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WELCOME TO BARTCOP.COM A modem, a smart mouth and the truthNews and Commentary NOT Approved by Karl Rove, bcause vicious extremists can NOT be appeased.

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Tuesday,  June 7,  2011     Vol 2702 - Susie Creamcheese

Quote of the Day

 "I'd like to hire Hillary Clinton.
  She looks unhappy at the State
  Department. She'd get ratings."
     -- FOX's Roger Ailes,         Link


In Today's Tequila Treehouse...

Arrow Weiner: I'm a big, fat liar
Arrow Wolf, the Lying Whore
Immigrants and our Prison problem
Arrow God's hotline to Batshit Bachmann
Arrow Can you ID the Mystery Auto?
Arrow Obama in ratings cellar again
Arrow Charlize Theron sells house


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"I am not concerned about a double-dip recession.
  I'm concerned that the recovery we're on is not
  producing jobs as quickly as I wanted to happen..."
     --  Obama, saying the right things...          Link

  Now if he could just create some jobs...

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Weiner: I'm a big, fat liar



Can Weiner survive?

That's the big question a day after the idiot admitted to lying about sending a lewd photo
of his crotch to a Seattle college student via Twitter. In a news conference yesterday,
Weiner owned up to sending the photo and admitted that he'd sent similar pictures to
six different women he met online over the last three years.

Anthony - you sacrificed your career for a sex scandal - and you never even got laid.

Could you have screwed this up any worse?

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Worst of all, it made this prick a GOP hero.

Like what Dan Rather did for Bush's military record,
Brietbart is no longer the lying, racist scumbag.


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Wolf the lying whore
Talking Weiner, Wolf said "I was right there when Clinton said he never had "sexual relations"
with Monica. He looked right at me as he said those words. Well, ha ha, it turns out Bill Clinton's
idea of sexual relatiuons is a little different than from mine or yours" to maybe Anderson Cooper.

That's not what happened.

Does Wolf not understand what happened with that issue?
Or is he just a lying media whore taking the cheap short-cuts thru the truth?

When Clinton waas asked "Did you have sexual relations with Monica?" he called a time out
and checked the DC statutes for the exact wording on the local law on "sexual relations."

DC law said "sexual relations" was intercourse, which Bill and Monica never had.
Turns out - legally - Clinton never had "sexual relations" with Monica.
He testified honestly and America's whore media had a field day.

As I wrote a hundred times back then,  if you fly to Seattle and return home, if someone
asks you under oath, "Have you ever been to Tacoma?"  your answer is "No."
Your answer is not "Geez, I was really, really close, but never quite got there."

You can call Clinton "slick" but the law is the law.
These are the f-ing facts.

I was there for impeachment.
Dont tell me it's your opinion that this didn't happen.

If Clinton's guilty of something, it's being a great f-ing lawyer.
He was fighting a $100M witchhunt, green-lit by the crooked Whore Supreme Court.
that appointed Bush as president against the will of the majority of American voters.

Swear to Koresh, the Supreme Court said something like,
"Continuing to count the Florida votes could irreparably harm petitioner Bush."

Oh, and John Ashcroft can't be bothered with a terrorism lawsuit but a
sitting president had to respond to no-proof allegations by Bush's future law team?

If I ran the DNC, this shit would not happen.
I would punish people like Andrew Breitbart.

Could I do worse than the losers who are running things now?

The DNC needs a shaking like a snow globe.

Seriously, *I* could've won the elections for the Democrats in 2000 and 2004.
You know how I know that's true for sure?

Because I bought "The War Room" from 1992 that showed
how thinkers could out-wit f-ing morons in modern elections.

You win by listing the facts.
It's easy to do when the facts are on your side.
Why can't Democrats learn?

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Snippet from Bartcop Radio Show 172

Thanks to Horace Zachary for the edit

Immigrants For Sale - the Prison problem
  Three minute video - you have the time

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Subject: your page and your radio show


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Subject: 9-11 conspiracy talk



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I forgot about this one...

  Thanks to the nice lady

  Send e-mail to Bart
  Hi Bart, that's Michael Newdow, the hero who
 tried to get "Under God" taken from the oath.

Mystery Auto
Have you ever seen a car like this?


It's from the past.

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Subject: You were right Bart ...again

about Wiener...all those folks that abused you for pointing out an innocent person
doesn't talk that a way should send a donation! ...or at least a cheese burger

Subject: Weiner

Weiner is Dumb of Ass. He lied. He needs to go.
If the Dems want to be believed as a better party that the R's, they must censure him.

Once a someone lies to me, then everything they say is suspect.
That sort of behavior leaves one open to blackmail.
Keep making the pie higher,

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Obama in ratings cellar again


Americans' disapproval of how Obama is handling the economy and its growing
budget deficit has reached new highs amid broad frustration over the slow pace of
economic recovery, according to a WaHoPo poll released on Tuesday.

