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  Show 89 is up 

Thu-Frid  Feb 23-24, 2006   Volume 1714 - Castle of whores

Quote of the Day

"Bush hasn't vetoed a bill in five years. 
 Turns out his line in the sand can be 
found in the deserts of the UAE."  
 -- Arianna Huffington, on his veto threat,   Link

In Today's Tequila Treehouse...
Ports & the Hariri Hit
Bush the Butcher 
Deal w/ the Devil 
Iraq Vet Kills Wife
2004 election "fair"
I Hate the Constitution 
What happened 9-11?
Osama and the Ports 
Cali Flockhart Returns



"So what do we ask for first?
A brain or a heart?"

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"We advise you to exercise a high degree of caution in the
  United Arab Emirates because of the high threat of terrorist attack."
      -- Australia, issuing an alert on Bush's new partners last Sunday, Link


Ports & the Hariri Hit
  by Robert Parry at  consortiumnews.com


The Bush administration is letting the United Arab Emirates take control of six key U.S. ports despite
its own port's reputation as a smuggling center used by arms traffickers, drug dealers and terrorists,
apparently including the assassins of Lebanon's ex-Prime Minister Rafik Hariri.

Press accounts have noted that the UAE's port of Dubai served as the main transshipment point for Pakistani
nuclear engineer Abdul Q. Khan's illicit transfers of materiel for building atomic bombs as well as the location
of the money-laundering operations used by the Sept. 11 hijackers, two of whom came from the UAE.

"Perry blew the whistle on my Daddy in Iran-Contra..."


Bush the Butcher


This is another example of the Bush administration's propensity for circumventing legal statute by claiming 
an omnipotent presidential right to do so. It appears Bush and Gonzales, believe the President is bound to 
no known laws, if he, as President, decides the laws simply do not apply.

Assuming any President had such power, which none ever has, and Bush did manage to circumvent the Geneva 
Conventions and US War Crimes Act -- all based upon a determination that al-Qaeda and the Taliban are not 
covered by either legal requirement -- how could Gonzales or Bush rationalize the torture at Abu Ghraib?



"There have been some dumb decisions since the 9-11 attacks, but the decision
  to sell port operations in New York, Miami, New Orleans to a company owned
  by the United Aran Emerates may be the dumbest of all."
        -- Cal Thomas, seeing the light after allllllllll these years Link


Subject: privitization and globalization

While we wern't looking, the executive dept of the US (and of many states as well) "privitized" nearly everything.

What this really means is that (similar to what happened in Russia after the fall of the USSR) government functions
were turned over to corporations who made a handsome profit delivering worse services than the government
had formerly delivered.  This greatly increased the opportunity  for graft & corruption.
But nobody cared - because, as I said, nobody was looking.

Now that the commander in chief is about to turn over the running of our ports to a government implicated
in the terrorism of 911 people have started to look.  Imagine that!

Maybe they will notice that the government through its inane trade policy has also exported our vital basic industries
& our manufacturing jobs to slave labor countries - many of which are using our consumer shopping dollars to build
up their military threat against us.  (When you see China's military build up you see "Your Walmart Dollars At Work".)

The most sinister part of all this is that a world wide propaganda campaign waged by big media on behalf
of big transnational corporations has convinced nearly everyone that privatization and globalization are inevitable
and a (just dandy) "New World Order".

Will we wake up at last?  Stay tuned.


Bush's Deal with the Devil


The Bush family has always had a deal with the devil.

As Kevin Phillips, the man who originally crafted the GOP "Southern Strategy" for Nixon,
told BuzzFlash, the Bush family only excels at two things: corporate cronyism and stealing elections.

So it came as no surprise to us that the secret, labyrinthian corporate cronyism of the Bush Dynasty would
ultimately unfold in a betrayal as bold as turning over our port security to a nation that has enjoyed close ties
with Osama and Al-Qaeda. After all, Bush went to war with Iraq when it was Saudi Arabians who were the
primary financiers of Al-Qaeda and the Wahabi religious faction nurtured by the Saudi royal family is the
leading Islamic promoter of terrorism against the West.

It has nothing to do with Dubai being an Arab nation (that would be racist); it has everything to do with Dubai
(as part of the United Arab Emirates) cozying up to the terrorists who threaten us in order to buy them off and
prevent an overthrow of their corrupt sheikdom, as is the case in Saudi Arabia.



