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  In Today's Treehouse...
U.S. Colonel Killed in Iraq Strike
Avawhore - and frauds like them
McDermott still blasting: Bush lied
Malaysian PM Calls Bush "Liar"
What Will Iraq Cost Bush? 
Halliburton caught, must pay $70 million
Media coverage of war protests
Bob Barr - still inside Clinton's zipper
Four Jessica Lynch rescuers have died


Quote of the Day

"Conservatives believe that man is made in God's 
  image, and liberals think that they are God!
  They don't consider themselves Americans!" 
      --Ann Coulter,Attribution

Support PO Box 54466 , Tulsa, OK 74155PayPal to

Volume 1187 - 21st Century Vietnam

 Monday  October 27, 2003


"My husband has 20 years in the military, and loved every minute of it. He will be resigning
  his commission the minute he steps foot on American soil, and he says almost everyone he knows
  is doing the same. The only ones staying in are those who have long contracts, or no family, or
  make more money being in the reserves than in their civilian life."
     -- the wife of a reservist from Texas,  Attribution     Now with working link

 U.S. Colonel Killed in Iraq Hotel Strike 

  Click  Here

 In a daring strike, insurgents attacked the heart of the U.S. occupation Sunday, unleashing a barrage
 of rockets against the Al Rasheed hotel where U.S. officials live and where Paul Wolfowitz was staying.
 Unknown at press time yesterday, an American colonel was killed and 15 people were wounded.

 The slain American was a colonel, Wolfowitz said, without identifying him. That would be one of the
 highest ranking U.S. military officers killed since Bush's Iraqi "victory" speech. Since Flyboy landed
 on the Lincoln, 109 U.S. soldiers have been killed by hostile fire.  The 15 people wounded included
 seven American civilians, four U.S. military personnel and four "non-U.S. coalition civilian partners."

 But there is good news:  Bush has ordered "No deaths after March 15,"
 so his presidential campaign isn't interrupted by the momentum-killing war deaths.

 "Bring 'em on!! We're not scared!!"


"Though contract cleaning crews were the focus of the sweep, Williams said Friday that about
  ten Wal-Mart associates in Arizona and Kentucky were among those arrested.  "These are people
  who used to be part of the outside cleaning crew, and when we took that in-house, these folks were
  simply hired on as employees. The cleaning crews did not receive health insurance and were paid
  below the minimum wage, sometimes as little as $2 a day."
        --Stephanie Armour and Donna Leinwand,   Attribution

 Paying employees only two dollars a day?
 Is that how that cute little Zorro cartoon character was able to slash prices every day?

 Subject: Avacor - and frauds like them

 Hello. I have to listen to talk radio day after day at my job.
 I have noticed a pattern, and Avacor is just the tip of the iceberg.

 Right wing talk radio seems to be sponsored mostly by purveyors of snake oil.
 You'll hear ad after ad for useless weight loss products, baldness cures, systems for curing
 vision problems without surgery. All 100% percent free of any clinical evidence of effectiveness.

 These products prey on the ignorant and gullible, and obviously the producers of these products
 know where their advertising dollars are best spent. This is a sad commentary on the majority of
 the listening audience of Hannity, Savage, and whoever is sitting in for Rush this week.

 These people fancy them selves to be smarter than your average bear. But their evident
 willingness to support the manufacturers of useless snake oil betrays their true I.Q.


 Doug, I believe you are correct.
 Their products can't stand on their own, so they get a cult of personality like Rush, Laura the Unloved,
 Hannity, O'Reilly and even that toothless horse molester Paul Harvey to tell their easily-led audience of sheep;
 "This revolutionary product will turn your life around in mere weeks after you buy it."

 It's the only way inferior and defective products can survive in the marketplace.

 The worst part is, these gullible fish never even realize they've been hooked by these greedy bastards.
 The vulgar heroin junkie has been selling them "a way of life" for fifteen years, and when he's caught
 making his housekeeper buy his heroin, they say, "Get well soon, Rush - we love you!"

 McDermott still blasting his message: Bush lied

  Click  Here

 "The president fed us these misrepresentations from the floor of the people's House,
  and he used them to pave the path to war. Now that we know the facts, I am asking
  the House to make a note in the record that these statements were inaccurate," McDermott said.

  In this country, under Bush, you pay a price for telling the truth.

