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WELCOME TO BARTCOP.COM A modem, a smart mouth and the truthNews and Commentary NOT Approved by Karl Rove, bcause vicious extremists can NOT be appeased.


Thursday   Oct 12, 2006  Vol 1854 - Nutjobs 

Quote of the Day

"When your opponent is drowning, 
  throw the son of a bitch an anvil."
    -- James Carville, right again,   Link

In Today's Tequila Treehouse...
Bush's Korean Bungle
Bush's Korea Mess 
Pombo and Abramoff
Rove's Oct. Surprise
Bankers rape America 
They call it FOX News
Arlen Specter a Crook? 
Flashback Trip reports 
Angelina Jolie rips 


Seen in Seattle



"The nuclear options left are dumb and dumber:  Either passively accept Pyongyang's
  defiant threats and ability to slip weapons-grade plutonium around the world, or launch
  an invasion that could spark a devastating attack on Seoul. Thank you, Mr. President.
  I feel so much safer now that we have a cowboy in charge of the free world."
      -- Robert Scheer,  Link

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Bush's Tough-Talkin' Korean Bungle
  by Robert Parry

Months before 9/11, Bush tested out his tough-talkin' diplomacy on North Korea. 
Bush combined harsh rhetoric and intimidating tactics to demonstrate to Pyongyang 
that there was a swaggering new sheriff in town.

In his first weeks in office, Bush cast aside Clinton's delicate negotiations that had 
hemmed in North Korea's nuclear ambitions. Bush then brushed aside worries of 
Colin Powell and South Korean President Kim Dae Jung about dangerous 
consequences from a confrontation.

At a March 2001 summit, Bush rejected Kim Dae Jung's détente strategy for dealing 
with North Korea, a humiliation for both Kim, a Nobel Peace Prize winner, and Powell, 
who wanted to continue pursuing the negotiation track. Instead, Bush cut off nuclear talks
with North Korea and stepped up spending on a "Star Wars" missile shield.

After 9-11, Bush got tougher still, vowing to "rid the world of evil"
and listing North Korea as part of the "axis of evil."

Where else but  can you get straight talk like that?
America's whore media continues to cover for the insane Bush monster.
They just outright lie to attempt to make him look better.

Last year, America was 24th on the list of countries with free speech m the media.
I wonder if we're still in the top 50?  is the most important site on the internet

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"What happens if an American President loses touch with reality
  and no one around him has the courage to intervene?
   -- Robert Parry, in an e-mail update,

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I love cold weather

Thank you God, for ending the constant 95 degree days.

Of course, the air-conditioner still runs non-stop.
If I get lucky, maybe we'll get to use the furnace this year.

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Used with permission


"We were used to hearing our own government calling us terrorists, Saddamists and Zarqawis
  before, but this [Bush puppet] added new words to the vocabulary like 'bastards.' Yet we were
  not surprised because we know he was just repeating what his American masters have said."
    -- Abu Omar, a law student in Iraq,  Link

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Solving the North Korea Mess
 by Jimmy Carter

What must be avoided is to leave a beleaguered nuclear nation convinced that it is permanently
excluded from the international community, its existence threatened, its people suffering horrible
deprivation and its hard-liners in total control of military and political policy.

For some reason, Carter is ridiculed for saving the lives of those 400 hostages taken by Iraq.
He's a "loser" because every one of those people came home alive.

Yet the American whore media constantly tells us what a "winner" Bush is, even though he's
managed to screw up the whole world and get 2754 soldiers killed (What time is it?)

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Subject: Her

Bart, you have said she is way ahead in the PRIMARY polls, but that does not equate to the election polls.

I'm sorry that She's waaaay the hell ahead of whoever you're supporting.

Those don't look so good for her.

Are you a gambler?

You say she is the front runner and biding her time.

Yes, she is the front0runner, farther in front than any Demo candidate in my memory.

Waiting for someone else to speek and wait to see if it is safe
to jump on the wagon is what the tutu goup does.