"Bush said he wanted those who are critical and questioning of this port deal to "step up and explain why."
Well, Mr. President, to equate any country to your principal partner in the coalition ignores that special 
relationship this country's enjoyed with the United Kingdom for decades and decades. Dubai Ports World 
is a UAE government controlled and owned company.  The money used to fund the 9/11 attacks, most of it, 
was sent to the hijackers through the UAE banking system. The UAE stonewalled U.S. efforts to track 
al Qaeda bank accounts after 9/11. In addition, the Emirates does not recognize Israel. And the UAE was a 
transfer point for shipments of nuclear technology to Iran, North Korea and Libya. And if those aren't good 
enough reasons, I would just suggest I'm at a complete loss to offer what might be considered good reasons." 
     -- Lou Dobbs,  another right-winger who has turned of this crooked president  Link


Iraq takes a turn for the worse


An unidentified group of people (American soldiers?) destroyed the golden dome of one of Iraq's
holiest Shiite shrines Wednesday, setting off an unprecedented spasm of sectarian violence.

  Askariya Shrine before Bush

 Askariya Shrine after Bush

The bombing of the Askariya shrine in Samarra has sparked a wave of violence that seemed to push 
Iraq closer to all-out civil war than at any point in the three years since Monkey's illegal oil snatch started.

Bart's Law #12

 Betting on the Middle East to get worse is a guaranteed win.



"Bush is now saying he'll veto any legislation that stops the UAE from taking over US seaports.
  Bush is choosing sides, and he's choosing an Arab oil country over our national security interests."  
     -- John Aravosis,    Link


Subject: Iowa caucus


The writer who said there is no paper trail at the Iowa Caucuses is ignorant.
I have been a precinct committeeman since 1976.  When the people come to the caucus
they sign in and declare their choice or declare uncommitted.  This form is in triplicate.

One copy goes to the county auditor, one copy goes to the state headquarters,
the last copy is kept by the caucus chair.  These copies are required to be kept for one year.

Kerry won the caucus because more people showed up and supported Kerry.
If another candidate wanted to challenge it the have three sources to get a paper record
on how people went on caucus night.

Perry in Iowa

Subject: Iowa caucus

I am a Democrat county chair in Iowa.
We called the results into a an outfit that may not be trustworthy, but every caucus had a written record
in triplicate, signed by a representative of every candidate that had at least 15% support at that caucus.
One copy sent to the state party, one to the county auditor (local commissioner of elections) and one
sent to the county chair.  There is a paper trail!!

Until the left can tell the truth, we are sure to lose.



What really happened on 9-11?


Essentially, it's all about physics and common sense. Cut steel, and buildings fall.
Crash a plane, and the Earth gets scarred. Fire a missile; see a hole.
What's up must come down, cause makes effect, and for the truth to set you free, it must be freed itself.

In the basement of St. Mark's Church, they have seen the light. Among the 100 or so people in the room,
many wear buttons that read "9/11 Was An Inside Job."

All of them suspect - and a few simply know - that their government was somehow complicit in 9-11.


Subject: Cheney shooting not an accident

Rule one in hunting: Keep your finger OFF the trigger
Rule two in hunting: Do not squeeze the trigger unless your target is clearly visible.

Conclusion: Cheney doesn't know jack shit about hunting.  All that macho bullshit is pure posturing.

It was a faux hunt (farm raised fat birds) by a faux hunter.
Sound familiar?


For all we know, these "hunting trips" are about getting laid and getting drunk.


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Subject: Capitol Hill Blue.com

Bart, you wrote:

> Note: Capitol Hill Blue is possibly as reliable as The Onion.

What makes you say this?

Lowell, I've never seen a CHB story verified.
They always get a "scoop" that nobody else saw and nobody can prove it's true.

For instance: If I reported the "scoop" that Bush got drunk Fuzzy Navels
and slapped Pickles around the White House, but nothing was ever heard about it
and the accusation was never verified, ...did I really have a scoop at all?

If I'm wrong, straighten me out. 


If you heard any of BCR 89,

...can you recommend a snippet we could use for a sampler?

Best way to do that is to write,

"Bart, I like the Muhammed cartoon bit you did from 14:10 to 22:30 in Part 1."


Iraq Vet Loses Control
 Bush's greed will echo for decades


Witnesses said Spc. Brandon Bare, 19, of Wilkesboro, N.C., had enrolled in treatment programs 
for anger management and combat stress after his return from Iraq. He was having trouble controlling 
his anger and didn't like that his wife was going out and partying.

(Lots of gory details you didn't need to read.)

Bare was charged with premeditated murder.

If Bush wasn't so greedy, Brandon Bare would never have been to Iraq, he would be
a normal, regular dude without PSTD and his young wife would still be going to parties.


