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WELCOME TO BARTCOP.COM A modem, a smart mouth and the truthNews and Commentary NOT Approved by Karl Rove, bcause vicious extremists can NOT be appeased.

BCR Show 116 is here!

Cinco de Mayo Weekend  May 4-7, 2007  Vol 1972 - Royal Monkey

Thanks to Mo Paul

Quote of the Day

"People don't understand how it can be 
  very distracting when Helen Thomas 
  asks questions. When you start to answer, 
  she just keeps talking."
    -- Dana Perino, lightweight, Link

 What Dana means is - when she refuses to 
 answer the question, Helen insists on one.

In Today's Tequila Treehouse...
Tenet's Disgrace 
Hillary's F-ing Business 
God's Wrath in Kansas 
Slur and Outrage 
France elects Monkey 
Monkey Mail 
Setting the Table
Condi's Smoking Gun? 
Paris Hilton - Jailbird



"Research into Stone Age humans now argues that far from having intercourse
  simply to reproduce, they had sex for fun. One thing we know for sure, folks,
  and that is this: Stone Age sex toys were cordless."
    -- the vulgar Pigboy, trying to be funny

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Tenet's Disgrace
 by Ray McGovern

On "60 Minutes," Tenet explained what he meant when he uttered "slam dunk"  -  the words he says
have now been distorted to blame him for the war in Iraq. What he says he meant was simply:
"We can put a better case together for a public case." (sic)

Tenet still doesn't get it. Those of us schooled in the craft and ethos of intelligence remain in wide-mouthed
disbelief, perhaps best summed up by veteran operations officer Bob Baer's recent quip:

"So, it is better that the 'slam dunk' referred to the ease with which the war could be sold?
I guess I missed that part of the National Security Act delineating the functions of the CIA - the part
about CIA marketing a war. Guess that's why I never made it into senior management."

Tenet got his "Heckuva job" Medal of Freedom for keeping quiet about the Neo-con's plans.
Does this mean he has to give the medal back?

He told Tom Brokaw he didn't resign if protest because, "I had a job to do."
If we was ordered to herd Jews into railroad cars, would he still "have a job to do?"

If a fake war for personal greed isn't worth resigning over - what is?

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Hillary's F-ing Business
 How has this crookess stayed out of prison? - by Greg Palast

Sam Walton called Hillary, "My little lady." Sam paid her an eyebrow raising sum for a director - equal to
60% of her entire not-insubstantial salary as a lawyer. By contrast, Wendy Diaz (her real name), a 13-year-old
in Honduras, was paid 25 cents an hour to make shirts for the "little lady's" label.

Hillary's rake-in was made possible by Wal-Mart's 100% union-free operation and out-sourcing of 100%
of its manufacturing, some to prison factories in China. Now, you could say that Hillary couldn't hear the
screams of the kiddies in Kamp Wal-Mart in Honduras.

Hillary is pure evil.
She's worse than the BFEE and the terrorists combined.
Palast is gonna shit when she takes the oath.
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Subject: your Hillary problem


She is divisive.  She is self-absorbed.  She has a bad image.

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God's Wrath in Kansas
 And their National Guard is in Iraq

        "It looks like Hiroshima," said one of God's victims.


Rescue crews on Sunday combed piles of debris where homes and businesses 
once stood in Greensburg, Kansas, in a meticulous search for survivors of a killer tornado.

By nightfall searchers had not found anyone else -- alive or dead -- in the rubble, leaving the 
twister's toll at eight dead in Greensburg and one dead in nearby Pratt County as a result of 
Friday night's twister. At least 50 people were injured, some critically.

Some 90 percent of the businesses and homes in Greensburg, a town of about 1,800, 
were damaged or destroyed when the mile-wide tornado and winds of 165 mph ripped through.

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"Our Homeland Security is run by the religiously insane.
 These people - who we trust with our lives - have a panic attack
 if they get a two-second glance at Janet Jackson's titty."
   -- Lewis Black

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Cruise the Mexican Riviera with Mike & Kathy Malloy!

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Hurry! Cabins are selling out!

Subject: Sheryl Crow


You were wrong, just admit it.
Don't bluster.  You sound like a repug.

I think you should wear the Pink Tutu,
cause you didn't know it was a joke,
and you didn't fight back
against the Reich-Wing Sound Machine.

You threw in the towel.

Tustin, CA

When you say I was wrong, you're making one of two claims:
Sheryl didn't say what she said,
She said it, but no harm was done to the movement.

Which way would you like to argue that?

If, every time a Democrat does something self-destructive, I'm "throwing in the towel,"
I'd better order a shitload of towels.

And yep, I figure that's how I'll be remembered:
He didn't fight back against the Republicans.

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France elects Monkey
 Is it OK to use mustard again?


The win gave Sarkozy a strong mandate for his vision of France's future: He wants to free up labor markets,
calls France's 35-hour work week absurd and plans tougher measures on crime and immigration.

