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In Today's Tequila Treehouse...
Bush's 'Death Squads' 
A mean and unholy ditch 
The Non-Election of 2004
Protester Arrested, Fights 
No Kid Rock at Bush bash
Tsunami conspiracy? 
Murder in Our Name 
Sambo Social Se-Scarity 
Is Pot Legal in Canada? 


 Quote of the Day

"Count your change when dealing with Bushies."
   --Molly Ivins, "Leading by misleading"

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"John Kerry and Teresa were at Arnold and Maria's Christmas do in Sun Valley.
  Kerry was seen in intense conversation with Dennis Miller."
   --Leah Garchik,       Attribution

 Kerry is as politically tone deaf now as he was during 2004.
 Too bad we couldn't convince Kerry to get into "intense conversation" with Bush when it counted.


 Bush's 'Death Squads'
   by Robert Parry  at

  Click  Here

 Bush has pressed ahead with this hard-line strategy, in part by removing dissidents inside his
 administration while retaining or promoting his protégés. Bush also has started prepping his
 younger brother Jeb as a possible successor in 2008, which could help extend George W.'s
 war policies while keeping any damaging secrets under the Bush family's control.

 As a centerpiece of this tougher strategy to pacify Iraq, Bush is contemplating the adoption of
 the brutal practices that were used to suppress leftist peasant uprisings in Central America in
 the 1980s.   The Pentagon is "intensively debating" a new policy for Iraq called the "Salvador option,"
 Newsweek magazine reported on Jan. 9.

 The strategy is named after the Reagan-Bush administration's "still-secret strategy" of supporting
 El Salvador's right-wing security forces, which operated clandestine "death squads..."

 You really should take the time to read this whole story.
 They're not happy with just an eight-year crime spree - they want more.

 Note: is the most important site on the Internet.



 A mean and unholy ditch

  Click  Here

 Ugly as this hateful half or more of Americans are, it's not entirely their fault. Their beliefs are at least
 partly the result of a sophisticated propaganda system perfected over decades by a consolidated
 corporate state media. Saturation has never been stronger. As we speak some 72% of Americans
 still believe there were WMD's in Iraq, and 75% believe that Saddam was supporting ben Laden.
 They did not each and independently arrive at such stupid conclusions on their own (if such mindless
 acceptance can even be called conclusions.) Indoctrinated by state propaganda, they then acted and
 continue to act accordingly---which is to say grotesquely in the eyes of the world.

 I do not have to tell informed readers that the rest of the world has long been repulsed by this sort of
 American grotesquery, this darkly provincial, arrogant American spectacle. But some of the world still
 has difficulty admitting to what it observes: that Americans, have become belligerent, mean, and
 downright dangerous to world security and stability.


 Subject: Paul Wellstone memory

 I am heartened that someone is remembering this man who stood for truth and honor.
 Why is that so hard to find now?

 I honestly knew nothing about Wellstone before this happened, but when it did and the way it did,
 sent shivers down my spine.  This was no accident, it will never be known since the cowards who
 have done ALL of this have no conscience, no honor.  They are also the ones who have tried to kill
 all our dream and hopes. In his Wellstones memory, in MLK's memory, please lets find a way to pick
 ourselves up, dust off, face ourselves and the lies that keep being shoved down our throats..

 Lets pray for the courage of those who KNOW, who know the facts to bring these truths to light,
 who are afraid for their lives, but realize the world is worth nothing if those who lie/cheat/steal are victorious.
 In MLK's memory please meditate on this beautiful message :
"I believe that unarmed truth and unconditional Love will have the final word in reality.
 This is why right, temporarily defeated, is stronger than evil triumphant."

 God Forgive America,


 The Non-Election of 2004
  The campaigns were run by the PR industry

  Click  Here

 As usual, the electoral campaigns were run by the PR industry, which in its regular vocation sells toothpaste,
 life-style drugs, automobiles, and other commodities. Its guiding principle is deceit. Its task is to undermine
 the "free markets" we are taught to revere: mythical entities in which informed consumers make rational choices.
 In such scarcely imaginable systems, businesses would provide information about their products: cheap, easy, simple.
 But it is hardly a secret that they do nothing of the sort. Rather, they seek to delude consumers to choose their product
 over some virtually identical one. GM does not simply make public the characteristics of next year's models. Rather, it
 devotes huge sums to creating images to deceive consumers, featuring sports stars, sexy models, cars climbing sheer
 cliffs to a heavenly future, and so on.  The business world does not spend hundreds of billions of dollars a year to
 provide information. The famed "entrepreneurial initiative" and "free trade" are about as realistic as informed
 consumer choice. The last thing those who dominate the society want is the fanciful market of doctrine and
 economic theory. All of this should be too familiar to merit much discussion.


