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WELCOME TO BARTCOP.COM A modem, a smart mouth and the truthNews and Commentary NOT Approved by Karl Rove, bcause vicious extremists can NOT be appeased.

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Thurs-Friday,  June 9-10,  2011     Vol 2704 - Junk shot

Quote of the Day

 "You're fine - don't be so Jewish about it..."
     -- John Oliver kidding his friend Jon Stewart
        after Jon cut his hand during a skit     Link


In Today's Tequila Treehouse...

Arrow Bachmann camp fires at Palin
Arrow Weiner's Wife Is Pregnant
Poll: Obama up 13 on Magicpants
Arrow Jamie Leigh Jones trial next week
Arrow How to Sabotage a Recovery
Arrow Second-String Psychopaths?
Arrow Jessica Alba heads to Yale


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"Who the hell is Kim Kardashian?  Who are these people and why are they famous
  and why are they advertising things and being asked their opinions about things?
  I just don't understand what these people did to be in a position of having
  everyone ask their opinions about stuff.  It's actually frightening."
     --  Edie Falco, upset that KK is more famous than her?         Link

That someone else can be famous besides you?

I'm not fan of Kim Kardashian, but who the hell is Edie Falco?
 Why is she famous? 
 Because she was cast in The Sopranos?

She's a good actress, so that means her opinions count?
 She should be advertising things, but KK shouldn't?
 Does one need to cure cancer to be eligible to be in show business?

Most TV critics say Edie's the greatest actress in TV history
 Me?  I don't see it.
 I watched that Nurse Jackie a couple of times and I was extremely unimpressed
 yet she wins the Emmy every f-ing year as if the others never had a chance.

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Bachmann camp fires at Palin
  They called Palin 'unintelligent"


Rep. Batshit Bachmann’s prospective 2012 campaign appears set on a collision course
with the Alaskan Publicity Whore.
The coming confrontation is being driven by a belief in Bachmann’s camp that the same
grassroots, conservative primary voters and caucus-goers may have to choose between the
two women—and that they will choose Bachmann if she presents herself as a more seasoned,
reliable, and serious conservative than her high-profile rival. The apparent effort to draw
distinctions broke into the open Tuesday when her new top strategist, Ed Rollins, dismissed
Palin as “not serious” in a radio interview.

Bachmann will “be so much more substantive,” Rollins said. “People are going to say,
‘I gotta make a choice and go with the intelligent woman who’s every bit as attractive.’”

Aides to Palin didn’t respond to inquiries about Rollins’ comments, but a writer on her blog,
Conservatives4Palin, demanded that Bachmann “either affirm her support for the long-time
beltway fossil’s idiotic comments…or refudiate them.”

This is going to be the best year ever for comedians and political bloggers.

BTW, "refudiate" isn't a word, but when Palin makes a major gaffe, like with Paul Revere,
she repeats the gaffe again and again to make her pinhead intellect seem maverick-y

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"If I had termites in my house, I'd get someone in there who could deal with it. 
  Romney, right now, his specialty is the economy. I'd have him in there.
  Here's why we're not hearing it: because Sarah Palin's on a bus, and right now
  she's manipulating, in terms of media attention."
     --  Elizabeth Hasselbitch, on who's tearing the GOP apart,           Link

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Weiner's problems get worse - then worser


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This nutty bitch is complaining that the
"lamestream media" isn't giving her enough attention?

I wonder how Magicpants feels about that,
after she hijacked his campaign announcement?

Click to watch Palin praise herself

Poll: Obama up 13 on Magicpants

Obama leads all Rethugs by double-digit margins, the poll showed. He is ahead of his closest
Republican rival, Mitt Magicpants, by 13 percentage points -- 51 percent to 38 percent.

"Obama's position has gotten a little stronger over the last couple of months and as an
incumbent he has some big advantages over his rivals," Ipsos pollster Cliff Young said.

Still, it's a long way till November, 2012.

