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Wednesday   Dec 28, 2005   Volume 1678  - Too Big to Hide 

Quote of the Day

"If there is a move to impeach the president, 
  I will sign that bill of impeachment." 
     -- Rep. John Lewis, D-Ga.,  Link

In Today's Tequila Treehouse...
Democracy's Battle 
Christmas Attack 
Unwarranted Power
Unwarranted Complaints 
D.U. causes G.W.S.? 
Monkey Mail 
King Kong's Lust 
How drunk is Bush? 
Monkey Helps Playmate 



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"For Gods sake, the American people even knew about the size and curvature
of Bill Clinton's penis, thanks to Ken Starr's taxpayer-financed pornographic writings!
And we don't even know for certain how many times George W. Bush has been arrested,
as his handlers have always evaded the question! No double standard there. No siree…"
      --Stephen Kriz,   Link

Finally, after all these years (Six, to be exact) someone besides me has actually asked
how many times Bush has been arrested.  I'm going to have a drink right f-ing now to celebrate.


Democracy's Battle Joined, Again
  by Robert Parry  as seen on  consortiumnews.com


Bush and Cheney have reignited a long-smoldering war fought over the Imperial Presidency, a conflict that flared in
the mid-1970s, after the Watergate scandal and the Vietnam disaster, and resumed a decade later in the Iran-Contra Affair.

This time, however, the legions for the Imperial Presidency seem poised to overwhelm the weakened defenders of
the traditional American democratic republic who for years have chosen retreat over confrontation.

That is the real back story behind the disclosures that Bush is asserting his inherent powers to jail citizens without charge,
order the physical abuse of detainees, spy on Americans without a court order, ignore treaties, and invade countries
without the necessity of congressional authorization.

Bush and Cheney are saying that in the War on Terror, they must be a law onto themselves with the flexibility to do
whatever they deem necessary. When they say they are operating within the law, what they mean is that their interpretation
of the law gives them unlimited powers.

We need to talk about something scary:
Bush & Cheney are not going to give up their power.

They thought they had until 2008 to set up their power snatch, but due to Bush's Katrina disaster and low ratings,
the democrats have a shot at taking back congress in 2007 so suddenly, the fascist bastards are looking at one year
instead of three so that means one of two things must happen for them:

Either the Diebold debacle is already wired in or we're going to have a "terrorist attack" before November 2006.

Think about the stakes.
For Bush & Cheney, it's either unlimited money and powerorimpeachment and jail.

This scares me because I'm certain they're not going to give unlimited power to their enemies, the Democrats.
Katrina took two full years off their plans, and that means trouble for anyone who gets in their way.

Unlike the Democrats, they're smart enough to have a backup plan.
If Diebold can't guarantee their victory, bombs will go off.

If only we could get the Democrat to address the crooked voting machines.
But no, they'll wait until late October 2006 to think about this, if ever.

...because they're Democrats.



"Many of my Republican friends joined in that hearing and insisted that this was a matter of
defending the rule of law, and had nothing to do with political antagonism. I'm surprised that
many of those same voices are silent. The crime in this case was a knowing and premeditated act.
This operation violated not just the federal statute but the Constitution.  For Republicans to
suggest that this is not a legitimate question of federal crimes makes a mockery of their position
during the Clinton period. For Republicans, this is the ultimate test of principle. We have finally
reached the constitutional Rubicon. If Congress cannot stand firm against the open violation of
federal law by the president, then we have truly become an autocracy."
     -- Jonathan Turley, Clinton-hating bastard telling the truth this time, Link


Wow!  I'm glad I didn't say that...

Subject: Fern Straightens Bart Out 


Bartcop my dear,

I don't know whether you have been reading my several emails responding to your challenge to state
*specifically* why I think you are not much use in furthering the cause of the true Democratic party.


Christmas under Attack


Today's Christmas Pentagon is the Fox News Channel, which during a recent five-day period carried no fewer
than fifty-eight different segments about the ongoing struggle, some of them labelled "Christmas under attack."
One of Fox's on-air warriors is John Gibson, whose new book, "The War on Christmas: How the Liberal Plot
to Ban the Sacred Christian Holiday Is Worse Than You Thought," presents itself as the definitive word.