She's not waiting for someone else to speak because nobody else will and she knows that.
When Dean or Murtha speak, the Democrats disavow their words and then they apologize.
(Yes, I'm talking to you, Nancy Pelosi.)
Politics is timing and She's going to be president.

We want action now. This country needs action now.

We needed action in the summer of 2000, but we got the Gore campaign, instead.
We needed action in the summer of 2004, but we got the Kerry surrender, instead.
She's not going to surrender.

People ask what has she done to make her worthy of such a post.

ha ha
You want her to list the reasons why she's 20 points ahead?
What would be the upside of making such a list?

You have not (that I can remember) ever listed what she has done to prove herself.

Because making a list would be pointless.
When Eldrick puts the golf ball in the cup, does he need to make a list?
When a bowler knocks down all ten pins, does he need to make a list?
You seem to think she got Her 20 (or 25) point lead by accident.

You just keep repeating she is what we need and we all should support her. Why?

I plan to support the Demo nominee in 2008.
If you're tired of wars, rapes, amputees, spying and torture, vote for the Demo nominee..

A strong record of fighting for our causes and winning is what we want.

If She runs, She'll win.

Proving her ability to take a stand on the issues and defend it against all
the GOP talking heads is what we need to support her.

Are you confusing her with Gore or Kerry?
I predict both of them are smart enough to avoid Her steamroller in 2008.

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I thought McCain's hair was whiter than that...

Rep. Pombo and Abramoff
 Sitting in a tree, k-i-s-s-i-n-g

California Rep. Richard Pombo has insisted he was never lobbied by Jack Abramoff.
Records show Jack billed a client for at least two contacts with Pombo a decade ago.

The lobbying records show that Abramoff billed once for calls to Pombo, chairman of the House
Resources Committee, and a second time for a discussion with him, while lobbying in 1996.

On more than two dozen other occasions from 1996 through 2001, Abramoff associates called or
met with members of Pombo's staff, including his chief of staff, the records indicate. As the contacts
picked up, Pombo voted Abramoff's way on a bill important to Abramoff's clients.

Pombo spokesman Brian Kennedy disputed the reported contacts, saying direct lobbying by Abramoff
"never happened" and the staff-level contacts were "greatly inflated." Abramoff, who pleaded guilty in a
congressional corruption investigation, is "an admitted felon" who can't be trusted, Kennedy said.

Pombo is on the list of the Twenty most corrupt members of congress.

    Pombo                 Abramoff

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Subject: 650,000 dead in Iraq

bart, i work at johns hopkins - they do not get things like this wrong.
the best scientists in the world work here, bar none.  if they are wrong,
only 400,000 are dead, but it's very likely there are 600,000 dead or more.

when bush starts ragging on the results of the research, just laugh,
knowing that he couldn't understand the scientific method the hopkins
researchers used no matter how hard he tried.


I was in a hurry when I posted that and didn't learn until later that the
"controversial" study was done by one of the most respected institutions in America.

And you're right - the Giggling Murderer would kill (literally) for that kind of credibility.
But when the media backs up his lies, people get confused and sometimes Bush wins the tie.

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Is Harry Reid a Crook?
 At least he didn't sex up a House page

Harry Reid collected a $1.1 million windfall on a Las Vegas land sale even though
he hadn't personally owned the property for three years, property deeds show.

Reid also did not disclose an earlier sale in which he transferred his land to a company
created by a friend and took a financial stake in that company, according to the Whore AP.

The complex dealings allowed Reid to transfer ownership, legal liability and some tax consequences
to Brown's company without public knowledge, but still collect a seven-figure payoff nearly three years later.

Reid hung up the phone when questioned about the deal during an AP interview last week.

Reid has been a truly horrible Senate Minority Leader.
If any of this is real or true, I hope he resigns immediately.

