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In Today's Tequila Treehouse...
Begala Becomes Colmes 
Cheney Defends SS Thefts 
Senate wants Tom Records 
More Top Iraqis Killed
The Biggest Whore of All 
Bart's Hypocrisy Re: Troops 
Military Fires More Gays
GA. Evo Stickers Removed 
Busted for telling a joke? 


 Quote of the Day

"George Bush, you have asked us 
  to 'bring it on'.   And so help me, 
  (we will) like you  never expected. 
  Do you have another challenge?" 
    -- a taunt video made by Iraqi beheaders 


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Volume 1478 -  Hollow Accountability

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 Friday   Jan 14, 2005       1 day till legal poker comes to K-Drag?                                                     Mike Malloy - 10 EST Weeknights on AAR


"He Lied to the American People! I remember when that was enough for Cokie, Sam,
  George, and George to unanimously declare that immediate presidential resignation
  was the only possible consequence for such a thing. And, now, we have a president
  whose almost every word about Social Security is a Big Fat Lie. Not a mistake. Not spin.
  Not hyperbole, exaggeration, etc... But, a Big Fat Lie. Once upon a time it was conventional
  wisdom that a lying president was akin to cannibalism, pedophilia, and genocide.
  Oh, Cokie, where's the outrage...where is the outrage?"
        --Atrios,     Attribution

 Don't forget - he also told a lie or two about a war in Iraq...


 All the President's Newsmen
   by Frank Rich

  Click  Here

 Given that "Crossfire" was initially conceived as a program for tough interrogation and debate, you'd think
 that the co-hosts still on duty after Mr. Carlson's departure might try to get some answers about this scandal,
 whose full contours, I suspect, we are only just beginning to discern. But there is nothing if not honor among
 bloviators. "On the left," as they say at "Crossfire," Paul Begala offered condemnations of the Bush administration
 but had only soft questions and plaudits for Mr. Williams.  Three times in scarcely as many minutes Begala
 congratulated his guest for being "a stand-up guy" simply for appearing in the show's purportedly hostile but
 entirely friendly confines. When Mr. Williams apologized for having crossed "some ethical lines," that was
 enough to earn Mr. Begala's benediction: "God bless you for that."

 ...Begala ...lobbed softballs at a man who may have been a cog in illegal government wrongdoing,
 on a show produced by television's self-proclaimed "most trusted" news network..."

 It pains me to say this, but Paul Begala has some Alan Colmes in him.  I know he's Catholic, so maybe
 he has a dozen kids who need to go to college, but Begala is no longer qualified to speak for Democrats.
 Too many times, I've seen him join with Novak to beat up a lefty guest.
 Too many times, I've heard Begala tell us what a swell guy The Monkey is.

 He's almost become - I'm sorry, Paul - George Stephanopolous.


 Cheney Defends Coming Soc. Sec. Thefts

         "The world is not enough..."

  Click  Here

 Dick Cheney said he had to warn us about a "coming crisis."
 Dick Cheney said Social Security system is "on a course to eventual bankruptcy."
 Dick Cheney said channeling part of workers' salaries into the stock market would help
 Dick Cheney said personal Social Security accounts "would continue a great American tradition."
 Dick Cheney said workers who have nothing to spare after taxes could have a chance to begin saving.

 Can we trust Dick Cheney?

 Dick Cheney said Saddam had WMDs and was about to launch them.
 Dick Cheney said Osama and Saddam with working together, but Bush denied that.
 Dick Cheney told lies that killed 1357 American soldiers and 100,000 Iraqi civilians.
 Dick Cheney sold oil field equipment to Saddam in the nineties that made Saddam stronger.
 Dick Cheney said Saddam was a "grave and imminent threat" that had to be disarmed.
 Dick Cheney gets richer everytime he sells America another world-class lie.

 Can we trust Dick Cheney?


 Subject: right about Kerry

 Bart, you were right about Kerry.
 I knew he was token crap the minute he didn't respond forcefully to the Swift Boat Liars.

 He was after all installed only after the media were ordered to knock Howard Dean out of the race.
 That should tell you who his real handlers were.  You Americans are totally screwed politically now.
 You need a revolution but all you'll get is a civil war.



 Senators Request Education Dept. Records
  Who else has Bush been paying to lie?

  "I was paid to lie."

