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  In Today's Tequila Treehouse...
Beheaded Bodies Found in Iraq
Hurricane Ivan Roaring in 
The Ad That Beats Bush 
D-r-i-v-e   b-y   N-e-w-
Bush's 'Excuse Presidency'
Bush Neglecting al Qaeda
Why Bush Left Texas 
George W Bush is a Coward
Where is John Kerry? 


Quote of the Day

"I don't think the media is left wing or right wing. 
  I think they're lazy, stupid and bitchy." 
       --Bill Maher,   Attribution

 Bill, you forgot "whores."


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Volume 1401 -  America is burning and where is Kerry?

 Wednesday    September 15, 2004                                                                                                                Mike Malloy on AAR weeknights


"A doctor (Tom Coburn) who has performed abortions wants there to be the death penalty
  for those who perform them. He also sterilized a 20 year old woman without her consent,
  and then illegally billed Medicaid for the procedure. He said "That ["the gay"] agenda is
  the greatest threat to our freedom that we face today." He criticized NBC for showing
"Schindler's List," saying that it promoted "irresponsible sexual behavior."
  Oh, and he's the Republican candidate for Senate from Oklahoma."
      --Atrios, "Wingnuttery" Attribution

 Three Beheaded Bodies Found in Iraq
  Another boost for Bush as our greatest war president

  Click  Here

 Security forces discovered three beheaded bodies Wednesday on a road north of Baghdad,
 and a car bomb exploded in a town south of the capital, killing two people amid a surge of
 violence that has left more than 200 dead in the past four days.

 The violence followed attacks Tuesday that saw guerrillas bomb a Baghdad street full of
 police recruits and open fire on a police van north of the capital. At least 59 people were killed,
 bringing the total dead in the past four days to nearly 150 in Baghdad alone.

 No doubt, Bush will pull farther ahead of Kerry because people like the way he's handling the war.


 Hurricane Ivan Roars Toward Gulf Coast
  CNN says 10,000 New Orleans citizens could die this weekend

  Click  Here

 Nearly 200 miles wide, Ivan could cause significant damage no matter where it strikes,
 as hurricane-force wind extended up to 105 miles out from the center. Hurricane warnings
 were posted along a 300-mile stretch from Grand Isle, La., across coastal Mississippi and
 Alabama to Apalachicola, Fla.

"We're leaving today. All this is going under," said surfer Chuck Myers who was only taking
 pictures of the waves Wednesday morning at Gulf Shores. "We surfed it all day yesterday. It was glorious."

"This is a bad one and people need to get out," Mobile, Ala., Mayor Mike Dow said Wednesday
 on ABC's "Good Morning, We're All Whores."

 We knowe God is punishing Florida for rigging the 2000 election and trying to rig 2004,
 but why is He punishing Louisiana?



"In the three years since 9/11, I could never have imagined I would be here today,
  disappointed in the person I voted for, for president."
    --Kristen Breitweiser, "Jersey Girls" widows to endorse Kerry,  Attribution

 The Ad That Beats Bush
  The commercial that would make Kerry president

  Click  Here

 The ad starts with Bush and his September 14, 2001, bullhorn. This time, though, it's a Kerry commercial
 that reminds swing-state Americans of Bush's blood vowprecisely three years agothat "the people who
 knocked down these buildings" would "hear all of us soon." The cowboy soundbites that we would "smoke 'em out"
 track across the screen with any network's footage of the "wanted dead or alive" culprits: Osama bin Laden,
 Ayman al-Zawahiri, and Mullah Omar.

 Then the camera moves on to anchors reporting that bin Laden was cornered at Tora Bora, but that U.S.
 commanders were allowing mercenary Pashtuns to lead the fighting and Pakistanis to seal the backside border.
 Next, news headlines blare that Special Forces and key CIA operatives were prematurely pulled out of
 Afghanistan to prepare for the war on Iraq. The last visual is of Bush momentarily forced at a March 2002
 press conference to discuss bin Laden: "I just don't spend that much time on him, to be honest with ya."

 It makes all the sense in the world that the Bush conventionwith a hundred references in major speeches
 to terror and 69 to Iraq or Husseinmentioned Osama just once, and then only to blame him on Bill Clinton.
 What makes no sense is that bin Laden was never mentioned in Kerry's Boston show.

