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WELCOME TO BARTCOP.COM A modem, a smart mouth and the truthNews and Commentary NOT Approved by Karl Rove, bcause vicious extremists can NOT be appeased.

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Thursday,  June 23,  2011     Vol 2712 - Ghost states


In Today's Tequila Treehouse...

Arrow Gore Blasts Obama on GW
Arrow Sarah Palin Quits Again
No Fear & Loathing in MN
Arrow Why I Hate Bill Clinton
Arrow Hey, Let's get Possessive
Arrow 30,000 troops coming home
Arrow Spend the day - Eva Longoria


"They say there are about 12 million illegal immigrants in this country.
   But if you ask a Native American, that number is more like 300 million.''
     --  Letterman

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Gore Blasts Obama on GW
Earth is burning, Obama is fiddling


Gore is going where few environmentalists – and fellow Democrats – have gone before:
criticizing Obma's record on global warming.

In an essay for Rolling Stone, Gore says Obama has failed to stand up for "bold action"
on global warming and has made little progress on the problem since the days of George W. Bush.
Bush infuriated environmentalists for resisting mandatory controls on the pollution blamed for
climate change, despite overwhelming scientific evidence that the burning of fossil fuels is responsible.

I think OBama's lack of action ununconscionable.

I saw a thing this week, "Ten places to visit before they're gone."
One of them is the glaciers in South America.

They have been providing fresh drinking water for South Americans since the dawn of time,
but they are 36% gone right now and they'll be 50% gone in a few years, then gone for good.

Does Obama think South Americans can live without fresh water?
When that water runs out, they'll have wars for water and someone's going to lose.

Christ, it's ONLY our planet.
Which fights does Obama think are worth fighting?

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  I just need 36 hours a day to get them sized and uploaded.
  We are working feverishly and furiously to update the Hottie pages

  I have to work smarter, not harder.

  I can't believe it only took me 16 f-ing years to figure this out...

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Subject: Gates's
Dear Bart,
Sorry to rain on your parade, Roman Catholic nuns not withstanding,
but DanD is right; Gates' is the correct possessive spelling of Gates.
Credentials: eight years of post-graduate study; twelve years of teaching
English at the university level; published author.

Well, then, you should know better!

I know I'm right. 
I still have the hand scars when Sr. Mary Gerald beat me with a steel ruler.

She's still alive - maybe I should pay her a visit...

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Sarah Palin Quits Again
'National Tour' suddenly over


Palin's "One Nation" tour has now changed to the "Half a Nation" tour, as the nation's
leading publicity whore and opponent to "gotcha journalism" decided to re-wield her mad
quittin' skillz, dry-dock her constitutional tour bus, and return to Alaska to take in the
marvelous view of Russia in the summertime.   ha ha

The "One Nation" tour launched with intense media interest, as reporters initially followed
Palin and her family on the road, diligently trying to decipher the half-term governor and
swimsuit model's presidential intentions. But after being ignored and mislead and denied
interviews or access, reporters' attention fizzled.

Fancy that.

Notice the correct usage of the possessive on reporters' attention.

Since reporters is plural, a lone apostrophe is called for.
Had it been "the reporter's attention" an apostrophe S is required.

Had the reporter been Bob James, it would be "James's attention"

You might as well get used to spelling it correctly.

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Subject: Afghanistan
Bart, a good friend's son was blown up in Afghanistan.  When he enlisted in the marines
I asked him if he didn't have a brick handy to hit him in the f-ing head to stop him.  
Now he is crippled for life.

This, and every other f-king war we are engaged in is absolutely f-ing insane.   
Effective intelligence and police work is far more effective in battling terrorism. 

If we had bombed the shit out of bin Laden's compound we would not know anything
like the intel we got from a smart, calculated, well planned assault by the Seals. 
We wouldn't even be sure if we got him (not that we are now necessarily). 
It is time we start using our f-king heads instead of blunt force.

And,  AND,  the f-king House has the f-king purse strings,
they can do what they did in August 1973 and cut off the f-king money.

Vince, John Boner hears you.
He's threatening to cut of money for the Libyan assistance.

Boner's OK with the 6,000 men and women we lost in Asia,
but losing no soldiers in Libya PISSES HIM OFF!

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No Fear & Loathing in Minneapolis
by Jane Stillwater


I was supposed to go to the Netroots Nation convention in Minneapolis last week, an annual event
designed to appeal to progressive bloggers, progressive activists and progressive wannabes.  However,
24 hours before I was scheduled to leave for Minnesota, I started to get cold feet.  Why even bother? 
Trying to speak up for freedom, justice and democracy in America just seems to be an exercise in
futility these days.  Obviously the corporatists and their Fright-wing minions have grabbed hold of
all us progressives by the short hairs and aren't letting go -- so why even bother to fight back? 
I started to reach for the phone, to cancel my reservations.

