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  In Today's Tequila Treehouse...
Far graver than Vietnam
Reason to change presidents
A sitting duck for Cheney
D-r-i-v-e   b-y   N-e-w-
Eye on the big picture
This Is Bush's Vietnam
A Misbegotten Diversion
Return of Cruella Harris
Gun talk and Monkey Mail


Quote of the Day

"Kerry has to learn to speak American better.
  Now he speaks English." 
      --Graydon Carter,  Attribution

"I believe you deserve a president who 
   isn't going to gild that truth or gild our 
   national security with politics..."
   -- Kerry in Las Vegas

 Senator, voters don't know what "gild" means.
 Aren't you trying to reach people? Can't you get
 someone who speaks America to help you?


Support PO Box 54466 , Tulsa, OK 74155PayPal to

Volume 1403 -  Kerry in a Landslide 

Could your web page use some extra hits?

 Friday    September 17, 2004                                                                                                                Mike Malloy on AAR weeknights


"Dick Cheney's old company, Halliburton, has profited from the mess in Iraq at
  the expense of American troops and taxpayers.  While Halliburton has been
  engaging in massive overcharging and wasteful practices under this no-bid contract,
  Dick Cheney has continued to receive compensation from his former company."
    -- John kerry, who sounds like he got the memo   Attribution

 Far graver than Vietnam
  Military: Iraq has turned into an unprecedented disaster

  Click  Here

'Bring them on!" President Bush challenged the early Iraqi insurgency in July of last year. Since then,
 812 American soldiers have been killed and 6,290 wounded, according to the Pentagon. Almost every day,
 in campaign speeches, Bush speaks with bravado about how he is "winning" in Iraq. "Our strategy is succeeding,"
 he boasted to the National Guard convention on Tuesday.

 But, according to the US military's leading strategists and prominent retired generals, Bush's war is already lost.
 Retired general William Odom, former head of the National Security Agency, told me: "Bush hasn't found the WMD.
 Al-Qaida, it's worse, he's lost on that front. That he's going to achieve a democracy there? That goal is lost, too. It's lost."
 He adds: "Right now, the course we're on, we're achieving Bin Laden's ends."

 Republicans chant: "Oh, I love the job Bush is doing with the war on terra..."


 Reason enough to change presidents

  Click  Here

 Last weekend's observances of the 9/11 anniversary took place in a country that has long since
 lost the sense of unity and common purpose that prevailed in the aftermath of the attacks.
 The words and ceremonies seemed related to events in the distant past rather than three years ago.
 It is time for plain talk...

 My vote Nov. 2 will be cast for Kerry -- not because of anything he has said or done in 2004 but
 because over 30-plus years I have known him to be a serious, thoughtful and responsible person.
 I will not vote for Bush -- not because he is the liar or knave alleged by Michael Moore, The New York
 Times' Paul Krugman and other Bush-haters but because, as other presidents before him, he has taken
 bad advice and chosen wrong policies. That is reason enough for change."

 Or, 1,025 senseless deaths in Iraq is another reason.


 Subject: Do you have the courage?


 I'd love to listen in on a debate been you and Kerry's quotes.
 Please let me know when and where, I wouldn't miss it for the world.

 Is that a back pedaling motor boat I hear starting up?
 But, but, but, but, but, but, but, but, but.
 Mike Farrell

 Mike, Kerry says some goofy stuff, that's for sure.
 How about this:

 I'll debate any five people you can find on the entire internet.
 I've had a standing offer for years, but nobody on the right has the courage to debate.

 I keep hearing how "All the GOP blogs are challenging Dan Rather."
 Who are they?
 Where are they?
 What are their web addresses?

 Truth is, there's nobody on the entire www who can win a polite debate with me
 because I have the truth on my side and you guys run from the truth like cockroaches from Raid.

 That's why Rush has to screen calls,
 That's why Bush won't take questions,
 That's why they hired hapless Alan Colmes the whore to lose to Hannity every night,
 That's why O'Reilly can only win by screaming, "Shut up! Shut up!"
 That's why nobody will have Randi Rhodes on their show.

 You can't find anybody on the web who will debate me - why is that?

 I've been here since 1996, waiting for someone to shut me up.
 You know anybody who can think and type fast?

