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  In Today's Tequila Treehouse...
Bleak View for Iraq 
Kerry, Bush tied in new poll 
Smashing the Filter 
D-r-i-v-e   b-y   N-e-w-
Hurricanes Hate Freedom
Pre-emptive Paranoia 
Nobody needs an M16? 
Hogwarts Howler for Voters
Daddy Dubya Knows Best 


Quote of the Day

"I think Congress is being asked to put 
  a Band-Aid on a bleeding wound." 
   --Rep. David Obey, D-Wis., on Bush asking 
     Congress to shift $3.5 billion to Iraqi security,

 David, does that mean you'll say, "Yes Massa,"
 and give Bush his Band Aid?


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Volume 1402 -  Adrift on a sea of futile speech 

Could your web page use some extra hits?

 Thursday    September 16, 2004                                                                                                                Mike Malloy on AAR weeknights


"I am under fierce attack from the homosexual lobby and I need your prayers -- and your help."
    --Alan Keyes, 40 points behind, begging for money by blaming gays   Attribution

 ha ha
 Keyes is seeing homos in his dreams...
 They're probably chasing him with their pants down, too...

 Intel Officials Have Bleak View for Iraq
 "But we love Bush's courageous courage in the big war..."

  Click  Here

 The document lays out a second scenario in which increased extremism and fragmentation
 in Iraqi society impede efforts to build a central government and adversely affect efforts to
 democratize the country.

 In a third, worst-case scenario, the intelligence council contemplated "trend lines that would
 point to a civil war," the official said. The potential conflict could be among the country's
 three main populations the Sunnis, Shiites and Kurds.

 It "would be fair" to call the document "pessimistic," the official added

 Things just keeps getting worse and worse, and the media and the wall-to-wall GOP
 echo chamber  keeps telling us what a great job the "war president" is doing..


 Kerry and Bush 'neck and neck' in new poll
  I hope Kerry has people who can do good electoral math

  Click  Here

 As the convention-time boost enjoyed by the Giggling Murderer began to wane,
 he and Kerry are neck and neck less than two months ahead of the November 2 election.

 According to the latest Harris Interactive poll posted on The Whore Street Journal's website,
 Kerry secured 48 percent of the intended vote, compared with 47 percent for Bush.
 Bush partner Ralph Nader garnered two percent of the hypothetical vote.

 Please God, make me wrong about Kerry.
 If you let Kerry win, I'll start going to church again.
  (I don't mean it)

 Subject: Kerry is losing

 I totally agree Bart, Kerry needs to FIGHT like his life depended on it.
 How did we end up with this shill?

 My man Wesley would be mopping up the floor with Shrub if we were so luck to have him.

 BTW, why all the anti gun stuff?
 We're gonna need 'em especially with 4 more years of Shrub.

 There are lot's of 2nd amendment supporting liberals.
 Michael R

 Mike, I agree about General Clark.
 He would fight back hard each time an attack was launched.


"I have to laugh when conservatives call this system the best democracy in the world.
  It is a little bit better than Russias and a few others, but it is hardly worthy of the description democracy.  \
 (I am reminded of Donald Rumsfeld defending U.S. troops torture, rape and sexual humiliation of innocents
  at Abu Ghraib by saying well, its not as bad as actual terrorism.)"
     --Eric Alterman,  Attribution

 Smashing the Filter
  No one talks about real interests

  Click  Here

 The media has allowed itself to shift more and more to the right, desperately seeking an end
 to the accusations of bias. These movements, though not necessarily dictated by the parent
 companies, are no doubt a result of upper-management pressure to keep the right-wing happy.
 And the process continues, because those who call the truth an enemy are never satisfied until
 they obtain complete control.

 Legitimate questions concerning Bush are buried while every scurrilous attack on John Kerry's
 record is repeated ad nauseum until it has been thoroughly immersed in the public consciousness.
 When Kerry leads by 5%, it is reported as "tenuous" or "barely ahead." When Bush leads by 4%,
 it is called "a commanding lead" or "well ahead," and used as a launching pad for a fresh wave of
 reports that Kerry's candidacy is doomed.


The "Fake Flyboy" t-skirt

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Tell the world the truth.


"Gore Vidal recalled a conversation with Murray Kempton.   Kempton had mentioned George Bush [Sr.],
  and according to Vidal, Nixon had responded: "Total light-weight. Nothing there sort of person you
  appoint to things but now that Barbara, she's something else again! She's really vindictive!" Vidal
  characterized the comment as "the highest Nixonian compliment."
     --Kitty Kelley, in her explosive book,    Attribution

 Note: I have a copy of Kelley's book coming.
           It will be the second book I've read since having the page, the first was Susan McDougal's.

