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  In Today's Tequila Treehouse...
New Attacks Kill at Least 59 
Teresa Calls Bush Inflexible
Bush always soft on terror
D-r-i-v-e   b-y   N-e-w-
Kitty Kelley Interview
100 reasons to vote for Bush
Gambling Helps Elderly? 
Both Candidates Flip-flop
Bart the GOP plant


Quote of the Day

"Kitty Kelley's allegations make Michael Moore 
  look like a factual documentarian...(it would) 
 "violate journalistic standards" for news executives 
  to "put this type of trash in their newspapers 
  and on their airwaves." 
 --White House liar Dan Bartlett, who has not read the book

 "Journalistic standards?"
 There's no such thing - not in America. 
 What year do you think this is, 1991?


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Volume 1400 -  Groundhog Day II 

 Tuesday    September 14, 2004                                                                                                                Mike Malloy on AAR weeknights


"I love politics. I love Bill Clinton. I think we should make him king.
  I'm talking the red robe, the turkey leg - everything."
     --Tim McGraw, married to Faith Hill  Attribution

 Attacks on Iraqi Police Kill at Least 59
  More proof that Bush's plans are working in Iraq

  Click  Here

 A car bomb Tuesday ripped through a busy market near a Baghdad police headquarters
 where Iraqis were waiting to apply for jobs on the force, and gunmen opened fire on a van
 carrying police home from work killing at least 59 people total and wounding at least 114.

"It was a horrific scene. Seconds earlier people were drinking tea or eating sandwiches and then
 their remains were hanging from trees," he said. "I could see burning people running in all directions." .

 I guess Rummy might say, "In a free society, people are free to do these thinmgs."
 I wonder if anyone in the Kerry camp will be able to spin this as "bad news?"

 How about, "Would you like a change of leadership?  OR do you want to re-live
 the last four years over again and again like Groundhog Day?"


Aaron McGruder's gotta be reading

 See how they are?

"We were going back to work from break, and my manager told me that Phil said to remove
  the sticker off my car or I was fired. I told him that Phil (Geddes) couldn't tell me who to vote for.
  He said, 'Go tell him.' Phil and another man who works there were there. I asked him if he said to
  remove the sticker and he said, 'Yes, I did.' I told him he couldn't tell me who to vote for. When I
  told him that, he told me, 'I own this place.' I told him he still couldn't tell me who to vote for. I asked
  him if I was fired and he told me he was thinking about it. I said, 'Well, am I fired?' He hollered and
  said, 'Get out of here and shut the door.'"
     --Lynne Gobbell, who lost her job for refusing remove a Kerry sticker from her Chevy  Attribution

"Just so you will know, because of the Bush tax (cut): I was able to buy the new Hammer Mill;
  I was able to finance our receivables; I was able to get the new CAT skid steer; I was able to get
  the wire cutter; I was able to give you a job. You got the benefit of the Bush tax cut. Everyone did."
   --Text of a flier that Lynne Gobbell says was placed in her employee envelope Attribution

"It upset me and made me mad that he(Geddes) could put a letter in my check expressing his
  political opinion, but I can't put something on my car expressing mine."
      --Lynne Gobbell,   Attribution

 Teresa Calls Bush Inflexible

  Click  Here

 Teresa Heinz Kerry said Monday that Bush is unwilling to change,
 a character flaw that shows "inattention and indifference" rather than strength.

 She said her husband is a more capable leader who would respond to issues
 important to Hispanics, something she said the Republican incumbent has not done.

 She said of her husband, "His value in understanding complexity and not being afraid
 to face it and take action and follow through have been a trademark throughout his life."

 Of Bush, she said he "demonstrates he cannot and will not change. The president thinks
 this shows strength when all it shows is inattention and indifference."

"...uppity bitch! Democrats allow their wives to have opinions?"



''People are excited. They've been waiting for this for a long time, and we've been preparing."
      --Jodi DePorter, a spokeswoman for gun maker ArmaLite, on the expiration of the assault weapons ban,  Attribution

 Subject: right-wing distortions


 My understanding is Michael Moore offered a reward for anyone that could prove a fact as incorrect in his Fahrenheit 9-11.
 Why then can he not take Dan Bartlett to court for these kinds of distortions?

 Would it not be very beneficial to his cause to have a court of law uphold the legitimacy of his film?
 Wouldn't this help curb this type of defamation and show the public that the information they are
 getting is right wing spin and not facts?

