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Tuesday   Jan 10, 2006   Volume 1686 - Oil & Jesus 

Quote of the Day

"Jack Abramoff has a big sore on his lip, and
  Republicans in Washington all deny they've
  slept with him - so why do you think they are 
  all getting shots of penicillin?"
     -- Randi Rhodes on her radio show

In Today's Tequila Treehouse...
Point of No Return 
Bush + Abramoff 
Santorum Ethics
Death at Ground Zero
SoTU Danger 
Delusional Democrats
The Big Handjob
Alito Lies on TV
Paris Hilton vs Cops



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"Hillary Clinton is a committed feminist. She promotes
  the myth of stunted progress for women's equality..."
     -- Kato Burn, from her new book    Link

Congrats to all the women out there.
Kato says you make as much as men these day.

Woo Hoo!
Women are no longer making less than men - Kato says so!


Alito & the Point of No Return
  by Robert Parry   as seen on consortiumnews.com


The Alito nomination may represent a point of no return not only on the issue of abortion and other longtime
conservative political targets but on the checks and balances that have been the cornerstone of American democracy.

With Alito's confirmation, Bush could well consolidate a majority on the high court to endorse his expansive
interpretation of presidential authority, including his insistence that his commander-in-chief powers are virtually
unlimited throughout the indefinite "war on terror."

But Alito might face a tougher confirmation battle than Chief Justice John Roberts did, in part because controversies
over Bush's claims to unfettered Executive power have deepened over the past several months, such as the dispute
over Bush's asserted right to conduct warrantless wiretaps of Americans.

Note: consortiumnews.com  is the most important site on the Internet.


Bush stopped Abramoff probe in 2002
 Bush knew he was guilty, so he sacked the prosecutor


A US grand jury in Guam opened an investigation of confessed felon Jack Abramoff more than two years ago,
but our crooked President removed the supervising federal prosecutor, and the probe ended soon after.

The previously undisclosed Guam inquiry is separate from a federal grand jury in the District of Columbia
that is investigating allegations that Abramoff bilked Indian tribes out of millions of dollars.

Questionable transactions were the target of a grand jury subpoena issued Nov. 18, 2002, according to the subpoena.
It demanded that Anthony Sanchez, administrative director of the Guam Superior Court, turn over all records
involving the Abramoff lobbying contract, including bills and payments.

A day later, the chief prosecutor, US Attorney Frederick A. Black, who had launched the investigation, was demoted.
A White House news release announced that Bush was replacing Black.

Black had held the assignment for more than a decade.

Funny how Bush sent Scottie the Underbear out to claim that Bush didn't know Abramoff,
yet he personally replaced the prosecutor who was trying to bring Abramoff to justice.

"We have no problem with Bush committing high crimes in office."



Santorum heads Ethics Panel


The choice of Rick Santorum (R-Dead Things) to head the ethics charge in the Senate demonstrates
Bill Frist's (R-Cat Killer) deaf ear to the importance of high ethical standards in the Senate.

According to The Washington Whore Post, Frist, asked Santorum to draft a package of lobbying restrictions.

"Senator Santorum's history of unethical behavior suggests that he is more likely to undercut any real ethics
reform than he is to toughen ethics rules," Melanie Sloan of CREW said today.  "We question Frist's decision
to choose a Senator that CREW listed as one of the 13 most corrupt Members of Congress."

Santorum heading an ethics panel?
Isn't that like letting the vulgar Pigboy run a pharmacy?

Thanks to madcat for the Pigboy joke.


Subject: USC-Texas

Kieth Jackson and Dan Fouts do all the ABC Region games on the West Coast.
Just so you get it straight- Jackson went to Washington State and Fouts went to Oregon and still lives there.

Get a clue,

Get a clue?
What does that mean?

Are you under the impression *I* said those two went to school elsewhere?

Or are you just too drunk to make sense?


Subject: Abramoff


I predict that Jack Abramoff will parish in a private plane crash
prior to his testimony to the Grand Jury. What thinks you?

Dave in Los Angeles

Dave, no way that'll happen, because it's been proven that evil men will not kill
to protect the hundreds of billions of dollars they have stolen from the US Treasury.



"Dick Cheney has been hospitalized again; we're awaiting word
  from Pat Robertson as to why God took a swipe at the VP."
    -- Randi Rhodes      Link


Howard Stern on Sirius

Anybody hear it?
Anybody want to write a review?