 Communist Hurricane Hates Freedom
  Bush Embraces Story Wherein Deaths Cannot Be Attributed to Him


  Click  Here

 Millions of Gulf Coast Residents Grateful for Fiscally Conservative Administration:

"His will be done..."



"Bush spoke to members of the National Guard at a convention in Las Vegas.
  A lot of those guys were really excited to see him. A lot of them have been
  waiting since the early 70s to see him, for him to show up."
     --Jay Leno

 Pre-emptive Paranoia
   by She who hates everyone

  Click  Here

 Here's how bad off the Democrats are: They're cowering behind closed doors, whispering that if it should
 ever turn out that Republicans are behind this, it would be so exquisitely Machiavellian, so beyond what
 Democrats are capable of, they should just fold and concede the election now - before the Republicans
 have to go to the trouble of stealing it again.

 There's no evidence - it's just a preposterous, paranoid fantasy at this point. But it speaks to the jitters of
 the Democrats that they're consumed with speculation about whether Karl Rove, the master of dirty tricks
 and surrogate sleaze, could have set up CBS in a diabolical pre-emptive strike to undermine damaging
 revelations about Bush 43's privileged status and vanishing act in the National Guard, and his odd refusal
 to take his required physical when ordered.

 House Republicans started clamoring for a Congressional inquiry into the documents used by "60 Minutes,''
 saying it might be an attempt to manipulate the election. (Isn't that what the Democrats are scared the GOP is doing?)

 These same Republicans never wanted investigations into missing W.M.D., why Congress passed a
 Medicare bill based on faulty figures, Abu Ghraib or even whether those Swiftie guys were lying, for Pete's sake. "

 Subject: BCR Show 54

 Dear Bart,

 You are definitely putting on some great shows.
 I love the new sound effects for when you are talking about the vulgar pigboy.

 I know you talk about saying things and losing subscribers, but if they leave
 because you presented an opposing opinion doesn't that make the closet Republicans??

 I think everyone is worried that we'll have four more years of war, death and fear.
 If I had any brains, each day I'd say, "Kerry in a landslide" like Randi does.

 You'll never lose us here in East &^%$#@* Texas, even if we don't always agree.
 Looking forward to show 55. Here are some fan photos for you to laugh about.

 Carrie & Stephen
 Tyler, TX


 Kerry Hires Massabama Woman Fired for Sticker on Car
 "Let your boss know that as of today, you're working for John Kerry."

  Click  Here

 Johnny Ramone Dies at 55
  After a five-year battle with prostate cancer

  Click  Here

 Gov Contractor's Bag Full of Explosives at JFK
 "projectile point detonating fuse" and a "surface-to-air and air-to-air cartridge"

  Click  Here

 World Is Sliding Into Dictatorship
  Putin is 'pulling a Bush,' grabbing power and say "FY" to the voters

  Click  Here

 Subject: Harpo Marx?

 Where did you get that sense of humor, Harpo Marx reference?
 It's something I might have heard around the house when I was a kid.


 I was just trying to think of somebody very quiet
 and I didn't think this crowd would know who Marcel Marceau was.


Jon Stewart,
Kitty Kelley,
Fahrenheit 9-11,
Chain of Command
Hunting of the President,

Order your copies from the BartCop Bookstone

 Nobody needs an M16? ....whaaaaaaat?
  Debate with a gun nut

  Click  Here

 C'mon, if someone wants to commit violence, all they need is a brick, or just their fists.
 This is what the gun-ban countries are finding out. Gun-bans keep people who respect the
 rule of law at a disadvantage vs. the criminals who break laws, including the gun-ban laws.


 Subject: my campaign ad for Kerry


 I've never fully understood the democrats unwillingness to play the "class warfare" card, in that the
 republican party of the last twenty four years has declared  "war" on the middle class. Here's my Kerry ad.
 It opens with the clip from M. Moores movie where pres. dumbass say's to a black tie crowd,
"The haves and the have mores. Some call you the elite, I call you my base."

 The next scene is of a news reader (real or fake) reporting sales figures from last years Christmas season.
 He says, "Sales results for Wal-mart, J.C. Penny, and Sears were dissappointing, while sales at
 upscale retailers like Neiman Marcus and Saks Fifth Avenue were much better than expected."