 Too many people can say anything they want without facts to back tem up.
 In others words they lie without fear of reprisal.
 Just Asking.

 Mike McB

 Mike, anyone can take anybody to court, but it's also fun to taunt the liars.
 In the upcoming BCR Show 55, we deal with a lot of Moore liars,
 none of whom bother to mention any "lies" he told, but they do call him "fat" a lot.

 Moore's revenge is affecting the 2004 election.
 Hopefully Kerry will join him in his efforts.


"'Why in the world would you want to return these
   offensive weapons to our streets and neighborhoods?"
    --Tom Mauser, who lost his son at Columbine,   Attribution

 "Learn to like it, punk!"

 Subject:  you're a Gop plant

 Hilary will never be president. (and you know it).

 I always hate it when someone says "...and you know it," because they're always wrong.
 Do you have any reasons for saying that?
 Is it is so obvious, I'm stupid to even ask?

 Dean hadn't been on the road for a month when they had him half-way committed to an asylum.

 I don't know what that means.
 Dean was campaigning for over a year with decent press.

 Kerry might win if his 'supporters' supported him instead of slagging him down

 Kerry might win if he put some effort into his campaign, too.
 If I see one more picture of Kerry windsurfing, this race may be over.


 Dueling Quotes

"Kerry sought to make Bush pay a political price Monday for [lifting] the assault weapons ban,
  but other Democrats reacted warily on an issue that has hurt the party in recent elections."
      --David Espo,   Attribution

"It takes a lot of political courage to take them (NRA) on."
   --Rob Recklaus, a spokesman for NY Rep. Carolyn McCarthy, (D-Sellout) Attribution

 Subject: BCR Show 53

 Hey Bart,

 I've been an avid fan of your site for a few years now and feel I owe you a thank you.
 I read and enjoy your website daily and appreciate how much work also goes into the radio programs.

 It saddens me to hear so many people threaten subscription cancelation because they disagree with one point or another.
 You can't please all of the people all of the time - so just keep doing what you feel is right.

 I just wanted to say thanks for hammering.
 A Canadian Friend,
 Paul B

 Paul, thanks.
 I hope you liked BCR Show 54, too.

 Gambling Linked to Good Health in Elderly
   Corroborating my previous testimony...

  Click  Here

 A Yale University study found - older recreational gamblers seem to be healthier than non-gamblers.

 The findings are not rock-solid. They're only based on telephone interviews, but the results are the opposite
 of what researchers expected. The survey showed that recreational gamblers 65 and older reported being in
 better health than their peers who don't gamble. The older gamblers also reported less alcoholism, depression,
 bankruptcy and imprisonment than younger recreational gamblers, Yale epidemiologist Rani Desai said.

 There's this whole concept of healthy aging - that folks who continue to remain engaged in activity, especially
 in the community and in social activities, stay healthier longer, so I think this is a reflection of that. It's not that
 gambling makes you healthy, it's that gamblers are healthier," Desai said.  Some psychologists question the findings.

 I submit that gambling helps you to survive to old age.
 You have to assess every situation you cross your enture life.
 Accurately judging your odds is essential to a successful and profitable life.


The "Fake Flyboy" t-shirts

Click to Order

Show your co-workers how you feel.


"The 'peace' has been bloodier than the war."
   --Capt. Russell Burgos, back from Iraq,   Attribution

 'War president' Bush has always been soft on terror
    He always lets al-Qaida off the hook

  Click  Here

 Bush is actually soft on terror. When it comes to going after the men who were behind 9/11
 and who continue to wage a jihad against the US, Bush has repeatedly turned a blind eye to
 the forces behind terrorism, shielded the people who funded al-Qaida, obstructed investigations
 and diverted resources from the battle against it:

 One key reason is the Bush-Saudi relationship, the like of which is unprecedented in US politics.
 Even after the success of  Fahrenheit 9/11, the subject is largely taboo in the American media.
 Never before has a president - much less two from the same family - had such close ties with a foreign power..

"Unka Bandar taught me to handle women..."