I refuse to buy a Sirius Radio, but I might sign up for a month
if I can hear it on my computer - is that possible?


Subject: Hillary

As a pretty avid everyday political reader, though not exactly focused on Hillary, I have to ask:

1.    What platform does she have (other than Yes-to-everything-out-of-Likud, and censoring video games)?
2.    Who is on her putative team? Who does she consult with and listen to?
3.    Who are her big contributors?

I have deeply to wonder how electable she is.
Phil, San Diego

Phil, great e-mail.
Not sure what I'm gonna do with it - but I like the challenge.

1. If I ran Hillary's campaign for the White House, my slogan would be, "I'm not Bush."
    Who's gonna argue with that?

2. I had to go to the dictionary to look up "putative."
    I generally punish people who make me do extra work, but you're off the hook.
    Hillary is on the anti-Bush team, and her husband is her top consultant, I'm sure.
    Bill has lots of faults, but "lack of desire to get back in the game" isn't one of them.

3. I don't care.
    The Devil we don't know is better than the bastard we do know.
    I don't care if Hillary is funded by Rupert Murdoch.
    I'd like a president who isn't f-ing kill happy.

 Hillary is as electable as the Democrats say she is.
 If the GOP can point to dozens of ultra-left-wing groups who enjoy listing "all her flaws,"
 sure, that could turn into a problem.  I wish our side wasn't so suicidal.

 Moreover (I've never used that word before) each time I hear "Mena Airport" and "Vince Foster" from a 
self-described "liberal Democrat," I wonder why people mock me when I ask if they've given to the GOP.

 Anybody remember the name "Ralph Nader?"
 Ralph took money from the GOP to screw Gore in 2000, and the GOP won.
 Why is it moronic to suggest they may intend to repeat their crime?


The Big Handjob
 Alito furthers the end of our rights


A WaHoPo headline on January 9th blared, "Democrats Ready to Go After Alito".
But, it's probably too late, as usual. And this time, the Democrats are signing their
own death warrant -- and that of Congress -- if Alito gets seated.

As usual, the hearing will all just be a farce, a sparring match like pissing into the wind.
These hearings almost always are, as the Madison Capitol Times pointed out: "When the
Judiciary Committee begins questioning Samuel Alito this week, Americans will again be 
reminded of the limitations of the confirmation process for presidential picks to serve on the 
federal bench. Alito will lie to the committee, intentionally and repeatedly."

I'm watching it live and yes, that weasel Alito is lying his ass off.

The Democrats will probably come away saying, "He gave us assurances," and then
when Alito (R-Racist) votes to give Bush unlimited power to destroy what's left of the Constitution,
the idiot Democrats will say, "How were we supposed to know he was lying?"

Ted Kennedy is fighting him,
Patrick Leahy is playing the whipped dog, as always,
Joe Biden is just being a pompous ass, as always...
Oh, Christ - Biden just asked Alito if he could them them a room!
Joe - pretend you're a Democrat, would you?

Alito says the presidency is all powerful - that's why Bush wants him there.
Ted says Alito (R-Bastard) sides with the big coporations 84 percent of the time,
which is another reason Smirk wants him on the Whore Court.

If it's state vs citizen, Alito (R-Coward) sides with the state.
If it's employer vs employee, Alito (R-Whites Only) sides with the employer.
Alito says women who file discrimination suits should "Get over it."
What a bastard!

I guess our only hope is for Ted to filibuster.
Will he have the courage to "go nuclear" on Frist?

Just like poker, the guy who bets first has TWO ways to win.
The Dems might have the better hand OR the GOP might decide
Alito (R-Hates Women) isn't the hill they want to die on.


Subject: I don't get the anti-Hillary crap

Hi Bart-

Where does the anti-Hillary thing come from?
I didn't get in on the ground floor.

Is it real or just made-up crap by those who would like to see her lose?
Can you give me a sentence or two on this?


Dude, I don't know why the lefties are trying to drown our best chance.
We've got a sure winner on our hands - but we, as a party, want to screw it up.
We're afraid to win, so we sabotage ourselves to be sure we stay in the losers column.

Lately, I've heard from a dozen Democrats about Mena Airport, Vince Foster, Hillary the Murderer etc.
Suddenly our left wing believes every wild-ass theory Rush ever lied about.