 I think this writer heard Part 2 of BCR Show 54.  (Don't open this near co-workers or with children nearby)
 Kerry could win this election - easily - if he would just try a little bit, but he refuses to fight.
 Can anybody explain why?

 We're going to have four long years to ask ourselves why Kerry refused to swing the bat.


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"It was President Bush who thwarted our attempts at every turn."
  --"Jersey Girl" Patty Casazza, accusing Bush of hiding the truth about 9-11   Attribution

 Kerry Slams Bush's 'Excuse Presidency'
  Have the new advisers found a way to wake the sleeping giant?

  Click  Here

 John Kerry unleashed a harsh indictment of the never-elected Monkey's economic stewardship
 on Wednesday and urged his Republican rival to take responsibility instead of playing the victim.

 After months of sleeping thru "the most important campaign in history," Kerry may finally be heeding
 advisers who have urged him to be more forceful.  Kerry rejected Bush's perfect storm defense
 -- recession, war and the 9-11 attacks -- of the tepid economic performance in the United States.

"The president would have us believe that his record is the result of bad luck, not bad decisions,
 that he's faced the wrong circumstances, not made the wrong choices," Kerry said in excerpts of
 remarks prepared for the Detroit Economic Club.

 Underscored his hard-hitting broadside with an opinion piece in Wednesday's Wall Street Journal in which
 he wrote "cleaning up President Bush's fiscal mess will not be easy" and would require "tough choices."

"ha ha... we got the trifecta...ha ha..."



"If anyone can go and harass it would be appreciated. Bill."
    --Rep. Bill Kuislein, asking his constituents to harrass a Kerry rally,  Attribution

 Thet get away with this because they know the Democrats are afraid to fight back.

 Why Bush Left Texas

  Click  Here

"In 1971 Bush took his annual physical exam in May. It's reasonable to conclude that he would also take
 his 1972 physical in the same month. Yet according to official Guard documents, Bush "cleared the base"
 on May 15 without doing so. Fellow Guard members uniformly agree that Bush should and could have
 easily taken the exam with unit doctors at Ellington Air Force Base before leaving town. (It is interesting to
 note that if the Killian memos released by CBS do hold up, one of them, dated May 4, 1972, orders Bush
 to report for his physical by May 14--one day before he took off.)

 Bush has indicated that he departed from Ellington Air Force Base and his Guard unit because he had been
 offered an important employment opportunity with a political campaign in Alabama. The overwhelming evidence
 suggests, however, that the Alabama campaign was a convenient excuse for Bush to rapidly exit stage left from
 a Guard unit that found him and his behavior a growing problem. If that's not the case, now would be an excellent
 time for a President famed for his superlative memory to sit down and explain what really happened in that period."

 Subject: choice and terrorism

 Vice President Cheney said last week the America will be move vulnerable to attack if we make
 the wrong choice this election. It's a statement I agree with - but not in the way Cheney thinks.

 We were attacked by Osama bin Laden who killed 3000 Americans on 9-11.
 In response - Bush and Cheney decided to attack Iraq that had nothing to do with it and let
 bin Laden get away. Now they talk about Osama bin Laden as if he doesn't matter.
 And - it doesn't help that Bush's family are business partners with Osama bin Laden's family.

 So - we have a choice between staying with the leaders who are going after the wrong enemy
 and someone who will go after bin Laden.

 The choice is clear.
 America will be safer with John Kerry as president.

 Marc Perkel
 San Francisco, CA

 Sharon abandons Bush's Mideast 'Road Map'
  Why turn Israel into another Baghdad?

  Click  Here

 Martha Stewart to Judge: Jail Me Now
  Bush's biggest victory - stopping the very dangerous Martha Stewart

  Click  Here

 Tropical Storm Jeanne Pounds Puerto Rico
  God is very angry with that whole part of the world

  Click  Here

 Subject: On Kerry's failure

 There have been innumerable comments on Bartcop, by you and by your readers, about how Kerry
 is "toast", "failing yet again", and giving the election to Bush.  There we go again, wimping out and turning tail.

 Mr. Bush is out there, lying his a$$ off ("in Texas, we call that 'campaignin' '"), getting caught in one scandal, failure,
 or lie after another, and do you hear Republicans wailing and wringing their hands about how Bush is doomed?  No?
 Then why do we Democrats, progressives, liberals, or just plain anti-Bushites do it?  Why are we just giving up and rolling over?

