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Friday   Jan 27, 2006  Volume 1697 - Living in the Past

Quote of the Day

"I frankly don't even remember having my 
  picture taken with the guy. I don't know him." 
   -- The Giggling Murderer, refusing to release pictures 
        of him and Jack Abramoff in the Oval Office    Link

 Remember how he denied knowing 'Kennyboy' Lay?
 His single largest financial contributor?
 Is it possible to get to the White House without 
 knowing who your biggest contributor is?

In Today's Tequila Treehouse...
Alito & the Media 
Warriors and wusses 
Senators Need a Spine 
Stand up to smears 
Impeachment Fever 
Sundance & Dog Sex 
RR's Shotgun Wedding 
In the Danger Zone 
Paula Abdul AWOL



Bush will break laws until 
the Democrats tell him to stop.
Will they ever do that?
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"What a fraud. Never forget that Bush was warned on August 6, 2001 that Bin Laden was
determined to attack in the U.S. He ignored that warning. He stayed on vacation -- just like
he did when Katrina was destroying the Gulf Coast. Now, Bush says he is a real threat.
Bush failed to protect America in 2001. Since then, Bush has used Bin Laden as a political weapon.
Bin Laden is still alive...still threatening us...so Bush is still failing us."
    -- Joe,    Link

Post  Link


Alito & the Media Mess
  by Robert Parry  as seen on consortiumnews.com


As the U.S. Senate moves toward a historic vote on Samuel Alito's Supreme Court nomination,
the mainstream news media is presenting the dispute as just another case of the Democrats playing politics.
Left out of stories in major news outlets is the concern expressed by many rank-and-file Americans over
Alito's radical views on the "unitary executive" and other theories that threaten the future of the U.S. democratic Republic.

Note: consortiumnews.com  is the most important site on the Internet.


Warriors and wusses


I'm not for the war. And being against the war and saying you support the troops is one of the wussiest
positions the pacifists have ever taken and they're wussy by definition. It's as if the one lesson they
took away from Vietnam wasn't to avoid foreign conflicts with no pressing national interest but to
remember to throw a parade afterward.

Blindly lending support to our soldiers, I fear, will keep them overseas longer by giving soft acquiescence
to the hawks who sent them there and who might one day want to send them somewhere else. Trust me,
a guy who thought 50.7% was a mandate isn't going to pick up on the subtleties of a parade for just service
in an unjust war. He's going to be looking for funnel cake.


Senators Need a Spine
  a NY Whore Times Editorial


The judge's record strongly suggests that he is an eager lieutenant in the ranks of the conservative theorists who
ignore our system of checks and balances, elevating the presidency over everything else. He has expressed little
enthusiasm for restrictions on presidential power and has espoused the peculiar argument that a president's intent in
signing a bill is just as important as the intent of Congress in writing it. This would be worrisome at any time, but it
takes on far more significance now, when the Bush administration seems determined to use the cover of the "war on
terror" and presidential privilege to ignore every restraint, from the Constitution to Congressional demands for information.

Why would the New York Whore Times stop cheering for Bush?
Why are they suddenly pretending they care about Democracy?
Did they get written permission from Karl Rove to print this?


Subject: Horse sex porn candy teen

Mark Morford writes brilliantly.
Sad he writes for a dying paper like the SF Chronicle.
He is proof that intelligent people can be idiots too.

If I didn't know Shrub was a decent and honorable person, I might be nervous too.
He is only trying to weed out the most Putrid vermin in our society, the child pornographers.
What is evil about that?

I'm not nervous, are you?
Ken the Republican

Ken, you trust Bush, we don't.
The men who wrote the Constitution put the Bill of Rights into place to stop people like Bush.
They warned us against trusting any one man with ultimate power, even those who were appointed..

First Bush kept his lawbreaking secret from us.
Then when the truth was revealed, Bush lied about it.

When Hillary takes the oath, are you comfortable with her (and everyone on her staff) reading all of
your mail, listening to your phone calls etc. for whatever reasons they claim are "important?"

Bush claims he doesn't have to obey any laws while we're at war.
You're willing to let Hillary have that kind of power?

Besides, Bush should concentrate on Al Qaeda and his bloody war
and leave the porn "problem" to somebody who isn't busy killing soldiers.


This is humor.
This is non  bartcop.com  dogma
Isn't it a shame I have to say that - every time?