Subject: Bird Flu is coming

…why, all of a sudden, is Bill Bennett, Sean Hannity, Fox News, etc. so concerned that a pandemic is possible.  

I mean surely these guys must have read what the World Health Organization wrote a year ago.  
I guess they figured they would save it until the inevitable civil war broke out in Iraq.  
Which reminds me, it sure does look like elections in Iraq work just as well as ours here in America.  
Our Great Leader sure knows what he's doing.

B Henderson

I'm worried about this Bird Flu.
We could get hit hard, and as millions die, Bush and Condi would say,
"Nobody could have predicted it would be this bad," as the networks
line up to excuse another mega-disaster from the Murder Monkey.

Then Poppy and Rummy would sell their "secret Bird Flu cure" at ultra-gouge prices with 
GOP-passed legislation that their drug company could never be sued for any reason.

They call it "tort reform."


GOP: 2004 election "free and fair"


The Republican Party says the 2004 Presidential election was free and fair and 
rejected accusations from the opposition as the complaints of "bad losers." 
"We are satisfied. The FEC and security services did their bit and the voters conducted themselves well," 
Scott McClelland told Reuters. "I think the Democrats are bad losers"

The Democrats complained of "multiple irregularities" in the polls and may challenge the result in court.
Democrats fighting back?  That tells you this story is fake


Try not to shoot Harry

Why I Hate the US Constitution
   by Nancy "I'm a victim" Grace


"When people say defense lawyers are just doing their jobs and are necessary for our system, 
 you could say that about a lot of people - like the guards at Auschwitz."

"For Grace, anyone who has been charged must be guilty," TV critic Matt Zoller Seitz wrote last year. 
Grace "never goes a day without blowing a gasket over whatever case she happens to be discussing 
... throwing journalistic objectivity in the nearest dumpster, slamming defense attorneys as pimps in 
fancy suits and declaring defendants guilty because, ...well, ...they just seem guilty."

"No civil rights
 for the accused!"


Subject: Why did Bush give our ports to the UAE?

Because the UAE gave him $1M for his daddy's library



 by Alec Baldwin


"I want to apologize to all of the readers of this blog for referring to Cheney as a terrorist. I suppose that 
one would be hard-pressed to refer to anyone other than a militant Arab fundamentalist who hijacks a plane 
or a Palestinian who bears a bomb into a cafe as a terrorist. How about something more measured, then? 
How about...a lying, thieving Oil Whore."



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Subject: right-wing assholes 

I don't want to tell you how to run your website, but I think you should be more like Buzzflash. 
They don't allow any right wingers to invade their website. They ignore the right wingers who 
send them hate mail and they refuse to publish any kind of e-mail they recieve from right wingers. 

Why do you publish and respond to hate-filled comments from assholes righties? 
You should ignore them completely the way they deserve to be ignored.

Shirley D. J

Shirley, we do the comedy thing here at  bartcop.com
and what's funnier than a right-winger trying to debate?


Marty's Entertainment Page

always has good stuff.

Second thoughts about Bush


Bruce Bartlett slams Bush for his lack of conservative principles, charging the administration with 
"reckless spending increases, out-of-control deficits, relentless pandering to business interests, 
and a deliberate and willful contempt for policy analysis. The Bush White House...judges legislation 
not by whether it's conservative or liberal, but solely by whether it will gain the Republican Party a 
couple of percentage points of support among some voting bloc or other. Principle is nothing. 
Politics is everything."

But don't confuse Bartlett with a man who has 'seen the light' and is fleeing leftward. 
He's criticizing the administration for failing to be not conservative enough 

I was too young, but I guess Eisenhower was the last conservative Republican president?
Reagan and Monkey both set records for "most spending" and "biggest deficits."

I wonder what that's like - a conservative president.


They impeached Clinton for lying about sex..

Subject: Advice from Rude Rich

Below you will find the best Marriage Contract ever.
I can't find a single clause I disagree with.
It appears to be ironclad, since she is required to initial each and every clause.
Just ignore the description before the printed contract.
It was probably written by some henpecked homo.

> May not be safe to read at work <


You'll have to click the link to read the contract.
Be sure to have your intended sign all 4 pages.
Thank you and good luck in your negotiations.....

Rude Rich

Dude, I won't be showing that to Mrs. Bart.


Subject: Let's hope

The government of the country I love is not only lying to all of us, but it's also using abusive, destructive means 
to further its aggressive agenda. And guess what? Whenever they get caught red handed, rather than admit 
their own culpability, they become outraged at whoever it is that revealed what they've been up to!