 Next, a picture of a newspaper headline about the number of people who have fallen below the poverty level.
 Then, a disconsolate football coach telling his crestfallen high school  players that funding cuts mean the end of
 the football program at ole' ? H.S.

 Then, wrap it up with, "It's hard when you're not part of George W. Bush's base."
 Or something along those lines. Homer would get that.

 Boston Dave

 Dave, that would be too effective - it makes perfect sense.
 The Democrats would never go for it.


 Gen. Says He Didn't Mean to Malign Islam
  "Christian" man lied like his name was Bush last night

  Click  Here

 Boykin told CBS he had been misunderstood for saying of a Somali warlord
 he interrogated in 1993, "I knew that my God was a real God and his was an idol."
 The general said the Somali warlord was "not a good Muslim."

"He's a man who worshipped graft, corruption, power and money," Boykin said.
"My reference to his God being an idol was not to Allah. My reference was to his
 worship of corruption, of power, of money."

 What a clumsy liar this "Christian" is.
 If you're a super-duper Christian and you say your God is real and the Muslim's
 God isn't, you're not talking about anything but God vs God and this liar is trying
 to cover up his gaffe instead of admitting it like a man. How laughable is it to try
 to convince people he really meant the Muslim "worshipped corruption."

 Every religion has a built-in prejudice - it's how they operate. It's how they sell
 their brand of hooey to you, by telling you the other religions are nothing but crap.


 Subject: BCR Show 54


 One is better than the other.
 I don't have alot of $$ but after I got Randi Rhodes to talk about you
 and you got me hooked with the July month... I couldn't resist.  Had to subscribe.

 Cutting back on the food budget and using coupons.....
 Went with a slightly cheaper brand of bourbon.
 But all is right with the world when I can listen to BartcopRadio!.....

 I have burned a few on CDS-rw and turned on friends.  One of the Dem big wigs here
 is totally turned on to your site and I am spreading the word more each day.  My art fair
 booth now sports a Bartcop sticker, (I am sending another envelope so I can get stickers
 everywhere I go in the eastern US).  Will send a picture when I do my next show.

 Once again, KUDOS on the fine work you do.

 Robert, that's a good idea.
 I've sent out hundreds of disks this month and if everyone burned a few copies
 and sent them to friends that would be fine with me.  Maybe I can get on those
 Kazaa and Napster outlets so people will think they're doing something sneaky :)


They love Kerry in Madison


 "George Bush is proud of the fact that not even failure can cause him to change his mind."
     --John Kerry,  Attribution

 Subject: thought this might interest you

 I'm the manager of the local rural water district and my only boss in that capacity is the board of directors.
 On the board are several veterans as well as family members of soldiers serving in Iraq.
 After our meeting last night the war in Iraq came up.

 Several family members of soldiers commented that in the beginning soldiers were free to
 e-mail home and send pics as often as they liked. Now the access of the soldiers is being limited
 and their mail is now being censored.

 It's getting so bad that one soldier commented to his family that things were "Spiraling out of control
 and this could be my last message."

 The veterans in the group at that point chimed in and said that "politicians should let the soldiers do their job"
 and they then all agreed that "each time politicians get involved in war it becomes a mess" they cited as examples
 Vietnam, the first Gulf War AND Korea as examples. They then mentioned wars we had won such as WWII
 when McArthur took charge and eliminated Hitler. Also mentioned was the fact that they bridled "Stormin Norman"
 during the first Gulf War and that if the had let him do his job we wouldn't be in this mess now.

 Sadly, one WWII vet said that during that war they would approach a village and allow everyone that wanted to leave to pass.
 They would then attack the village and everyone left behind was eliminated. The theory being that only those friendly
 to the other side would stay to try and fight them. Now, that's some food for thought, don't ya think?




Marty's Entertainment Page


"I consider [Negroes] more of a menace ... than all other evils combined ... For humanity's sake,
  I am in favor of putting to death all children who come into the world hopeless invalids or badly deformed ...
  I am in favor of a whipping-post law ... for wife-beaters and petty offenders on whom jail sentences are imposed."
  --W.'s great-great grandfather, David "Pee" Walker, in a letter to the editor of the St. Louis Republic, Attribution

 Subject: Tiger Woods's hex

 Bart ole Cop,

 I have seen a picture of Elin Nordegren in a bikini and if I were Tiger Woods,
 a golf course would not be the the first course on my mind.

