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WELCOME TO BARTCOP.COM A modem, a smart mouth and the truthNews and Commentary NOT Approved by Karl Rove, bcause vicious extremists can NOT be appeased.

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Wednesday  July 13,  2011     Vol 2721 - Hope Solo


In Today's Tequila Treehouse...

Arrow The Bitch scoots the pooch!
Arrow GOP turns back on Reagan
Sarah Palin Nude!!!
Arrow America - country of perverts
Arrow Leary surprised by Smithsonian
Arrow Murdoch loses his baby 
Arrow Spend all day - w/ Victoria Justice


"I find it a little baffling when Americans gets so gaga-eyed over a princess.
  In particular, Lady Di, who was an anorexic, bulimic narcissist."

     --  Ann Coulter, anorexic, bulimic narcissist, jealous that Diana was universally loved
           while Coulter is despised by every English-speaking person on the planet    TIME Mag

anorexic, bulimic narcissist Ann Coulter really the right person to criticize women for being too thin?


Send e-mail to Bart

The Bitch scoots the pooch!
Right-wing is furious over his mega-flub


Teabagging huns who had been anxiously hoping to use this summer's debt ceiling vote to reduce
government spending were furious Wednesday when Senate Republicans outlined a plan to raise
the limit without ensured spending cuts.

Senate Minority Leader Mitch (R-Bitch) McConnell outlined a complex and procedure-heavy proposal
Tuesday (details here) to give President Obama the ability to raise the debt ceiling in increments without
Republican support. McConnell unveiled the plan just before leaving Capitol Hill Tuesday to meet with
Obama to continue discussions for a possible deal between the parties.

McConnell was careful to describe his plan as a "last-choice option" but a several conservative groups
took aim at the minority leader for effectively destroying, in their view, any leverage Republicans had
to negotiate with the president.

Michael A. Needham of the conservative Heritage Foundation, called it a "serious walk back" from
the party's long-held position on the debt ceiling deal.

So - what does this mean?

Did the Bitch screw up and accidentally tell the truth?
Or did he see the train wreck that was coming at the crazy-heavy GOP?

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Subject: that guy Was Right About Adblock
You published a letter from a guy who said Adblock was why you were getting so few ad clicks.
I had never heard of the program, so I tried it out. With Adblock on my browser, there are NO
Google ads on your page. And their absence is so seamless, I didn't even notice until I was halfway
down today's page.

Anybody who's running that program, or something like it, probably isn't even aware you RUN ads.
 -J in WPB

I am trying to stay alive on the Internets.

I saw this quote from Truthout:

Help us meet our $30,000 goal this week: Every dollar you donate will
be doubled and will go twice as far toward strengthening Truthout.
We have $14,000 more to raise - can you make a contribution?

$30,000 per week?
That's $1.5M a year - but maybe they have a large staff.

I could live a whole year on $30K, and if I could get more ad-action,
we could avoid the August fund-raiser that's coming if I can't.

Send e-mail to Bart

This is disgusting.

A billionaire like Grover Norquist can invest maybe $500K to set up
some phoney Teabagger "grass roots" organization that pressures congress
to give away more of our tax money to the super-rich more of our tax money. 

So Norquist invests $500K and then gets
maybe $8M shaved off his federal taxes.

That's a return of 1600 percent.
No wonder America is going broke.

Funny how the super-rich on the Left don't f-ing bother.
The super-rich Lefties could be sending big donations to
Truthout and Buzzflash and SmirkingChimp and RawStory
and Ted Rall and  bartcop.com  ...but they don't f-ing bother.

Instead, they give speeches saying,
"Go ahead, raise my raxes"

knowing the GOP would never, ever let that happen.

We're on Twitter and Facebook

GOP turns backs on Reagan
They ignore a warning from their patron saint
by Gene Lyons


Much of what Obama knows about dealing with Republicans he learned at Harvard.
And most of it is wrong.  He owes his election as editor of the Harvard Law Review to conservatives.

Except Harvard isn't Washington, and today's Republican leaders aren't really conservatives.
That's just a word they use. Led by the Tea-Party fringe, the GOP's evolving into a utopian
anti-government cult. As Mike Huckabee said, "Ronald Reagan would have a very difficult,
if not impossible, time being nominated in this atmosphere of the Republican Party."

He certainly would. Here's how President Reagan reacted to crazy talk about not raising the
national debt limit in 1983: "The full consequences of a default -- or even the serious prospect
of default -- by the United States are impossible to predict and awesome to contemplate.
Denigration of the full faith and credit of the United States would have substantial effects
on the domestic financial markets and the value of the dollar."