 Subject: BCR feedback

 Thanks for the stickers and radio CDs!

 They came in handy on my new years day 10 hour drive from Reno NV to San Jose CA.
 ( I was caught in one of those legendary Sierra blizzards, the drive normally takes 4 hours.)


 Probably the most often heard radio comment after,  "Dude, give it up!"
 is "Those CDs are great to listen to on the road."

 Do you spend time alone on the road?
 Rumor has it, Bart is fun to travel with.

 Click  Here  to get the last three BartCop Radio Shows on hi-fi stereo for just $24.


"You've probably been at a mall or airport and seen
  children on tethers.  They're not being abused."
   - Guy Womack, attorney for Abu Ghraib torturer Charles Graner, giving you
      his Nancy Grace guarantee that those kids aren't going home to more "tethers"
      defending the practice of putting naked Iraqi prisoners on leashes to pose for pictures    Attribution


 Kid Rock fired from Bush bash


  Click  Here

"He's not performing," a spokesman for the Presidential Inauguration Committee confirmed for WND.
 Committee spokeswoman Jill Willis would not comment on the decision not to have Kid Rock perform.

 So, why was Kid Rock bumped?
"I don't have a comment," Willis told Whore Net Daily.

 Gee, could it have been his vulgar lyrics?

 Pimp of the Nation, I could be it
 As a matter of a fact, I foresee it
 But only pimpin' hoes with the big tush
 While you be left pimpin' Barbara Bush



 If you enjoy
 if you want to make the pie higher
 if you want to make the hammer hit harder,
 but can't commit to a monthly subscription...

  Click  Here  to send a tip via PayPal.
 PO Box 54466
 Tulsa, OK  74155

 Subject: Gratuity attached

 Although I don't have money falling out of my ass, I am sending you this $20 donation to support your continued work.
 I have reviewed your archives and have found your work insightful, intelligent, truthful, and rare.

 I am writing this from "the Alabama of Pennsylvania," where there are no Democrats, only DINO and Republicans.
 Unfortunately, we have US Sen. Rick ("that's Latin for 'asshole'") Santorum (google "santorum" to see what Dan Savage
 has to say about him...) and US Sen. Arlen Specter, who used to be a decent man until he was accidentally lobotomized
 when he had a brain tumor removed in Philadelphia a few years ago.

 Since there are no Democrats anymore we are only RINOs, those few of us who still believe, like Goldwater,
 that gov't should stay the hell out of our bedrooms and our boardrooms.    So here's a donation from one war-weary
 Republican who wasn't invited to the Coronation next Thursday.  Since there are so few left who will "speak Truth to Power,"
 the task falls to you.  Koresh grant you peace and prosperity, and keep hammering.

 Marc in PA

 Marc, thanks.
 I hope you enjoy your 60 days of membership.


 Tsunami conspiracy?

 I just thought I'd ask a question that I haven't heard discussed.
 The United States has a military base at Diego Garcia in the Indian Ocean.
 They use it mostly for refueling stops because it's in the middle of nowhere.
 Check it's location at the bottom-center of this map.



 Diego Garcia was 1000 miles closer to the epicenter of the tsunami than Somalia,
 yet hundreds were killed in Somalia and our government says Diego Garcia sustained no damage..

 How is that possible?


 Subject: your last VCR alert


 I'm sorry to say, but there is some hypocrisy going on here.
 In one issue you have banner graphics about Faux News and the FOX Watching The Whitehouse,
 and the next issue you are suggesting we watch crap on FOX.

 The only voice we have is to withhold our cash from the coffers of the corrupt.
 This means, at the VERY least, NO FOX television, NO Home Depot,
 NO Wal-Mart and all the others that contributed greatly to the monkey and the fascists.


 S, I understand what you're saying but...

 You're talking about no NFC football games, no Pizza Hut, no Taco Bell, no Pepsi
 no Bank of America, No AT&T, no NBC, no CBS, no ABC, no 20th Century Fox movies,
 no Direct TV, no Viagra, no FedEx, no AOL, no CNN, no Kraft Foods, no Miami Dolphins,
 no Hallmark cards, no Blue Cross, Blue Shield, no HMOs, no Microsoft, no casinoes*

 Is it possible to avoid doing business with Republicans?