 When John Kerry/John Edwards don't fight back with the words and strengths we want to see, why aren't we fighting back
 on their behalf?  That's what Republicans would do.  They leap to defend their bogus, pathetic candidate, no matter what,
 and continually assert how he'll win in a landslide.  It builds up their confidence, demoralizes the opposition, and makes
 undecided voters want to go with the winner.

 We can do it, too.  But it's not going to happen as long as we keep publishing every little bit of woe-is-me,
 what's-wrong-with-him whining that some "Democrat" utters.

 I don't mean self-delusion here -- man, if you listen to the Republican shills, it's clear that they are living in some Bizarro-World
 of their own, where the economy is roaring, nobody's jobless, and we've won and brought Jeffersonian democracy to Afghanistan
 and Iraq.  What I do mean is putting on a brave, strong, confident front.  Helping our man, instead of backstabbing him as imperfect,
 or agonizing over his past decisions.  Not giving aid and comfort to the Republicans.

 Negativity is fashionable, and can be taken as a sign of our liberal openness and willingness to question.  Yeah, great.
 But in this election, it will be DEADLY.  Let's start cutting back.

 Thanks for the opportunity to comment.
  -- ckh

 CKH, it's the difference between a thousand tiny hammers and one giant, nuclear-powered hammer.
 Every time Kerry opens his mouth, there are dozens of cameras and microphones pointed at him.
 If he would wake up and say something the press would cover it - but he
 remains as silent as Harpo Marx.  The press would LOVE to cover a fight, but Kerry is too polite.

 His refusal to fight is a bigger story than the weak, feint words that come out of his mouth.
 One match under his ass could change this campaign in less than a minute - and I want that match lit.
 Kerry could be president, but he has to want to be president to win.  He's thrown away over half his campaign,
 just thrown it right in the damn trash, but there's still time for Kerry to start a fight but he has to start now.
 Every day he fritters away increases the odds that he'll have to do something drastic.

 But you're right - Bart's Law Number One is "Don't EVER tell the truth in a political campaign."
 If I could learn that, I'd have a lot fewer former subscribers telling me to go to hell...


 Subject: Kerry


 Would you explain to me how Kerry gets some media attention that would put him a
 favorable light when the only thing that is printed, spoken, or shoved down our collective
 throats is anything that is showing Kerry in a bad light?

 I disagree with your question.
 I'd bet my house that if Kerry called Russert and said, "I want your whole Meet the Press
 hour Sunday to unveil the new, fighting John Kerry" he would get that hour.
 Did you read yesterday's Boondocks?


 This is the best Kerry can do!
 He's so afraid to say anything that might upset his Bones Brother.

 Randi Rhodes has been preaching that Kerry can't get any good press from anybody in the
 mainstream media and I tend to agree. Please enlighten me on this subject.
 Harold J.
 P.S. As a loyal subscriber keep up the great work.

 I sure don't need a fight with Randi Rhodes, but she's doing what I should be doing.
 She's saying, "Go team, we're going to win this contest for sure," but what will she say
 to her audience the day after the election when Kerry loses 45 states?

 I'm trying to avoid, "Bart, you said Kerrry would win."
 I'm just calling it as I see it and what I see is damn ugly.
 I see our side refusing to fight - even a little bit.

 The worst part is in that radio excerpt, above.
 Kerry let Bush get away with his bullhorn handjob and I can't forgive him for that.


Jon Stewart,
Kitty Kelley,
Fahrenheit 9-11,
Chain of Command
Hunting of the President,

Order your copies from the BartCop Bookstone

 Bush Neglecting Hunt for al Qaeda
  If we could convince Kerry to mention this...

  Click  Here

 In the months after the 9/11 attacks, Bush promised America he would make the hunt for al Qaeda
 the number one objective of his administration. "[We] do everything we can to chase [al Qaeda] down
 and bring them to justice," Bush said. "That's a key priority, obviously, for me and my administration."
 But according to a new report, the President has dangerously underfunded and understaffed the
 intelligence unit charged with tracking down al Qaeda's leader.

 The New York Times reports "Three years after the Sept. 11 attacks on New York and the Pentagon,
 the CIA has fewer experienced case officers assigned to its headquarters unit dealing with bin Laden than
 it did at the time of the attacks." The bin Laden unit is "stretched so thin that it relies on inexperienced officers
 rotated in and out every 60 to 90 days, and they leave before they know enough to perform any meaningful work.