"The more aggressive the tactics of the insurgency, the greater their loss of human life."
        -- Richard Myers, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, who seems to think we're doing OK,  Attribution

 Subject: BCR Show 54 Price Gouging Question

 You raised a lot of good points on the topic, but there's an easy principle to determine when the free market
 (even to the point of price gouging), is good and when it is bad. And the principle is, when an item is something
 that you literally can't live without (and by "live", I mean live in reasonable state of existence); then the free market
 must not be allowed to determine it's price to you.    Why?    Because as good as capitalism is and producing innovation,
 life is more important than innovation. If someone needs a coat to avoid freezing to death, the goverment needs to make
 sure they can get it even if they have to make it free. But if someone wants a particular kind of coat, say a Dolce and Gabbana
 original, then no one involved needs the governments help - so whatever price it winds up being is between the producer and the consumer.

 But in the example, the government has made it illegal for someone to sell you a coat.
 If you're freezing, do you want the government "helping" you that way?

 The neat thing about this principle is that it doesn't require you to have a shred of human compassion to still be a
 winning proposition. The cost of coat to keep someone from freezing to death, is far less than the cost of leaving a man
 on the street who's life depends on taking *your* coat. Not to mention all the money that's already been spent on all the
 public services (education, public utilities, law enforcement, health care) for that man before that. And this is the primary
 flaw in the logic of Conservatives who think it's a good idea to cut necessary public services to the needy. What they don't
 seem to realize is this: desparate people don't magically vanish into thin air if no one helps them. Sure, a tiny fraction of them
 will sheepishly sit there and die (insert John Kerry Campaign joke here); but most of them will fight to survive, even if they
 only way you've left them to do that is to seriously fuck up *your* life in the process.

 And as far as *who* should determine who needs what kind of help to survive (i.e. the Government or "Faith-Based" initiatives),
 ask yourself that question the next time a panhandler approaches you during the morning rush hour. Do *you* want to take the
 time to figure out if this guy really needs food, or clothes, or medical care? Do *you* want to teach them a marketable job skill
 so they won't be back every damn day of the week? If you think he might be crazy or in need of rehab, do *you* want to
 wrestle him to the ground to get him that help? Do you want the other people on the subway to have that power too?
 Do you want to even f-ing deal with that shit, when it the alternative is only seeing about a $1.50 less in your next tax return?
 The only people for whom f-ing over the desparate become a winning proposition in the short term, are the people who don't
 ever take the subway, because not only don't they have to work, but they have someone drive them whenever they feel like
 leaving their gated community to goal play a round of golf with other. For everyone else, it's scam.

 Very good bit though, and thanks for having the balls to pose a complex question to us.
 -Rex Devious

 Making the sale a life-and-death issue certainly raises the stakes - that's why I said the baby
 would be "uncomfortable" without the medicine, not that she would die without it.
 Thanks for the reply.


 Subject: Voting in PA

 Hi Bart,
 Just thought I'd pass you on some interesting news.

 One of my girlfriends is supporting Kerry but currently registered as a Republican.
 She's been contacted by the PA GOP and told to vote by absentee ballot.

 Did the Republicans apologize for doing this in Florida since it was a clear vote
 of no confidence for the voting machines that they had advocated?

 Just to let you know - I've already mailed in my request for my absentee ballot
 to ensure that my vote will come with a paper trail.

 Keep swinging that hammer!

 Oprah gives away 276 cars on TV show
  Everyone got a Pontiac G6, whatever that is

  Click  Here

 Texas Pitcher Hits Fans with Chair in Oakland
  Must be a Bush fan because they're like that - woman hurt by chair

  Click  Here

 Texas Pitcher Arrested After Oakland Brawl
  One of his victims, a woman, was bloodied and her nose was broken

  Click  Here

 Iraq Oil Pipeline Junction Blown Up
  That's why the BFEE isn't giving Iraq part of the $90M a day?

  Click  Here

 Subject: Hollywoodliberal News

 Hey Bart,

 How you doing? Just a little update.
 I got so many hits after you posted my stories about the convention, and getting arrested,
 that my site was thrown offline until I could upgrade my traffic allowance. All taken care of now. I'm back.

 I have a court date back in N.Y. on September 24. (Disorderly conduct)
 If I dont show up I will have a warrant, and can get arrested - even out here.
 So I will be going back next week, with full coverage on the site.

 Thanks for the posts dude.
 L.A. Rick The Hollywood Liberal


They show Kerry with a small lead.
Wait - they show Oklahoma in Kerry's corner?

Are they kidding?

 Subject: Kerry


 I hate to say this but prepare yourself for a Bush victory.
 I hate the thought of it and my mouth already fills with such a taste
 of bitterness to contemplate it, but Kerry can't fight.

 I mean I'm a girl but I sure as hell know how to kick some ass when I have to!
 Mary R.