 My husband has a long record of money problems. He runs up huge credit card bills.
 At the end of the month, if I try to pay them off, he shouts at me, saying I am stealing his money.
 He says pay the minimum, and let our kids worry about the rest, but already we can hardly keep up with the interest.

 Also he has been so arrogant and abusive toward our neighbors that most of them no longer speak to us.
 The few that do are an odd bunch, to whom he has been giving a lot of expensive gifts, running up our bills even more.

 Also, he has gotten religious in a big way, although I don't quite understand it.
 One week he hangs out with Catholics and the next with people who say the Pope is the Anti-Christ.
 And now he has been going to the gym an awful lot and is into wearing uniforms and cowboy outfits,
 and I hate to think what that means.

 Finally, the last straw. He's demanding that before anyone can be in the same room with him,
 they must sign a loyalty oath. It's just so horribly creepy!

 Can you help?
 Signed, Lost in DC


 Stop whining, Laura.
 You can divorce the jerk any time you want.
 The rest of us are stuck with that asshole for four more years!



"If Bush takes the oath of office with his hand on a Bible
  and is not struck by lightning, that's proof there is no God."
      --Maha,       Attribution

 Subject: his inauguration


 Don't you think that it is entirely inappropriate for Bush to be having
 a $40m gala inauguration celebration during a time of war?

 Is that any way to support our troops?
 Why can't that money be spent on a little body armor?
 Mel in MO

 Mel, it's all about Godly Bush's greatness.
 He's a war hero, you know.


 Death Squads Invite Murder in Our Name
    by Joe Conason

  Click  Here

 ...Pentagon planners are reportedly mulling a "Salvadoran option" - the
 bureaucratic euphemism for death squads - to put down the rebellion in Iraq.

 Evidently this scheme is the latest brainstorm of the "liberators" intent on bringing
 democracy, freedom and the rule of law to the oppressed peoples of the Middle East.
 The brilliant idea of assassinating recalcitrant Iraqis seems to have originated among
 the same Pentagon bureaucrats who crusaded for the Iraq invasion and promoted
 abusive interrogation techniques in the war against terrorism.

 ...since nearly two years of incompetent occupation rule
 has failed to win the hearts and minds of most Iraqis,
 the next step is apparently to persuade them by inflicting pain.


We've got the right books by the right authors.

 Sambo Williams Social Se-Scarity
     as seen on

  Just call me 'Tom!"

  Click  Here

 The president took a few moments from his busy schedule signing Clear Channel
 and Sinclair checks to tout the "Social Se-Scarity Armstrong Williams" Clock,
 to be awarded to party loyalists whose willingness to


 Subject: the senate foursome in tutus

 Replacing Gephardt with Biden was a good move.
 Biden thinks that he's presidential material?

 He would be another shoe-in for the repugs.

 Biden would be a guaranteed disaster.
 He's Kerry without the medals and he loves Bush.

"...Biden is our boy! Jeb can whip him!"


 How Rules Change
    by Gene Lyons

  Click  Here

 That's also true of the infamous Swift Boat Veterans for Truth. Careful reporting by The Washington Post,
 Los Angeles Times, The New York Times and Chicago Tribune documented that their attacks on Sen. John
 Kerry's Vietnam record were provably false in every important respect. Yet they kept showing up on TV.
 Embarrass somebody named Bush, however, and the rules suddenly become very stringent.
 A former Republican attorney general is hired to conduct an investigation.

 That was Clinton; this is Bush Last week, columnist and TV pundit Armstrong Williams got caught violating
 the most basic rule of all: He took $240,000 from the White House for touting its education reforms. There
 was a signed contract; he fulfilled it. Even Pravda did things more subtly. According to David Corn in The Nation,
 Armstrong told him that everybody does it. If so, the coming months could prove very enlightening."



"You Know You're a Republican When...You fire someone for supporting the troops.
  From a North Jersey Record editorial: Rep.Chris Smith, R-N.J., lost his post as chairman
  of the House Committee on Veterans' Affairs this week for the worst possible reason:
  He spoke out loudly against cuts in veterans programs at a time when House GOP leaders
  - and President Bush - were touting the party's wartime support for the troops.
  Next time you see someone with a "support the troops" ribbon on their car,
  let them know what Republicans think of the troops."
       -- boldprint, Attribution


 Prince Harry apologizes after pictured in Nazi uniform


  Click  Here

 Harry, 20, wore the swastika and desert uniform of Rommel's hated
 German Afrika Korps to the party in West Littleton, Wilts.

