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F-9/11 Backup

In Today's Tequila Treehouse...
Gitmo Whites to be Freed
CBS Fires Four Re: Memo 
Defining Victory Down
G. Gordon Liddy vs Rush 
Guatemala's 'Death Squads'
Pot makes you psychotic? 
What if?  A quiz for Monkeys 
Ghosts of Politics Past 
The Scent of Fear


 Quote of the Day

"Could we even imagine a more moronic 
   media than the one we have?"  
   --Eric Alterman, on the media salivating at
      covering the Oil for Food 'scandal',
      which turned out to be hype,       Attribution

"Worship me!!!"
Support PO Box 54466 , Tulsa, OK 74155PayPal to

Volume 1476 - One was too many

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 Tues-Wednesday    Jan 11-12, 2005                                                                                                              Mike Malloy - 10 EST Weeknights on AAR


"First Bush and Gonzales came for the terrorists, but I was not a terrorist, so I did not speak out.
  Then they came for the enemy combatants, but I was not a combatant, so I did not object.
  Then they came for the protestors resisting "free speech zones" near Bush campaign rallies,
  but I was not a protestor and so I only voiced my unease. If we - and our elected representatives
  - do not speak out now, loudly and forcefully, it may not be long before they come for the rest of us."
    --Thom Hartmann, "First They Came For The Terrorists",        Attribution


 White people in Guantanamo Be Freed
   Lesser-value darkies to remain shackled and tortured

  Click  Here

 Four remaining Britons and an Australian being held at Guantanamo Bay will be released soon,
 amid reports the number of prisoners at the U.S. military base would be radically reduced.
 Foreign Secretary Jack Straw was making a statement on the four to parliament later Tuesday.

 One of two Australian terror suspects would also be returned home soon, the Australian
 government said Tuesday, adding he would not be charged.

 There was no immediate comment from U.S. authorities. The United States holds about
 550 non-U.S. citizens at Guantanamo. Only four have been charged. .

 I guess they've been tortured until they're sure they know nothing.
 Or, maybe they've been tortured to the point where they can't speak or think.


 CBS Fires Four Staffers for 'Memogate'

  Click  Here

 Four CBS News staffers were fired Monday following the release of an independent investigation
 that said a "myopic zeal" led to the airing of a true but discredited story about Bush's wartime desertion.

 The panel's 224-page report detailed dozens of missteps, including the reliance on TRUE documents
 that were allegedly forged to a circle-the-wagons mentality that compounded the damage.

 Dan Rather was faulted for "errors of credulity and overenthusiasm," but was not disciplined by
 CBS boss Leslie Moonves as a going away gesture for the once-respected newsman.

 CBS firings should go higher up, critics say

  Click  Here

 It was quiet along 60 Minutes row Monday as usually outspoken veterans such as Mike
 Wallace and others kept mum on a day when four CBS News colleagues lost their jobs.

"The people on the front lines got fired while the people most instrumental in getting the broadcast
 on escaped," Andy Rooney said.   "It's a sad day" is all Wallace would say of the fallout from the
 60 Minutes "Memogate" story that questioned Bush's service in the Texas Air National Guard.

 For giving Bush eternal immunity from the felonies of his past - they should all be fired out of
 the industry and black-listed everywhere.


 Subject: Uncle Tom

 Dear Bart:

 I agree with the usage of "Uncle Tom" in regards to "brothers" like Armstrong Williams.

 However, I must make a correction to those who would use it in the future.
 Specifically in the book "Uncle Tom's Cabin" by Harriet Beecher Stowe, Uncle Tom was
 the hero-he helped Liza and was killed by Sambo (the henchman of Simon Legree, the sadistic
 white master) by being whipped to death.

 So I wouldn't "honor" Williams by calling him an "Uncle Tom" rather, I'd call him "Sambo".
 Most Americans wouldn't know that because they don't know much about American literature;
 however it was a very controversial book in it's time (pre Civil War).

 Upon meeting Harriet Beecher Stowe, President Lincoln was reputed to have commented:
"So this is the little lady whose book started the war". Just thought you'd like to know.



 Defining Victory Down

  Click  Here

"I know it's hard, but it's hard for a reason," Mr. Bush said on Friday, a day after seven G.I.'s and two marines died.
"And the reason it's hard is because there are a handful of folks who fear freedom." If it's just a handful, how come it's so hard?