Living in the Danger Zone


The overt approach, in Iraq:  traveling in bulletproof SUV's, armed convoys, chase cars, machine gun toting
security guards..  shared the same failing as the covert- it was completely isolating. Whether being low-key or
traveling in battle formation, one couldn't question the people as a reporter. Like courageous poor Jill Caroll,
I chose the covert approach- I could observe, occasionally question people, and be relatively safe. But there
were constant trade-off's. I couldn't buy furniture, or a stereo, or even a mirror; because I didn't want taxi drivers
to see where I lived, lest they tell the wrong people.


Subject: The Shield


I love this show! Thanks for turning me on to it.
Forest Whitaker scared the crap outa me Tuesday night when he met Vic.

That's one intense actor.

I think Forest Whitaker is one of the most talented people in Hollywood.
He writes, he acts, he directs, he produces - he does everything.

And damn, can he act.

On The Shield, he's playing many different people, depending on who he's talking to.
He's a con man, trying to convince crooked cops to give it up.

Trust me, watch the next episode of The Shield.
Tuesdays on the FX channel.



"At a press conference Bush said he had not seen 'Brokeback Mountain.'
  However, he did express an interest in drilling for oil there"
     -- David Letterman



Dog sex story stuns Sundance
 Critics: It's a heartwarming love story


The terrible thing that Amy (Melinda Page Hamilton) has done confounds even her:
One boring evening, she gave pleasure to her dog.
Even she can't figure out why, much less explain it to others.
Yet instead of stopping, she confesses to her fiance who quickly left her.

Beneath the profanely preposterous premise, "Stay" is a rather sweet and conventional love story that
perambulates around the notions of trust and acceptance. Interlacing his raw humor with tender notions,
writer Bob Goldthwait has certainly plopped down a surprisingly warm romantic comedy.

Please God, don't let the Democrats die on this "free speech" hill.


Oprah Changes Mind, Now Agrees with Bart


In a surprise reversal, Oprah Winfrey apologized to her national television audience this morning
for defending James Frey and said she now feels duped by the liar/ author of  "A Million Little Pieces."

"I made a mistake," a somber Winfrey said at the opening of the live show, "and I left the impression
that the truth does not matter, and I am deeply sorry about that because that is not what I believe."

Winfrey's apology and pointed questions about incidents and people in the book appeared to take
Frey by surprise as he sat across the couch from Winfrey today as they had done during a much
more convivial show four months earlier.

"It is difficult for me to talk to you because I really feel duped," Winfrey told a startled-looking Frey
who licked his lips often before speaking. "More importantly, I feel you betrayed millions of readers..
As I sit here today, I don't know what is true, and I don't know what isn't."

How could her political instincts have been so wrong?
Why did it take her two weeks to remember that the truth does matter?


Subject: Livingstone

I thought it was Larry Flynt that brought Livingstone down....
Refresh my memory....have we another conspiracy afoot here?

It was Flynt, but maybe Tom DeLay dropped a dime on the pervert.


Subject: Democrats

If the Dems don't filibuster Alito, it's time to finally give up on 'em.
They certainly haven't been of much use lately anyway (bankrupcy bill, CAFTA, etc.).


Dude, I hear you, and I get you, but we can't do that.
If I was twenty years old, and Bush was less of a fascist bastard King, maybe I'd have more interest
in starting a 40-year journey to rebuild the party starting with Nader's two percent and building on that.

But we can't afford to wait - we have to win right f-ing now.
We'd be better off picking a name from the phone book to be president, over the Giggling Murderer.

We have to hijack the pussified Democrat party and win that way.
What other choice do we have?

On Randi Rhodes yesterday, she asked Clinton-hater Jonathan Turley why the Dems are such cowards.
He said, "They're afraid they'll lose their next election if they speak up."


John Kerry will lose in Massachusetts if he acts like a Democrat?
That's horseshit!

Barbara Boxer will lose in California if she acts like a Democrat?
That's horseshit!

If nothing else, why can't they act like the brave bastards on Flight 93?
If you're gonna die anyway, why not die with some fucking honor?

Why go out like Tom Daschle or (sorry) Max Cleland?


You can be in BCR Show 88

Stand up to smears


As a veteran of Vietnam, I can't remain silent in the face of the "Swift Boating" of John Murtha.
Today, the very same smear tactics the "Swift Boat Veterans for Truth" used against Kerry are
being unleashed against Murtha. The radical right Web site Cybercast News Service has attacked
Murtha, claiming he was fraudulently awarded Purple Hearts for wounds received during two tours in Vietnam.