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Subject: Bands with Space Station privileges...

Bart, you asked if U2 was the only band big enough to have Space Station privileges?

The answer is, "no."  Ian Anderson (Jethro Tull) also has visitation rights, apparently...


Aqualungs... In... SPAAA-AAACE...
 Brian in St Louis

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Subject: Dave's views on Dr. Judy Wood's 9-11 research



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Who's holding the Bartcop sticker?

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Bart, the sticker flasher is the great, the wonderful,
the magnificent (OK, I like the guy) Greg Palast.

Jamie Leigh Jones goes to trial next week
She was gang-raped - legally - by Halliburton thugs


As part of the most recent appropriations act for the Defense Department, Senator Al Franken
attached an amendment that would, according to the official Senate site,
prohibit the use of funds for any Federal contract with Halliburton Company, KBR, Inc.,
any of their subsidiaries or affiliates, or any other contracting party if such contractor or a
subcontractor at any tier under such contract requires that employees or independent
contractors sign mandatory arbitration clauses regarding certain claims.

In other words, companies must allow rape victims to have their day in court.
Pretty straightforward, and who would be against it?

Senator John Cornyn.

The other GOP senator from Tejas, Kay Bailey Hutchifelon, is anti-rape.

Senator John Cornyn is pro-rape?
If I ran the DNC, every woman in America would know that.

I wonder if John Cornyn is pro-rape for his wife and daughters and grandaughters?

Halliburton had a clause in their employment contract that said - effectively - rape was legal.

The contract said if you are drugged and gang-raped by Halliburton's thugs,
you can't sue or have anyone arrested. All you could do was ask for private,
confidential arbitration - which made rape legal in Iraq.

They could not have done this without Bush's permission.
Al Franken stood up (Nobody else would) and made rape illegal again.

I hope Jamie Leigh Jones gets awarded many millions of Halliburton dollars.

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Subject: Fixing Social Security

Bart, I have a solution to the Social Security problem and I have called all 3
of my Congress folks and both of my Senators and no one wants to talk about it.

My solution? Remove the cap.

Right now, Social Security taxes are capped at $106,000. Remove the cap.
Then, the $20 mil a year ball players, the $20 mil a film movie stars, the hedge fund rip-offs,
the oil speculators and everyone else will be paying into the system on ALL of their income.

I don’t care if they are going to use SS or not, it’s an American system in trouble
and Americans need to help fix it.

My Reps won’t talk to me about it and the several newspapers I sent it to won’t print it.
Maybe you will.
 Nick in Nevada

But Nick, you're asking people who make $25M a year to try and get by on $24.9M
and they're not having any of that social engineering bullshit because freedom isn't free.

...or some such crap.

Flaw in the plan:
Obama also thinks the super-rich need more tax breaks.

During this massive recession, he borrowed another trillion dollars from China
so he could give it to rich bastards who refuse to hire anybody, to please Bitch & Boner.

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How to Sabotage a Recovery
  by the great Gene Lyons


Regarding the economy, Obama has let his opponents set the terms of debate, resulting in
widespread public confusion. Consider, for example, the following two paragraphs from a
recent Newsweek/Daily Beast article called "America the Angry":

"By almost 4-to-1, Americans say our economy is not delivering the jobs we need,
81 percent to 12 percent.

"And Obama isn't helping. Fifty percent of respondents think the president has no real plan
to balance the budget; 40 percent say he does."

Balance the budget during the worst economic downturn since the Great Depression?
Should Obama repeat Franklin D. Roosevelt's bad mistake of 1937, when "budget hawks"
prevailed, very nearly stifling the New Deal?

That's certainly what the GOP wants.

Let's hope the OBL hit has changed our president's surrender-in-advance style of negotiating

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Weiner's Wife Is Pregnant
"Worst movie plot ever" says NBC's Russert-lite   


Couldn't Weiner make the case that he WAS faithful to his wife?