 Then the president added:
"And I look at the elections as a - as a - you know, as a - as - as a historical marker for our Iraq policy."

 Well, that's clear.
 Mr. Bush is huddled in his bubble, but he's in a pickle.
 The administration that had no plan for what to do with Iraq when it got it, now has no plan for getting out.

 The mood in Washington about our misadventure seemed to grow darker last week, maybe because lawmakers
 were back after visiting with their increasingly worried constituents and - even more alarming - visiting Iraq, where you
 still can't drive from the Baghdad airport to the Green Zone without fearing for your life.

"It's going to be ugly," Joe Biden told Charlie Rose about the election.

       "...but we'll remain silent - speaking up is impolite."


 Subject: G. Gordon Liddy

 I know he's an asshole, but when his radio show was on in up here in Seattle, I kind of liked him.

 He was *always* nice to his callers, and I admit that might've biased me, since he replaced
 Larry King, who was a total bastard to his callers.  Dr. Laura is a f-ing bitch, however.


 Larson, waaaaaay back in Volume 14, I did this:

 Top Ten Differences Between Rush and G. Gordon Liddy

 10. Liddy speaks 5 languages.  - Rush grunts when he sees food.

   9. Liddy is a pilot, an attorney and White House lawyer. -  Rush is a (written in my blue period)

   8. Liddy takes calls and faxes from Democrats. - Rush has a "sheep only" policy.

   7. Liddy never tried suicide-by-food.

   6. Liddy hasn't had 2 (Update - 3) wives reject him.

   5. Liddy has a black belt in martial arts.  - Rush slurs innocent people to death.

   4. Liddy didn't have a giant cyst on his ass that kept him from fighting in a war he felt was "very just."

   3. Liddy regularly has a liberal on, Lanny Davis. - Rush is afraid to debate.

   2. Liddy apologized to Secretary Donna Shalala for his "best & brightest" screwup.
      The Lying Whore said "That's her problem."

      And the number one, biggest difference between the Lying, Nazi Whore and Liddy is......

   1. The Lyin' King would NEVER get in a fair fight.



"This whole premise of objectivity I think is a straw dog."
     --Rush the vulgar Pigboy, explaining how Bush can be a "good and decent leader" after
        killing 100,000 innocents in Iraq, while Clinton is a "vile and evil man" for semi-having an affair,      Attribution


 Gordon in Keene,

 You have a box of BCR CDs in 128bps hi-fi-stereo coming your way.


 Subject: Democrats and the Washington Generals


 When I was a kid I went to see the Harlem Globetrotters play the hapless Washington Generals.
 You always knew that's who the Globetrotters would play. You always knew the Generals would take an
 ass-whooping while the Globetrotters made them look silly. You paid because it was harmless entertainment.

 The Democratic party is now worse than the Washington Generals. You know who their opponent is,
 you know they're going to lose, and you know they're going to look silly. The problem is - this isn't entertainment;
 it's the future of the country. All contributions to this petty excuse of a political party must cease, the end result being
 its demise or a serious reorganization.

 What's it going to take for these losers to fight the good fight instead of letting Meadowlark Rove make fools of them daily?
 For God's sake, Drive to the Basket!!!!

 Santa Cruz, CA

 I've always said Alam Colmes was the Generals to Hannity's Whoretrotters.
 Thing is, the Colmes disease is spreading throughout the Democratic Party.

 Like that Star Trek episode, This Side of Paradise, where Spock got high with Charles Bronson's wife,


 Colmes is leading us to snif the spores!
 The Dems are all willing to obey.


 History of Guatemala's 'Death Squads'
   by Robert Parry  at

  Click  Here

 The original Guatemalan death squads took shape in the mid-1960s under anti-terrorist training provided
 by a U.S. public safety adviser named John Longon, according to the documents. In January 1966, Longon
 reported to his superiors about both overt and covert components of his anti-terrorist strategies.

 On the covert side, Longon pressed for "a safe house [to] be immediately set up" for coordination of security
 intelligence. "A room was immediately prepared in the [Presidential] Palace for this purpose and
 Guatemalans were immediately designated to put this operation into effect," according to Longon's report.