 Last night he said: "I am very sorry if I have caused any offence.
 It was a poor choice of costume and I apologise."

"Why can't a boy play dress-up now and then?"

 Subject: Em Fuego story

 After Eager Beaver tried to grab Mrs. Bartcop's drink,
 did you still leave her a tip?  If so, why?

 Gary B

 I left something - $5 or so.
 She wasn't evil, she just made a mistake.


 Subject: rebuttal to pot psychosis article

 Offering something plus a reference.
 Marijuana lowers blood pressure in experienced users.

 J Clin Pharmacol. 2002 Nov;42(11 Suppl):58S-63S.

    Cardiovascular system effects of marijuana.

    Jones RT.

    Langley Porter Psychiatric Institute, Department of Psychiatry,
 University of California, San Francisco 94143-0984, USA.

    Marijuana and delta9-tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) increase heart rate, slightly increase supine blood
 pressure, and on occasion produce marked orthostatic hypotension. Cardiovascular effects in animals are
 different, with bradycardia and hypotension the most typical response. Cardiac output increases, and
 peripheral vascular resistance and maximum exercise performance decrease. ***********Tolerance to most of
 the initial cardiovascular effects appears rapidly. With repeated exposure, !!!!!!!!!supine blood pressure
 decreases slightly!!!!!!!!, orthostatic hypotension disappears, blood volume increases, heart rate slows,
 and circulatory responses to exercise and Valsalva maneuver are diminished, consistent with centrally
 mediated, reduced sympathetic, and enhanced parasympathetic activity. Receptor-mediated and probably
 nonneuronal sites of action account for cannabinoid effects. The endocannabinoid system appears important
 in the modulation of many vascular functions. Marijuana's cardiovascular effects are not associated
 with serious health problems for most young, healthy users, although occasional myocardial infarction,
 stroke, and other adverse cardiovascular events are reported. Marijuana smoking by people with cardiovascular
 disease poses health risks because of the consequences of the resulting  increased cardiac work, increased
 catecholamine levels, carboxyhemoglobin, and postural hypotension.

 Dr. Babs


 Dueling Quotes

"When I see Americans in Fallujah I feel as if I am seeing devils in front of me."
    -- a resident of Fallujah, where it was once believed American fighters had support   Attribution

"The citizens of Iraq are coming to know what kind of people we have sent to liberate them."
    -- Dubya, explaining why Fallujahns now want us dead.     Attribution


 Subject: Page, Clapton, Fr Mushroom

 St. Bartholomew,

 Page and Clapton are both terrific in their own right, but as for the
 greatest of all time, I must tell you that I have begun the beatification
 process for Brian May of Queen to be named "Patron Saint of the Ax."

 That is our opinion we here at Vatican City let it be written.

 Fr. Mushroom

 Brian May is an excellent guitar player.
 The first three Queen albums were excellent and very hard rock.

Click for More

 Beer Is Losing Ground in Alcohol Market

  Click  Here

 Wine and liquor continue to gain a bigger share of the alcoholic market, at the
 expense of beer.  It's been going on since the late 1990s and continued in 2004.
 Analysts who follow the beverage industry don't see it stopping anytime soon.

 I'll tell you what it is ...


 Wisc. Police Cite War Protester for Sign
   He thinks he lives in a country with free speech?

  Click  Here

 A man protesting the war in Iraq with a sign that blended Bush's name
 with a profanity was ticketed for using obscene language in public.

 The protester said Monday he would fight the citation, calling it a violation
 of his constitutional right to free speech.

 Mike Wallschlaeger, 41, of Mosinee, erected the sign near the Courthouse.
 An officer took it down and issued him a citation after receiving a complaint.
 Wallschlaeger said Monday he has used the sign with the message
"This war is Bushit'' during 18 months of protesting in Wausau.

 City dismisses obscenity citation

  Click  Here

 Wausau City Attorney Bill Nagle said Tuesday that he will dismiss an obscenity citation given
 to a war protester who carried a sign that said "This war is Bushit."

 First Amendment experts had said the city was violating the constitutional rights of the protester
 The U.S. Supreme Court ruled in a well-known 1971 case, Cohen v. California, that the
 government does not have the authority to make the simple public display of a four-letter
 expletive a criminal offense. In that case, a man was convicted of wearing a jacket that
 said "Fuck the Draft," but justices threw out his conviction.

 Why didn't Wausau City Attorney Bill Nagle have a clue what the law says?
 Why did they green light the arrest if they knew it wasn't a crime?
 To imtimidate others from doing things our Constitution says is legal?