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Bush's foreign policy for Iraq

Bankers rape the Middle Class
 Bastards gouging like the oil companies

For the study, six large credit card issuers provided data on interest rates and fees paid.
Their data showed that in 2005 nearly 80 percent of their accounts were assessed interest rates
of less than 20 percent, and more than 40 percent had rates below 15 percent. However, they
also reported 35 percent of their accounts paid late fees and 13 percent paid over-the-limit fees.  readers knew this a year ago.
They're simply stealing money, and when you catch them - they might apologize.
They're counting on you to be afraid to challenge them.

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Subject: GOP is hiding Foley

Just after Republican Mark Foley was caught trying to have sex with young boys he checked himself
into an alcohol rehab center supposedly to treat alcoholism even though he's not an alcoholic.
What Foley is really doing is hiding out till after the election.

He's avoiding the FBI and congressional inquiries that could really expose what happened.
I think it's time to call Foley out of hiding and have him face the consequences of his actions.
Hastert and the Republican leadership to stop helping Foley hide the truth.
To use a treatment center as a hideout from justice is just plain wrong.

Marc Perkel
San Bruno, CA.

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Get t-shirts Here


They call it FOX News?


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Ultimate Fighting Cats

Subject: I saw Del Castillo in LA

I discovered Del Castillo from your website.
I bought a CD from their website and LOVED it!
I went to see them open for Los Lonely Boys (Del Castillo was WAY better).

The show was Awesome!
The Vine Street Lounge is a very small place and I was right up in front of Rick and Mark.
They were incredible. They appear to LOVE their new percussionist. During the show Mark and
Rick would start smiling turn around to the percussionist obviously loving what he was doing.

After the last song, the singer, Alex, said to hang around and party with them. I did.
One fan had 'Del Castillo' stitched onto her jeans. Alex was talking to her and me and invited us backstage.

I went backstage and hung out with the band and their friends. Very nice people. I talked quite a bit
with Mark who explained how tight they are with the Garza brothers (Los Lonely Boys). In the old days,
Los Lonely Boys opened for Del Castillo!

The band was very generous - sharing food and tequila with everyone.
That was a major highlight - drinking a glass of Patron poured by Mark Del Castillo!

Thanks for turning me on to Del Castillo!


P.S. I go to a half-dozen political websites every day. Yours is my favorite.

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The net's best advertising deal

 advertise on

Is Arlen Specter a Crook?

The FBI is investigating whether a member of Sen. Arlen Specter's staff broke the law by
helping her husband, a lobbyist, secure almost $50 million in Pentagon spending for his clients.

In an Aug. 21 letter, FBI official Joseph Persichini Jr. told Specter, R-Pa., that the bureau is
investigating "allegations of possible criminal misconduct" by staff member Vicki Herson.
Persichini also asked for a copy of a report summarizing the results of an investigation of Siegel
and other Specter employees with relatives who are lobbyists. Specter's former chief of staff,
William Reynolds, carried out the investigation.

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Random thought...

We're losing a war in Afghanistan,
we're losing a war in Iraq,
we're about to start a third war in Iran,
North Korea got their nukes on Bush's watch...

But look at the good news:
Our UN ambassador is a walrus with a bad temper.


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Subject: Paris

Bart, no more Paris Hilton - PLEASE
Enough already

Whoever thought she was the least bit interesting?

Dude, I get that, but let me ask:
Did Mike Tyson deserve to earn $17 million dollars per minute?
Does Charlie Sheen deserve $350,000 per 30 minutes of  Two and a Half Dads?

America is what it is. The market is what it is.
Paris is constantly at the top of the search engines.

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Rove's October Surprise


What is Rove's October surprise?
The Bush team could have captured or killed Osama bin Laden,
and have been waiting to reveal this news closer to the election.

This election is far from over, and Bush and his cohorts are desperate.
Their entire agenda - not to mention their freedom from investigation, perhaps
indictment and even impeachment  - rests on a Republican victory on Nov. 7.

They will do anything to win.

Bush has to worry that if the Democrats gain control of one or both houses,
there's a teeny-tiny chance they might sac up (Stop laughing, I said might)
and investigate the worldwide crimes these crooked punks have committed.

