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WELCOME TO BARTCOP.COM A modem, a smart mouth and the truthNews and Commentary NOT Approved by Karl Rove, bcause vicious extremists can NOT be appeased.

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 Black Thurs-Friday,  December 2-3, 2010     Vol 2618 - Life tilt

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Quote of the Day

 "The most-talked-about GOP figure is a
   reality show star who cannot be elected.
         --  Intern killer Joe Scarborough,   Link


In Today's Tequila Treehouse...

Arrow Obama surrenders on taxes
Arrow Obama - wake the fuck up!
Deficit Panel Recommends...
Arrow Teabaggers get $1B in earmarks
Arrow Rethugs block school lunches 
Arrow The Arkansas Nightmare
Arrow Alyssa Milano's Sportswear

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"Obama and his crew have many good qualities. But that list does not include
  skill and guts at legislative combat with Republicans. They don't seem to really
  know the enemy or the game they are in, and the president's meager and glancing
  experience in the trenches of politics has caught up with him."
       -- Howard Fineman on our very naive president,    Link


 Hey Barack, which of these snarling dogs are you going to win over?

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Obama surrenders on taxes
Dems had the issue won, then faltered
by Ezra Klein


Want to get your blood pressure up?  

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Obama - wake the fuck up!
  by Cameron Salisbury at Smirking Chimp


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Deficit Panel Recommends...


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Teabaggers get $1B in earmarks
  After running against them...


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"The ideologically-lockstepping Right led by Rupert Murdoch and the Koch brothers have found
  in Obama their perfect patsy: the Democrat who seems constitutionally incapable of counter-punching.
  If you take up this challenge, millions of us will have your back, Mr. President. But if you cannot
  summon the inner strength to evolve past your reflexive need to compromise with people who want
  to destroy you, then we are all well and truly fucked."

    -- driftglass,    Link

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Subject: Mark Twain's auto-bio

Bart, I finished vol. 1 a few days ago and there is very little revelatory except his opinions of some
of the robber barons such as Rockefellers, sr. and jr and their weird Christian justification of greed. 

Confederates also did that to justify slavery. There is also an excellent description of his relationship
with Grant in the first section. Most of what Clemens reveals has been 'revealed' before so, as a fan
of Twain, I await the second volume.  I have heard that volume three has the good stuff about his
wife's secretary so we shall see. 
  Paul J

Paul, thanks for that.

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"This is one Republican who would prefer that the former half-term governor promote her
  reality shows and hawk her books without demeaning the reputations of Reagan and Bush.
  These great men dedicated their lives to public service and are too good to be fodder for her
  gaudy circus sideshow. If the party of Ronald Reagan, Paul Ryan and Marco Rubio wants to
  return to the White House anytime soon, it’s time that Republican leaders started standing up
  and speaking the truth to Palin."  

    -- Intern killer Joe Scarborough,   

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Thom Hartmann VS Obama

Nine minute video 

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Rethugs block school lunches

They want tax cuts, goddamit!

Subject:  Perkel is right

Bart, Perkel is right. (last issue)
This is the worst of the Rethugs.
First, Social Security is a Pension!
They've destroyed (looted) all the private ones, now they want to rob Social Security as well.
Second, tax Employer health care? More will lose it, including me.
Third, eliminate tax credit for home morgage interest?

That guarantees more home foreclosure, including me.
Absolute bastards. This shit has nothing to do with federal deficits.
  Bob C

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"You cannot grow this economy, you can't stimulate the economy through
  government handouts. You've got to do it through the private sector."

    -- Dick Cheney, who's always wrong about everything,      Link

 Last night on either whore NBC News or whore ABC News, they said that that for
 every dollar spent on unemployment, the economy generates between $1.80 and $2.

 Why is that?

 Because the out-of-work will spend that money today and every time money
 changes hands, the economy picks up a little more steam.

 But when you give an extra million dollars to the super-rich, they don't spend it
 and they damn sure won't hire anybody,
which proves we can't get out of this
 recession by giving more to the people who already have everything they need.

 If only we could convince Obama.

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Subject:  re: If I had time to read, I'd have me a Kindle.

Bart, you have one.  Your iPhone has a kindle app available.
Well, if your eyes are better than mine.

Thanks, I did not know that.

