricity, but I wonder...
 Does everyone in Texas have electricity?

 Remember these pictures that the good puppy press ignored in the 2000 race?

 If that refrigerator has electricity, why is it outside?
 THIS is what Bush did for the people of Texas.

 These are Americans, living like animals in broken cages near the Mexican border.
 Did Bush ever do anything for them as governor or later as ex-governor?


 We need your 30-second MP3s for "bumper music."
 E-mail them to bartcop@bartcop.com   so we can hear them on 

 VCR Alert

 I'm not a big fan os CSI: Miami, but tonight they're re-running their best show ever.

 Halle Berry on Leno, Costas has Sarandon and Robbins on his HBO premier.

 Poor bottom-of-the-barrel ABC.
 All they can muster is two hours of "funny" home videos and a 20/20.

 Look for Bernie Mac on the hilarious King of the Hill.
 Bernie says Hank's dog, (and maybe Hank,) has a problem with black people.

 Last night, after dinner at stately BartCop Manor,  I treated myself to a cocktail.

 Since time lost all meaning in the last four months or so, the next time I looked up,
 Craig Kilborn was saying, "Ladies and gentlemen - ...The Doors!"

 I'm like, ..."What?"

 And I'll be goddamned if  The Doors! didn't come out and tear thru "Love Me Two Times."

 ha ha
 This can't be real, it must be some kind of agave mirage.

 Ray and Robbie and that other guy are a damn good band. They gotta be 30 years out of practice,
 but they tore up "Two Times," right there on  the damn Kilborn show.  I forget the new singer's
 name and pedigree, but he had bangs and glasses and was kinda hiding behind the Morrison persona.

 But trust me - if you see The Doors! on tour near your town, I suggest you spend the bucks.

 Wow,. I semi-saw The Doors!

 At last glance we had not yet found the perfect webmaster for BartCop Stocks.

 We have some possibles, but none "ready to rock."  If you thought about applying,
 and didn't because you thought there'd be a mad crush with hundreds of people all
 vying for the top positions, there's room for you.

 Somebody's gotta know html, because I won't have the time.

 "Dear Bart, I'm perfect for that job!"


 Commentary by Barry Crimmins

  Click  Here

"When I look at the members of the United States military, I see the best of our country,
 and I am honored to be your Commander in Chief."  - Court-appointed President Bush
 -- who was apparently not interested in seeing anything of the best of our country while
 he was AWOL from the National Guard during the Vietnam War.

 I would sooner drive a shuttle bus at a Bejing hospital complex than sit through another
 speech by George W. Bush.  Leave it to Bush to choose the Abraham Lincoln as a
 location for telling lies.  Kaiser Ashcroft refused to attend the speech because he wanted
 Bush to give it on the Jefferson Davis.

 The military phase has ended? Apparently those Iraqi protesters we thought were getting
 shot with bullets were actually being killed with kindness.

 Dear Bart,

 You may be too proud, but I'm not.  I want to encourage every person who reads these words
 to put out the word to 10 friends about bartcop.com  and tell them to forward it to 10 more people.

 Like a chain letter - a chain hammer!!

 Let's put this site over the top.  Just email your friends a  note saying "check out this awesome site
 bartcop.com  and then forward it on to 10 more people" .

 The old saying that if you have a great product, it will sell itself applies.
 Bart rocks and  bartcop.com  will sell.


 Matt, good idea, thanks.

Marty's E! page
 Halle Berry on Dave
'NOW With Bill Moyers' on PBS
HBO has Bob Costas & a salute to 'Bull Durham'
Aaron Sorkin & Thomas Schlamme are leaving 'West Wing'
Janeane Garofalo
Thailand's Jumbo Queen
Leno apologizes
David Lee Roth, a prowler & a shotgun
Fluffi Bunni
And, Geraldo has a website where he whines. .



From Symbolman at takebackthemedia.com


“If the President’s looking for another salesman to help him with this tax package,
  I got a candidate, that old Iraqi information minister. He knows how to sell a fraud....
  This is a giveaway to wealthy investors and contributors.”
     -- Al Hunt, victim of a drunken Smirk rage at a restaurant in Dallas
          and the most honest employee of the Whore Street Journal

New:  PayPal now accepts credit cards

  Is  worth $10 a month?

  I guess it depends on how much you want to hear Smirk getting what's coming to him.

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 Reminder:  These can only get better. You have heard everything I've ever done with a mic, which still
                               is less than one hour total.  So remember my virgin status and watch things get better as we go.

 In case you hadn't seen them yet I saw the two attached covers and remembered what one of your callers
 mentioned the other day about the same guy being in each kissy photo. I found them on the Chicago Tribune site.

 Notice how lovingly he holds each soldeir's chin as he kisses them...

 Call  918-493-1500 - you have two minutes to rant away.

 Did anything make you mad today?

 Tell us about it!     918-493-1500

 This sounds like bad news, but it's not

 The invisble angel, who was matching all new subscriptions for what, the last year?
 The last 18 months?  Things move so fast, I can't keep up, but it seems like he's been here forever.

 He was matching the new subscriptions in six-month clusters, and he reminded me that this second or third (sorry)
 cluster of manna from Heaven ended on April 30.  He's not going anywhere, it's just that he smartly didn't want to
 get into some "till the end-of-time," philanthropic endeavor, but that figures because it's the smart thing to do and he's
 always had good advice for me on business matters

 He very much wants to stay in the unknown, but I felt it was important to archive that he was here, and mention the
 contributions he has made. Beyond all that matching-each-new-subscription stuff, he's been a great soundingboard
 the last couple of years.  I considered appointing him as a senior political advisor to  bartcop.com,  but there's a
 curse that goes with that

 Between his financial backing, his political skills, and his ideas on how to make the pie hammer, he has been Gibraltarian*
 in pushing me to try harder and to go farther and to just tell the damn truth.. He took me from Crayons to aftershave.
 What can I give him in return?

 If not for the invisible angel, I'd still be at the car lot and  would've been nothing more than a
 pipedream that never got off the ground.  Damn, how do you say "Thank you," to someone that engineered a strategy
 that enabled me to quit my crappy, minimum wage day job and pursue some crazy dream of reaching dozens of people?

 So, a shot of the Chinaco Anejo Wildflowers batch (I still have some left) to the California Angel.

You changed my life, Dude.

 If I invented the word Gibraltarian* just now, I want a nickle anytime someone uses it.

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Note - Greg Palast's paperback has new material. Buy the paperback, not the hardback. Hell, it's cheaper, too.

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