 Find me somebody with a web page.
 That way, when they fail to show up or (politely) get stomped rhetorically,
 we get to laugh at them and shame them into saying, "Bart was right."



"Bush's decision to respond to the 9/11 attacks by attacking Saddam is universally
  regarded as "a catastrophe". In two years of reporting, "I have sat through
  arguments among soldiers and scholars about whether the invasion of Iraq should
  be considered the worst strategic error in American history -- or only the worst since
  Vietnam ... About the conduct and effect of the war in Iraq one view prevails: it has
  increased the threats America faces, and has reduced the military, financial, and
  diplomatic tools with which we can respond."
    --James Fallows, in The Atlantic Monthly,   Attribution

 Kerry a sitting duck for Cheney
  Nobody ever brought politics as low as the BFEE

  Click  Here

 When a normally tactful former secretary of state chides a sitting vice president for irresponsibly politicizing
 national security issues, you know the veep has shredded the already low basic standards of campaign decency.
 Madeleine Albright declared in a television interview Sunday that she'd never seen national security "as politicized
 as this has been since Joe McCarthy" in the red-baiting 1950s. She was talking about Dick Cheney's jibe that if
 Sen. John Kerry is elected "the danger is that we'll get hit again and we'll be hit in a way that will be devastating
 from the standpoint of the United States." The message for voters was as unthinkable as it was unmistakable:
 Vote Republican or die.


The "Darn good liar" t-shirt

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Tell the world the truth.


"I see no exit. We've been down that road before. It's called Vietnamisation.
  The idea that we're going to have an Iraqi force trained to defeat an enemy
  we can't defeat stretches the imagination. They will be tainted by their very
  association with the foreign occupier...I see no ray of light on the horizon at all.
  The worst case has become true."
     --Jeffrey Record, professor of strategy at the Air War College,  Attribution

"Those pointy-headed elitists - what do they know?"


 Keep an eye on the big picture
    by Gene Lyons     September 15, 2004

  Click  Here

 As USA Today points out, "Neither the White House nor former officers in the Texas National Guard
 have challenged the central assertions in the documents: that Bushs performance as a pilot was under
 scrutiny by commanders beginning in 1972 and that Killian, his supervisor, was unhappy with him."
 It found another purported Killian memo challenging Bushs flight certification. At the same time,
 The AP has learned, Bush was downgraded from piloting F-104 fighters to flying second seat on
 T-33 trainers. Next, he was grounded altogether. CBS News appears determined to find out why.



"I think the president ordered the attack on Fallujah. I asked a three-star marine general
  who gave the order to go to Fallujah and he wouldn't tell me. I came to the conclusion that
  the order came directly from the White House. Then, just as suddenly, the order was rescinded,
  and Islamist radicals gained control, using the city as a base."
      --Retired general Joseph Hoare, former head of US Central Command,   Attribution

 Subject: Naked Laura Schlessinger pictures

 Good Morning!

 I am writing concerning your page on Dr. Laura's youthful "indiscretions"

 I run a archival server on the Hotline network, and would it be possible to get copies
 of the un-retouched/un-cropped photos of Dr. Laura?

 I have looked at other resources on the web, and your site,, seems to have
 the most complete set ( I noticed you mentioned initially "rescuing" the files from Internet oblivion

 The server I host shares the odds and ends of the Internet - and little-known bits of information,
 from here and there. In the past, I have archived and distributed mostly old and moldy textfiles,
 but lately have been considering expanding the server to include pop culture, and so far my search
 has lead me to your site.

 Thank you for your time,
 John Two

 John, you're certainly welcome to copy any pictures you see, and yes, I have the un-cropped pictures
 (some call them the 'Grand Canyon' pictures) where Laura's knees are a good 20 inches apart, but that's
 certainly vulgar enough to get me busted.  Trust me, Larry Flynt doesn't run anything this vulgar in Hustler.


 In America, when a moralistic harpy bitch gets caught straddling a camera lens, this illegal government
 on never-elected whores is likely to hold me responsible instead of the vulgar, vagina-on-display lady woman.

 That's how it works in America.
 When David Brock wrote in the America Spectator magazine that Trooper Ferguson said Paula Jones
 wanted to be Clinton's regular Tuesday humstress, Jones didn't sue David Brock, she didn't sue
 Trooper Ferguson and she didn't sue the American Spectator magazine.