Congress gave Reagan the tax increases he wanted and lifted the debt ceiling. Anti-tax zealots
predicted economic disaster. Events proved them wrong, precisely as they did after 1993 when
Clinton won an increase in marginal income-tax rates that put the nation's balance sheet in order.

So why can't Obama learn from Clinton? Would Obama rather be a failed,
one-term president than admit Clinton knew what he was doing with the economy?

Send e-mail to Bart

Subject: Not everything on the Table
President Obama and some Democrats say the "everything has to be on the table"
in the deficit reduction talks.  But not everything is on the table.

The wars in Afghanistan and Iraq need to be on the table.
We accomplished nothing there and aren't going to accomplish anything and it's
costing us 2 billion dollars a week.

If we're looking at a balanced budget why not start with money were just flushing
down the toilet? I think staying in Afghanistan but getting rid of Medicare and
Social Security is a bad decision. It's time to focus on rebuilding America.
 Marc Perkel

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...but hundreds of the others...

The newest sticker is in!

Here's the deal:

Pick three of any one sticker,
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Murdoch loses his baby
His dreams of domination crash and burn


Murdoch withdrew his $12 billion bid for BSkyB, the lucrative satellite broadcaster, on Tuesday.

The withdrawal represented a devastating blow to Murdoch, who had desperately sought to take
full control of BSkyB. It was also an admission from Murdoch that the scandal surrounding his
British newspaper division has shown no signs of abating. The suspension of the bid came after
the British government, which had previously given every indication that it wanted the deal to
progress because Murdoch was blackmailing them dramatically withdrew its support for the bid
in the wake of the ever-deepening scandal surrounding Murdoch and his criminal enterprise.

If only this had happened to Murdoch sooner.
The old bastard is like 112 years old and he'll he dead very soon.

Send e-mail to Bart

Subject: Sarah Palin Nude!   Liar page

I think what Tim Welsh was referring to in his e-mail about a Liar's Page was this:

Have a sub page that's titled "Sarah Palin Nude!" or some such goofy title. 
You change the picture every issue (like weird pic or wildlife) and it ends up on
the search engines for the young mouth-breathing horny teabagger to google. 

Not a bad idea.  It might help boost your unique visitors,
and we, the Bartcop Universe are all in on the joke. 

Or am I just over-thinking it?

I'll do most anything to stay in business, but I can see the complaints now.

"Bart, what you're doing to Sarah Palin is cruel and unfair and misogynistic!
  Why do you hate women, Bart?  You're better than that - don't sink to their level."

 I'm not sure why our side looks out for the GOP's worst, but they do.

Send e-mail to Bart

Sarah Palin Nude!!!
Exclusive pics only on  bartcop.com


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"We should be 'carmageddoned' every weekend in every city until our dingy,
  potholed country catches up to the newer, faster, gleamier ones..."
   --  Bill Maher, on California shutting down I-405 for 55 hours this weekend, in a tweet

 America is, coast to coast, dealing with clogged highways full of smog.
 Meanwhile, China has 300MPH trains and they're into Green Energy, too.

 I'm so old, I remember when America was the world LEADER in everything,
 but that was before religious insanity took over and it was before Democrats
 surrendered up-front on every f-ing issue every f-ing time.

"Fighting is wrong.
  Republicans are our friends..."

Send e-mail to Bart

America - country of perverts


ABC Whore News knew what they were doing when they got their top reporter-for-sale
to interview Jaycee Dugard about her 18 years of constant rape by the evil monster.

"So Jaycee, what was it like... (heavy breathing)  when that evil monster 
(heavy breathing)
 zapped you with his stun gun and dragged you into his car
(heavy breathing) and then drove you
 to his secluded hideout
(heavy breathing) where he then forced you to undress (heavy breathing)
 and then took in the sight of your 11-year old naked virgin, pre-pubescent
, hairless body (heavy breathing)
 and please be specific, tell us in as much detail as possible exactly what he did to you
next (heavy breathing)..."

 The highest ratings in SEVEN years?
 Fifteen million people tuned in to hear the juicy details - yum!

 Yes, ABC Whore News knew exactly what they were doing - giving America just what they hoped for,
  the intimate details of the sexual charge the old perv got while raping that scared little child.

"Excuse me, can you repeat that?
 He forced you do do what to him?
 How many times?   And what was going thru your 11-year old mind
 when he was doing all those sexual things to you with his nasty penis?"