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A modern retelling of 1984, set not in some distant future but rather as a reinterpretation of our current moment.
It is as if the magic x-ray glasses advertised in the back of the comic book actually worked, but when we put
on Mike's x-ray glasses, instead of seeing through ladies underwear, we are able to see through the American
dreamstate to view the abominable distopia beneath. Mike shows us that the horrors are not really hidden,
opening each chapter, the morning paper and the evening news trumpet the decay and herald our demise.

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Remember that whole mess with Mrs. Bart's demented Uncle Bill's estate?

He died in late 2008, and we've been trying to sell his mold-infected homes since then
but the minute the buyer hears"mold" he's gone so fast you don't even see his shadow.

One problem: The county assessor has his home listed at $800,000

But in reality the property is worth maybe $60,000 and they want us
to pay his back taxes on the property for three years - about $6,500.

I don't have $6,500 to give the state of Arkansas, but if we don't pay it soon,
the state will seize the property which, by now, doesn't sound like a bad idea.

So tomorrow we have to drive to Arkansas and plead with the tax collectors
and the assessors to get them to lower the taxes due, but everyone's saying

"Good luck with that," so we don't know WTF to do.

If we thought we could eventually sell the property, I'd put the $6,500 on my
Southwest VISA card and get some miles out of that, but the property value
might be in the negative.

If the property (just the land) is worth, say, $60,000, that sounds good until the
mold people (that sounds funny :) say they need $40K to fix the property so we
looked at bulldozing everything but even that'll cost $15K or so - so WTF do we do?

So tomorrow  we get to drive 5 hours to  debate some hard-assed assessors
who are going to kick our teeth in and charge us $6,500 for the priviledge.

Of course, we could say "Fuck it" and be done with it, but that property was
supposed to be Mrs. Bart's inheritance so throwing it away would be kinda sad.
She was supposed to inherit a mansion but dementia and mold robbed her.

<Big Al Gore sigh...>

Maybe the assessor will be a lady I can charm her pants off of :)

Wish us luck.

Send e-mail to Bart

Subject: Obama freezing salaries

Hi barrister Bart.
Although I am retiring federal government employee,  teachers who work for the Bureau of Indian Affairs (like me)
do make marginally more than those that are public school teacher. Having said that, there is a wider gap between
what my gross salary is and what I actually get to use as net.

I have to rent a BIA house, that's automatically deducted like FICA, social security insurance and the like.
I must have a newer and reliable auto because I have to drive 360 miles round trip to get medical care
(I am not an American Indian and therefore can not be treated at an INS facility just 15 miles away),
food prices at the local grocery store are much higher than stores found in urban and the burbs.
Gas prices swing around $3 a gallon, 20-30 cent higher than the average, etc. etc. etc.....
What I am getting at is that working for the feds is not nearly as great as others (RePukes, tea baggers, at their elk)
propagandize. Obama has just dissed a large section of federal work force by freezing their wages.  What's next?
Freeze or cut back SSDI? Hell, those of us are disabled are just lazzzzzzzy couch potatoes anyway. 

As long as Obama is taking orders from The Bitch & The Boner, you might be in trouble.
The super-rich must be coddled and pampered, our president says.

If only we had a Democrat in the White House.

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Guess the City


Subject: last issue's mystery city

Bart, last issue's mystery city is Venice, Italy.
 Lou H

 Lou, you can't fool me
 I know Vegas when I see it.

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Today's History Mystery


Subject: last issue's history mystery

Bart, last issue's History Mystery is the easiest one yet.
Its the 2000 GOP convention and that's George W. Shit For Brains giving his acceptance speech.
 Steven B

Bart, last issue's History Mystery is a rally celebrating the tenth anniversary of Hitler’s Bavarian Putsch. 
Adolf Hitler addressing a crowd in Munich, in 1933 (side view):

Keep Hammering!


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bart blog

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Subject: Donations

Bart, here is a donation,
Thanks for providing a voice of reason and humor.

I have to differ with you when it comes to the TSA pat-downs though.
I'd rather live in a free country and take my chances than be forced to submit
to any abuse or indignity anyone in uniform sees fit to subject me to.

Security was already adequate.
 Mike in Santa Rosa

Mike, thanks for that.
Sending a donation is the very best way to disagree :)

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