So one opens it eagerly with hopes of learning what this war actually consists of.
These hopes are soon dashed —or, rather, fulfilled, since it turns out to consist of very little. Gibson provides a
half-dozen or so anecdotes, padded out to stupefying length, in which a school board or a city hall renames its
Christmas break a winter break or declines to rename its winter break a Christmas break, or removes Christmas
trees from the lobbies of government buildings and then restores them after people complain. "The war on Christmas,"
the author concludes triumphantly, "is joined."


Unwarranted Executive Power
 Bush is not authorized to make up new laws  from Barrons, hardly a lefty org


Putting the president above the Congress is an invitation to tyranny. The president has no powers except those
specified in the Constitution and those enacted by law. President Bush is stretching the power of commander-in-chief
of the Army and Navy by indicating that he can order the military and its agencies, such as the National Security Agency,
to do whatever furthers the defense of the country from terrorists, regardless of whether actual force is involved.

Surely the "strict constructionists" on the Supreme Court and the federal judiciary eventually will point out what a
stretch this is. The most important presidential responsibility under Article II is that he must "take care that the laws
be faithfully executed." That includes following the requirements of laws that limit executive power. There's not much
fidelity in an executive who debates and lobbies Congress to shape a law to his liking and then goes beyond its writ.

Willful disregard of a law is potentially an impeachable offense.

Frog march, frog march, frog march, frog march, frog march, frog march, frog march, frog march...




"The American public has to understand that a crime has been committed, a serious crime.
This president has admitted committing the crime. He just claims he's above the law.
So the issue is: Is the president above the law? If so, then we need not argue over the Patriot Act.
We do not need the Patriot Act, because the president can do anything he wants in time of war.
He can ignore all the criminal laws of the United States, including the laws against indefinite
detention and against torture. I don't think we want to go down that road."
    --Chris Pyle, who blew the whistle on Nixon's domestic spying during Vietnam, Link


Subject: your radio shows


I've listened to only 2.5 radio shows, because I just joined, but I do like them. I'd hate to lose them.
I don't know what problem that one writer had with your accent, unless he only understands Deep South.
I don't even hear an accent, and I can understand every word.

I also have an annoying lisp, they say.

One thing I like about the show is that you come across as less strident, even when you "rant" (which I love, by the way,
just like Randi's rants; sounds like me only better informed). Maybe strident isn't the right word. Let me put it this way.
I've described you to people as sounding (in print) just like the right-wing blowhards and screaming heads, except on
the correct side and telling the truth. I have to admit that it's a put-off to me at times, although I enjoy the hammering,
but it's also very satisfying and necessary.

I'm screaming "Bring it on!" to the right-wing blowhards.
They are screaming,"I'm right and you don't need to hear other opinions."

Anyway, for some reason, in the radio shows, even when you say the same things, you don't seem so loutish  ha ha
(another bad word—I hope you get what I mean). So I like that. Also, the technical quality is first-rate, the mix is good,
and all in all, it's very enjoyable.   Don't give them up. I'm sure they're really good for people who commute, too.
If I had to have just one, though, I'd vote for the page

You don't have to pick one because neither of them is going away.

Whatever you do, though, don't give up.

I won't give up.
I can't give up.
I'm the only person I know who can't leave politics if he wanted to.

You're a voice of sanity (most of the time, i.e., when you agree with me),
and I just hope some of the Dems are reading your page.

And yeah, I know, I'm an elitist feminazi girly whatever. So?
I'm also a gun-owning liberal Marine. Why be a stereotype?

Liz, thanks for the frank feedback.


Unwarranted Complaints
 Whore Times Editorial: Bush can do whatever he wants


Although the administration could have sought such warrants, it chose not to for good reasons.
The procedures under the surveillance act are streamlined, but nevertheless involve a number of
bureaucratic steps.(1)

Furthermore, the FISA court is not a rubber stamp (2)

and may well decline to issue warrants even when wartime necessity compels surveillance. (3)

More to the point, the surveillance act was designed for the intricate "spy versus spy" world of the cold war,
where move and countermove could be counted in days and hours, rather than minutes and seconds. (4)

It was not drafted to deal with the collection of intelligence involving the enemy's military operations in wartime,
when information must be put to immediate use. (5)

The New York Times has turned 100% Bush whore.
Lie after lie, they'll do anything to protect "their" president from the truth.