 Instead, Jones sued Clinton, who never said a word, and the whore Supreme Court green-lit the witchhunt
 every step of the way until the rapid dog ditto-monkey congress screamed, "The flag is falling!"

 In America, they punish the innocent and let the guilty go free.
 Until that changes, I'd better not reveal what Laura wanted people to see.

 Subject: BCR Show 54

 Hey, Knowledge is power, I know that, but the more
 informed I am--it's scaring the living shit out of me.

 Got to tell myself we CAN win, we HAVE to win.
 You kicked ass in part 3 of show 54.
 Keep Hammerin'

 Jackie M.

 Judge Dismisses Charges Vs. Bush Protester
  A judge should tell the Nazis to stop arresting people for existing

  Click  Here

 Bush Leads in One Poll, Tied in Another
  Please God, haven't we suffered enough?

  Click  Here

 Tropical Storm Karl Strengthening
  Not fazed by God's anger, Jeb to steal this election, too

  Click  Here

 US strikes Fallujah: at least 44 dead
  Medical sources saying that many were women and children

  Click  Here

 Subject: anti-Bush commercial

 I have been thinking a good Kerry Commercial would be to show a brief montage of Kerry
 getting decorated and serving in Vietnam with printed facts.  3 Purple Hearts, Silver Star a true Hero...

 Fade to black
 printed words  "Where was Dubya?"

 See the back of some drunken guy flopping face down into a front lawn... try to get up and start puking in the grass
 Fade to black

 Montage of Kerry testifying before Congress and protesting the war with printed words
 of "Returning Hero continues to fight for his country"
 Fade to Black

"Where was Dubya?"
 Fade in to see guy still puking in the grass then collapsing face down in bile
 You see a porch light flick on and you hear off camera a woman's voice
"Honey that Bush kid is getting sick in our front lawn again!"
 Fade to black and printed words

"Paid for by people who respect our Military"
 Man reply "What?  Again?  I thought he was supposed to be in the Guard!"

 But it wouldn't be polite to point out that while Kerry was fighting America's war
 Bush was a coked-up, AWOL and drunk on his never-worked-a-day-in-his-life ass..


Jon Stewart,
Kitty Kelley,
Fahrenheit 9-11,
Chain of Command
Hunting of the President,

Order your copies from the BartCop Bookstone

 This Is Bush's Vietnam
  by Bob Herbert

  Click  Here

 Since we learned nothing from Vietnam, we are doomed to repeat its agony, this time in horrifying slow-motion in Iraq.

 Three more marines were killed yesterday in Iraq. Kidnappings are commonplace. The insurgency is growing and
 becoming more sophisticated, which means more deadly. Ordinary Iraqis are becoming ever more enraged at the U.S.

 When David Brinkley, appalled by the carnage in Vietnam, asked Lyndon Johnson why he didn't just bring the troops home,
 Johnson replied, "I'm not going to be the first American president to lose a war."

 George W. Bush is now trapped as tightly in Iraq as Johnson was in Vietnam. The war is going badly. The president's own
 intelligence estimates are pessimistic. There is no plan to actually win the war in Iraq, and no willingness to concede defeat.
 I wonder who the last man or woman will be to die for this colossal mistake.

 They say once troops are in the field, we have to support the man who sent them there.
 But doesn't that just give him the incentive to pout more troops in more places?
 Knwoign we'll dutifull all get in line behind the president.

 We can get out early, with maybe 1200 deaths,
 or we can get out late, with maybe 5,000 deaths.

 For what purpose will those extra 3800 dead soldiers die?
 So Bush can brag, "I toughed it out?"


 Subject: Kerry wins


 Can you imagine the global "party" that will come about if Bush loses in November?

 The French might use the Effiel Tower as bonfire material, the Italians might finish off
 the Leaning Tower of Pisa, and Queen Elizabeth might run naked of the roof of Buckingham
 Palace (that by itself would be motivation enough to vote for Kerry).


 I agree - a worldwide celebration would break out, but then Bush would
 call out tanks in the streets and order the army to stay in power.
 Would the military follow orders or be patriotic Americans?