"The people of France have chosen change," Sarkozy said in a speech that sketched out a stronger global role
for France and renewed partnership with the United States.

America's Murder administration welcomed Sarkozy's election as an opportunity to strengthen relations with France.
"We certainly look forward to cooperation with the fags, I mean the French," snorted Tony Snow with a giggle.

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"Anyone stupid enough to join the military ...ought to be able to."
   -- Bill Hicks,

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Subject: Gas-out chain letter

Hiya Bart, longtime reader without the option of paying just yet.

I write is to help you keep ahead of the idiots that pretend they're saving the world
by not buying gas for one day.  I found this on Snopes.

If people wanted to help, they'd all write their congressmen and demand alternative fuel,
like hydrogen, be granted a large amount of money for research. Or selling their SUV and
buying something a little fuel efficient would hurt oil profits enough for someone to take notice.

Keep swinging, brother.

I don't think oil companies care if you fill up on Tuesday or Wednesday.
They have a monopoly and they gouge because they can.

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Check out

Bart vs the Priest - Part One


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Slur and Outrage
Other Watergate hero turns whore

All you ever read about Hillary is how the American electorate hates her, and yet the only reason
you're reading about her in the first place is that she is, in effect, 50% of the candidacy for leadership
of the Democratic party. Somebody, surely, must like her.

Carl Bernstein is dishing the dirt that contrary to what she's said, she did know about Bill and his
affair with Gennifer Flowers. Or at least, she probably knew.

The greatest outrage is that the next accusation will be that she isn't a "heavyweight".
Misogynist opinion sees no contradiction in reducing any given woman to a series of soap opera and/or
biological roles - and then, using this as "evidence", levelling at her the charge that she isn't serious-minded!

If she's not a heavyweight, why is Bernstein writing a book about her sex life?

I thought Bernstein was the non-whore half of that team.
Looks like the Woodword-Bernstein team is all whore now.

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It pays to advertise on

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Subject: BCR 116

I am listening to BCR Show 116.
Bart, please just do this kind of thing, you are so good at it.

Hit Rush, Weiner, whoever.
God, I love listening to you beat down the retard, right-wing bozos
who keep poor people voting for the conservative candidates because of Yahweh.

Salud, Bart,

Brian, thanks.
So far, you're the only one who wrote.

...but am I really doing BCR for one listener?

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Bartcop Flashback

Know of a good bit from the back issues we should re-link to?

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Brutal Florida Arrest


Romney Kisses Pat Robertson


Mitt Romney (R-Onewifesofar) did not discuss his Mormon faith as he blew Pat Robertson.

Instead, Romney, who is needs the GOP's religiously insane base to win the presidential nomination,
expounded on the same old tired conservative themes such as the importance of child-rearing and
marriage and the presence of evil in the world.

"There is no work more important to America's future than the work that is done within the four walls
of the American home," Romney blathered. He also criticized people who choose not to get
married because they enjoy the single life.

ha ha

Why should single men be happy?

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Mike Palecek:
The American Dream Book Tour
Tour Dates

Tonight! AS220 Performance Space, Providence, RI
May 8: The Book Cellar, Brattleboro, VT
May 10: Lucy Parsons Center, Boston, MA
May 11: Elizabeth, NJ Catholic Worker House

Tell Mike Bart says "hey!"

Condi's Smoking Gun?


George Tenet is just the latest to join this blame game, which began more than three years ago when his
fellow Presidential Medal of Freedom recipient Tommy Franks told Bob Woodward that Douglas Feith,
the Pentagon's intelligence bozo, was the "stupidest guy on the face of the earth" (that's the expurgated version).
Last fall, Kenneth Adelman, the neocon cheerleader who foresaw a "cakewalk" in Iraq, told Vanity Fair that
Tenet, General Franks and Paul Bremer were "three of the most incompetent people who've ever served in
such key spots." Richard Perle chimed in that the "huge mistakes" were "not made by neoconservatives" and
instead took a shot at President Bush. Ahmad Chalabi, the neocons' former darling, told Dexter Filkins of
The Times "the real culprit in all this is Wolfowitz."

And of course nearly everyone blames Rumsfeld.

This would be a Three Stooges routine were there only three stooges.

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Subject: stubborn on Sheryl Drow

Hey Bart,
I think you ought to drop the defense of your Sheryl Crow reaction.

I have no intention of dragging this out - but I keep getting letters.

It's OK that you didn't know it was a joke, but Crow is an entertainer and an activist.

You seem to be under the impression that all the comedians are doing Sheryl Crow jokes
because of Ol' Bart's reaction and I don't think that's true.

She's not running for office. Politicians have to be very careful of what they say, but you can't ask
all Democrats, activists, entertainers, etc. to muzzle themselves just because the mainstream stupidity
machine might make them a target.