 That might make a voter wonder why he intends to vote for Bush, but Kerry won't mention it.
 Am I the only one who thinks Kerry should begin the fight?


 Subject: sick and tired

 If I hear one more story about Kerry re-tooling his friggin campaign I am going to vomit.
 There are so many weaknesses to attack Bush and Cheney my dog could be running a better campaign.
 There is the situation in Iraq which on the verge of imploding. Cheney gets a raise.
 The AWOL thing, the economy, etcand kerry is talking about friggin assault rifles.

 George Bush farts and there are hundreds of talking heads on TV explaining, how he meant to say "excuse me."
 The guy says something stupid like in the Today show interview and the next day the airwaves are flooded
 with people explaining what he meant to say.

 Where are Dem talking heads?  Wheres Pelosi???
 What happened to Edwards?
 Hes turning into a meeker version of Kerry if thats possible.

 They are right they learned an awful lot from Dukakis, unfortunately they learned how not to run a campaign.
 I demand a recount from the primaries. We voted in the worst possible candidate and I am enraged by it.

 Dumbya is going to win and win big, and well still be re-tooling.
 It gets worse by day.
 Bart, what can we do to stop this before its too late?


 Phil, I wish I knew.
 Kerry lied to us when he promised to fight.
 He's intentionally taking a dive. They're so afraid they can't think.

 I shudder to think that Bush is going to pack the Supreme Court with Scalias and Slappys
 and we're going to be screwed as a country for the next 40 years - all because Kerry is afraid.
 Bush will continue his worldwide crime spree - and who can stop him?  Americans will be so
 hated around the world we won't be able to visit other countries.

 You women  - say goodbye to your right to an abortion. Say goodbye to overtime and clean water
 and clean air and your right to sue when the doctor amputates the wrong limb. The environment will
 be shot and look for oil drilling in Yellowstone and Yosemite - all because Kerry won't fight.


 U2 to Release 'Atomic Bomb' in November
  Blow me down - Rock's finest all-male group drops the big one

  Click  Here

 The album made headlines in July after recordings from it went missing.
 The disappearance of rough versions of some tracks from a recording studio in Nice
 had prompted fears they would appear on the Internet before the official release.
 But a band spokeswoman said: "They didn't show up anywhere as far as we're aware."

 Is any rock band bigger than U2?
 Wouldn't Springsteen be a good opening band for rock's current champions?
 And when I say "current champaions," ...that's a title they earned way back in 1987.

 17 years later, isn't U2 the most recent super group?
 Where are tomorrow's supergroups?


 Subject: voting in PA

 I'm an ex-Republican turned Independent in PA.
 Thanks for the tip! (btw, Nader is not on the ballot here)

 Dude! How much longer is Kerry expecting all of us to fight his battles for him?
 Dean was right on the money about the timing of terrorist alerts, and Kerry left him to the dogs.
 With the wingnuts distracted as they devour Dan Rather's bones over this "TypewriterGate" crap,
 Bush is wide open for a full attack.

 He listened to sweet little Mary Beth about the Smearboat Vets, missed a glorious opportunity when
 Cheney threatened us all last week... Pundits everywhere (even right wingers) are offering him advice on what to do...

 What's "Mr. War Hero" doing?
 Timidly talking about heathcare, jobs, and begging the Republicans to play nice.
 That strategy worked wonders for "President" Dukkakis, didn't it?

 People (a LOT more than 50%, believe me) think Bush is awful, but they're afraid Kerry
 might be a worse alternative. And he's not doing a damn thing to change that perception.

 Can I vote for Teresa instead?
 She's got spunk and a backbone (an ex-Republican. Figures), and she'll make a great president.

 Eric B

 Eric, I so agree with that paragraph in bold.
 I think America hates the Monkey, but Kerry keeps agreeing with Bush.
 Kerry refuses to give America a reason to vote for him.
 He doesn't want to be president - so why did he get in this race?

 America is burning, and Kerry insists on reading the f-ing goat book?