(1) Only after the fact - why didn't they have the honesty to mention that?
(2) It most certainly is a rubber stamp, denying only four warrants out of 18,00 requested.
(3) Bush bypassed the Fourth Amendment because it might apply?  Plus, if the court granted
     over 99.99 of all requests, why assume they'll say no in advance - during a war?
(4) Another lie that there's no time to get a warrant - after the fact?
(5) Why is it the place of the NY Whore Times to justify Bush's mockery of the Constitution?


Subject: Tom DeLay

Bart, I have a theory that says the reason Delay is under indictment right now is so he can't
get himself elected Speaker of the House right before the Bush/Cheney impeachment begins.

Because even though he is a Republican, if he thought he could get himself into the White House,
Delay would impeach both of them. So some of Karl Rove's thugs turned him in to the Austin DA.


Dude, that works for me...


Padilla's Lawyers Ask for Review of Bush Powers
 Because the democrats are afraid to ask


Lawyers for Jose Padilla, a U.S. citizen held as an "enemy combatant" for nearly four years,
want the Supreme Court to resolve how much power a president has while the nation is at war.

Lawyers Donna Newman and Andrew Patel told the high court in papers filed Tuesday that the
justices must step in "to preserve the vital checks and balances" on the president.

They cited Bush's interpretation of the president's war powers to justify its decision to hold Padilla
— until recently — without charges in a military brig.  Padilla's lawyers also said Bush abused his
war powers authority by approving warrantless surveillance of conversations between people in
the United States and abroad who had suspected terrorist ties.


 Chapter Twelve

Today: Gar's Take on Women

Click to Enter

Power of Nightmares DVD
 BBC Documentary blows lid off Bush scam



Subject: Bush eavesdropping

Dear Bartcop:

It's becoming pretty apparent that if the NSA is sweeping millions of calls an hour
that the extent of phone and email tapping is:  all of them from all of us.

What's worse is that no terrorist is going to say: "bomb" in a telephone call.
They will call it "the package" or some such cloak and dagger stuff.
So basically Bush (who is the eldest in of Poppy and Babs) is watching us.


You are correct.

They will say, "When is Aunt Moumud coming to visit?" that gives them the when.
Then they'll say, "Is cousin Akbar traveling with her?" that gives them the what

But this way, Bush can secretly investigate everyone's private business on a whim.

       "We're duty-bound to give Bush whatever he wants!"

Note: If anyone wants to rotate the losers in the tutus, feel free.
          But no, Hillary is still not yet free to speak.


Subject: $@&% your "Calm, intelligent discussion"

Bart, you wrote:

> "I believe you and I are having a calm, intelligent discussion.
>  That's been my goal since the subject came up.

The politics of  torture is anything but "calm & intelligent".
Your "belief" in a "calm & intelligent" discussion regarding torture is misplaced.

You mean torture is a subject that must be discussed while setting your hair on fire
and screaming insults at the top of your lungs?   Can you explain the reasons for that?

Torture is unamerican. Torture is NEVER right. Torture is always WRONG!
You are an ignorant 'merican to believe in torture in any shape or form.

I know you are, but what am I?
Why do you insist some subjects must be discussed illogically?

Let's torture Bart & make him confess to being involved in 911!  Then when we have your "confession",
we'll say "see torture works, we now have THE 911 Mastermind, Bartcop".
See how "well" torture works!

That's almost borderline stupid.

Screw your "calm intelligent discussion".
The NAZI's were calm & intelligent too!
Oh F-ing great oakey!

That's "Okie," if you don't mind.

You Are Totally WRONG On Torture!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I guess that's possible, but how will we know unless we communicate like adults?
Plus, if you really meant it, you'd add a few more exclamation points.

Best "go f-ing torture yourself asshat" Regards
Rob Mahon

Always great to hear from a fan...


The Hillary-Silverstein Connection


In the same program a cleanup worker referred to the demolition of WTC 6: "... we're getting ready
to pull Building 6."   There can be little doubt as to how the word "pull" is being used in this context.

 Dude, clearly, one of us is crazy.



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Marty's Entertainment Page

always has good stuff.


"I get female groupies, but I don't get male groupies.
  I have women who offer to sleep with me all the time.
  But not men. They're all talk and nay action - as we say in Scotland."
     - Shirley Manson, can't get laid on the road   Link


Subject: Hillary succession

I'm sure you've received several other comments on this, but the scenario in which Bush and Cheney
are impeached and Hillary, as President Pro Tem of the Senate, becomes President, is implausible at best.