 Malaysian Prime Minister Calls Bush "Liar"
  Welcome to the club, Dude!

  Click  Here

 Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad has repeated his claim that Jews rule the world,
 and accused Bush (R-Monster) of lying if he said he rebuked Mahathir for the comment.

 Bush said he told Mahathir the remarks were "divisive and unnecessary" and made clear
 that he found them "reprehensible."  Mahathir denies Bush reprimanded him.

"I'm now told that Bush said he rebuked me," Mahathir was quoted as saying in the
 New Sunday Times newspaper. "That is the biggest lie of all."

 You know Bush hates it when someone refuses to read from the B.F.E.E. script.

Marty's Entertainment Page
Baron Dave Romm on Kinky Friedman
Matt Groening says Fox News threatened to sue the Simpsons
Lily Tomlin won the Mark Twain Prize
TV schedules no longer stable
450 naked women
World Series ratings the 3rd lowest ever
Rosie O'Donnell goes to court
And bubble gum is 75 years old


"Dennis Kucinich wants to replace the Department of Defense with
  a Department of Peace.  He is a joke and a toupe-wearing troll."
    --Lowell Ponte,  Attribution

 Monkeys love to make fun of peace, but can I remind everyone of something?

 I was too young, so this is a guess, but I believe the Defense Department used to be called "The War Department,"
 but in the fifties, someone decided that "War department" sounded too much like Klingons drunk on Pon Far,
 so the leading peacenik at the time had it changed to "Defense Department" so as to appear less blood-thirsty.

 Who was this pinko, peace-loving hippy?
 His name was General Dwight David Eisenhower.

 Eisenhower was a Republican who warned us that one day the "military industrial complex"
 would eventually try to take over everything and screw America up really bad, like it has..

 General, welcome to Bush's Amerikkka, where those who want peace are ridiculed,
 even AFTER the bastards were caught lying to drag us into a bloody, endless war that's killed 350.

 What Will Iraq Cost Bush?

  Click  Here

 Hilary Cleveland of New London, N.H., goes way back with the Bush family. Her late husband, Jimmy Cleveland,
 was a Republican in Congress, where his paddle-ball partner in the House gym was Bush the Smarter. She organized
 locally for W. in 2000. But the other day, upset over the war, she left the GOP, changing her registration to "undeclared"
 so she could vote for in the Democratic primary in January. "You don't go to war without valid reason," she said,
 "or international support." Bush's call for $87 billion in new spending on Iraq offended her Yankee sense of thrift:
 "I believe in fiscal integrity and balanced budgets, and spending so much doesn't seem sound."

 "Shoot that Al Qaeda sleeper cell woman. Off with her head..."


"I've always looked at myself primarily as a comedian. But, y'know, in researching this book, I just got
  angrier and angrier at the right-wing media and at the Bush administration. Paul Wellstone always said,
 'It's not enough just to believe in something: You have to work, and the future belongs to the people who
  are passionate and do the work.'"
    --Al Franken, on the liberal radio network he's putting together  Attribution

 Halliburton caught stealing, must pay $70 million

  Click  Here

 A jury has awarded $70 million to a Houston man who claimed that Halliburton and another
 oil company cheated him out of the chance to develop an oil field in Kazakhstan in the late 1990s.

 Scott Van Dyke and his company, Anglo Dutch Tenge, sued the Halliburton and Ramco Oil in 2000.
 A jury found in favor of Van Dyke's company on Friday.  Van Dyke's attorney John O'Quinn said his
 client was promised a concession for an oil field near the Caspian Sea when he met the Turkish president.

 Halliburton, stealing their way to more and more billions of unearned booty every day.


"No WMDs have been found in Iraq. The Iraqi regime was not al-Qaeda, Saddam was not bin Laden.
  Stop telling us lies. Unlike you, our soldiers are serving their country with distinction."
     --Michael McPherson, Iraqi war vet, to at the DC war protestors Attribution

 Note to the Master Toonists

 We'll be assembling the Halloween Issue on the 30th.
 Please get your scary Cheney and Rumsfeld graphics in by then  :)

 Media coverage of war protests
   by Marc Perkel  -  Oct 26 Issue

  Click  Here

 To chants of "Impeach Bush," thousands of anti-war protesters  (100,000 is the real number
 - CBS should have said "tens of thousands") rallied in the nation's capital Saturday and
 delivered a scathing critique of President Bush and his Iraq policy.