But then I didn't.

It's time to man up and not let those bastards get me down!

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Subject: Well, Bart
I'm surprised that today you didn't take note of the event 70 years ago known as Operation Barbarossa.

Everything was going Hitler's way until he made the critical error of invading the Soviet Union 22 June 1941.
He had said over and over that he would never be stupid enough to fight a war on two fronts.

Thinking Great Britain was whipped ("we have rung the chicken's neck") he just couldn't keep
his eyes off the oilfields, wheat fields and other Soviet resources and he was convinced the Russians
would be defeated within 6 months.

He made it clear they wanted only the land and not the people. Behind the German Army came the
death squads to get rid of the people. Russian resistance stiffened, their ally Old Man Winter did his
part and it soon became obvious Hitler gambled and lost.

The USSR and the USA came into the War within 6 months of each other because they were attacked
by a member of the Axis: Russia in June, USA in December. The Axis really never had a chance after that.
It wasn't "who" is going to win the war but a question of "how" long will it take.

When it's all over in 1945, the traditional powers were all gone and the two superpowers stood
head shoulders above them all. No one else could come close to them.

And then they had their falling out.

Dude, loved your work with the Green Hornet.

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Why I Hate Bill Clinton
by I-hate-Democrats Robert Sheer


Knock down, drag out with this Clinton-hater.

Subject: The wonders of POT

Yeah Bart, I want a guy who uses pot and stops thinking piloting the next airplane I take,
or driving the next school bus - what did I tell ya?

CB, you're not making any sense.
Were you high when you wrote that?

Jack Daniels is perfectly legal - are you OK with your pilot being super-drunk?
Sex is legal - are you OK with your pilot being blown while landing the plane?

Of course not, because there's a time and a place for everything.

At the end of the day, when the chores are done and the kids are asleep,
there's nothing wrong with getting a buzz and enjoying the flowers God gave us.

I'm shocked that you've been reading Bartcop for so many years,
yet you would propose an argument so devoid of any logic.

NOBODY ever said pilots and school bus drivers should get high before work
just like nobody said a surgeon should kill of pint of Jack before surgery.

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Does anybody recognize anybody here?

Send e-mail to Bart

  Hey Bart,
 That man is none other that Dave Attel,
a very funny abstract/shock/party comic. 
Jared in Dayton, Ohio

You are correct!
And thanks to Pontiac Tom for getting that shot.

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Today's Mystery Car


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Subject: The rules for the possessive case

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Subject: Bush victory garden

Bart, I'm celebrating my 45th anniversary this year of having my cherry popped
by sweet Mary Jane that wonderful summer night in the pole vault pit at my high school.

I'm also celebrating the 40th anniversary of the failed war on drugs
by growing a "special" victory garden this year.

Bill Wilson
415 E. Meadow St.
Austin TX,

...just kidding.

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Amos and Andy and The Book of Mormon
Broadway references escape me - I'm straight


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Subject: spelling and possessives

Bart, from the UPI Stylebook:
Possessives -- Covering all of the possibilities in the use of possessives can be tricky.
The key is consistency. Follow these guidelines:

1. Add only the apostrophe if the singular or plural ends in s:
Tiger Woods' scorecard, Bonds' trial, Harris' campaign, Jesus' life,
  Monsignor Steve

If that's the rule now, they changed it.

It used to be Bob's truck, the Lewis's lawn, etc.
The only time you used the single apostrophe is with a plural noun.

The childrens' uniforms were lost.

If they changed things, they failed to run it by me.

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30,000 troops are coming home
At least that's the plan - 14 months from now

It seems like whenever Obama takes "bold action" it's always something
that's going to happen in the far, far future - like Health Care.
I believe it's going to kick in when, 2014?

Why can''t he do something today?

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Today's Mystery City


Boy, you'll never get this one...

Subject: last issue's mystery city

Bart, last issue's mystery city is Cancun!

I was there 11 years ago.  The tourist part, in that pic, is pretty nice. 
Beautiful beach and water.  But . . .  if that pic could be panned to the right,
inland, where the residents live - that part of Cancun isn't so nice. 

And a billboard advertising a 24-hour Super WalMart is the first thing
you see when you leave the airport.

I probably wouldn't go back.
There are more than enough great places here.

...not to mention Mexico has become the murder capital of the world.

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Today's History Mystery


Send me your History Mystery pictures

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Subject: last issue's history mystery

What is last issue's History Mystery?

Bart, that would be
John Wilkes Booth, sometimes called
the "handsomest man in America" and "a natural born genius."

That mystery was too easy for a guy who's
mother was a certified Lincoln groupie!
  Larry in Colorado

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Subject: donation

Martin, thanks for the subscription!

Woo Hoo!


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