 Longon's operation within the presidential compound became the starting point for the infamous "Archivos"
 intelligence unit that evolved into a clearinghouse for Guatemala's most notorious political assassinations.

 Note: is the most important site on the Internet.


 Subject: let's be real

 Hey Bart,
 I think the best e-mail to send to the DNC is something like this:

"I have $500 in my checking account and it's going to stay there
 until you start showing some backbone."

 Simple and to the point.

 Kevin, sounds good to me.
 If they want our money they should work for it.


This isn't Wal-Mart quality.
It wasn't made in Taiwan.


"Donald Trump is introducing a line of hair care products.
  That's like George Bush publishing a dictionary."
      --David Letterman


 Subject: Smoke dope, go psychotic

 Bart, using hemp byproducts is one thing.
 Smoking dope is quite another.

 Mike C

 Proof that smoking cannabis can make you psychotic

  Click  Here

  ha ha

 You gotta read this one.

"Got Constitution?"

We've got the right books by the right authors.

 Subject: Bart, we losing $2 billion a day to China - why?

  Red Ed

 Red Ed - it's a BFEE conspiracy. Check this from Vol 767 - Toddling Around

 W's Uncle Prescott founded an organization called
 United States of America-China Chamber of Commerce.
 It has nothing to do with our local chambers of commerce.
 He is the "chairman" and has a Chinese man as a front.

 It's difficult to find out exactly what Prescott might be up to besides looting the Chinese
 through the illusion of promoting trade. I did find on research that one program "bundles"
 applications of those who want to travel between China-U.S. and facilitates the applications
 through our State Department. (Does that sound like an easy way for Poppy's spooks to
 move back and forth?) Here's a photo of Poppy, Prescott, and their stooge:


 Prescott is also the financial adviser to some Chinese province.
 Bush tentacles in China flow everywhere.
 George's cousin Elsie Walker is an entrepreneur in China,
 and George's brother Neil has operated in land development there.
 And LORD KNOWS what Poppy's Carlyle Group is up to.

 Those curious about Bush-China should start googling.
 Our press corps sure isn't going to do the research.


 It reminds me of that unproven theory that 9-11 was a "Pearl Harbor" that would draw us into
 the "war on terrorism" to ultimately stop China from joining with the Taliban to nuke Israel.

 Of course, China's not going to move without Poppy's permission, right?

 Hell, for all we know, Poppy got the top job at the CIA for all the "good work" he did as
 Ambassador to China - which is another incredibly incestuous relationship that has brought
 billions into the Bush Family Evil Empire.

 The BFEE has plans for taxpayer money and China.
 Why do you think he begged like a prison bitch when China shot down our spy plane?

 ...and we're getting away with it!


 The Ghosts of Politics Past

  Click  Here

 I miss Paul Wellstone. It is not that the senator from Minnesota was liberal, although he was, or smart,
 although he was that, too. It was that when he said he was going to do something, he did it, and because
 he believed it was the right thing, not because he'd been bought and paid for by lobbyists and pressure groups.
 His last major legislative act was to vote against the resolution authorizing the war in Iraq. (Is that why he's dead?)

 He was the sole Democrat in the Senate facing a significant election challenge to do so, but he told a reporter,
"I'm not 38, I'm 58. And at this point in my life, I'm not making any decision that I don't believe in." A month later,
 Senator Wellstone was dead in the crash of a chartered campaign plane. I like to think that at least he passed over
 carrying a clear conscience. And while I don't believe in ghosts, I hope the memory of Paul Wellstone will haunt the
 Democrats as they go about the very public business of finding themselves in the wake of their November defeat."



"Don't cheerleaders all over America form pyramids six to eight times a year. Is that torture?" 
      -- Guy Womack, Sergeant Charles Graner's lawyer, arguing to the jury that
          piling naked prisoners in pyramids was a valid form of prisoner control,  Attribution

 Mr Womack, statistically, you've probably given someone oral sex before. Can we strip you, put a gun
 to your head and force you to perform oral sex on your client in front of every person in this courtroom?
 Why not?
 You've done it before...


 My apology


  Click  Here

 In 2003, I took money to lie to African Americans about the quality of education their children

 would receive as a result of Bush raising their taxes. I did this because I'm a whore and a whore
 can't get enough money. I used my column to help cover up the fact that No Child Left Behind
 is a handjob Bush put on every parent. He talks about education, be he refuses to fund it.