 Hundreds of people (20,000 is the real number I WAS THERE! - CBS should have at least said "thousands")
 marched in San Francisco in a demonstration that mirrored the larger one in Washington.

 I guess Viacom (owners of CBS) wants Bush to borrow multi-billions to give them another tax break,
 so they'll play down the protests in order to get him his first national election win.

 Random thought

 If the Democrats knew there way around a political campaign (should I even finish this sentence?) next summer,
 THEY would be running the political ads with President Monkey's "victory" circle jerk on the USS Lincoln.


 I suggest my good friends at  could supply the commercial.

 Is our side that smart?  Nahhhhhhh!

 We'd rather politely lose.

 Bob Barr - still rooting around inside Clinton's zipper

  Click  Here

 Poor Bob Barr.   He can't leave the past alone. Maybe he just doesn't want to. The late 1990s were, after all,
 pretty good to him.  Barr was an obscure conservative congressman from Marietta before he scrambled to the
 head of the line of those calling for the impeachment of Bill Clinton. He loathes the former president and his wife.

 He told those attending the barbecue that the nation's decline in social values can be blamed directly
 on the example that Clinton set while he was president.

 First, nobody would hire Barr (R-Passesforwhite) to speak unless they wanted to spend time inside Clinton's pants.
 Second, Bob Barr is a leading crusader for the pro-life crazies, even though he admitted on Larry King that he wrote
 a check to an abortion doctor to "murder" his unborn daughtered. When asked why he did that, he looked Larry King
 in the eye and said, "...because we had a joint checking account," like that excuses what he calls "murder."

 "Dat's true...Dat's what he said."

 Bob Barr went after Bill Clinton because Clinton was a friend to black Americans and Barr, being as racist as any
 Republican in Congress, couldn't stand to see blacks advance in this country.  Remember (like I'll ever let you forget)
 Barr checked into impeachment proceedures BEFORE anybody ever heard the name, "Monica Lewsinsky."
 They were always going to impeach Clinton. They just needed to fabricate a "crime" to get the racist snowball rolling.

 Subject:  Rush the criminal

 Hey, guys,
 You're doing a gret job! Let's get these bastards!

 One thing, though. Please, please remember when commenting on Rush's situation
 that the emphasis should not be on his drug addiction nor his hypocrisy on abuse issues.
 The important part of this story is his willingness to engage in criminal actions to gain
 access to these drugs on the black market. He is not just some poor drug addict, he is a criminal!

 And keep harping on the fact that any poor, black kid caught in this situation would be in jail now,
 whereas Rush hasn't even been charged, much less indicted on these serious criminal activities.


 Arthur H
 Professional Agitator

Click to Enter

In the middle of all the killing and the dying...

...he takes has a minute to be nice to the little kitty.


"Compared with the 1990s recession, this is 10 times as bad.
  All of us in the field look at each other and say, 'It can't get any worse.' Then it does."
     -- Louise Williams, at a Charlotte, NC emergency assistance program   Attribution

 "But my rich friends need bigger tax cuts..."

 Subject: Nude beach


 I put your sticker to good use in Jamaica and sent you a picture.

 Actually I put the sticker permanently on a pole at the nude swim-up bar,
 but could not take a picture because not allowed to take pictures of the naked people!!!

 So you will always be remembered at Hedo!!!

 Jo I


"Everyone hears that morale is high and it is a bold-faced lie. The only people they ever talk to
  are these commanders. The reserve soldiers never get to speak their mind. We are the pawns
  of this war. We watch the active duty retire, and move to new assignments. We watch their tours
  end as we are still trapped because of poor post-war planning."
       --an Indiana reservist stuck in Iraq,  Attribution

 Rush and Clear Channel

  Click  Here

 He has long made race-baiting a centerpiece of his radio rants. Fairness and Accuracy in Reporting, has kept a
 dossier on Limbaugh's on-air comments. In addition to playing "Movin' on Up" from The Jeffersons TV show
 every time he discusses Carol Moseley Braun, or pointing out to his listeners that most police sketches of criminals
 look suspiciously like Jesse Jackson, the absolute nadir has to be this beauty: "The NAACP should have riot rehearsal.
 They should get a liquor store and practice robberies."

