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 Tuesday,  June 8, 2010   Vol 2537 - Bangers & mash

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Quote of the Day

"I don't sit around just talking to experts 
  because this is a college seminar; we talk 
  to these folks because they potentially have 
  the best answers, so I know whose ass to kick."
     -- Obama, talking tough     Link


In Today's Tequila Treehouse...
Arrow Teabaggers surge in SC, NV HOT
Arrow Ted Haggard's new church HOT
Arrow Apologizing to Apologists HOT
Arrow An Incompetent Traitor?
Arrow Judges on big oil's payroll HOTHOT
Arrow Right-wing Silences Helen
Arrow That Mural in Arizona 
Arrow Hayden werks a bikini 


Mike Malloy Live


"Personally, I am quite relieved there is no one critical of administration or Israeli policy left 
  in the WH press corpse. Not that there is any difference. All those pesky questions about 
  Afghanistan and Iraq and human rights were kind of annoying and got into the way of more 
  substantive stuff, such as questions like this:  

  Q: Can you talk about the criticism that the President isn't making 
       that emotional connection with people over the spill? 
  Q: Does the White House believe that it was a mistake for the President not to meet with 
        fishermen or other local business people during his last visit? 

  Q: Did anyone in the White House yell at him {BPís Hayward} for making those comments? 

  I think our democracy will be stronger and more informed as a result of this. 
  if only she'd had the common sense to call them goat fucking child molesters."
        -- John Cole,   Thank goodness that Helen Thomas menace has been handled

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Teabaggers surge in SC, NV
 Surging in GOP primaries, they mean


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"Helen Thomas told a rabbi that Jews should "get the hell out of Palestine" 
  and go back to Germany and Poland....'"
     -- Washington Whore Post, giving you an extra-flammable half-quote,    Link

 I expect the WaHoPo to lie, but isn't anybody going to get the quote right?

 And what about her comments is "indefensible?"
 Helen's parents are from Lebanon.
 Maybe she didn't enjoy watching Israel do to her country what we did to Iraq.

 And if one has an opinion that Israel doesn't like,
 to whom can they go for permission to speak that opinion?

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Subject: Helen Thomas was right about Israel

It is unfortunate the Helen Thomas was forced to retire after speaking her mind about Israel. 
I happen to agree with her although I wouldn't have worded it the way she did.

No religion should have a homeland. 

Whenever there is a religious homeland it creates a caste system where one group of people 
are superior to all other religious groups. If the Jews get one then it justifies the Muslims getting one, 
then the Christians will want one, and eventually the Church of Scientology will want their homeland. 
In contrast, America is a secular nation where all religions and non-religions are equal.

I also don't like censorship. 

It seems that you can't say anything the criticizes Israel or draw cartoons of Muhammad 
without losing your job or your life. Helen is a role model for me.  Like Helen, I don't 
accept this form of oppression and I will say whatever I want about anyone I want. 

I encourage others to do the same. 

Marc Perkel
My blog:

Founder of the Church of Reality
Reality changed my life. It can change your life too.

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This is not a photgraph.
It's art drawn with a pencil by Paul Lung.


"The other story here is Lanny Davis and Sarah Palin's manufactured moral outrage. 
  Lanny Davis was the guy who circulated the Barack Obama is a Muslim e-mail.
  He'll do anything to get on TV.   Don't be surprised if he ends up in every episode of 
 "The Real Housewives of D.C." The only person more hypocritical is Sarah Palin 
  who has no problem feigning offense at any remark made by a Democrat but is silent 
  when it comes to Rush Limbaugh or Glenn Beck. Joan Rivers's face is more authentic 
  than these two people's musings."
     -- David Hanel,    Link

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Subject: Facebook stuff

"Bart, you are and will always remain The Man!"
 Matt H

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Marty's has new stuff every day
on her fine, fine Entertainment Page

Marty always has good stuff.

Click on the E!

Ted Haggard denies he's starting new church
 May 20, 2010


Ted Haggard starts new church
 June 2, 2010


So, if you're a habitual liar and need help with that,
or if you're gay and need help kicking "the urges,"
or if you just like the taste of meth on cock,
Ted's new church is just right for you!

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Subject:  Helen Thomas

The media spin cycle will always change what their latest pariah says, 
that has replaced actual journalism from Helen's heyday.

Rand Paul, the bigot who "says" he wants to end the civil rights act is the previous example.  
Of course he did not say that, but from the look of all the cartoons, pundit outrage, et al everyone "knows" this to be "true".