 Dave in L.A.


 Dave, you're saying she is distracting?


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"You are paying these guys a lot of damn money.
  If Kerry is screwing up, where is our Karl Rove?"
     --Tony Coelho, hitting Kerry's advisers,   Attribution

 That's one problem we have - no Rove on our side.
 You see, that wouldn't be right.
 If we can't win with the high road, we'd rather lose.

 A Hogwarts Howler For The American Voter
  Arianna Huffington strikes again on

  Click  Here

 Kerry simply cannot, as some are advising, look at the poll numbers, cede national security
 to the other side, and hope to win by going after Bush on health care and jobs.

 He needs to hit the president again and again and again right smack in the middle of his
 supposed strength: Bush's "strong," "steadfast," "unwavering," "decisive" leadership in the War on Terror.

 ...and could we somehow work that "Bullhorn Sacred Vow" issue into the campaign?

 I just think Bush's 9-11 Betrayal to America's soul should be an issue.

Bush's American soldier body count in Iraq

 998, 1007, 1020, 1025  dead American soldiers.

Damn, 5 more since yesterday?

"We're chasing down these killers overseas so we don't have
 to face them here at home. We're making good progress."
 --Dubya, explaining how great the war is going  Attribution

 From: the ad that beats Bush


 I can agree this ad if it were shown nation wide and not in some swing state(s)
 would be the one ad that would create a fire storm for Kerry.  I cannot give you
 a reasonable explanation as to why Kerry will not be a damn "grizzley" and attack Bush.
 I am in agreement with you asking the question, why he does not fight back?

 Hell, with all the "smarts" running his campaign one would assume there would be more
 fire coming forth, but there is hardly a consistant fire that keeps building and building.
 Now if his team is going to rely on the debates then we are all "chit out of luck".

 Hell, the media will tell us that Bush won the first and last, and we all be sucking hind tit come November 2th.
 Bart, I must thank you for keeping the hammer pounding and awakening those comatose folks.

 Click  Here  to see the ad and hear a clip from BCR Show 54

 VCR Alert

 Season Premier of Survivor

 It's like New Year's and Cinco de Mayo at BartCop manor.
 Mrs. Bart is walking on a cloud.   She'll be in a good mood until Koreshmas.

 There's also a good C.S.I. repeat.
 Can one person have two sets of DNA?

 Wanda on Leno - she's getting a show right before Jon Stewart.

 Daddy Dubya Knows Best
   by the BartCop Feminist

  Click  Here

 Over the past four years, the lying unelected chimp has become increasingly concerned over the damage
 brought upon heterosexual marriages by homosexual relationships. In a recent Sunday radio address,
 dubya stated his opinion of homosexual marriages. The lying thief believes that marriages were created for
 the purpose of procreation. He believes civilization will end altogether if he allows homosexuals to marry.

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 Subject: Tim McGraw's Bullshit Hero


 So Tim McGraw wants Bill Clinton to be king?
 Just like a freaking socialist bastard to want to dump democracy and install a king instead.

 I don't need a horses ass king. I like to vote for my representatives.
 Only you Democrat bastards want a dictatorship with a single ruler.
 You love dictatorships. That's because you are pricks.

 I'll bet Alec Baldwin would like a king named Clinton.
 And Susan Sarandon, Whoopi Goldberg, Tim Robbins and Tom Cruise, too.

 Bill Foster

 Bill, you have it backwards.
 We didn't kill democracy, Bush, Harris, Baker and Scalia did that.

 You say you like voting?  Democrats do too.
 We wish the votes had been counted back in 2000,
 but your Monkey's daddy's friends insisted they pick our president, instead.

 You have to realize that our side won the last three popular votes
 and your side can't win unless you cheat - that's a fact.

 The mother of all coverups

  Click  Here

 According to the historians, Walton told Bolshakov that Bobby and Jacqueline Kennedy believed
 "there was a large political conspiracy behind Oswald's rifle" and "that Dallas was the ideal location
 for such a crime." The Kennedys also sought to reassure the Soviets that despite Oswald's apparent
 connections to the communist world, they believed President Kennedy had been killed by American
 enemies. This is a stunning account -- with the fallen president's brother and widow communicating
 their chilling suspicions to the preeminent world rival of the U.S. -- and it has not received nearly the
 public attention it deserves."

 Four decades later, the Warren Report is widely regarded as a whitewash, with polls consistently
 showing that a majority of Americans reject the official version of Kennedy's death.

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