 Chapter Fourteen

An elite Republican cabal, led by the Vice President, conspires
to steal the 2008 presidential election. Confronted with devastating
poll numbers from the disasterous Islamic War, it sets in motion
the ultimate October Surprise, a terrorist attack upon the nation.

Click to Enter


'I go for walks late at night in high-crime districts, and just hope..."
   -- Ted Nugent, on how he looks for people to shoot  Link

Ted "I'd rape a nun" Nugent is running for Michigan governor.
Michigan, you going to screw up like California did?


Subject: Hillary's for the taking

Hillary will get my vote, if she gets the nomination.
But what we realy need is someone who is not George W. Bush in drag, with a brain.

I believe that's somewhat non-complimentary towards our next president.

America needs a real Democrat, someone who is part FDR, part Truman, and part Kennedy.
We need someone with real liberal values, not a member of the DLC who is really nothing more
than a neocon dressed up like a Democrat.

Dude, the Genie didn't pop out and ask what we wanted.
Our choices, as I see them, are more Bush or Hillary.

As I see it, the anti-Hillary folks are helping Bush.
If anyone sees other options, as Perot said in the 1992 debates, "I'm all ears."

If we are very lucky, a real leader will arise who can unite the nation.
That won't be Hillary.

I appreciate your telling me who won't beat Bush.
My question is: Who will beat Bush?

Please stop sending e-mails saying Bush isn't running in 2008.
The BFEE has multi-trillions riding on 2008.
Do you really think they let a non-Bush loyalist have the nomination?
Der Monkey will pick his successor as surely as Nixon did.

Your love affair with the Clintons is misplaced.

My "love affair" is not with Hillary.  
It's with winning and my balls have turned cobalt blue.

I respect her political skills, as I do her husband's.
As a gambler, I tend to lean towards the favorite.

Bill Clinton was the best Conservative President in this Generation.
Another conservative will finish the job of killing us as a nation.

M. Frank Darbe

Frank, you speak with error.
How can you compare Bill to Der Money and call Bill "conservative?"

Californians consider Las Vegas "Back East."


Will Marc Perkel run for Congress?


A Donor Who Had Big Allies
 How crooked is the crooked GOP?


In a case that echoes the Abramoff scandal, two Northern California Republican congressmen
used their official positions to try to stop a federal investigation of a wealthy Texas businessman
who provided them with political contributions.

Reps. John T. Doolittle and Richard W. Pombo joined forces with the DeLay crook to oppose an
investigation by federal banking regulators into the affairs of Houston millionaire Charles Hurwitz,
documents recently obtained by The Times show. The Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. was seeking
$300 million from Hurwitz for his role in the collapse of a Texas savings and loan that cost taxpayers $1.6 billion.

The investigation was ultimately dropped.

   "We have no problem with the GOP obstructing Justice."

Frog march, right into a federal prison - get those cameras ready...


Subject: 9-11


Can anyone read these transcripts of law enforcement officers from 9/11/01 and not remain
pissed off and fired up that we have never caught the leader of the people who did this?

What is wrong with Americans that rationalizing Bush's evil and incompetence takes priority
over seeking justice for the dead from 9/11?




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Union Links Retiree Death to 9/11 Cleanup
 He died because Bush said Ground Zero air was safe to breathe


A retired, 34-year-old New York City police detective who spent hundreds of hours searching
for Sept. 11 victims at ground zero has died of a respiratory disease related to the cleanup, union officials said.

James Zadroga is believed to be the first emergency responder to die as a result of exposure to World Trade Center
dust and debris, said Michael Palladino, president of the Detectives' Endowment Association.

"Unfortunately, I do not think he is going to be the last," Palladino said Saturday.

Zadroga had developed black lung disease and mercury on the brain as a result of working at ground zero, Palladino said.
Palladino said Zadroga had worked up to 16 hours a day in rescue and recovery efforts the first month after the attack.


Subject: Hillary

Just get out of the way. If you have ZERO brains to see that Hillary is a GREAT candidate,
then just go vote for Nadar again and see how that helps the country.

Damn I don't play poker but would I love to win this pot of gold.
You are actually betting AGAINST a Clinton? Are you simple?

I want Clinton/Clark in '08.

Let's see these numb skulls list their dream tickets...come on. I darn you.

E, don't dare them to vote for Nader - they will.
Some libs think you're not a lib unless you love the fringe lefties who can't win.