   "Looking backwards never helps, we want to work with Bush!"

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Subject: tequila


The best tequila I have yet tasted that I can afford is one called Tequila Lapis Anejo.

It is real smooth, I mean, real smooth.  But one called Herradura Anejo is special to me.
Back in 1956 my old buddy Chalkeye Stewart and I were at a roadhouse called Taylor's Inn,
just south of Poteau, OK.  We were at a break in the music (Leon McAuliff and his Western Swing Band)
and Chalkeye pulls out this pint of moonshine he got from around Hartshorne, just east of McAlester.

It was a corn liquor, double run, charcoal filtered (using wood chips from the pithy center of the white
elm tree branch and browned real good in the oven, then a couple were dropped into the gallon jug
just before corking).  I have yet to taste a better whiskey after-taste.

Can't describe it, but it stays with me to this day.
The Herradura Anejo revisits that taste for me.
Priceless.   Chinaco is good, too.


I discovered Lapis at the Coyote Cafe in Santa Fe
(Warning - this trip report was written in my Blue Period,
 but there's a killer train whistle at the end.))

It was owned by the dude who owned the Red Sage in DC,
where our dinner check in 1998 came to $148.80 and I tipped smug-ass Cubby
$1.20 because he got all hissy on me when I asked for some f-ing salt.

Hey Cubby, I'm not a violent man by any measure, but...

After I wrote the Santa Fe story, the Red Sage owner wrote and he was upset
with my review but I quickly melted his heart with my Okie charm.

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'The best news in the field.'

Random thought...

As big and influential as  obviously is, (cough)
I don't recall anybody offering me a bribe to take a position.
Should I feel offended or complimented?

After almost 11 years, wouldn't you think someone would have sent $100 and said,
"Bart, go easy on [Israel, Tiger, Nugent, Catholics] and we'll send more." ?

But I gotta say, when Shirley got caught "knowing" a person who didn't exist,
I wasn't happy with the alleged, perceived misrepresentation that occured and
someone sent me $$50 and said, "Please don't stop running Shirley pictures."

..does that make me a whore?
This is Monkey mail bait.

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Subject: Stabenow

Seeing your slapdown of Tony M, I could not disagree with you more.

But don't you want to be on the right side?

Tony listed many of Stabenow's historical gaffs, and you come back
with "a vote against Stabenow is a vote for Bush".

Oh, so you are reduced to paraphrasing the insightful of you.
Basically, you are saying "you are either for us or agin us".

Unlike Bush's third-grade outlook on the options to fight terrorism,
our ONLY options at the voting booth is a Dem or a Repub.
If you don't vote Dem, you're helping Bush and the bloody oil bastards.

Stabenow is an embarrassment.  Period.


There is more at stake here than winning elections.

Wow, did you really say that?
(Bart does a shot...)

At stake is responsible governance.

I don't know what you're trying to say, but if.
the bad guys win, there won't be any "responsible governance."

Irresponsible legislators, regardless of party, deserve the boot.  Had Kerry stood up
and fought when he was Swift Boated, there would be no 2nd Bush term.

I agree with that 100%.
Kerry's cowardice will haunt us for decades.

Next time, I'll do all I can for any Dem who runs against Stabenow.
Hopefully, Michigan's own Ned Lamont will step up.

Robert Mac

That's cool, but vote for Stabenow this November.
We don't want to lose control of the Senate by one member.

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Marty's Entertainment Page

always has good stuff.

Click on the E!


"Any office I want!"
    -- Nancy Pelosi, stupidly bragging about winning back the House,
        when a reporter asked her which office she'd move to in January

I'm reminded of a Nightline Ted Koppel hosted in November of 1992.
He said Clinton, the night before the election, knew he'd already won
- for sure - but did he sit around bragging about his great victory?

No, we worked harder and harder into the wee hours,
giving speeches at airports after midnight to ensure the victory.

Meanwhile, Pelosi is shopping for furniture.