 The problem?  I am a whore and a whore cannot serve two pimps.

 People have used this conflict of interests to portray me as "another Clarence Thomas,"
 something that no black man should ever have to endure. But when I got a whif of that
 million dollars from my Massa George I couldn't resist - and for that I'm sorry I got caught.

 I should never be trusted again because I say once a whore, always a whore.
 People need to know that my column is corrupted by the most evil bastards on earth,
 sons of bitches who would kill 1355 soldiers not to get not rich, but to get rich-er.

 I would like to take this opportunity to apologize for being such a nasty-ass whore.
 It's in me - what else can I say?   ...and don't think I'm the only one.  Anyone who
 promotes this walking disaster and his drunk-ass policies is either crazy or on-the-take.

 Take FOX News - do you really think they...           (shots ring out)

"I told you to Keep your mouth shut about the others, Darkie..."

 Subject: BCR Show 64 feedback

 Ah, the New Year is starting good.  I've been blessed with a job, a glimmer of hope
 (although fleeting, maybe) from Barbara Boxer, and a great Bartcop Radio show.

 I have to give you credit for courage, leaving the Oklahoma prediction in the show even
 after the thrashing they took.  When you said Peterson rushing for 200, I nearly shit myself laughing.
 I feel for you, though; the Sooners are good, but they played an NFL team.

 I think it's cowardly to change stuff on the page or the radio show.

 Take a shot at my team, Green Bay.
 They played like they didn't care, so why should I?

 I think Brett has his mind on his family troubles.

 To me, the most important point you made was during the rant about the letter you received
 questioning your liberalism when you said absolutes are too wide a brushstroke.  This is an open door
 to hypocrisy.  Just look at all the moral right wingers caught in casinos or with their pants down.

"The George Bush Turnpike?"
 Does it go in an endless right turn?

 Keep hammerin'

 Tom, thanks for that.
 Out of the dozens who heard that show, so far, yours was the only e-mail I've seen.


 Subject: Tom Armstong

 I'm an African American, and "Uncle Tom" is too dignified a term for Williams.
 Typical Republican.


 What If?

  I have a hypothetical for you Republicans, and if you cheat I will claim victory.


 What If? a school district, or Catholic parish, or a county or a state
 (you decide - I'm flexible, and what is  if not flexible?)
  did a three year study on teen sexual practices and teenage pregnancy.

 What If? this biosphere (school, city, county, whatever) distributed condoms far and wide.

  Condoms are everywhere - free and available - no questions asked.

 What If? after three years, the overall teen pregnancy rate in that biosphere went down significantly,
 and by that, I'm talking about 20 percent or so - isn't 20 percent significant?

 OK, here's the question-   after the condoms were introduced, the pregnancy rate went down by 20%.

 Would that be a good thing or a bad thing?

 Would you, as a conservative, vote to continue the 20 % reduction in teen pregnancy?
 Would you, as a conservative, vote for fewer teen pregnancies?

 Or would you, as a conservative, vote your preacher instead of your logic and condemn
 hundreds or thousands of teenage girls to an unwanted pregnancy?

 Or would your religion trump logic and force you to insist that the kids go bareback when they have sex?

 I'm just asking...


 Subject: Rolling over on Gonzales is the worst yet

 I just don't get it, Bart. If ever there was a time to fight it was over the nomination of Torture guy.
 Even if they lost, at least it would have sent a message that not all Americans approve of torture.
 I would like to think that Bush is being allowed to have his team so that they can all be
 brought down together;  give a fool enough rope and all that.

 But that would be a fool's folly, on my part. I am beginning to think that the Democrats,
 with certain notable exceptions, are as corrupt as the Rethugs, and I hate that!

   "We're good little Bush soldiers, following our orders..."


 The Scent of Fear
     by Bob Hebert

  Click  Here

 The assembly line of carnage in George W. Bush's war in Iraq continues unabated.
 Nightmares don't last this long, so the death and destruction must be real.

 You know you're in serious trouble when the politicians and the military brass don't even bother
 suggesting that there's light at the end of the tunnel. The only thing ahead is a deep and murderous
 darkness. With the insurgency becoming both stronger and bolder, and the chances of conducting
 a legitimate election growing grimmer by the day, a genuine sense of alarm can actually be detected
 in the reality-resistant hierarchy of the Bush administration."