According to the Constitution after the President and Vice President, the Speaker of the House is next in line,
followed by the President Pro Tem of the Senate. So whoever the Speaker was (a Democrat, according to
this scenario) would take the Oval Office, not Hillary.


You're right - I heard.from everybody on that.


Is Depleted Uranium causing Gulf War Syndrome?
 Heads roll at Veterans Administration


Preventive Psychiatry E-Newsletter charged Monday that the reason Veterans Affairs Secretary Anthony Principi
stepped down earlier this month was the growing scandal surrounding the use of uranium munitions in the Iraq War.

Arthur Bernklau, executive director of Veterans for Constitutional Law in New York, stated, "The real reason for
Mr. Principi's departure was really never given, however a special report published by eminent scientist Leuren Moret
naming depleted uranium as the definitive cause of the 'Gulf War Syndrome' has fed a growing scandal about the
continued use of uranium munitions by the US Military."

Bernklau continued, "This malady (from uranium munitions), that thousands of our military have suffered and died from,
has finally been identified as the cause of this sickness, eliminating the guessing. The terrible truth is now being revealed."

He added, "Out of the 580,400 soldiers who served in GW1 (the first Gulf War), of them, 11,000 are now dead!
By the year 2000, there were 325,000 on Permanent Medical Disability. This astounding number of 'Disabled Vets'
means that a decade later, 56% of those soldiers who served have some form of permanent medical problems!"
The disability rate for the wars of the last century was 5 percent; it was higher, 10 percent, in Viet Nam.

"Principi was aware of this fact as far back as 2000," wrote Bernklau.  "He, and the Bush administration
have been hiding these facts, but now, thanks to Moret's report, (it) ... is far too big to hide or to cover up!"


Subject: Dukakis

Bart, I agree with Dukakis when he said that "No, it would be wrong to execute my wife's rapist/murderer,"

What is this need to kill and play God?   It won't bring back his wife.
If I feel that life is precious why would I kill to show people I believe life is precious?
And for my money, life imprisonment without parole is the worse punishment anyway.

I wish we could discuss it in real time.

I'm going to compliment the Catholics on this one.
They may be crazier than President Dornan, but they are consistent.
They are pro-life on abortion and pro-life on execution.
That's why it drove me crazy when the Vatican endorsed Bush the murderer/torturer and
screamed insults at Kerry for thinking women are smart enough to make their own decisions.

Regardless of your feelings about the death penalty, don't you agree Dukakis made a mistake?
The voters thought he did.

> Bart's Law Number One

> Don't EVER tell the truth in a political campaign.
> People want to be lied to.


Former big-league pitcher to become catcher

  "I'm getting a boyfriend."


Former pitcher Jeff Reardon was arrested in Florida for robbing a jewelry store.

A four-time all-star who earned more than $2 million a season at the height of his 16-year career,
Reardon walked into a jewelry store on Monday and "handed an employee a note stating that they
were being robbed and that he had a gun," Palm Beach Gardens Police said in a news release.

Reardon was arrested at a nearby restaurant and the stolen money was recovered, police said.


Subject: Merry Christmas

iDeck the halls with Bartcop stickers,
Tra La La La La, La La La La.

The house is warm and we have hot water,
Fa La La La La, La La La La.

We have donned our gay apparel,
Fa La La La La, La La La La.

I have chocolate and my Furkids have jerkey,
Fa La La La La, La La La La.

Good tidings to you
From all of us three.
May your '06 be as wonderful
As you have all been to me.

We wish you a Bartcop Xmas,
We wish you a Bartcop Xmas,
We wish you a Bartcop Xmas,
Happy Holidays to you.

With Love,
Kerry, HRH & Kalliope


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King Kong - Lust for a white woman


Christian Americans are faced again with crisis after crisis. If it isn't the witchcraft being taught in the
Harry Potter movie, it is bound to be something else! The rampant allusions to sodomy in the movie, Elf.
The perverted pedophilia in the Rug Rats Cartoons, the overt sexuality in Toy Story II, and yes - even the
shocking theme of gay marriage woven throughout the animation of Finding Nemo. Well, it is our duty as
Christians to stand up against the smut being hurled at us from Hollywood. And I am not going to stand here
and ruin our Godly reputation by ignoring a movie about a giant ape who wants nothing more than to place
his hairy business betwixt the soft loins of a female human, and split her right in half! Amen? Shame on you
Mr. Director, Peter Jackson! May God's judgment fall upon you for dragging out this sick film again, and I
pray that you receive great suffering at the hands of Jesus Christ in the fires of Hell for having the outright
audacity to glorify the sin of bestiality on such a grand scale!