  Click  Here

 Leaders of a Senate committee have directed the Education Department
 to turn over records of its public relations contracts, at the same time
 reminding the education secretary of a federal ban on "propaganda."

 The request comes after revelations that the Bush administration had paid
 a prominent black media whore, Armstrong Williams, to promote the new
 education sham that's neing pushed by the criminal Bush.



"So the president doesn't read the papers. The only real information he gets he gets from
  his loyal aides and even when he goes to a town hall meeting, to meet the people, they have
  been pre-selected. Our president is living in the 'Truman Show'. Nothing happens around him
  that isn't planned. I don't even think he knows we're out here watching."
       --Jon Stewart,


 Representative of Top Iraq Cleric Killed

  Click  Here

 Gunmen killed a representative of Ayatollah Ali al-Sistani, Iraq's senior
 Shiite Muslim cleric, along with the aide's son and four bodyguards near Baghdad.

 Insurgents appeared to be sending a message to al-Sistani, who strongly supports
 the upcoming Bush-puppet vote. Insurgents have targeted electoral workers and candidates.

 Elsewhere, gunmen opened fire on a minibus picking up a Turkish businessman in Baghdad,
 killing six Iraqis and kidnapping the Turk, who ran a construction company that worked with the U.S.

 Anyone who allies themsselves with the invaders is going to be killed.  Since Bush's personal puppet
 Allawi is reportedly still alive, we must assume he's staying in another country - perhaps Kuwait?

 Bush's never-ending nightmare continues, but the networks say he's doing a great job!


 Subject: Your cancellation ratio


 One of the reasons I am going to stay with you after my 30 day thing is up is because
 - as you point out during BCR Show 64 - you have to be you and speak your mind.

 I can't believe that you get cancellations for stuff you say on the show.
 What the hell do they want, the typical wuss-ass corporate type broadcasts
 to which we are already subjected?

 Anybody that's an "everything" or someone who "always" is an idiot anyway.
 Stew in Ohio

 Stew, no matter what I say, some subscribers get upset.
 I guess that can be expected when dozens of people are listening.

 When I say somethey they don't like, or don't want to hear,
 I'd welcome a debate instead of getting a cancellation notice.
 I wonder why they don't want to stay and insist on being heard?


 If you enjoy
 if you want to make the pie higher
 if you want to make the hammer hit harder,
 but can't commit to a monthly subscription...

  Click  Here  to send a tip via PayPal.
 PO Box 54466
 Tulsa, OK  74155


 Armstrong Williams - The biggest whore of all
   "The hardest working man in ho business," by The Black Commentator

  Click  Here

 The National Association of Black Journalists (NABJ) called on the White House to
 "rebuke those in the Department of Education who used taxpayer dollars to pay off
 Armstrong Williams in an attempt to influence public opinion on administration policy."

"He's tainted fruit," said NABJ vice president for broadcast, Barbara Ciara. "And he's
 unfairly indicted all commentators who have their own independent opinion, don't need
 a script from the administration and don't need to be paid off."

 But of course, Armstrong Williams has never been a journalist, nor has he ever uttered or
 written a word that could qualify as straightforward political commentary. Since 1979,
 when the 20-year-old signed on with his "mentor,"  Strom Thurmond and, later, as an
 aide to Clarence Thomas, Williams has been a rightwing political operative for hire...



"I am asking those who supported him to now support me. Now I have joined the ranks
  of the hundreds of thousands of Americans nationwide for whom this is personal."
     --Doris Matsui, criticizing Bush's limited federal funding of stem cell experiments, saying stem cell
        research would offer hope for the disease that caused her husband's death - pneumonia brought
        on by myelodysplastic syndrome, a rare form of bone marrow disease,      Attribution

 Maybe the biggest problem with Bush, besides his willingness to murder and steal oil,
 is that he uses religious insanity to guide him on his most important decisions.


 Subject: Diego Garcia

 Dear Bartcop:

 The issue of Diego Garcia has been discussed on the message board.

 Here is a summary:
 There are no reporters on Diego Garcia and the only information we have is from the military,
 which indicates up to 6 or 7 feet erosion on the beaches but no  base damage. Most of the facilities
 were on the opposite end of the island from the direction of the direction of the quake and wave. (May not be true.)

 Diego Garcia has a deep underwater canyon between it and the quake/wave, and a tsunami needs a long gradual run up.