Mel in Seattle,

Your stickers are on the way, but your mailbox is broke.

Subject: Hillary

I am/was fond of your website.
I love how you swat at the current idiots.
But you are a, (yawn) demon-crat.

You sound like a typical jerkoff, liberal, whiney, suck up to all people who do not have white skin asshole.
Get a clue, bart.

Democrats are just as bad as republicans, if not worse.
And your constant sucking up to hollyweird, and to the idiots that shovel that shit and get paid oodles to do it, is very suspect....

So which Alphabet soup corporation, oops, I mean Government office to you shill for?
And why no mention on 911 conspiracies, the trillions missing from the pentragram, ect ect.

The reason you don't is because you are a shill for someone. When I figure it out, I will let you know.


I have an answer for you.
If you want to hear it you'll have to blow me.




"I agree that it's proper to suspend the Bill of Rights during wartime."
    -- Sammy the BFEE stooge Alito, just now on the TV

 They have to filibuster this guy.
 He just said what he said and that won't fly with me.
 We'll always be at war under Der Monkey.

 Suspend the Bill of Rights?
 What's wrong with these gutless bastards?

For all we know, Alito will agree to
suspend elections during wartime, too.

 The Democrats should announce their intention to filibuster and walk the hell out.


State of the Union Danger

From: DitziSis
Subject: Center for Disease Control issues Crisis Warning

It is anticipated that later this month during the annual 'State of the Union' speech by President Bush
that thousands of college students across the nation will engage in drinking games where the participants
are required to chug a beer or down a shot everytime the President lies and/or mispronounces a word
during the televised speech.

This has in the past resulted in a flood of patients to the nation's ERs to be treated for acute alcohol poisoning.
All emergency medical treatment facilities are warned in advance to be prepared to deal with this crisis.

Let's do the SotU poster contest again this year.

Here's what you do:

Get some paper and scissors and tape and make a sign to attach to your TV.
Then, while Der Monkey is lying to us, snap a digital picture and send it in.


So, get your signs ready because there will be "valuable" prizes.


Subject: Texas football


If you have trouble rooting for Texas football next year, remember that UT law school
rejected Smirk`s admissions application, even with all of his family connections.


Tim, that's enough to get me to sing, "I've been working on the railroad..."


Subject: Democrats cave on Alito


Yes, the Democrats will cave.  Not all of them, but enough of them.
Hillary will be one of the ones who caves.  Bets?

Jim H.

ha ha
You heard I was a betting man?

I say Hillary votes "No" on Alito, unless he swears to Koresh to uphold Roe.
How much you want to lose?


Bush bullies hiding  bartcop.com  from you?

Surf anonymously
by entering bartcop.com at

Alito whores his lies on live TV


Judge Samuel Alito played the whore Monday, pledging at his confirmation hearings
to do what the law requires "in every single case" if approved for the Whore Court.
The Senate Democrats, being the simpleton creatures that they are, ate it with a f-ing spoon.

"A judge can't have any agenda, a judge can't have any preferred outcome in any particular case,
and a judge certainly doesn't have a client," said the Bush Puppet as the Dems asked for a bigger spoon.

"At my confirmation for the Court of Appeals, Philip was 3 years old. And when I was called up to
the chair he took it upon himself to run up and sit next to me in case any hard questions came up," Alito said.

"I don't know whether he's going to try the same thing tomorrow, but probably I could use the help."

Democrats, wanting to be fair, melted when they heard Alito's family-as-puppets lie.

   "The Judge has a son! Screw civil rights, we want to be fair!"


Delusional Democrats


I just have a couple questions to ask those dems who are wailing for Hillary to come out and speak against the war...
What the hell are you thinking?
Did you forget the fight with the media that we've all been having over the past 10 years?


Subject: attacking Ted K

Hannity and Limbaugh find it necessary to point out that Ted Kennedy is a murderous drunk because of a
questionable skeleton in his closet and because he mispronounced Judge Alito's name on one of the weekend talk shows.

They keep playing the tape over and over, Hannity adding his little "hic-cup" to accentuate the drunk implication.
Funny, I don't hear any psycdadellic background music when he mentions Limbaugh's name.
But getting back to my point.

But when an admitted drunk like Bush who has the blood of thousands dripping from his hands mispronounces
the word "strategy" these same two right wing knuckle-heads swoon shower him with praise with cute and cuddly
phrases like "leader of immeasureable wisdom and vision."