"Nightmares don't last this long, so the death and destruction must be real."
 Wow - what a great line.
 He's right, though, isn't he?

 The GOP wants you to think Iraq is a bad movie you shouldn't see, like Fahenheit 9-11.
 Just ignore the thousands that are going to die, and enjoy that $33 tax cut you got while Bush
 murders and rapes his way through the United States Treasury and your family and friends.

 Subject: Jimmy Page is God?

 Sorry Bart.
 Eric Clapton was given that name in the sixties and granted,
 he isn't the innovator he was in hte sixties, but you can't steal his name.

 Mike in Knuckle draggin' mouth breathin' Montana.

 Mike, I've never heard any Clapton that impressed me.
 The guitar teachers like him, because he's clean, safe and tame
 but that's not what I look for in a rock guitar player.

 I want excitement - that's gotta be Number One.
 I guess Clapton's excitement peak came with Derek & The Dominoes.*

 ...or was that Duane playing all the exciting parts?

 BTW, Cream is reuniting for some London gigs.
 Will Clapton play like an older, seasoned veteran?
 Or will he show some of that fire that's been lost for almost 40 years?

 Subject:  Page is God?

 I thought all you old rocker folks said Hendrix was your god?
 T White

 I'll answer this on the radio show.  (30 day subscription for T White)
 That way, I can play some audio snippets as examples.

 Don't worry, I'll put it last in a segment so you purists won't have to listen.


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 Subject: Let's give the tutu to Hillary (my senator)

 Where is Hillary on the important stuff when it takes a little courage and integrity:
 - voted to give Bush the authority to invade Iraq
 - will vote to confirm Gonzalez
 - took no stand on challenging the voting irregularities in Ohio
   which particularly impacted on African-Americans

 She's Joe Liebermann lite.
 Who needs her?
 New York

 I've gotten a lot of mail like this.
 Apparently, few buy my rationale that Hillary is unique in the senate.

 I think the will be crucified worse than Bill ever was if she takes even a mini-wrong step,
 so asking her to lead the charge before the right time is, in my opinion, certain suicide.

 ...and calling her Lieberman lite?
 You must really dislike her.


Bush's U.S. soldier body count in Iraq

1341, 1342, 1352, 1357, dead heroes under Bush

Are you OK with that, America?

When will the military families ask, "Why?"


"In the last 30 years, you had this politically correct delegitimizing of God in American
  public life, which I think is a denial of the core of American civilization." 
    --Newt Gingrich, who traded in his wife for a 33 year old staffer he was screwing.   Atttribution

 VCR Alert

 I'm going to do BCR Show 65 tomorrow, so the next page will be Thursday.

 Tonight, FOX takes off its best show, House, for some reality bullshit that nobody's watching.

 ABC's promos say they're killing the cute blond cop tonight on NYPD Blue.
 The series ends on March - they could kill everyone in the next 5 weeks.
 Wednesday, the Lost and Alias block makes Mrs Bart very happy - she'll be nice to me all evening.

 On West Wing, we learn what skeletons are in Jimmy Smit's closet.
"That's between me and my wife!" he bellows in the previews.

 One of the best World Poker Tour tourneys - the 2004 Championship - is tonight
 If you want to know why America is going poker crazy, watch this show and find out.


 Cain's Ballroom "Haunted & Mysterious Rt. 66"   Saturday,  Jan 15th, 8pm Central Time  Travel Channel - "Weird Travels"
 Brady Theater   "Phantoms of the Opera"   Saturday, Jan. 22nd, 2005 - 8pm Central Time  Travel Channel - "Weird Travels"

Call the

You have two minutes to record your message.


"This is a criminal war and any act of violence in an unjustified conflict is an atrocity.
  I signed a contract for four years, and I was totally willing to fulfil it. Just not in combat arms jobs."
       --Jeremy Hinzman, 26, who deserted and has applied for refugee status in Canada,    Attribution

 Subject: Incredibly irresponsible 24


 I don't normally watch 24--or many other programs, for that matter--but you're always going on
 about how wonderful the show is, I tuned in for the big premiere.
 And about lost my goddammed mind.