 A Misbegotten Diversion; A Monumental Tragedy
   by Joe Conason

  Click  Here

 The President has never explained why he allowed Mr. bin Laden to escape from Afghanistan.
 There may be no self-flattering explanation. For despite his characteristic bravadoand indeed,
 despite a quite inspiring speech to a joint session of Congress the week after the 9/11 attacks
 Mr. Bush flinched from decisive action when he had the opportunity to destroy the leadership of Al Qaeda.

 For whatever reason, as Richard Clarke noted in Against All Enemies, the Bush administrations
 assault on our enemies in Afghanistan was "slow and small." After giving the Taliban a "final chance"
 to turn over Mr. bin Laden, Mr. Bush eventually dispatched an inadequate force of U.S. troops that
 numbered fewer than one full Army division.


 Subject: Kerry's lackluster campaign

 I so agree with you, and it is frightening.

 On a blog I go to, someone posted that in a practice session Kerry had for giving a speech
 to National Guard soldiers, Kerry came across incredibly strong.  But when it came time to
 give the speech real time, he had lost the fight in his voice, and was as tame as a lamb.

 Serenity Now!
 Annie M!

 They say Gore was the same way.
 He'd be all loose and normal, then the camera would come on and he'd get all stiff.

 Yesterday's poll showing them tied made me feel a lot better.

 Telling Quotes

"The defense lawyers crucified me."
  --the young woman who accused Tom Coburn, (R-Jesus Twin) of sterilizing her
     without consent and filing a fraudulent Medicaid claim for the procedure, on why
     she didn't refile the lawsuit against him,   Attribution

"She said she didn't refile the lawsuit because she had undergone
  three days in the witness chair, where she was called a 'slut' and
  other names, and didn't want to go through that again."
    --Tulsa World, on why the young woman dropped her lawsuit,   Attribution

 Subject: Nobody needs an M-16? (Continued)

  Click  Here



Marty's Entertainment Page


"I'm scared of  Bush. We need a peaceful president,
  not someone who is entertained by war."
    -- Actor Ice-T, (Law & Order SUV) on the Giggling Murderer   Attribution

 Subject: cannot allow lemmings to destroy CBS

 It's a damn shame that we all sit by and allow the right wing fanatics to trash the one mainstream
 media outlet that has been willing to tell America the truth!  CBS has been first and foremost in
 exposing the Bush lies, so now the Bushies along with the other networks and cable news are doing
 everything they can to discredit CBS.  It's called kill two birds with a stone---get rid of the truth and
 competition at the same time.  While cable news has become tabloid infotainment, CBS has remained
 the network of Murrow and Cronkite.  We cannot allow the rest of the Bush lemmings to destroy the
 one network left that reports the truth!


 I heard someone say CBS has been as slow to fix this problem as Kerry was with the Swift boat liars.
 If Rather can't defend himself, if he failed to check his work before they broadcast, then he should resign.
 This feeds into the lie that the "liberal media" exists to promote the left - way to go, Dan.

 The BFEE is guilty of dozens of major global crimes, we don't have to invent any.


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"Fox News announced they have phony documents also, but then
  they realized 'oh its just our regular script.'"
     --Jay Leno, attacking the guilty for a change

 The Return of Katherine Harris
  The Queen of Fraudulent Elections Returns

  Click  Here

 Every state has an obligation to run elections that are not only fair, but also appear fair to the average voter.
 After the debacle of 2000, Florida's officials should understand this better than anyone. But its top elections
 officer, Glenda Hood, is acting in ways that create a strong impression that she is manipulating the rules to
 help re-elect her boss's brother. After her maneuvers this week to try to put Ralph Nader on the ballot,
 she cannot be trusted to run an impartial election.

 In Florida's 2000 election mess, Katherine Harris served simultaneously as Florida's secretary of state and
 as co-chairwoman of the state's Bush-Cheney campaign committee. In her official capacity, she repeatedly
 took actions that favored the campaign. This year has turned out to be more of the same. When Gov. Bush
 appointed Ms. Hood as secretary of state, he chose someone with a history of partisanship, as a Republican
 officeholder and as a Bush-Cheney elector in 2000. Now Ms. Hood's politics appear to be influencing her election duties."

 It's a good thing the NY Whore Times has taken up this cause because the Democrats
 don't seem to mind if Jeb Bush illegally steals another Florida election from the people.