Eldrick, for instance, had no-condom sex with dozens of strippers and waitresses,
possibly putting his unsuspecting wife's life and health in danger - no telling what
weirdo diseases he might've brought home.

Weiner hasn't been physical with any of these women, doesn't he get credit for that?
Besides the weird exhibitionism, isn't Weiner basically guilty of "getting a lap dance?"
(I've never gotten a lap dance  - is that considered cheating?)


That was written before the news broke that Weiner sent out at least one X-rated photo
of his fully-erect penis to some women so now he has to go - Goodbye, Anthony.

They say his wife is in Africa, with Hillary.
I feel bad for her - you know she doesn't want to come home.

...but, Weiner needs to be put on suicide watch.

He's lost his job, his career, his wife, his self-respect, etc.
He's a nationwide laughingstock and will continue to be for a while.

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Subject: Concert review "I saw U2 last night"


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Bronzed Boner

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Wildlife Photo of the Day

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Corn update

We need more heat, Lord!
We can take it - send all you got.

Subject: what Obama needs to say to win next year

"I've been working on helping but the same people who caused the problem have too much power. 
 Reelect me, but also give me enough Democratic Senators and Representatives, and we'll be able to fix this."

Of course, that's what he said in 2008, so some people might not believe him...

Maybe the biggest thing the Dems need to do is explain what "voting your own best interests" means.

Super-poor people voting to give the super-rich more money is super-crazy.

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Subject: Mystery Song troubles

Bart, maybe the "mystery song" problem, has to do with the  
age group of your readers.  just saying..
  Mary Jo

Hmmm, that would explain a lot...

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The View out my Window

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Subject: two bulging lies

A tale of two lies and morality in America.

One lie was told by a congressman to cover up an embarrassing photo showing a hidden bulge in his underwear.
The congressman was caught in this lie and tearfully apologized to all that had been offended.
There were cries of outrage and "he must resign" throughout the nation.
The congressman's reputation was forever tarnished and his political aspirations crushed.

The other lie was told by a president about massive hidden bulges of weapons of mass destruction.
The lie cost the lives of over five thousand brave soldiers and crushed the economy.
Caught in this lie this president did not apologize, but cracked jokes about it.
There were no cries of outrage or demands for his resignation.
Instead he was elected to a second term, wrote a book about the lie and retired rich and comfortable in a mansion.
I don't think this tale ends with, "And America lived happily thereafter".
  Michael H

I blame Kerry and the refuse-to-fight Democrats.

Rethugs want to win, they'll do anything to win.
Dems miiiiiight accept victory if it's dumped in their lap.

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Second-String Psychopaths?
Is that who ruled America for eight years?


"The great writer Kurt Vonnegut titled his final book 'A Man without a Country.'
He was the man; the country was the United States of America. Vonnegut felt that
his country had disappeared right under his - and the Constitution's - feet, through
what he called 'the sleaziest, low-comedy Keystone Cops-style coup d'etat imaginable.'
He was talking about the Bush bastards. Were Vonnegut still alive in the post-Bush era,
he would not have felt that his country had returned."

The Bush bastards got away with rape, murder, kidnapping and torture because
the cowardly Democrats were too scared to speak up.

I cannot explain why Obama continues many of those same policies today.

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Guess the City


Subject: last issue's mystery city

Bart, last issue's mystery city is Vernazza, Italy

This town is easy for me, I was there in September.
Vernazza is one of the 5 towns that make up the area called Cinque Terra or the Italian Riviera.
The area is so beautiful that it is a United Nations Heritage site.
Attached is a picture I took of the tower from a different angle.

Keep Hammerin"
 Mike in PDX

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Today's History Mystery


Send me your History Mystery pictures

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Subject: last issue's history mystery

What is last issue's History Mystery?

Bart, that's Dorothy Lamour.

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Subject: donation

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 Thanks - Steve in PA 


Steve, thanks for the business.
I hope to sell enough to pay for them.


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Jessica Alba heads to Yale
It's her husband's college reunion


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