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Volume 767 - Toddling Around 


Sat-Sun   April 6-7, 2002           Send Me an Angel               Recent old stuff              Shopping w/ Bart


"My personal belief is that she was pressured. ... I think that the
  White House wanted to try to discredit me, and they found a pawn in her."
      -- Kathleen Willey, on 60 Minutes, explaining why she thought
          Julie H. Steele was no longer willing to corroborate her claim

  ha ha

  Yeah, we all know how easily Julie Hiatt Steele caves in with a little pressure.

 Did Colon Powell delay his trip to Israel so he could go on Meet the Press and
 listen as Tim the Whore heaped praise on him and "America's greatest president, ever?"

 How many innocent people have died since Bush decided to send Powell?
 How many TV appearances will Powell make before he gets to work?
 The press really, really loves their President Bush.

 If Clinton had this eager-puppy, lap-dog media helping him
 by now every American would have affordable health care.

Got Constitution?

No, we don't...

Subject: Prescott Bush's "title" in China

W's Uncle Prescott founded an organization called
United States of America-China Chamber of Commerce.
It has nothing to do with our local chambers of commerce.
He is the "chairman" and has a Chinese man as a front.

It's difficult to find out exactly what Prescott might be up to besides looting the Chinese
through the illusion of promoting trade. I did find on research that one program "bundles"
applications of those who want to travel between China-U.S. and facilitates the applications
through our State Department. (Does that sound like an easy way for Poppy's spooks to
move back and forth?) Here's a photo of Poppy, Prescott, and their stooge:

Prescott is also the financial adviser to some Chinese province.
Bush tentacles in China flow everywhere.
George's cousin Elsie Walker is an entrepreneur in China,
and George's brother Neil has operated in land development there.
And LORD KNOWS what Poppy's Carlyle Group is up to.

Those curious about Bush-China should start googling.
Our press corps sure isn't going to do the research.


It reminds me of that unproven theory that 9-11 was a "Pearl Harbor"
that would draw us into the "war on terrorism" to ultimately stop China
from joining with the Taliban to nuke Israel.

Of course, China's not going to move without Poppy's permission, right?

Hell, for all we know, Poppy got the top job at the CIA for all the "good work"
he did as Ambassador to China - which is another incredibly incestuous relationship
that has brought billions into the Bush Family Evil Empire.

Did you know that besides getting-drunk-and-laid trips to Mexico, China is the only nation
the Chimp had ever visited prior to becoming a candidate for stealing the White House?

This could be the biggest political story of the last 100 years, but - of course,
nobody with any investigative power will consider looking at this radioactive story.

 ...and we're going to get away with it!

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  ...you'll never forget meeting Julie Hiatt Steele - slayer of Kenneth Starr.

Subject: Stop with the FDR Innuendos, Please

This story about FDR letting Pearl Harbor happen is an unwarranted insult
to a great leader.  There is not any reasonable basis for it.

If you do a google search you will find scores of pages saying that there is,
but that's the nature of the internet.  The allegations all trace back to a couple
of storytellers who told incredible and impossible stories.  If you want to be not
as wrong as 99% of the internet, you should filter this one out of your rant.

Thanks if you can,


Al, I didn't say it happened, I said
"Some people say FDR allowed Pearl Harbor to happen to get us in the game."

That's a fact, just like saying "Some people say Clinton was a criminal."

 Torture Stalks MSNBC Viewers
    by Barry Crimmins

   Click  Here

  Day Two of Bush engaging the Middle East problem.

 The Bush boy to Sharon:  Pull back NOW!

 Sharon to the Bush boy:  Go to Hell, boy...

 Isn't is odd that Colin Powell didn't want to be a peace time Sec of State under Clinton,
 but he took the certain-to-be war Sec of State job under the young Bush boy?

 What kind of man only wants power when there's war?

Full Story


"A leader is somebody who is willing to take positions
  based on principle, not polls or focus groups."
    —George W. Bush, Chicago Tribune, Oct. 29, 2000.

"A Washington Monthly analysis of RNC disbursement filings revealed that Bush's
 principal pollsters received $346,000 in direct payments in 2001. Add to that the
 multiple boutique polling firms the administration regularly employs for specialized
 and targeted polls and the figure is closer to $1 million."
   —Joshua Green, Washington Monthly, April 2002.

 My deep sources tell me Behind the Music featuring Garbage is way killer.
 They say ...if you watch this, ...you will fall in love with Shirley. (It repeats all week)

 Watch out, tho...
 Shirley has a dark side that needs it's own cable channel
 but this program is a positive look at great group at this point in their history.

 Sunday morning - 10AM CST.
 At that hour, you can watch Cokie lie about how magnificent the Bush boy is handling the Middle East,
 or you can learn something about the history of the most important group in music today.

      "No! Watch me!
       I'll tell the truth!


 There's always something good at 

 Sex Priest Dies in an Apparent Suicide

  Click  Here

 A Roman Catholic priest apparently shot himself to death in his car three days
 after being accused of molesting a girl two decades ago, authorities say.

 Unless you have money, a suicide means eternity in Hell for a Catholic.
 This priest chose an eternity in Hell to attone for his crimes.

 Mahony E-Mail Talks of 'Our Big Mistake'

 Click  Here

 Cardinal Roger M. Mahony of the LA Archdiocese told one of his lawyers in a recent e-mail
 that the diocese made 'our big mistake' by not turning over three cases involving priests accused
 of wrongdoing to the LAPD, according to e-mails obtained Thursday by the Los Angeles Times.

 That sounds like obstruction of justice.
 Are we a nation of laws?
 Should the Cardinal in a cassock get a pass?