 Reporters were told they could submit questions in writing to Limbaugh beforehand and he would answer them at the
 conclusion of his comments. Never happened. Just like his radio show--where callers are prescreened to avoid dissent
 or confrontation or, God forbid, honest and open debate--the dialogue was one-sided: Rush talks, we listen. End of story.
 The minute anyone calls him on his bullshit, he runs. That's because ... Rush Limbaugh is a big pussy.

 Subject: "Free Beer" Ad

 as a man on atkins, dying for a beer now and then, i thank you for having
 a local (tampa FL) sponsor on your site. I immediately purchased some.
 never thought internet ads worked...

 now if only i could advertise myself a date
 chris in tampa fl

 October sticker placement contest!


 How to win:

 To get your stickers, send a self-addressed envelope to:  PO Box 54466  Tulsa, OK 74155
 OR, you could PayPal a small donation and get your stickers within 48 hours.

 The stickers are free, but donations are accepted.
 Get yours, then send in a digital photo of where you put it.
 Click  Here   for the best October stickers

 Winner gets Joe Conason's book, Al Franken's book or the 2004 Playmate Calendar on DVD.

               I'm free.
Just send Bart a sticker pic.

 Today's page went up earlier than usual.

 If you didn't have a chance to catch the most excellentWeekend Edition,
 some say it was probably the best issue of  ever.

 Click  Here  to read  Volume 1186 - The Quest for Stolen Oil

 Dennis Miller Talking Action Figure
  Get the bucket - swear to Koresh - I'm gonna spew chunks

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 PayPal and 2Checkout are different systems.

 Each time I get a PayPal contribution/subscription, the sender receives a personalized thank you.
 With 2Checkout, it says "You got a subscription payment," but they offer no names, e-mails or numbers.

 I bring this up for two reasons:
 If you're subscribed thru 2Checkout, I have no way to thank you individually.
 I don't want you to think I'm that rude.

 If you would like a personalized thank you with each donation/subscription payment,
 subscribing/switching to PayPal would make that happen.

 Reminder: I have no income besides these subscriptions and the occasional surprise donation.
                             I'm not going to say it took courage to quit a cushy, $30K job in Bush's massive recession.
                             It was more like a leap of faith, so contributions/subscriptions are always appreciated.
                             If you would like to contribute or subscribe, Click  Here

 Sidebar: Sometimes the very sad mail comes in - people saying they want to keep sending $5 or $10 a month,
 but with a job loss or downsizing, they just can't afford to throw any financial assistance at the Tequila Treehouse.
 I understand.  That bastard Bush has thrown tens of millions of families into a downward spiral. If we can make it
 thru the next 13 months, maybe things will start to look up if America dumps the loser and elects a Democrat.

 I know times are tough on a lot of people, but you gotta keep looking forward.
 Assume we're going to make it.
 As dopey as it sounds, a positive outlook can, does and will make a difference.

 City to Bush: Pay up for cops
  Portland wants Smirk to pay $116K for his lil' private rally

  Click  Here

"Mayor Vera Katz says she will send a bill to Bush's re-election committee, for $116,756.
 Most of it is for police overtime, but a portion would pay for increased employee benefits
 incurred because of the overtime.  The city has billed political campaigns in the past for police
 overtime and will continue to do so in the future, Farris said. "This will be an ongoing policy in this
 administration to bill for any kind of overtime costs associated with political fund-raising events
 that are not open to the general public, that are clearly not part of an official's official duties."

 Bush consider the government his personal playtoy.
 If he won't let the rest of us in his private, whites-only club,
 he should at least be forced to pay for his selfish rallies.


"The sleazy and corrupt Antonin Scalia - cited by Andrew Sullivan's beloved Dubya as the "ideal"
  Supreme Court justice - is exactly the type of judge Bush has appointed to lower courts and will appoint
  to the Supreme Court should he be given the chance.  That is, the type who views Andrew's relationship
  with The Boyfriend as an abomination and would love nothing better than to recriminalize it).  Sad."
    -- saw it on

 So far, four Jessica Lynch rescuers have died

  Click  Here

 Eerily enough, four of Pfc. Lynch's rescuers and colleagues have met an early demise.
Petty Officer First Class David M. Tapper died of wounds received in Afghanistan.
Lance Cpl. Sok Khak Ung was killed in a drive-by shooting.
Spc Josh Daniel Speer died when his car went over an embankment for no apparent reason.
Kyle Edward Williams, who worked in the same company as Lynch, died of "suicide".