The ratings boost Obama received after the killing of OBL has dissipated with his
job approval rating back to 47 percent. Forty-nine percent disapprove of his performance.

Obama's approval rating bounced to 56 immediately after bin Laden was killed last month

He needs to hurry up and kill another terrorist.

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Subject: Return to Hiroshima


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Wildlife Photo of the Day

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God's hotline to Batshit Bachmann
by Keefe Olbermann



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How to Unleash the Booze-Inhaling, Animal-Slaughtering, War-Glorifying,
Hairy-Chested, Retro-Sexual Legend Within... Just Like Papa!

Subject: Weiner

It's disappointing, he's one of our best guys.....
He even apologized to Brietbartt...

At least he is not resigning       *sigh*

I don't get the "thrill" of sending pictures to a girl.
Is that a generational thing?
Do today's girls like getting body parts photos from guys?

Subject: Weiner

Bart, you wrote; "I guess I'm the only one who doesn't..."  (have nude photos of himself on the phone.)

My stupid iPhone is always dialing a number from my address book.
I'll be driving in the Bartmobile and suddenly hear a voice.
It's some friend of mine asking why I'm calling.
That's all I need - automatic sexting.
Sorry Bart, I thought not either.
He was stupid, lewd and he lied, but his biggest mistake is giving brietbart a chance of looking legitimate.

WHY WHY WHY would he open himself to this.
He wont resign now but he will be forced out eventually.
I have a headache.
Mary in WA.

Mary, you're right.
The worst part is giving that asshole some respectability.

Monday morning, Brietbart was "that blogger who got caught lying several times."
Monday night, Breitnart was "that blogger who's sometimes right."
Soon, Brietbart could be "that guy who took down Weiner."

How stupid can Weiner be?
Like Eldrick, girls are now crawling out from under rocks to say, "Me, too!"

Is it like sex in public?
The thrill of getting caught is half the fun?

Subject: Weiner


So – it turns out the smokin’ schlong really belonged to Anthony Weiner after all. 
Gee, what was the first clue – that he wouldn’t answer the simple question “is that you in the picture?”

He let this ‘hang’ out there for what – 10 days – and then feels the need to come clean?
I really thought this guy had a better head on his shoulders  than that.

He has humiliated himself, hurt the Democratic Party, given ammo to the Rethugs, 
and although he says he won’t resign, just give it time.   He will be forced to.

Democrats resign. Rethugs get standing O’s - I have no pity for him.
But I feel very bad for progressive Democrats, and I’m angry.
 Mary Lou

Weiner was going to continue to lie - but too many women popped up.
Did he expect allll those women to take his secrets to the grave?

I think he needs to resign.
He'll never be taken seriously again.

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The View out my Window

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Subject: prison population

The statistics you had regarding prison population gives yet another reason to move to Canada
- more than 6 times more likely to be behind bars in USA.  Now that's something to be real proud of, huh?
I recently heard some jails are privately owned. 
And judges can invest in and become part owners of these jails. 
Have you ever heard about this?  

That would make it profitable to send people to jails as they receive monetary incentives
from local and state governments.  How can this be?
As long as money can be made they will continue without changing and jails will keep
filling up with kids using harmless drugs without injuring or threaten anyone in society.

I saw an episode of Law & Order about this.
They arrested the crooked judge at the end.

Anybody know the 411 on this?

Send e-mail to Bart

 Bart, this is Sara, who adopted us almost ten years ago in Atlanta, GA.  She
made the move with us to Palm Springs, CA.  She continues to bring light
and laughter into our lives every single day.  She’s just an amazing creature!

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Subject: last issue's Monkey Mail

Bart, "This is America, built by the tough mindedness and independent spirit of pioneers..."

ou gave that monkey credit for getting this one thing right,
but it's really only correct if you finish the sentence:  "...with slaves."

That's just the fact.
North and south, and eventually the west, benefitted enormously from the slave labor
provided by the ancestors of the Michelle Robinson Obama and every other American
descended from the Africans brought here against their will when this country was nothing
but a bug-infested backwater colony.
 -Joanne from Wisconsin


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Subject: last issue's mystery city

Bart, last issue's mystery city is Beijing - they call that The Egg.
  Tom B

Subject: that pesky bridge

Last Wednesday's bridge is the Rainbow Bridge
Be safe,


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Today's History Mystery


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Subject: last issue's history mystery

What is last issue's History Mystery?

Bart, that's Willis Carrier, the inventor of air-conditioning.
 Rusty S

He made life in Oklahoma possible.

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Subject: donation

hanks to James in Louisville.


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Charlize Theron sells Malibu beach house
Might look like the one on Two and a Half Men

 Link to Story

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