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"Killing under the cloak of war is nothing but an act of murder."
   --Albert Einstein,   Attribution

 Get over it
  Guest editorial by Nuvee

  Click  Here

 When you the reader loses at a game, contest or election, do YOU grab the mic
 and claim the game was rigged? Why would you expect John Kerry to?  Had he done so,
 the Conyers report would have lost ALL credibility. It is far more effective to let someone
 stand up FOR you, on your behalf, rather than pleading your own case, particularly where
 the truth of the matter is obscured, and the allegations go to the integrity of the game.


Bush's U.S. soldier body count in Iraq

1341, 1342, 1352, 1357, dead heroes under Bush

White House: Iraq Weapons Search Is Over

Click  Here

The White House said Wednesday that its hunt for Iraqi WMDs
- a two-year search that cost 1357 soldiers -
has closed down without finding the stockpiles that Bush cited
as a justification for indaing Iraq's oil fields.
Bush's spokesman said the president had
"no regrets"about invading Iraq.

Bush got his $100M a day for 550 days.

What's to regret?


"In terms of rock-solid evidence that there was such,
  we didn't find it. We didn't find any actual bias."
     --Dick Thornburgh, pulling a Kenneth Starr, implying guilt about Bush going AWOL
       was everywhere at CBS News but he juuuuuuuuuuuuuuust couldn't put his finger on it  Atttribution

 Cain's Ballroom "Haunted & Mysterious Rt. 66"   Saturday,  Jan 15th, 8pm Central Time  Travel Channel - "Weird Travels"
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Call the

You have two minutes to record your message.

 Subject:  ...or was that Duane playing all the exciting parts?
 Have you heard the reincarnation of Duane?
 I listened to this kid a few years ago iN FLORIDA when he was about 16.
 I could not believe the excitment this kid could pull out of a guitar.

 His name: Derick Trucks, nephew of Butch of the Allman's.
 I'm kind of out of touch in the world right now but I understand
 that Derick has joined the current Allmans.
 Maybe to help hurry into retirement the coasting Greg?
 Tom the RV traveler.

 Is Cannabis Legal in Canada?
  BC Supreme Court Agrees To Rule On Pot Laws ...saw it on

  Click  Here

 The prohibitionists may not realize it yet, but this challenge is a mortal threat to
 cannabis prohibition. If the courts rule that the laws are invalid, the Canadian
 government would certainly try to rush through a new law, probably along the
 lines of the phony decrim bill currently tabled in the House, but it is extremely
 doubtful that it would pass in the Senate in its present form, and nothing would
 happen in the Senate for several months, at the soonest.



 Subject:  demoncrats ha ha

 Good thing the Demoncrats are moving away from their, ahem, "leaders"
 Kerry was a joke , always was.

 No, he had an unexplained collapse - we're trying to figure out what happened.

 He was great for logical minded conservatives who knew he was toast the minute
 he got the Demoncrat nomination. What a wuss, wouldn't even fight back when attacked.

 I wish I could say that was false, BUT, ...when his country needed volunteers for a REAL fight,
 Kerry said "Take me" while Monkey Bush got drunk and deserted his post - suck on that.

 But you've heard this all before from the libcomms who actually saw the truth for once.

 non sequitor...

 If enough liberals move away from the Demoncrats, the whole left wing will fragment,
 a great day for true Americans and patriots.

 You sound like a gambling man - am I reading you correctly?

 Maybe finally the USA will stand tall against the Stalinist libcomms who want to ruin it,
 and promote a democratic philosophy throughout the world based on real Christian principles.

 ha ha
 Like invading backwards countries and raping the helpless male captives?
 Like taking YOUR money and giving it to the Clintons, Marty Sheen and Barbara Streisand?
 (Marty - Babs, I only mention you guys because you're the top of the heap!)

 In the mean time it's hilarious to see the libcomms fight among themselves and wander over
 to the greens or whatever environmental puke group, that is the flavor of the day.

 HaHa   you demoncrats are fun to watch.

 Dude, does R.E. stand for "retard extraordinaire?"
 Did you ever see the movie Tora, Tora, Tora?
 It ends with the Japanese Naval Commander wondering
 if it might've been a mistake to wake the sleeping giant.

 You forget, the Democrats represent the majority.
 Until this last tainted election, we won the popular vote three times in a row.

 You don't have the voters on your side - you have ignorance and fear.
 If we can get some sunlight on the issues, like war and the economy, we'll win.
 If gay-bashing is your hot-button key to victory, we'll be back sooner than you think.



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