 I don't see the conspiracy, myself, but statistically, it's an anomoly for this many "random"
 people all from the same unit  to be dead just months after getting home from the war.

 What's very possible is these soldiers are coming home with "demons."
 But that would include up to 130,000 others, so this could be trouble.

 World Series Ratings Are 3rd-Lowest Ever  readers knew this weeks ago

  Click  Here

 This year's World Series between the Marlins and the Yankees finished as the third-lowest rated ever.
 For the entire postseason, Fox averaged a 10.5 rating with an 18 share, the highest since 1995.
 It was an increase of 28 percent over last year's 8.2/14.

 So, FOX was way ahead in the playoffs, but overall the ratings blew totally.

 When the Cubs and Red Sox had a chance at the series, the nation was hypnotized and rivited.
 But once the same old, tired reruns started, ...again, ...America stayed away in droves.

 Next year'sYankers World Series will get worse ratings than this year.
 They could fix baseball with a salary cap, but nooooooooooooooooooooo.

"See you again in 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007 and 2008!"

 Bush's American soldier body count in Iraq
 Last issue it was  times 349  ....this issue it's  times 352
                                                                                                          They got three kills since last issue.
    I want that oil - no matter how many lives it costs!

 Soon, we'll be at 400.

 How long before we hit 600?

  ...and then 1000?

 Total deaths since President Giggles said, "Bring 'em On":  144  147


 Plus, at least  1947  2014  we've broken 2,000 fucking wounded for Bush's hardon for stolen oil.

 Many of them are missing arms, legs and eyes.

 How much more are we willing to tolerate?

 It's very painful, changing those numbers every day.
 Each day when I see the new numbers, I wince and say, "Damn," or worse.
 It's possible a year from today, those numbers will be 2000 dead and 15,000wounded,
 and it's all because the whore court didn't want the Gore votes to be counted, those sons of bitches.

 When people march in the streets, the Bush's good puppy media either says it didn't happen
 or they say, "Hundreds showed up," when there were tens of thousands. NBC, CBD, ABC, FOX and CNN
 would rather make higher profits than tell the goddamn truth - and our men and women are dying over there.


"Like father, like son -- four years and he's done."
    Dick Gephardt getting one right in last night's debate.


 If you have something important, something that can't wait, send it to Sam at
 She has my phone numbers and can reach me right away.

 (We're still getting mail to boxes like that are no longer attended.)

 Can't get in the members section?

 Click  Here  to reach Sam at her new address.

 Have a good time today.  Our time here is very limited.


"I loved beating the Raiders a lot, and I loved kicking the you-know-what out of the Cowboys."
     -- Terry Bradshaw, who despises the vulgar junkie Pigboy, at yesterday's Steeler's Celebration

 Subject: Question

 Hi there,

 what does a subscribing member to receive that a non-member doesn't receive?

 Thanks, KK

 KK, there at least are three and a half benefits to subscribing:

 1. If anything comes up, members get first crack at it.
     We had a Pokerfest in September, and knowing it would be impossible to get hundreds
     of people in a weekend poker tournament, we offered chairs to members first.
 2. You get BartCop Radio, which is NOT simply this page spoken into a microphone. As a rule,
      the radio content is totally different than the page, but some crossover is inescapable.
      The radio shows have been less than consistent, but there were three shows last week
      and we're sounding better all the time.
 3. You get tomorrow's page today, which means on a Tuesday you can watch Wednesday's page
      being built, plus subscribers are free to comment and have their e-mails on the same page as
      the subject they're writing about. It works better than, "Remember that article you had
      yesterday? I'd like to comment on that."
 1/2  You're supporting the page, increasing the odds that we'll be here tomorrow.
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      better because what's more fun than giving some ditto-monkey the live red ass?

  Besides, you can sign up for 30 days for $11.
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Protest in DC

If you look reeeal close, you can see Miss Morgan

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 Subject: Conason/Kennedy

  Click  Here

 I am a big admirer of Joe Conason. I think of him as a journalistic superhero.  I must take exception
 however to some of his points about Prescot Bush' support of and profit from the Nazi war machine
 and death camps. Particularly annoying is Joe's misinformed moral equivalency argument regarding
 Joseph Kennedy and Henry Ford.  There are some relevant and important distinctions to be made.

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