Administration supporters are hoping that by muddying the waters of Murtha's military record they can neuter
another of their most passionate and sincere critics.  Scott McClellan described Murtha's stance on the war as
"endorsing the policy positions of Michael Moore and the extreme liberal wing of the Democratic party."
Jean Schmidt said on the floor of the House of Representatives, "Cowards cut and run, Marines never do."

But when the Democrats refuse to fight back, the swift-boating works every time.
Democrats seem too stupid to learn that simple fact.
They can't understand the concept that zero punches thrown = zero punches landed.

The Democrats need a heaping dose of  bartcop.com.


Subject: Alito

While I do believe women should have the right to choose for themselves, my concern about Alito is not over the
abortion issue.  I fear that we will never again vote in a truly democratic election.   There is a very real possibility
that Bush will declare some form of marshall law and suspend the next election  to "protect us from the terrorists."

They conjure up another October Surprise, and a "majority" of the sheeple will support it.
Do "we the people" have the balls to rise up in this country to save democracy?

I agree - that's why Bush is stacking the court with people loyal to him, personally.
I can't believe we can't get a senator to stop this train wreck of a rape.


Now with working link!

 Chapter Fifteen - Drummond Electronics

An elite Republican cabal, led by the Vice President, conspires
to steal the 2008 presidential election. Confronted with devastating
poll numbers from the disasterous Islamic War, it sets in motion
the ultimate October Surprise, a terrorist attack upon the nation.

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Subject: Franken vs O'Reilly

Al Franken has noted several times on his program (and perhaps in his book) that his wife
worries about him going to Iraq.  SHe told him  that it's not fair that he goes but O'Reilly doesn't.

"It's not his  fault," Franken says of O'Reilly failing to volunteer to entertain the troops.
"He can't help it if he has no talent...".



Subject: Hillary wars 


We can't argue about this for the next 30 months,
so let's get it out of the way now.

How do we do that?
We list simple questions that you have to answer to get published.

If you can't answer them, maybe your position is just smoke.



Have you made your TV signs yet for Bush's State of the Union speech?
There will be big prizes for the top few winners.

The speech is Tuesday.

 Click  Here  for some good examples


Subject: Alito and abortion

I wonder if VA in Texas has read the book "A Handmaid's Tale?"
In it, every woman suddenly finds one day that their ATM cards don't work any more,
their credit cards are refused, and they are completely at the mercy of men.

I agree with Randi that no one will repeal the abortion rights because they would then
have to run against it all over the country on the state level and would no longer have
an instant fund raiser on the federal level.

Alito's main danger is that he will ALWAYS favor the corporation over the individual.

I'm reminded of the 1970s movie "Rollerball" where corporations rule the world and
use the Rollerball game to show that teamwork wins and individual effort loses.

Leland R


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"I'm getting a delightful picture here of Wal-Mart surrounding Chicago.
  I'd love to see Wal-Mart surrounding Maryland at the same time."
       -- Rush Limbaugh, rambling in his syphilitic fever,


Subject: Let's google our way to Lynn V Cheney, lesbian pornographer

Better yet , look up 'abject sexual vassals" and "lesbian frontier women" and see
if the name Lynn V.Cheney comes up. They are phrases used in her novel Sisters.

"`Let us go away together, away from the anger and imperatives of men. We shall find ourselves
a secluded bower where they dare not venture. There will only be the two of us, and ... in the evenings
I shall read to you while you go work your cross-stitch in the firelight. And then we shall go to bed,
our bed, my dearest girl,' Miss Travers had written to Helen."


  Click  to  Order

Damn, I like girl on girl porn!
Lynn Cheney could get a job with Larry Flynt.

Here's a real reader review:

This story of a Washington wife who leaves her powerful husband to join a womyn's commune is
charged with the kind of eroticism you just don't expect from the Second Lady of the United States.
I was amazed at how graphically Ms. Cheney details the commune's daily "massage classes" and
their predictable free-for-all aftermaths, while at the same time delivering a devastating critique of
phallocentric discourse in modern culture. I can't wait for the sequel, in which the Sisters declare war
against the male-dominated multinational corporation that is threatening to foreclose on their commune.
Four Stars!


"Head-On" is now listed with iTunes and is
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Poll: Impeachment Fever Growing


The word "impeachment" is popping up increasingly these days and not just off the lips
of liberal activists spouting predictable bumper-sticker slogans.

After the unfounded claims about Iraq's WMDs and Bush's spying without warrants, mainstream
politicians and ordinary voters are talking openly about the possibility that Bush could be impeached.
So is at least one powerful senator, Arlen Specter, R-Pa., chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee.