It is a sad sad day when the sole truth teller, and hard questioner in the White House 
press corp is sacked, and she is the latest target for the official two minute hate.

We disagree on what Rand Paul said.

I believe the gist of his argument was 
"The federal government has no business in the civil rights movement."

I think he should be condemned for that because it appears that he's looking for 
an excuse to deny Black people the right to eat in restaurants and sleep in hotels, etc..

Of course, he has the right to be as racist as he wants.

Subject:  Helen Thomas

she said exactly what they said she said:
it's on video, no one has to lie, she is just a hater

<much snippage>

Michael, either we're talking about two different things or thou art a Monkey.

My big complaint is they cut off "or America" from her reply
when they asked her where the Jews should go.

Are you saying the examples I cited yesterday 
were not truncated by the meant-to-mislead-you media?

Subject:  Helen Thomas


I do understand your reluctance to wade into the emotions of the issue.  I have enjoyed the discomfort 
that Helen Thomas has inflicted on Presidents from both parties by asking the questions that others wonít.  
It is discomforting to me to see Ms. Thomas end her career on this note (why couldnít it have been Pat Buchanan?) .  
I also appreciate that she did include the U.S. in the listing of places where Jews should return.  While Ms. Thomas 
may have been advocating much the same resolution of the territorial disputes as you have advocated, the critical 
difference is that you have advocated this solution because, as you have previously noted, you are unable to understand 
or appreciate why anyone, despite their emotional/religious/historical claims to a particular piece of real estate, would 
want to put themselves in a situation where all those around them wanted them to die  (or to disappear, at the very least), 
and not because you have repeatedly denied that a legitimate claim to that real estate exists.
 Robert the Chicago lawyer

PS. Helen Thomas is Lebanese Ė American (born in Kentucky to George & Mary Thomas, immigrants from 
Tripoli, Lebanon), and she may have been reflecting her opinion and sympathies from that perspective.

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This is the way the world ends: not with a bang, not with a whimper, but a slaughter.

This is the story of the soldiers who tried to save it.

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"I am opposed to the government telling restaurant owners that they cannot allow smoking 
  in their establishments. I believe we as consumers can choose whether to patronize a 
  smoke-filled restaurant or do business with a smoke-free option. This overreach is now 
  extending to mandates about fat and calorie counts in menus. Do we really need the 
  government managing all of these decisions for us?" 
    -- Rand Paul,    Link

  Rand, do you know why Christopher Reeve's kids are being raised by neighbors?
  It's because Chris's non-smoking wife got lung cancer from singing in smokey nightclubs.
  And what about a poor waitress who may not have a choice but to work 
  in a smokey nightclub which could potentially make her kids orphans?

  Where does this "I hate government" crap end - anywhere?

  Does the government have a right to set speed limits?
  What if Rand Paul wants to drive 100 MPH in a school zone?

  Screw those kids, right Rand?

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Subject: DeLorean 

Talk about a family.  Tom Harmon was the Heisman Trophy winner from Michigan in 1948.  
Married movie star Elise Knox.  Had three children.  One daughter married DeLorean, 
one married Rick Nelson, and the son, Mark, has the highest rated TV series today.
 Jim W 

Mark Harmon has been married to Pam Dawber from Mork & Mindy since 1987.

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Apologizing to Apologists
 In Defense of Helen Thomas  by Paul Jay


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"Rand Paul is against smoking bans in restaurants, against mandating that restaurants list calorie 
  and fat contents in their prodcuts, and against slavery. Imagine that! It takes really bravery for a 
  Republican in 2010 to be firmly against slavery! Yes, Rand Paul is a DOCTOR who is pro smoking 
  and pro fatty, high calorie foods. Where the hell do they find these people?" 
     -- MinistryofTruth,    Link

 I believe Rand Paul would be laughed out of any election in a non-slave state.

 But I know how horribly racist Kentucky can be...

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If you feel that drugs or alcohol are a problem for you,
Drug Rehab is a solution to get your life back on track.


"Obama forgets that being a great professor isn't the same as being a great communicator. 
  The inspirational figure of the campaign is under the delusion that he will be cheapening himself 
  and the office if he uses memorable soundbites in the theater of the presidency. For all his study
  of history, Obama somehow has failed to notice that Lincoln's 'house divided' and FDR's 'fear itself' 
  were, well, soundbites." 
     -- Jonathan Alter,    Link

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Subject: Sarah Palin at the Belmont Stakes


I watched the Belmont Stakes last Saturday.  
It seems that Sarah Palin was there because some guy named his horse First Dude 
because of Todd (turns out the dam was named Run Sarah Run but it was just one of 
the freaky things that happen in life).  I wondered why they didn't have an interview with 
Her Highness, then this morning I read mudflats .