The list of crimes is growing rapidly. 
When will people get fed up with this abusive, dishonest relationship?

Clinton's lie could have, and maybe should have, resulted in a divorce. But that was never our business! 
Bush's lies, on the other hand, have blazed a path of death and destruction.

Let's hope we can get out of this toxic, dangerous relationship before 
we all become victims of this blatant abuse of stolen political power.

Kathy T


 Iraq pumps 2,000,000 barrels a day,
(and that was before the 2002 Halliburton Upgrade)
 times today's oil price which is  $60.54 a barrel
makes $121,080,000 Bush stole just yesterday

2279  2287 have died for Halliburton



"We now have Bob Dole being hired as a lobbyist to influence - who? - HIS OWN WIFE. 
  Yes, Bob Dole's wife, the Bag O' Hairspray is a senator from Carolina.  How much sleazier 
  can you get than Dole being paid by a foreign government to lobby his own wife?"  
     -- John Aravosis,    Link


Yeah, we could be making all this up
 CapitolHillBlue.com  answers charges of fakery


Whenever we get a story ahead of other news outlets the naysayers crank up to full crescendo and accuse us 
a variety of transgressions - usually revolving around the claim that we "made the whole thing up."

That dominated the partisan bulletin boards Wednesday with our report that secret service agents said Cheney 
was drunk when he shot Harry Whittington.  It wasn't a story we went looking for. Three sources that said a 
Secret Service Agent filed a report claiming Cheney "appeared inebriated" while hunting on February 11.

Despite what the naysayers claim, we get it first and get it right.  

Just playing Devil's Advocate...
"Unnamed sources say an unnamed Agent filed a report that said Cheney appeared drunk and 
  that report then was sent to unnamed recipents for unspecified action to be potentially taken??"

...and they got the scoop on that?

I don't have the time or a reason to go after these guys, I just keep an eye on anybody 
who makes sensational claims without naming sources or providing any kind of verification.


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Osama, Saddam and the Ports


Bush clearly made no serious effort to ensure that the Dubai Ports Deal deal didn't endanger national security. 
Bush has spent the past four and a half years refusing to do anything serious about protecting the nation's ports.

So why did this latest case of sloppiness and indifference finally catch the public's attention? 
Because this time the administration has become a victim of its own campaign of fearmongering and insinuation.

Let's go back to the beginning. At 2:40 p.m. on Sept. 11, 2001, Rumsfeld gave military commanders orders. 
"Judge whether good enough hit Saddam @ same time - not only Osama," read an aide's handwritten notes 
about his instructions. "Hard to get a good case," the notes say. "Sweep it all up. Things related and not."

In other words - let's fabricate ourselves a war with an oil country we don't like.

So it literally began on Day 1. When terrorists attacked the United States, they immediately looked for ways 
they could exploit the atrocity to pursue unrelated goals - especially, but not exclusively, a war with Iraq.

But to exploit the atrocity, President Bush had to do two things. First, he had to create a climate of fear: 
Al Qaeda, a real but limited threat, metamorphosed into a vast, imaginary axis of evil threatening America. 
Second, he had to blur the distinctions between nasty people who actually attacked us and nasty people who didn't.


Subject: Evil oil men

Bart, you asked:

> "Would evil oil men lie to steal $6.25 billion dollars?"

Isn't that about the price of 6 East Coast Entry Ports? 



 Call the all new, toll-free 
 GOP callers Welcome (snicker)

The Cheapest Thing is Human Life


At the city's main mortuary yesterday corpses were piled in the corridors according to the districts where they
had been discovered. Periodically a policeman would shout the name of a district to the crowd outside and take 
families to see if they could find their missing men. There were no stretchers, sheets or shrouds. The bodies were 
simply identified, pulled from the piles, dumped into cheap coffins and removed from the building by any available 
transport. Some were simply tied to the roofs of taxis. "Don't cry," one man told his daughter. "We've got to get 
used to this by now. The cheapest thing in Iraq is a human."


Subject: My boy was in Iraq, too


So you worry every day, days when he can't e-mail are tense with dread.  You scan the
news for stories about the area you think he is near.  Every story of soldiers dying causes 
your stomach to knot - you feel relief when you learn it is not your boy & then feel guilty
for feeling that way because you know some other mom & dad have been devastated.


Americal Idol - Where sex doesn't sell?



Calista Flockhart returns to TV


Calista Flockhart has been tapped to star in ABC's drama pilot "Brothers & Sisters."


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