So far, it's just talk.  But a new Zogny poll showed 52 percent thought Congress should consider impeaching
Bush if (?) he spied without court approval, including 59 percent of independents and 23 percent of Republicans.


Subject:  Where are the Democrats?

About the only thing that the Democrats have going for them right now is that they aren't Republicans,
and they aren't doing a very good job on that issue. As the vote for an extreme right wing Bush puppet
is about to be put on the Supreme Court to further turn America into a fascist state, the Democrats are
missing in action in the war to protect freedom and liberty.

If the Democrats aren't going to be the opposition party then why should we vote in the 2006 elections?

Marc Perkel
San Francisco, CA.


Marty's Entertainment Page

always has good stuff.


"Mel Gibson, big conservative. Go on over, Mel, anytime. They'd be glad to see you.
  They all love Braveheart. I think Rush Limbaugh should, you know, pop a few of those
  Oxycontin that he probably still has laying around and go over. I mean, I'm not saying
  go straight, he's got to take the edge off, but put your money where your mouth is,
  O'Reilly, go do a book tour or something over there."
       -- Kathy Griffin, who tells hilarious stories about her gig in Afghanistan,Link

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Subject: Bartcop doesn't know history, only how to defend Clinton.
Posted by blm on DU forum

Undergod love ya' bart, but did it ever occur to you that
there is only one reason BushInc has so much power today?

Because Clinton decided to MOVE ON from investigations of IranContra and BCCI
right when they were proving the worst about the BFEE.
He didn't want poor Poppy Bush to feel pressure in his retirement.
How nice.

I haven't read Clinton's book, and I think that was a bad move. If Clinton assumed they'd
treat him like a human being if he treated them the same way, then he learned a valuable lesson
about dealing with facist dogs that he should have learned when he was a lot younger.

They paid him back by fabricating "scandals" and paying the whore press to throw gas on it so
they could get revenge on his long-haired, dope-smoking, war-protesting ass via impeachment.

Remember, Bob Barr looked into impeachment protocol before anyone knew who Monica was.
They were always going to impeach him - they just had to fabricate a "crime" to get the ball rolling.


Kanye West as Jesus


Kanye West, with a crown of thorns atop his head, poses as Jesus Christ on the new Rolling Stone.
The outspoken rapper defends his brash attitude inside the magazine's pages.

The strangest tangent however, is when West says he's addicted to pornography.
He remembers first seeing his father's Playboy magazine when he was 5 years old.

I like Kanye West.
I like several of his songs and I like what he said about Bush.

Nobody else had the balls to say, "George Bush doesn't care about black people,"
even tho everyone knows it's true.  Kanye had the balls to risk his career by being honest.
Plus, it's important that we hate him for taking the rap crown back from a white guy, right?

And his porn "addiction?"  There he goes again with that damn honesty.
Show me a man who doesn't like to see pretty women naked and I'll show you a gay man.

He's going to have to screw up BIG time to get on my bad side.


Subject: Japanese cars 


Your argument is simplistc, shallow and really uninformed.

I sure hope you're here to straighten me out.
I haven't had a good straightenin' in a long time.


Spooky Sidebar

I got used to a lack of radio feedback a long time ago, but this time, it's been four days
and I have yet to see even the slightest hint that anyone has heard BCR 87.

You know me - never one to complain - but I'd feel better knowing someone had heard it.
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I'll give a 90 day subscription to the first person who can give me a quote from BCR 87
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Reagan's Shotgun Wedding


Ronald Reagan had major character flaws: Our only divorced president (on the grounds of "mental cruelty"),
forced to marry a pregnant Nancy in a shotgun wedding, was greatly influenced by astrology in events,
senility by 1983, surrounded by corruption and incompetence and found guilty of "failing to meet presidential
obligations" (bottom of link), and investigated for being a Communist in 1947.

Ronald Reagan was not a good president: Campaigned for 16 years, since his Goldwater acceptance speech
and won in 1980 on a balanced budget platform, yet the first thing he did was massively increase the deficit,
and for wholly political reasons said his Budget Director. This is the biggest flip-flop in US political history,
and it drove conservatives crazy.


Subject: Kerry filibuster

You southern stupid redneck bitch.

To tell a family secret, my family was Dutch.
I'm Southern by romance.
I'm stupid as per God's plan.
I own guns, so maybe I'm a redneck,
but if I am, I guess that'd make you a blackneck.

Or, you could suck me.

Kerry is making personal calls from Davos, Switzerland to all Democratic Senators
(Davos is not in the United States, Bart, if you were wondering).

ha ha
I stay awake at night wondering about just that.