"The notorious "Champagne Unit" of the Guard was also graced by the son of John Connally,
  both sons of Sen. Lloyd Bentsen, Bobby Sakowaitz , the grandson of H.L. Hunt and several
  Dallas Cowboys. Anyone who thinks that is just a coincidence or some kind of freaking
  accident probably thinks Sean Hannity is a journalist."
      --Molly Ivins, "Moral blindness",  Attribution

 Subject: au contraire....

 Bart, you said:

> "I was for the war in Afghanistan and the whole world agreed. That war had to be fought".

 I have to disagree.  How many of the hijackers on 911 were from Afghanistan?
 What have we accomplished by bombing Afghanistan?

 It is widely reported that we told the Afghanis they could have a "carpet of gold
 (for approving an oil pipeline deal) or a carpet of bombs".

 <much snippage>

 Slugger, that's the kind of crazy talk that makes Democrats lose 49 states.
 Where is your memory?  While New York and the Pentagon were still burning, the Taliban said,
"We have Osama and we're not giving him up."    They had to pay for that mistake.

 Gandhi, Martin Luther King, Bono and John Lennon would've all voted for that war.
 Not attacking would have sent the message, "Would you like to bomb LA, too?"

 But the question is, knowing nothing could/would stop us from destroying them, why did they do it?
 The Taliban committed "suicide by F-16" and it would be interesting to know why.
 The most logical answer is that Bush told them we were coming with our "carpet of bombs,"
 and they decided to fight Bush's attack with a pre-emptive strike on New York.

 If the 9-11 Commission hadn't been a handjob by Bush cronies we might've gotten an answer.




Marty's Entertainment Page


"As much as I thought I was prepared to believe that Bush is capable of any sort of cheating,
  I am shocked by what the missing paper trail concerning Bush's service and the political
  aftermath reveals about the cynical deceptions practiced by Bush, Rove and all their cronies.
  I wonder what a similar analysis of Cheney's Vietnam era activities would reveal?"
      --Author Jane Smiley, in a letter to Salon.com, "Letters",   Attribution

 The press won't look at Cheney because he's a Republican.

 Subject: Kerry can't fight

 Sadly I agree that we are on the way to a Kerry defeat (I can't bring myself to say Bush victory).

 Everyone's hope, the debate schedule (if it is allowed to happen, and I can't imagine Rove allowing that),
 is way too little and way too late. I think John's people never got it - what our people have seen as
 maintaining a higher standard translates as wimpiness to a large portion of the populace.

 Bush, Cheney and Prince-of-Darkness Rove are bullies, their tactics have been ones of blatant bullying,
 and if our guy can't best the bullies on the block how is he going to take on the bullies of the world?
 I hope we can sleep well knowing we are on the side of light.

 Unfortunately Americans appear to like ass kickers more than they do statesmen, at least until they
 become the ones getting their ass kicked as we Demos are now.

 Jerry C

 The worst part is losing to the worst president America has ever had.
 This country is hungry for change, but Kerry just refuses to fight.


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"Regarding the Iraq war, Sen. John McCain told NBC's Jim Miklaszewski:
"We are not winning." He attributed this to allowing 'the enemy to have sanctuary.'"
    --Nick Schifrin    Attribution

 Yet just a few days ago, McCain told a national TV audience that Bush was the right man for this job.
 Senator, you were once a respected leader, now you're nothing but Bush's cabana boy.

 George W Bush is a Girlieman Coward

  Click  Here

 We certainly know that Bush wants us to believe he's a real man - in fact, there are few things he works harder at.
 Sometimes it seems as if the entire might of the United States government is being wielded for the purpose of
 creating photo ops where Bush can look manly. We saw plenty of examples at the Republican convention;
 the video introducing Bush, narrated with the profound vocal stylings of actor/politician Fred Thompson,
 begins this way: "How do you tell the story of a presidency? How do you tell the story so far?
 The story is, in part, but inescapably, the story of a man."

Bush's American soldier body count in Iraq

 998, 1003, 1007 1020  dead American soldiers.

Jesus, 13 dead since Monday?

"We're chasing down these killers overseas so we don't have
 to face them here at home. We're making good progress."
 --Dubya, explaining how great the war is going  Attribution


 From: Teresa calls Bush inflexible?

 Inflexible???  He's downright butt-ugly, spoiled brat, irresponsible, mule-headed stubborn!

 The "privileged son" of a rich man used to getting his own way and having  tantrums when he doesn't.
 I believe he is a sociopath in it's purest form.
 I also think his stepford wife is a closet drunk who doesn't know one end from the other!