 Diego Garcia did get a warning or the impending/potential tsunami and the military there has been aware of the risk for 40 plus years.

 E.L., thanks



 Military had fired more gay interpretors
  "We don't need your kind saving America!  We'd rather die!"

  Click  Here

 The number of Arabic linguists discharged from the military for violating its "don't ask, don't tell"
 policy is higher than previously reported, according to records obtained by a research group.
 The group contends the records show that the military - at a time when it and U.S. intelligence
 agencies don't have enough Arabic speakers - is putting its anti-gay stance ahead of national security.

 Between 1998 and 2004, the military discharged 20 Arabic and six Farsi speakers,

 We talked about how insane it was a for an Iraqi man to say, "Saddam killed my wife
 and Uday raped my daughter, the bastards. I hated them and wanted them punished,
 but I didn't want the Americans to do it because they're non-Muslims and I hate Americans..."

 Is it any more sane to fire men that can help prevent another terror attack because they're gay?
 Clearly, Bush's goal is pleasing Falwell and Rbertson more than it is keeping America safe.


We've got the right books by the right authors.


"I'm getting a little fed up with hearing about civilian casualties."
    --Ann Coulter, the heart and soul of the Republican Party   Attribution

 If the Democrats would refer to Coulter and Limbaugh as "the voices of the GOP,"
 they would win in 2008 by 6 points - but that wouldn't be fair, never mind.


 Bush-friend Kid Rock lyrics

  Click  Here

 This is truly disgusting and worthless writing.
 He makes the "bitches and hos" lyrics look family friendly.
 If you click and read these lyrics, don't write to me.

"I like Kid Rock - he's my peeps..."

Pamela Anderson traded down for Kid Rock

 Subject: Bart's hypocrisy

 What's with the hypocrisy Bart

 I'll bet that's supposed to be a question...

 You claim to support the troops


 ...and even put your worst stalinist libcomms in their place,

 I put who - where?
 I have no power to put "libcomms" anywhere, much less Iraq.

 ...when they attack them (the troops).

 Who attacked the troops?
 The insurgents?
 I, BartCop, put the insurgents in Iraq?
 Where did I get the money to do that?

 But you seem to want to deplore the good work that they are doing there.

 Our troops are doing good work in Iraq?
 Seems to me they're trying desperately to stay the hell alive.
 Is there a list of successes I've overlooked?
 If so, please forward that list to me so I can print it.

 ...and don't tell me about "all the schools" that have opened. If a school opened,
 Bush's good puppy press would be all over it with pictures "proving Bush's greatness."

 You can't have it both ways.

 So far, I can't have it one way - what conversation are we having?

 By attacking the rebuilding of Iraq, the bringing of freedom and democracy,
 the removal of terrorists and the advent of stability, you are attacking the troops as well.


 I think you mean,
"By calling a disaster a disaster, you're making Iraq look like a hopeless, tragic quagmire."

 For that, I accept full responsibility.
 YOU apparently think our troops should be dying in Iraq.
 I think we should've gone after Osama, instead, and let Saddam keep order in Iraq.

 I didn't get the rest of your point(s).



"We need to go back and look at what was wrong with much of the intelligence
  that we had accumulated over a 12-year period and that our allies had
  accumulated over that same period of time and correct any flaws."
   -- Scott McClellan, once again blaming Clinton for the Monkey's war hardon   Attribution


 Subject: Business with Republicans

 After clicking on a link to on Bart Cop, I have been able to drastically change my spending habits.
 I think your rhetorical question was probably facetious.

 Anyhow Pizza Hut sucks.  Burger King, UPS, Costco, CBS, ABC, and the Fox network all contribute more
 to the Democratic Party than the evil GOP, according to  I saw a blurb that said Lowe's
 gives marginally more to the demos, so it is a great sub for Home Depot which is absolutely horrible anyway.

 I think it will be easy to divert funds from the money whores as more of these websites come online.
 The one that is heartbreaking to give up is Target.
 Edward S

 Ed, I was thinking of the vegetarian who wore leather shoes when I wrote that.
 Sure, I want to give the GOP and their racist-bartard minions as few dollars as possible,
 but they own so much (party of the rich and all) it's hard to avoid doing business with them.


Click for More

 Spencer Dryden, Jefferson Airplane Drummer, Dies


  Click  Here

 Dryden, who died at his home Tuesday, retired from performing 10 years ago.
"I'm gone," he told the San Francisco Chronicle last May. "I'm out of it. I've left the building."