I think it was a stupid thing for her to say.
On Thursday's Laura Ingraham Show, she dedicated a song to Sheryl called,
"All we are saying is give One Piece a Chance."

Expect more of those.

We can't be that timid. (Where have I heard that before?) Nobody muzzles Bart.
In fact, you're so stubborn, even when friends try to tell you you're wrong, you stick by a losing argument. ;-)

It was a stupid thing for her to say.
It was Kerry-in-a-condom-suit stupid.
How does my reaction change that?

The American people GET the environmental issue.
Leno making stupid toilet paper jokes isn't going to change that.

Are you saying the American voter is too smart to fall for horseshit?

He still makes stupid Clinton's cock jokes, but the Big Dog is as popular as ever.
And the people who watch FOX and listen to Limbaugh aren't very likely to "see the light" anyway.
It's probably pretty dark where their heads are stuck.

I don't want to live in a country where we have to watch what we say that closely.

Best regards,

So you're backing my right to publish an opinion on what Sheryl said?

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Marty's Entertainment Page

always has good stuff.

Click on the E!

Subject: Bush on trial

You guys absolutely SUCK!!!

You are a disgrace  to America and your comments are   shameful to our brave troops!
I will send a bcc: to ALL of my friends and family and ask  them to report your site as offensive!
 Ted from San Diego

"Some people spend an entire lifetime wondering if they made a
 difference in the world. But, the Marines don't have that problem."
     Ronald Reagan, who got 220 Marines killed in one day

Ted, I hope your friends and family were too smart to fall for Bush's jihad against
some Arab prick who was living above oil that rightfully belonged to George W. Bush.

But - if someone has to die for Bush's insatiable oil greed,
there might be some fairness in a true believer going down.

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Setting the Table
  by Peter Dyer

"All options are on the table."
When faced with a problem, most of us would like to have at our disposal any and all tools available to remedy the problem.

But what do these words really mean when used by the most powerful people in the world's most powerful country?
The bland lanaguage of the cliche masks its implicit terror.

It is a simple, blanket assumption of unconditional power: we can do whatever we want, to whomever we want,
whenever we want, however we want to do it, as often as we want, and for whatever reasons we want.

"All options are on the table" sums up the reckless, arrogant, lawless and short-sighted American assumption that
seemingly remains intact even after four years of catastrophe in Iraq: that the United States has the right to invade
and occupy any country at all, whether or not we have ever been harmed or even threatened with harm by that country.

With all respect, I think Peter's got this all wrong.
"All options are on the table" doesn't mean "We'll invade any country we like."
It means we'll go nuclear if we have to - a chilling but different thought altogether.

And he attacks Hillary, Edwards and Obama for being Bush's twin on this - using that term when
it comes to preventing Iran from nuking up - as tho a nuclear Ahmahandjob is acceptable.

I'm on record saying a nuclear Iran is unacceptable and I was attacked heavily for saying it.
I guess that means I'm butt-buddies with the Mossad, or some such hogwash.

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 Iraq pumped 3.5M barrels daily before Bush invaded
 and then they got their 2003 Halliburton upgrade

Bush is stealing $220,000,000 every day.

No wonder they were so eager to start a war,

stealing  $220,000,000 every day.

It's the biggest theft in Earth's history.

Exxon made $10B profit in 90 days
 $100M a day - all profit - because Bush started a fake war


Bush's "Bring 'em on" death taunt is up to...

3,351....3,377 American victims

3,377  families destroyed by Bush greed.

They got 26 while we were in Texas

...and how much did BIG OIL make yesterday?
Exxon makes $108M - every day

Bush can live with that,
because Iraq's oil wells have no meters
and his front company is moving to Dubai.


 $100M a day,
$200M a day,
$300M a day - where's that money going?

Bush has killed more Americans than Osama.

Frank Zappa on Crossfire

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Last year, I was disappointed that I didn't hear about the
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This year, he's having it in Chicago in August - plenty makeable
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   you've virtually known as a part of the Daily Kos and Netroots communities,
* And so much more.

I'm curious - anybody bought their tickets to that yet?

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The Texas Trip report will be better spoken than written.
Look for that in  BCR 117

Paris Hilton going to Jail
 45 days for violating probation


 See more of  The Jailbird  at BC Hotties

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Part One is a "debate" with Randi Rhodes.
Hopefully this we been seen as an example
of how 2 Democrats can strongly disagree
without the usual hyper-snippishness.

Who won the "debate?"
I think the vote will go her way.

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Part Two needs some 'splainin'
Michael DelGiorno is a lying, Nazi whore and,
worse than our vulgar Pigboy, he hides behind Jesus.
He broke the law, he got caught on tape,
so he "confessed" and begged for forgiveness.

I know I got carried away.

I had a little too much fun, so be prepared
to not hate me for what I did to him.
If you're not in the mood for a mega-sarcastic,
rhetorically violent beatdown, maybe skip Part Two.
There's some comedy at the end of each half.

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