 I am sick to death of the Bushes and cannot think of a worse blight to have ever come down on America.

 Barbara, unless Kerry decides to fight, get ready for four more years of it.

 VCR Alert

Siegfried & Roy interview with Mrs. Gov. Musclehead

World Poker Tour repeat - Battle of Champions from Bellagio

 Monday we watched the premier of Las Vegas on NBC.
 They have an identity problem, that show. When they turn silly, it's still good enough to
 watch for the Vegas stuff and the hot babes. (It should be called The Vanessa Marcil Show)
 Sometimes they want to be dead serious, and sometimes it's lighter than Bush-think.

 The premier had prettyboy Danny coming home from a 90 day toiur of duty in Iraq. Had this been
 a real show, he would've come back missing an eye, a leg or an arm. Then, once you accept that it's
 going to be a puffy, fluffy show, Danny shows signs of post traumatic stress disorder when tells James
 Caan (He's great in this show) that he hasn't slept in a loooong time.

 After a while, Danny tells Big Ed (Caan) that he can't sleep because nobody has his back. He says
 nobody has his back because his whole unit was killed when he called in airstrikes that had to be
 right on top of them and he was the only one who walked away from it, and apparently that's why
 he got to come home early, because his mind was torn up.
 That's heavy stuff, after you've assigned this episode to the "fluff" column, and it reminds us that
 someday we'll have 150,000 battle-scarred people back in American who've been through hell.

 Is America ready for that?
 Five years from today, on September 14, 2008, how many Iraq vets will be in prison?
 How many Iraqi vets will be dead? How many will be mentally ill and homeless, living under a bridge?

 There was a Star Trek Next Generation episode called The Hunted.

 Although Troi has been warned that Danar is extremely dangerous, she is drawn to him when
 she senses that he is being tortured by nightmares. Meeting with the prisoner, she comes to
 believe that he is inherently non-violent, despite his reputation.

 A check of Danar's records reveals that he is a military prisoner who served Angosia honorably
 in the recent war. He informs Troi that when he volunteered for service, his government conducted
 intense psychological and biochemical modifications on him and his fellow soldiers. When the men,
 programmed for violence in any situation threatening their survival, had difficulty readjusting to
 civilian life, they were exiled to Lunar V.

 Later, Danar and his comrades burst in (The Senate) but knowing that the veterans will not kill
 unless their own lives are threatened, Picard vows that he and his crew will not fire upon the prisoners.
 Instead, Nayrok is urged to take steps to reprogram the soldiers and welcome them back into society.

 What will America do when our trained-to-kill heroes try to re-adjust to "normal life?"
 The consequences of the greed of the sick, never-elected bastard will be with us for decades.

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 Subject: Democrats are lying cowards

 Your pinning the repeal of the assault weapon ban on Bush and the right wing is pretty lame.
 The vote was 90-8 to continue it, last time I looked there weren't 90 Republicans in the Senate.

 Of course when things dont go the liberal way its always the Republicans fault,
 turning a blind eye to the fact their own ilk voted against it.

 I'm totally against assault weapons BTW, I mean who has a legitimate reason to own an M-16?


 PB, the pink tutu Democrats are gutless cowards, afraid of everyone and everything, including the NRA.
 You're right - nobody needs an M16, but the Democrats don't have the balls to be Democrats.

                "We follow the orders Bush gives us..."

 From: Kerry's one-way ticket to Palookaville

 I hate to say this, but I'm beginning to believe that Kerry and the Democratic Party have decided to throw the election.
 I can't tell if they never intended to win this time around or because they got the word from Charlie Malloy that
 "this isn't their night", but nothing excuses a campaign even more inept than Dukakis against an even weaker Bush
 whose given up so many opportunities to bury him which have been repeatedly passed up.

 I'm afraid it's four more years of Mr. Giggle-n'Kill.


 Zontar, it's not over yet, but each day that passes with Kerry wimping out
 brings the impossible-to-comprehend closer to reality.

 If we could just get him to wake up....

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27 minutes Bart, with still more advice for John Kerry

Click  Here  to listen to Part 4 of  Show 54
Click  Here  to download Part 4 of  Show 54
30 minutes of Tally, Maher, Leno, Dave and Jon

Click  Here  for the radio archives

        Shirley Manson of Garbage

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