 ...and on top of all that,

 L.A. Cardinal Mahony Accused of Abuse

 Click  Here

 Of course Rush, Bill Bennett and Laura the Unloved are sooooooooo silent about this.

 They only get paid to prattle on and on about FABRICATED Democrat sex scandals,
 not ACTUAL repeat-serial priest molestations of hundreds of children over the decades.

 There's no money to be made saving Catholic children,
 and Rush, Bennett, Schlessinger and Paul Harvey et al are about more money.

From: Pelayo

Yesterday, I came across a Netscape Poll.  It asked for a grade on the Idiot's performance
in the Middle East problems (A,B,C,D,F).  I voted "F" and then the overall results came up.
At present, the Idiot's numbers are grade of A, 31% and grade of F, 33%,
with B,C,D all at around 11% to 15%.

The F votes outnumbered the A votes by a little over 5,000.

Interestingly, 5,000 is 1% of 500,000, and I wondered how long it would be before the Idiot and
his regime would access Netscape, see that most of those who voted didn't approve (didn't want him,
really, just like the 500,000 nearly two years ago) and then sit back with a smirk and confidence that
the numbers wouldn't mean a thing, that it was all right because the fix was in.

True - the fix is in and the crooked, on-the-take Supreme Court
won't allow a challenge to the Boy King's illegal and unearned power.

Just like they ruled FOR every bullshit, no-proof claim against Bill Clinton,
they'll rule AGAINST any claim to reign in the illegal Mr. Never Elected.


"You have to go back to Ulysses Grant to find another chief executive who,
  up until a dozen or so years before becoming president, was a substance abuser
  who'd failed in one business venture after another."
      --Harold Meyerson, LA Weekly


 What Has The Supreme Court Been Smoking?
     by Arianna Huffington

   Click  Here

 Take the amazing case of Rep. Burton's son, Dan II, who, in 1994, was arrested for
 transporting seven pounds of marijuana across state lines with the intent to distribute.
 He pleaded guilty and received probation, community service and house arrest.
 Soon after, he was discovered growing 30 pot plants in his apartment but skated on
 the charges once again -- a federal felony carrying a mandatory-minimum sentence
 of five years in jail having been miraculously transformed into a state level misdemeanor.

In the news...

Pakistan's military ruler, General Whatshisname? suddenly raised military tensions with India
with a stark warning yesterday that he is prepared to use nuclear weapons in the event of war.

Hey, Governor, what's the name of Pakistan's ruler?
Oh, that's right - you said that wasn't important,
and the media jumped all over that bandwagon and agreed with you.

Just because he's threatening to nuke the world's largest democracy is no reason
why a presidential candidate should have any goddamn idea who he is, right George?

Remember how the press turned on that reporter for quizzing the young Bush boy
to see if he knew the first thing about foreign affairs?   That's when they started all this,
"There's no reason for Earth's most powerful man to have a brain" horseshit.

I remember that silly Cokie Roberts giggling, "I confess, ...I don't know, either."
Well, hey, if Cokie Roberts doesn't know who rules Pakistan, that means there's
no reason why the Republican presidential nominee needs to know, right?

When will we wake up from this nightmare?


"Big TV news, Bryant Gumbel is leaving as the host of the CBS Early Show.
  He says he’s leaving the show because he can get more viewers by going door to door."

Papers all over the world tell the truth about Bush,
papers that aren't American produced, that is.


 Don't forget to check 

 Subject: Kathleen Willey's radio show

 Hey, wouldn't it be fun to Email the WRVA management and let them know how much
 we appreciate them giving Ms. Willey a job.  Ms. Willey joins a cast of on air personalities
 (the vulgar Pigboy, Laura the Unloved, Paul Harvey the horse molester, Glenn Beck, etc.)
 with as much credibility as she has.

 Ruth Jones General Manager RuthJones@clearchannel.com

 Randall Bloomquist AM Operations Manager RandallBloomquist@ClearChannel.com

 Regan Keith Assistant Program Director ReganKeith@ClearChannel.com


Subject: Tawny Kitaen Is An Abuser

Dude...you missed the mark on the Chuck Finley/Tawny Kitaen thing.

> "Officer, it was terrible - she's a raging bull and I'm just a pro athlete!"

You gotta be kidding me, right?  Tawny is an abuser if she raises her hand
(or in this case, her shoe) in anger to her spouse or to anybody.  Plain and simple.
Doesn't matter if her husband was twice her size and a heavily-armed karate expert...it's abuse, regardless.

When I see stuff like this from people whose opinions I otherwise respect, it's a painful thing
...but not as painful a thing as when my ex-wife (4 inches shorter and about 60 pounds lighter than I)
attempted to kill me by running me down with an automobile...or the two occasions when she attacked
me with knives.  Had she succeeded, I'd be just as dead as I would if Willie Horton had killed me.
Doesn't matter if the aggressor is female.  Abuse is abuse.



DP, I can understand why you didn't think it was funny.
But Tawny Kitaen is a tiny, little thing and most pro ball players aren't.

What if Iron Mike Tyson had the cops arrest Robin Givens for hitting him?
You wouldn't think that was funny either?

(Tyson voice)  "Officer, my wife hit me."

Besides, isn't that the whole reason it was news?
I'd never heard of that ball player before, and poor Tawny hasn't had a job
since she rolled around on the hood of Coverdale's car in 1985.

Would you think it was funny if a chihuahua was terrorizing a Mastiff?

Speaking of things that aren't funny - did you see the latest Ozzy on MTV?
He has a toy dog with a battery-powered barking mouth and he held it while his
bulldog barked at it. I don't think it was animal abuse, but it's the funniest damn thing
I've seen since Mr. Salty kicked the young Bush boy's drunken ass.

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