 Because here's Fox, kissin' cousin to the Faux News Channel, featuring the protagonist of a popular
 show shooting a suspect to get the intel. And of course, he fesses right up with legitimate info.

 Of course, the by-the-book guys have treated this Arab with human dignity for five minutes too long,
 so the SecDef gets kidnapped anyway. So here's Fox's message: In the War on Terror, it is always better
 to just shoot the bastards immediately upon capture, because they will invariably give us reliable information
 we can successfully act on.

 I know, I know--it's a fantastical TV show. I'm sure that Fox would never stoop to using popular media
 to subversively promote a right-wing nutjob agenda.

 Christ, I am pissed,

 Ryan, since we talked about this in the last BCR show, I'll answer you there.
 Free month of membership for Ryan.

 If YOU ask a question that gets printed that is better answered on the radio sow,
 get a free month of membership so you can hear the reply.



 Subject:  why would Saddam hide with an empty pistol?

 Because he ran out of bullets.
 That or the Bush Empire made a deal with UFOs to capture Saddam and cause a tsunami.

 Oh yeah, the Bilderbergs were in there somewhere....

 You lefties are hilarious
 Greg Stinson

 Greg, you may have a point.
 I remember several US troops being wounded by Saddam during his capture.


 He was hiding in a room slightly larger than a refrigerator.
 Are you saying he could fire shots in that spider hole and MISS?

 No, what's more likely is he was caotured, disarmed, then put back in his hole
 so Bush's team could pretend they finally captured one old man on the run.

 Use your head.


 I'm playing hurt again - typing with four holes in my right hand.

 We tried a new Mexican/Tequila restaurant last night - En Fuego


 They bragged about having 90 tequilas, and they must be held accountable.
 Since I was driving, I only had one shot - Don Eduardo Anejo.  It was mas fina.
 Mrs. Bart got her favorite - not often that happens - a Corralejo Reposado margarita.

 The food was kinda uppity - no beef enchiladas, but plenty of halibut and tuna and shrimp.
 I got the "Bob Marley," (I didn't know he was Mexican!) which was queso with beef.
 It was an appetizer because the "real" food was too fancy for me.  I felt like I was
 ordering from the children's menu.  Mrs. Bart got the Fried Chicken Tacos, which
 were pretty good - she let me have one.

 The trouble came when the eager-beaver waitress asked Mrs. Bart if she wanted
 a second Corralejo Reposado margarita. Mrs. Bart said no, and in the blink of an eye,
 the waitress grabbed the margarita she was still sipping on and turned to walk away.

 Note:  When we eat out, we only have two rules.
 My rule is I don't want some monkey sweeping next to my table.
 Even in fine restaurants, they think this is acceptable and it f-ing kills me.
 If I'm in the wrong mood, I'll say, "Hey Sparky - do that somewhere else."
 How can anybody think it's OK to sweep next to you while you're eating?

 For Mrs. Bart, you do not grab anything away from her without prior, written consent.

 When little Miss Eager Beaver grabbed her drink, I knew trouble was up, so I timed it
 just perfectly.  Mrs Bart lunged out with her fork, aiming for EB's hand carrying the drink.
 I managed to beat the fork to its destination and took the stabbing myself, saving a lawsuit.
 It hurt like hell, so I grabbed the lime that had fallen during the marg-napping and bit into it.

 I'll do some radio Wednesday - by Thursday I should be back typing at top speed.

 I'll bet anything that the poker that will become legal in Oklahoma Saturday will blow donkey.
 If they put a limit of $2, $4 or $8 on the betting, nobody can ever go "all in" because everyone
 at the table can afford to lose $8 or they wouldn't be there.

 That means there's no bluffing - and you can't play Texas Hold 'em without bluffing.

 But - somehow - if Oklahoma manages to not screw this up (should I even finish this sentence?)
 we could hold a Pokerfest right here in Kniuckldrag and party at En Fuego afterwards.

 Shopping online?

 Use this portal
and they'll send
four cents from each dollar.

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BCR Show # 64

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35 minutes on the tsunami, Iraq talk and people and things in the news

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31 minutes on 'Is Bart a True Liberal?', censorship and Mike Malloy

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31 minutes on 'Caddy', ethics, Roy D Mercer and the Nuremburg Defense

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36 minutes of Tally, NYE Trip Report, Tom Cruise, Bill Hicks and Robert Plant

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