 A benefit concert last year featuring Bob Weir of the Grateful Dead and Warren Haynes of Gov't Mule
 raised $36,000 for Dryden, who was in the middle of two hip replacement surgeries and was facing heart
 surgery at the time. His Petaluma home and all his possessions had been destroyed in a fire in September 2003.
 He also had been diagnosed with stomach cancer.


 Ga. Evolution Stickers Ordered Removed
  We have a rare victory for sanity - in Georgia?

  Click  Here

 A federal judge Thursday ordered a suburban Atlanta school system to remove
 stickers from its high school biology textbooks that call evolution "a theory, not a fact,"
 saying the disclaimers are an unconstitutional endorsement of religion.

 The stickers were put inside the books' front covers by religiously insane Republicans in 2002.
 They read: "This textbook contains material on evolution. Evolution is a theory, not a fact,
 regarding the origin of living things. This material should be approached with an open mind,
 studied carefully and critically considered."

 This is why liberals have to be in charge of education.
 The "pointy-headed liberal elitists" have doctorate degrees from Harvard.
 They're not farmers from Georgia who thinks Bob Barr is an elightened man.

 While the rest of the world moves into the future - America is going backwards.
 This country needs a giant 180-dergree turn, and that turn can't even start until 2009
 because somebody was too busy napping and wind-surfing to do his f-ing job.


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"I felt like we'd find weapons of mass destruction - so I bet 1360 soldiers' lives on my hunch."
     --Dubya, giving his press the words they need to cover for him,   Attribution

 Pair arrested for telling lawyer joke

  Click  Here

"How do you tell when a lawyer is lying? His lips are moving,"  said Harvey Kash, in public.

"Put your hands behind your back - you're under arrest!"

 This kind of thing didn't happen back when they counted the votes.


Bush's U.S. soldier body count in Iraq

1352, 1357, 1360, dead heroes under Bush

White House: Iraq Weapons Search Is Over

Click  Here

The White House said Wednesday that its hunt for Iraqi WMDs
- a two-year search that cost 1360 soldiers -
has closed down without finding the stockpiles that Bush cited
as a justification for indaing Iraq's oil fields.

Bush's spokesman said the president had
"no regrets"about invading Iraq.

Bush got his $100M a day for 550 days.

What's to regret?


"It took no less a sage than President Bush to put the firing of four high-level CBS News
  employees in perspective: "CBS said they would act. They did. And I hope their actions
  are such that this doesn't happen again." This from the man who fired not a single person
  in his entire administration for getting nearly everything wrong about Iraq and taking the
  nation to war for reasons that did not exist or were downright specious. Lucky for Bush
  he's only the president of the United States and not the head of CBS."
     --Richard Cohen,   Atttribution

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Call the

You have two minutes to record your message.

 Subject:rebuttal to Nuvee

 She wrote:

> "When you the reader loses at a game, contest or election,
>   do YOU grab the mic and claim the game was rigged? "

 If I thought I was cheated, I would stand up for the people who paid millions and worked their asses off
 to get me into the position to be heard about the cheating; I wouldn't cower in the corner in fear.
 I wouldn't flee the country when it counted.

> "Why would you expect John Kerry to? "

 Only what he had publicly promised to do.  Fight until every vote was counted.

> "Had he done so, the Conyers report would have lost ALL credibility. "

 Who do YOU work for?
 The Conyers report is a stinking blip on the radar screen...

> "It is far more effective to let someone stand up FOR you, on your behalf, rather than pleading your own case,
>  particularly where the truth of the matter is obscured, and the allegations go to the integrity of the game."

 Why do you print this shit, Bart??
 As long as you appease the appeasers, I'll never send you a dime.

 Chris, it was clearly labled "a guest editorial."

 I wouldn't print it without permission to print her e-mail address because I knew it would anger people.
 If you can't handle reading someone else's point of view, what does that say about you?

 ...and how lucky for you, that after years of reading, Nuvee came along and saved you
 from sending that donation you'd been meaning to get to.

 I understand that everyone can't donate.
 I also understand that 97 percent of readers don't donate.
 But I really hate that third-grade horseshit, "I was gonna donate, but now I'm not!!"

 "Bart the appeaser" - that's me.


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