It's that hypocrisy thing they seem so good at.


Subject: Juan Williams

As an African-American, I still back your use of the N word.
The mainstream media can always find an Uncle Tom, or a woman-hating woman,
a Michelle Malkin, an  Andrew Sullivan, an Alan Combes.

P:S: I'm glad that Bob Kincaid advertises on your web page.
What a refreshing, terrific show!
Air America should dump Jerry what's-his-name and give that slot to Bob!




"Cheney had a little trouble breathing. Soon after checking in, doctors diagnosed him
  as a miserable, greedy old fuck with a cold, rotting heart. For which, there is no cure."
      -- footnmouth,    Link


Subject: Hillary vs Condi

Let's put it this way, If it is a race between Hillary and Condy, I will definitely vote for Condy..
If it's Hillary and Wesley Clark against anybody, I will vote for the other candidates at least twice.

I think Howard Dean would be the unanimous choice in a poll by repubs on who the dem candidate
should be (Hillary is a close second).

Thanks for keeping the totally out-of-the-mainstream dem message out there.
Thanks to you and Ted Rall, things are looking great for repubs again.


Ken, you must be new here.
Many of my readers see me as a right-wing clone of Bush.

But I understand your position.
You're so far to the right, you see Ted and I as twins.


"I'm rich, bee-yotch!"

 Iraq pumps 2,000,000 barrels a day,
(and that was before the 2002 Halliburton Upgrade)
 times today's oil price which is  $63.50 a barrel
makes $127,000,000 Bush stole just yesterday

2206 2210 have died for Halliburton

We lost four more since yesterday.
Bush is willing to pay that price to steal that oil.

Bush's gusher of blood.


Subject: Lie Monkey

I'm looking for a blogger named MonkeyLied00.
When I Google variations on the name, this site comes up.  Are you he?

If not, sorry.

Reg, no, it's not me.
Bush is a Monkey, and he lied a lot, so maybe that's how I Googled up.


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TV Stuff

There's a few shows you need to know about,
and there's some shows that are just good fun.

The FBI went after John Lennon with a vengeance.
See the just-opened files Thursday on the History Channel

What if Martin Luther King was not killed, but wounded and in a come since 1968?
What if he woke up today and saw what Bush's GOP has done to our once-great country?
Check out Boondocks Sunday night on the Cartoon Channel.

Michael J Fox starts a three episode run on Denny Crane tonight!

The Shield, one of the best shows on TV, returns tonite.
What makes it great?
Because Vic Mackey might torture someone!!!

Sunday, the long-awaited return of 24.
What makes it great?
Because Jack Bauer will torture someone!!!

TV Guide's Matt Roush says, "I lost count of how many times
I jumped and yelled at the TV in the opening minutes of 24's
relentless, fiendishly entertaining first episode."


Subject: Howard Stern report


Here is what I learned from listening to the "air check" that was secretly broadcast on Sirius


Belafonte: Bush is terrorist


The U.N. children's agency said singer Harry Belafonte was speaking as a private citizen,
not a UNICEF goodwill ambassador, when he called Bush "the greatest terrorist in the world."

Belafonte made headlines during a trip to Venezuela when he spoke out against Bush and said
millions of Americans support the socialist revolution of Venezuelan leader Hugo Chavez.

During a television broadcast, Belafonte told Chavez, "No matter what the greatest terrorist in the world,
Bush says: Not hundreds, not thousands, but millions of the American people ... support your revolution."


Subject: Clark 2008

Hey Bart,

I, too, harbor a desire to see the General on the 08 ticket.   It might not happen, though.
I live in Little Rock, and ran into the General and Gertie.  I said hello, and expressed my fervent hope
that he make another attempt.  He smiled and chuckled and strarted to  tell me, I guess, in his folksy way,
that it was a real strain on his family or something similar, when Gertie physically interjected herself and said
something along the lines of "We just don't know if we'll ever be up to that again."

The whole experienece made me a little sad, considering the BRILLIANT President he would make.
Keep swingin'

Le Petite Roche


Paris Hilton in Vegas Club Probe


Paris Hilton is embroiled in a police furor over allegations her underage
boyfriend sneaked into two Las Vegas clubs on New Year's Eve.

A man who's old enough to die for Halliburton tried to get a drink on New Years Eve in Vegas?
Sounds like a serious crime to me.


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