According to Sarah her limo driver got lost driving 8 miles from JFK to the track.  
As mudflats says, "Palinís driver got lost for over an hour on the way from JFK airport to Belmont Park.  
Thatís why she had no time to change her clothes from the white t-shirt, capri pant, baseball cap ensemble 
to something more appropriate for the ďmuch more formal than thatĒ Belmont Stakes.

                "Got any meth we can borrow?"

First, a limo driver in New York getting lost?  
Donít they know the place like the back of their hand (or their palm?)  
And donít they have those little gizmos that tell them exactly where to go?  
And wouldnít you think that if youíre a VIP limo company sending someone 
to pick up Sarah Palin youíre going to send a veteran professional and not 
some newbie who has no idea where heís going?"

Sarah thought one of the biggest horse races of the year 
was sort of like going to the Salmon Derby in Wasilla.    ha ha
 Eric X

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"Perhaps we can end our oil addiction before we all overdose, 
  and the War on Drugs could become The War on Oil. Just Say No to Sludge. 
  Or a commercial: This is your Gulf. This is your Gulf Covered in Oil." 
      -- mjs     Link

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Obama: An Incompetent Traitor?
How do they get away with such lies?  by David Corn


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See who they raped lately.
See who they paid to keep quiet.


"To say the news coming out of the Gulf is not encouraging 
  is like saying itís been a rough week for Dennis Hopper."
     -- Will Durst

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Why are we still hooked on oil?

Exxon-Mobil made $35 Billion dollars
in tax free profits last year, that's why..

Exxon-Mobil is bad for America.

Weird Picture of the Day


 I'll bet you've never seen anything like it.

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Subject: you are an operative, a false hope

Who are you working for?
What is your true agenda?

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"The government does not get the money it spends from 
  the Tooth Fairy or Santa Claus.  It has to get it from you."   
     -- Rush substitute Wayne Williams

 Butt Wayne, when some Rethug congressmen pushes thru a bill to purchase
 jets and ships that the Pentagon says they don't need, who's money is that? 

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Subject: Missouri

Missouri, Kentucky, Maryland, and Delaware were all slave states, but did not secede.  
In "Bloody Kansas" was because of slavery.  Kansas was a free state, and some of the residents 
would sneak over the border into Missouri and steal (they called it "hawking") slaves, take them 
to Kansas and set them free.  

Slaves in that area were called "jays", so Kansas became the Jayhawk state.

Subject: Missouri

Of course Missouri was a slave state. Even Grant's wife's family had slaves 
and for a while they were Grant's when he lived in Missouri. 

I remember when I was a kid, my weird Arkansas cousins 
were always bitching about visiting us in "Yankee" St Louis.

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Great concerts I've seen


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"Predictably, Obama is doing everything he can to shield BP from popular outrage.  Obama has 
  signaled very clearly that there will be no end to deep sea offshore drilling.  One of Obama's few 
  differences with John McCain was that he would allegedly not allow offshore drilling. Few things 
  underscore the lack of real democracy in the United States than Obama's forging full speed ahead 
  with more deep sea offshore drilling. In light of popular rage, Barack Obama has slowed not one iota. 
  BP is going to turn a profit off of the act of destroying the Gulf of Mexico. Capitalism rules."
      -- Nick Pell     Link

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Judges on big oil's payroll
They won't have to pay for the spill


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That Mural in Arizona
 by Roger Ebert


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Subject: Obama? Too trusting?

Obama grew up in Hawaii and went to a private school there. What does that tell you?
It's not trust that BP would do the right thing that kept him quiet for so long, it's business as usual.
Do you think the Coast Guard would threaten photographers acting on their own?
 Mike C. 

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Right-wing Silences Helen
The ONE person who asked the tough questions


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Corn Countdown - Day 13

Sugar Pearl and Temptation are scheduled to debut on June 21.

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"Corporations do not pay taxes.  Only people pay taxes."
     -- Rush substitute Wayne Williams again

  He's right this time.
 *I* paid more taxes than Exxon-Mobil did last year and they made $35 billion dollars.

  Think how different America would be if the super-rich paid their fair share of taxes,
  but no, the Democrats have surrendered on that point, too.

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Guys, that was nice - thanks.

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Hayden Panettiere werks a bikini 


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