Kerry is not simply "asking" for filibuster, he is leading it,
and initiating it as you write your Clintonista screed.

Dude, I hope you're writing this from your home.
I'd hate to think you'll be driving after you hit "Send."

Don't get me wrong, fathead, I do not intend to vote for either Kerry or the calculating Hilary in 2008.

So, are you a Hillary hater or a Bush lover?
There's sawbuck in it for you if you can explain the difference.

But you are not privy to the facts, son, so truth would probably be better served
if you would keep your fucking uninformed mouth shut.


ha ha

Dad, let's you and I play some high stakes poker.
I'll explain the "broke" in Brokeback Mountain to you,

...and make you like it.


"I'm a commodities trader - warm bodies for oil."

 Iraq pumps 2,000,000 barrels a day,
(and that was before the 2002 Halliburton Upgrade)
 times today's oil price which is  $66.26 a barrel
makes $133,520,000 Bush stole just yesterday

2237   2239 have died for Halliburton

How many more, Monkey?

Bush's gusher of blood.


Saint Hillary


Allow us to refresh the scandalous record, starting with her central role in Travelgate.
This, you'll recall, was one of the first in the parade of scandals we know as the Clinton administration.

There is fresh evidence that Hillary ordered the purge of career White House Travel Office officials to make
room for the Clintons' cronies from Arkansas and used the FBI and IRS to persecute those innocent workers.

Note: Billy Dale was caught with government money in his personal checking account.
           In non-political circles, that's called "stealing."

New details of her involvement come from the FBI official who wrote the Travelgate report to Congress.
I.C. Smith, head of the bureau's Arkansas field office at the time, calls "absurd" Hillary's claims that she
had only a limited role in the affair.

"It was Hillary Clinton's former Rose Law Firm partners, Vince Foster and Bill Kennedy, who were
obviously feeling the pressure" to frame Travel Office chief Billy Dale and others who got in the way.
"Combine that with the appearance of longtime Hillary confidantes Bernard Nussbaum and Patsy
Thomasson on the scene, and it was clear to me that Hillary was the one applying the pressure."

"It was clear to me...?"
That's what passes for "evidence" when they need to destroy our front-runner.

I see evidence that there are two kinds of Democrats:
The ones who sheepishly hide under a bed and beg "Please don't hurt me," and the pro-active,
Hillary-hating, take-action suiciders who don't think our front-runner must be stopped.

Well, I guess there is a third type - the ones who are fighting Bush and pulling for our front-runner.
If you ever run into a "third type" Democrat, could you tell him or her about  bartcop.com?


Subject: Stern still censored?

Hello Bart,

There was some buzz on the radio yesterday about how Howard Stern and other
XM/Sirius shows are now on a delay system and are getting censored.

Apparently, the service providers are trying to put some "controls" in place *before*
there's government regulation. The tone of the news is that they're responding out of fear.

I do not have XM/Sirius just now, and haven't been able to confirm this yet.
None of this comes as a surprise however.

Thanks for all you do,

Ray, my first guess is you heard wrong.
I have XM, and they have an uncensored comedy channel that uses all kinds of F words
and they have a uncensored rap channel that you could use to peel paint off your garage.

Granted, XM and Sirius are different companies, but letting Richard Pryor and George Carlin
go wild while censoring Howard Stern doesn't make a lot of sense.

But - Bush wants his federal government to intrude on every aspect of everyone's lives,
so you could be right.   If only the Republicans believed in smaller goverment.


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 Did Bush earn the medals he wore?
 Is the bastard playing dress-up again?


Joaquin Phoenix Uninjured in Car Accident


Joaquin Phoenix's car overturned on a canyon road and collided with another
vehicle after his brakes went out, but there were no reports of injury, police said.

Phoenix was driving eastbound above Sunset Strip about 2:50 p.m. when he realized
his brakes were not working, said police.  He lost control of his car, which overturned
and hit another vehicle also headed eastbound, Lee said.

His publicist said that Phoenix was wearing his seat belt and walked away from the scene.

Reminder: You have to wear your seat belt - every time. No excuses
If you wear a seat belt and don't drive drunk, you probably won't die in a car.


Paula Abdul AWOL from 'Idol' Panel


Paula Abdul stood up a couple hundred critics and reporters, the show's
executive producers and her fellow judges -- who then hung her out to dry.

Almost immediately, Randy Jackson and Simon Cowell began to verbally wink at critics,
as if to say "This is not our lie; we're not lifting this lie, we have no investment in this lie
-- we're too busy with our own lies."


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