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Subject: How to tell if a Corvette owner is gay


I took about 30 pix with my phone camera to be sure I got one that you could read
...and how did THIS one get by the censors???? Maybe it IS italian!!

I called my husband and said, "I'm driving behind a gay guy
in a white corvette -- ask me how I know he's gay..."


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The HL's Del Castillo Review

As Bart says both these guys are awesome guitar players. During the songs they would take turns,
one would play lead while the other strummed chords and played rhythm, they kept switching back
and forth and were really getting into it. These guys have been playing together for at least 30 years
since they were kids, and know each other so well that one knows what the other is thinking.
The band also has a great drummer, Conga player and singer. The show lasted a little over an hour
and was excellent. I can't wait to see the Kill Bill movies again, so I can check them out on the soundtrack.
Quentin Tarantino rules afterall. Pulp Fiction is one of my favorite movies ever. Anyway the show was great.
Bart, you should definitely get these guys to play, and the Austin Tequilafest. I didn't get to meet the band
as I had to run out right after the show. But I still had a great time.

Note: we could never afford to have them play, but we can hold the Austin Tequilafest
on a date when they're already booked to play a local club - that serves fine tequila?
Maybe we'll ask the club owner to stock up on the good stuff.

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 Iraq pumped 3.5M barrels daily before Bush invaded
 and then they got their 2003 Halliburton upgrade

Bush's oil gouge, which is going to $100a barrel
makes $350,000,000 Bush will steal every day.

No wonder they were so eager to start a war,

stealing  $350,000,000 every day.

It's the biggest theft in Earth's history.

Bush's "Bring 'em on" death taunt is up to...

2754....2755 American victims

We lost 1  more since yesterday.

 "Bush's war costs $2 billion a week."
   -- so by all means, stay the course?

Bush has killed more
Americans than Osama.

Subject: Gonzales


Hitler's officials and generals told him that the Geneva conventions were "quaint and obsolete"
This was on the John Elliot show who subs in Malloy's time slot here in Seattle


The Bush parallels to Hitler are amazing and never-ending.

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TV Stuff

Dave has pretend newswoman Perky McCouric.
Kimmel has can't-hold-still Robin Williams.

It's not every day that a show kills off its leading man seven epsiodes into the first season.
TV Guide says that their star, Gale Harold, became a pissy diva on Vanished, which is a
decent show with some plotholes I could fix, (They never call me!) so they canned his ass.

Last episode, the Republican shooter put 5-6 shots in his no-vest chest.
He was deader than the chances of Senator Macacawitz winning in November.
What makes a nobody go all "diva" and ruin his chances for tremendous success?

On the-sky-is-falling Survivor, the tribes merged so America will survive and on C.S.I.,
they have Britney's husband K-Fed, who can't be as bad as the talking corpses from last week.

Saturday: Wanda Sykes first special on HBO.
I predict 1/3 of the show will be politics.
Sunday: Jon Stewart's Autism Fundraiser on Comedy Central.
They promised they were going "uncensored," and everyone is going to be there.

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Subject: Barbara Streisand

Keith Olberman reported that the guy who heckled Streisand was a paid professional heckler.
Think the GOP (Gays Or Pedophiles) might have anything to do with it?


That would explain the wall-to-wall American whore media coverage of the non-event.

When you own the media, you can make the trivial seem important and you can make
2755 bodybags from a never-ending war nothing to be concerned about.

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Subject: fake diploma story

Here's an article about 135 Federal employees buying fake diplomas, with a child porn bonus....

Wondering how many of these folks (not to be identified until trial
- long after the elections, of course) are repugs.

Wonder what else there might be to this story, as well.
Joe Bro

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Angelina Jolie rips the West



Angelina Jolie says it is shocking that refugees are being turned into hate figures 
in rich countries in an attempt to win elections or sell newspapers. 
The UN goodwill ambassador said people in the West did not seem to care.

"It's a scandal, really, in such a rich world, that we are not even finding a way to 
help feed refugee families properly."

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