 Mary, we haven't lost yet, but Kerry has to wake up if we're going to have a chance.

 Just 30 days ago, they said Kerry was doing great in states that Gore carried in 2000,
 and pretty good in states that Bush won - but all that momentum was lost when Kerry
 decided it was time to take his nap.   Anyone know what time his alarm is set for?


Funniest white man in America has a new book out.

Click  to  Order

You're going to hear a lot about this book.
When Kitty Kelley writes a book, everybody talks about it.

Fahrenheit 9-11,
Hunting of the President
Order your copies from the BartCop Bookstone

 Kitty Kelley on Franken's show
  Which replays tonight - excerpts on upcoming BCR Show 55

 Subject: 'sand niggers'

 Bart, you also have lived in OK too long.
 It just seems like you can't pass up an opportunity (every time you can)
 to write 'niggers' or 'sand-niggers'. I've played music with blacks, worked with blacks,
 all my adult life and believe me, you don't get a pass even with making a political point.

 Write me off as too squishy liberal, I don't care but I find it deeply offensive.
 Thanks for all you've done-


 Mike, it's supposed to piss you off.
 Don't blame Oklahoma - blame the racist, bastard president.
 I assume you're talking about this, from Volume 1397

"The Washington Post has always been pro-sand nigger..."

 Do you not want to be reminded about the 'president's' racism?
 Do you not want to be reminded about his giggling when he orders the killing of a black man?
 Do you think it's harder for Bush to send a white soldier into battle than a black?

 I wonder what that's like, when Rummy is telling a "nigger joke" to the Monkey and Unka Dick
 and then Colin Powell enters the room and everybody looks real guilty and gets real quiet.

 Powell knows how they talk about him behind his back ...and he doesn't care.
 He's already whored over a thousand men into their graves in his lust for power,
 so why would the loss of his personal dignity have any effect on him?

 More and more, it seems like people don't want to hear the truth.
 Maybe we should start a second web site,,
 where we talk about the way things ought to be, instead of how they are?


 Don't mess with the Bushes
  Salon's David Talbot interviews Kitty Kelley

  Click  Here

 George H.W. Bush and wife Barbara dismissed Bill Clinton as a pathetic hillbilly when he challenged the
 incumbent in 1992. But, Kelley writes, Clinton was one of the few Bush opponents who knew how to
 back them down. As colorful stories from Clinton's sexual past in Arkansas began to surface during the
 campaign, a Clinton aide began digging into the senior Bush's own robust adultery. This included, writes
 Kelley, two long affairs -- one with Jennifer Fitzgerald, Bush's White House deputy chief of protocol, who,
 as the Washington Post once slyly put it, "has served President-elect George Bush in a variety of positions,"
 and one with an Italian woman with whom he set up house in a New York apartment in the 1960s. The Clinton
 aide told Kelley, "I took my list of Bush women, including one whom he had made an ambassador, to his
 campaign operatives. I said I knew we were vulnerable on women, but I wanted to make damn sure they
 knew they were vulnerable too." After the eruption over Clinton's mistress Gennifer Flowers died down,
 sexual infidelity did in fact become a moot issue in the campaign.

 I'm so old, I remember when Democrats used to fight back...



"Is this is a winnable war, if our objective remains a pro-Western democratic Iraq? And how long
  will that take and what will be the price? What is the minimum America can settle for, given all the
  blood and treasure already expended, if the utopian vision of the neoconservatives is not attainable?
  And if we do not wish to pay the price of victory, what would be the consequences of failure? We need
  to ask now the questions our leaders did not ask before they stampeded us into war, while the Congress
  and the Big Media discarded their duties to become the cheerleaders of democratic imperialism."
     --Pat Buchanan, closer to my position on Iraq than John Kerry   Attribution

 Subject: Honorable discharge

You probably know this, but it appears to be possible for a soldier to:

Strike a non-commissioned officer

Be charged with stealing

Be charged for being absent without leave

Be court martialed--twice-- and be placed under confinement...

  And still get an honorable discharge.
  John Allen Muhammad, the D.C. Sniper did it.

 Isaac Peterson

 Isaac, good stuff.
 People have also pointed out that the same entity that validated Bush's Honorable Discharge
 also validated Kerry's bravery and wounds in Vietnam.  But the right-wing press accepts the Bush
 confirmation but they say Kerry's medals were probably given out do to partisan favoritism.