Kittens mobilize against Bush

How drunk is Bush?



Subject: BCR Christmas show

The radio shows are getting better and better.
I love the Bartcop Christmas Show...present tense as I have one more segment left to savor.

Tell Tally that her music selections were a big hit AFAIC!
Thanks to the triple-triple, I am gonna try to turn on my son-in-law who, 2 years ago,
claimed he wasn't sure who the Preznit was. Come to think about it...it was Gore, right?

Hope the new year finds you swingin' the hammer harder than ever!

Tom & Amy

                   Barbara Bush - drunk - holding her bartcop sticker

    High Times senior editor Steve Bloom poses with bartcop sticker!


Restraining Order Against Letterman Tossed
 Cops think they have him under control now...


A state judge has lifted a restraining order granted to a Santa Fe woman who accused David Letterman
of using coded words to show that he wanted to marry her and train her as his co-host.

Judge Daniel Sanchez on Tuesday granted a request by lawyers for Letterman to quash the temporary
restraining order that he earlier granted to Colleen Nestler.  She alleged in a request filed Dec. 15 that Letterman
has forced her to go bankrupt and caused her "mental cruelty" and "sleep deprivation" since May 1994.

Nestler requested that Letterman, who tapes his show in New York, stay at least 3 yards away and not
"think of me, and release me from his mental harassment and hammering."

Nestler appeared in court without a lawyer and represented herself.  Responding to a question,
Nestler said that if Letterman or any of his representatives came near her, "I will break their legs."

Why did this idiot judge grant the original TRO in the first place?
And this nutty lady wants the judge to order Letterman to not "think of her?"

Gee, that's like preventing someone from praying - it can't be done.


Subject: 2006 will be a long year for me

Bart, my son is in Iraq now as I write this.
He's with the 101st.
This is going to be a long year.

Ria, that's gotta be tough.
Hang in there, if the democrats ever get around to impeachment
Bush may bring some troops home to raise his approval numbers.


"I'm rich, bitch!"

 Iraq pumps 2,000,000 barrels a day,
(and that was before the 2002 Halliburton Upgrade)
 times today's oil price which is  $58.16 a barrel
makes $117,320,000  Bush stole just yesterday

2159 2172 have died for Halliburton

We lost Thirteen since Christmas Eve.

Bush's gusher of blood.


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The best part of our Christmas Show


I thought Tally's comments were great. She started out by making the GOP look stupid,
then she got into the Christmas spirit with an almost childlike wonder that was spine-tingling.

More than that, notice her professionalism.
She has perfect diction, she never stumbles or stumbles or gropes around for a word.
Katie Couric and Kelly Ripa and th CNN gals are always groping, saying "Ahhhhhh..."
and generally sounding like beginners behind a mic, but Tally always sounds perfect and polished.

And your choice of Christmas music was perfect and seemlessly inserted by The Wizard.

Here's a shot of Chinaco to you, Kid.



Subject: idol

"American Idol" is The Gong Show without the gong.


Dude, I've never watched a full hour of "Idol," but I'll watch next week's premier.
A TV show exists to make money for the network.

Simon and Randy and Paula aren't "searching for talent."
They are "humping for a paycheck from FOX."



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The Iran Contra Pardons


Bush's crooked daddy lists the reasons for giving pardons to Reagan's cabinet.
It's all lies, of course, and the proof is in the fact that he pardoned everybody
before the trial so the nature of of their crimes would be buried forever.


Monkey helps Anna Nicole Smith

"I'm smarter than you, George."


Anna Nicole Smith has help in the fight over her late husband's fortune: the Bush administration.

The administration's top Supreme Court lawyer filed arguments on Smith's behalf and wants to take part
when the case is argued before the justices. The court will decide early next year whether to let the U.S.
solicitor general share time with Smith's attorney during the one hour argument on Feb. 28.

Smith, a television reality star and native Texan, plans to attend the court argument.

She is trying to collect millions of dollars from the estate of her husband Howard Marshall,
the oil tycoon she married in 1994.  Marshall died a happy man in 1995.

Like Marshall, President Bush was a Texas oil man.
Both attended Yale.  Both held government positions in Washington.

There are differences.
Marshall had a penchant for strippers wheras Bush is into murder and torture.


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