Bush's American soldier body count in Iraq

 998, 1020, 1025, 1029  dead American soldiers.

Damn, 4 more since yesterday?

"Our strategy is succeeding."
--Dubya, lying to the National Guard Tuesday, Attribution

 From: Going back to church comment

 That was hilarious!  I'm always plea bargaining with God.
 Unfortunately, when I begged him to let Wesley Clark win
 the Democratic nomination, he had his hearing aid turned off.

 Roman  JR

 Subject: here's some feedback


 I tell ya what.  I listened to my first BCR show, which was 50-1.
 I did this yesterday.  I was in a state of bliss.
 In fact, my girlfriend orgasmed whilest listening to the show.
 Wow, this is brilliant stuff.

 Here's a question for ya.  I'm a Christian.  As in I believe that this guy named
 Jesus Christ was the son of this thing that created everything (but was lazy and created
 evolution as to save lots of time in creating things...) and blah blah you know the rest.

 It seems like you don't take kindly to Christains, which is cool, I don't really, myself.

 Is this all Christains you detest or just the ones who don't think for themselves and are
 right wing republican whores?  I'm Christain, but I believe in evolution, gay rights, the right
 to choose (fuck, even Jesus believed in separation between church and state...
 Give unto Caesar that which is Caesar's and all.)

 Just wondering, doesn't change my opinion of you, to each his own,
 but I'd like to get that clarified.

 Ben Ben

 Ben, I like Christians, people who practice what Jesus said, instead of preaching it.
 I grew up Catholic, but mentally escaped at the age of 6 or 7.

 Truth is, most religions are about the money and power and the acquiring of more of each.
 Longtime readers know one thing I really like is a spontaneous utterance thanking God.

 When Deion would intercept a pass and run it back for a touchdown, he'd point to the sky.
 That's cool, because it's his moment and he's not trying to force anything on me and he's not
 trying to use the government to force anything on me. I also like when a performer wins an
 award and thanks God for the talent - that rings sincere to me.

 That surfer girl who lost an arm to a shark?
 She credits God for giving her the courage to surf again - that gives me chills.

 Check out this outtake from BCR Show 51

 Bottom line, I hate religious charlatans.
 They prey on the sick and the old and the scared.

 The plumber who screws his customer and gets away with it because he has a damn fish on his truck.
 The priest who's more worried about Kerry's position on abortion than the priest's serial rape crisis.
 Sincere religious people have no enemy in BartCop, but the money-grubbing bastards do.

 VCR Alert


 Screw Survivor, here's a worthy VCR Alert.

 Hey, keeping Mrs. Bart happy is my job.
 When she's happy, the birds sing and the Chinaco tastes better.

 In addition to playing Al Franken's show everyday on the Sundance Channel they're also playing UNCOVERED,
 the Robert Greenwald documentary. Everyone, and I mean everyone, should see this.

   directed by Robert Greenwald    56 MINS, Color

 Filmmaker Robert Greenwald, creator of the 2000 election expose Unprecedented, considers the Bush administration's
 case for the Iraq War and finds among the alarmist rhetoric little supporting evidence to back it up. Revealing news clips
 and interviews with intelligence veterans - including Scott Ritter, Clare Short and Joseph Wilson - make the case that the
 Bush administration misled the world with dubious statements, empty innuendoes and unchallenged untruths.
 "A devastating analysis" - Senator Edward Kennedy. TVPG (AC) Stereo

 Friday  09.24.2004   2:30 PM

 Friday  09.24.2004  10:00 PM

 Sunday 09.26.2004  7:00 PM

 Is Bin Laden a Marilyn Manson Fan?
   by the BartCop Feminist

  Click  Here

 We must continue to ask ourselves, are we going after the wrong man in our fight to bring down terrorism?
 Is Osama bin Laden, like many others, taking the fall for the terror Marilyn Manson is reigning upon this country?
 Dubya would most certainly say Yes as he quickly took his sights off of Osama and went after Saddam.

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 From: The Spider Monkey

 Subject: The "compassion" of  you "moderates"

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 Some time ago, your Supreme God, BartCop...

 ha ha

 You use your tongue prettier than a twenty dollar whore.

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four cents.

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