 Funny that the drunken, coked-up deserter Monkey gets a free pass
 while the war hero with shrapnel in his ass is seen as "faking his wounds."



 100 reasons to vote for Bush
     by Charlie the Pillar from Virginia

  Click  Here

 Subject: BCR Show 54

 Great show! What more is there to say?

 One suggestion: since you use the outtake from "Network" for the opening,
 would you consider always closing out the show with "The Monster" by Steppenwolf?

 Keep hammering!

 We did "Monster" in an earlier show, but the actual song is like 12 minutes long
 and it has more parts than a pinball machine - but it's a great song.

Click to Order

Marty's Entertainment Page


"We know that there had been connections and there had been exchanges between
  al-Qaida and Saddam. And those have been pursued and looked at. But I have seen
  nothing that makes a direct connection between Saddam and what happened on 9/11."
    --Colin Powell, admitting his lies, now that 1007 soldiers are dead,   Attribution

 Subject: View from the front lines

 Dear BartCop,

 Thanks for all the cool rants. Loved the MAD magazine piece on "The BUSH
 Campaign's TV Commercial If He Was Running Against JESUS."

 What's wrong with Kerry, though? Why won't he fight back?

 My 44th birthday was last week, and since I was feeling blue about it, I decided to atone
 for my sin of voting for Nader in 2000 by leaving work early to hand out Kerry flyers.
 However, even one of the women handing out the Kerry flyers with me told our Democratic
 precinct captain that she wasn't going to vote for Kerry because he is too inconsistent in his positions.

 Jeez, I thought, the Kerry/Edwards ticket really is in trouble when its own supporters are so
 unenthusiastic about the candidates. I suspect it's because Kerry is running such a lousy, timid campaign.


 Maybe Clinton was correct when he said that Americans today would rather have someone
 who's strong and wrong than right and weak.
 Paul H

 Paul, for some reason, Kerry has hidden nuance in every sentence he speaks.
 The entire world heard him say that, knowing what he knows now, he still would've voted to
 murder Iraq, but I get angry mail every day vehemently denying he ever said any such thing.

 Sure, he used those words, but the nuance was he actually voted for Bush to do the right thing,
 not to murder Iraq - and it comes off like, "It depends on the meaning of the word 'is.' "
 And when the Kerry camp explains that a vote for was really a vote against, it becomes
 very easy for the GOP slime machine to start screaming "flip-flopper" at the war hero.

 It's my opinion if a simple Kerry statement didn't need a 45-minute explanation from Randi Rhodes,
 he would make more people comfortable and make Karl Rove's job a lot harder.

 Will Kerry, in the next 48 days, learn to speak in plain, frank English?
 Or are we doomed to four more years of the Giggling Murderer?


  Click  Here  to get 3 BartCop Radio Shows on CD delivered for just $24

 Currently shipping shows

 BCR 52
 BCR 53
 BCR 54

   Click Here   to send your review of  Show 54

Bonus - mention BCR Show 35 - the Bush Beatdown and get it FREE!


"Political pundits are saying Bush has made gains in two key states: dazed and confused."
     --David Letterman,

 Both Candidates Often Shift Positions
     by Tom Raum, AP Writer

  Click  Here

 While working relentlessly to portray Kerry as a "flip-flopper," Bush has his own history of
 changing his position, from reversals on steel tariffs and "nation-building" to reasons for invading Iraq.

 Most recently, Bush did an about-face on whether the proposed new director of national intelligence
 should have full budget-making powers as the 9-11 panel recommended. Bush said no, then last week said yes.

 Just as GOP efforts to question Kerry's military record in Vietnam helped revive nagging questions about
 Bush's service in the Air National Guard, the "flip flop" attacks on Kerry could boomerang against an
 incumbent running on his record and reputation as a straight talker.

In 2000, Bush argued against new military entanglements and nation building. He's done both in Iraq.

He opposed a Homeland Security Department, then embraced it.

He opposed the 9-11 commission, then supported it. He first refused to speak to its members, then agreed
    only if Unka Dick was there to hold his hand. (Why can't Kerry make something of that?)

Bush argued for free trade, then imposed three-year tariffs on steel imports in 2002, only to flip-flop after 21 months.

Last month, he said he doubted the war on terror could be won, then reversed himself to say it could and would.

A week after 9-11, Bush said he wanted Osama "dead or alive." But he told reporters six months later, "I truly am not
     that concerned about him." He did not mention bin Laden in his hour-long convention acceptance speech.

"I'm a war president," Bush told NBC's "Meet the Press" on Feb. 8. But in a July 20 speech in Iowa, he said:
    "Nobody wants to be the war president. I want to be the peace president." .

 Good thing this Tom Raum guy came along, because Kerry would never point out the facts himself.
 If the press doesn't call Bush a flip-flopper, nobody will because Kerry & the democrats are too scared to speak.
 Why is Kerry unable or unwilling to point out the facts?


Bush's American soldier body count in Iraq

 998, 1003, 1005, 1007  dead American soldiers.

"We're chasing down these killers overseas so we don't have
 to face them here at home. We're making good progress."
 --Dubya, sounding like Robert MacNamara explaining Vietnam  Attribution

 From: 1000 and counting...

 hi Bart,

 I musta sent you a million things over the last 2-3 years. ok, realisticaly...1000...
 you do a significant service and we thank you!

 i continue to try to give you feedback, new info and the like.
 i even contribute political cartoons when the inspiration hits me.

 i never know if you get them.
 i send you piece after piece, link after link, info upon info and never know if it gets to you.
 you published 1 article i wrote...thanks :)...

 recently, you put the Jesus/VS/ Bush cartoon i sent pretty sure i made it clear it wasnt mine.
 all i wanna that you got it.
 im just tryong to help you with info because i have no money.  but we eat well :)
 what fun is the downfall of the greatest country ever conceived if you can't enjoy yourself while it's happening.

 all i'd like is some acnowledgement that you got the email.
 im sure many of your other readers feel the same.
 im not expecting a response...

 PS. oh also...we are getting involved...thanks to you!!!
 im doing a freewayblogging campaign in october with my friends.
 ive thought of 13 easy to remember freeway bloggs, i have 600 ft of 3ft white butcher paper and paint is on sale!
 im near the 10 in Los Angeles, my friend is near the 101, my other friend is near the 405.

 between the 3 of us...we got the major freeways here in LA covered.
 every monday morning there wil be new blogs on the LA freeways during October.
 LOVE the freewayblogger idea!!!

 Mr B, I wish there was a way to answer each piece of mail.
 Right now there are 1064 pieces of unread mail in just the feedback in-box
 and it would take a few days to answer those, even with only a "thanks for that."

 If you get some signs up, take pictures and send them to
 and put freeway blogger in the header and Sam will make sure I see them.

 By the way, Sunday the Dallas Cowboys lost 35-17

 That made it a good weekend.

 A great weekend would be...

 Saturday - Arkansas and Oklahoma winning while Texas loses,
 Sunday - Whoever Dallas plays wins, and Eldrick comes in 25th (that one always comes true)

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          the artisty of bruce yurgil
 Subject: change is essential to the growth of a man

 I recently spoke with a guy who was a medic in Nam. He was recounting some things that
 happened and he said he didn't care about who had the power in the Middle East or oil.

 He said if you try to hold a boy's guts together while his bodily fluid and his blood pours
 over your arms you know something that numbers never tell you. You know it is fucking wrong.
 Any war that is not in defense of this nation is a scandal and those who do it should be locked up.

 Listening to him and seeing the look in his eyes changed my heart.
 I now see the war in Iraq as being a huge mistake. I can't see any reason to vote for Kerry
 but if he said he wouldn't do such a thing I would have to vote for him even though I do not like
 liberalism and beleive it leads to socialism Stalinsism and probable suffering.

 I hope you don't chop off the latter portion of this mail.
 Say what you want about my outlook but I have always told you what I thought and not some bunch of crap.

 Carson the GOP man (monkey in bart terms)


 I'm no dove - I was for the war in Afghanistan and the whole world agreed.
 That war had to be fought - but Bush's decision to invade Iraq turned the world against us.
 I believe you have begun to walk upright - good for you.

 Thinking for yourself is always better than following the party line,
 and being open to change is the main characteristic of having intelligence.

 From: Bush & Cheney into the Big House

 I live 8 miles from the Federal Penitentiary at Leavenworth, Ks,
 and have read about the criminals who are housed there.

 Bush and Cheney are definitely candidates for incarceration.
 They've gotten away with everything rotten, including deaths by the thousands.
 Many people are behind the bars in Leavenworth for killing one person, or for racketeering.
 These crooks have done all that 100 fold.

 Marian in Missouri

"The Democrats don't dare..."

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