 I didn't watch the show - what would be the point?  

 Everyone knows the old perv hit the jackpot when he stole this little girl.
 He'll be recounting every ugly attack for his cellmates until his raping heart gives out,
 so what, besides the lurid and purient thrills in the details, was the point of this interview?

 We know why ABC Whore News staged this re-rape - ratings GOLD.
 Maybe ABC News should start The Rape Cable Channel that plays snippets of movie rapes
 between real-life accounts of real rape victims like Jaycee recalling every lascivious detail?

 Think about that, ABC News with Diane Sawyer - the Rape Channel is ratings GOLD!


Send e-mail to Bart

Subject: The biggest joke of the 21st century

The way Bush and Cheney testified about 9/11--as if they were
attending a frat party--has to be the biggest joke of the 21st century.

Like I've said many times - the only thing we know FOR SURE about 9-11
is thqt Bush & Cheney would do ANYTHING to prevent the truth from coming out.

Obama says we should "look forward" when it comes to the 3,000 killed on 9-11.

That frees more federal agents to go after poker players and pot smokers.

Send e-mail to Bart

Are American businesses waiting for a WHITE president before
they start hiring people with all that extra cash they have?

Subject: disagree with Bruce on NASA



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Howard Stern is on vacation this week, they're running reruns.
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Rescue Me Returns Tonight
Easily the best show on TV this summer

Leary surprised by Smithsonian honor
They're putting his firefighter gear in the Smithsonian


Denis Leary was stunned when the Smithsonian asked for his clothing from Rescue Me,
and still expects them to have second thoughts about the induction of his character.

Leary and co-creator Peter Tolan will present objects from the acclaimed TV series to the
National Museum of American History in Washington, D.C. on Thursday. The objects will join
the museum's popular culture history collections, which is full of notable items from television history.

If you've never seen this TV show, you have fucked up.

         Click to order Season One

  If you've never seen Rescue Me, you have no right to say,
 "There's no quality programming on today's TV."

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But don't worry, God's loving hand will protect us.
Global warming is a myth - just ask Jim Inhofe.

Today's Mystery Car


 Calling all car fans...

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Subject: Ad Block


I don't use Ad Block but I do have my pop up ad blocker on.

I feel it's the least I can do if I can't send in cash to support what I am accessing basically for free.
I don't like ads but I tolerate them because I know people can't survive eating air.

Pop ups on the other hand - at least used to be so annoying that I could not take it.
The NY Times website uses them but again, I don't have a subscription so I tolerate them.

CY, thanks for that.

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Who's that Celebrity?  



 I'll bet you're stumped this time...

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Subject: Republicans Signing Pledges...

Bart, why isn't it illegal for public servants to sign pledges? 
Isn't the signing of a pledge inconsistent with the role of a public servant? 
Doesn't the public have a right to representation that is not biased? 

Pledging to ALWAYS do something destroys the elected official's
responsibility to do what the PEOPLE want done. 

In fact, if we elect such a politician, knowing that he/she will always do a thing,
then why elect them at all?  Just put a dummy in their place, or a computer that
is programmed to vote according to their pledge. 
Ah, but we have enough "dummies" in office already.


Dude, you're asking why Teabaggers don't use their heads.
They are scared racists following evil racists.

They have no mind of their own.

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Name that Song!


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Subject: government shut down

Bartcop, my wife and I are retired and depend on our Social Security checks to pay our bills.
Here's our plan if the tea-baggers succeed in destroying the country:

Cancel non-essential services:
Telephone (land lines and cell phone contracts - spend 50 bucks on a pre-pay phone in case of emergency. Cable TV and Credit Card.
Limit spending for groceries and other needed items to the bare minimum.
Stay home and don't buy gasoline.

When our corporate masters realize they are going broke the situation will change dramatically and rapidly.
If someone with a voice (such as yourself) led a campaign to target two or three big corporations
(ATT, BofA, Exxon, etc.) it would show the greedy bastards who really has the power.
Keep hammering,

Willy, thanks for that, but I'm not much of a salesman.
I can't convince Democrats that the sun is hot.

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Who's going to see U2 in St Louis next Sunday?

Wildlife Close-up  by Astrocat


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Subject: Alan Grayson

Bart, Alan Grayson is the bravest Congressional fighter since Paul Wellstone. 
I can’t wait for him to get back in Congress and put the screws to Obama, and the pansy Democrats, as well as the Teapublicans.
 Debbie from Milwaukee

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Today's Mystery City


 Can you guess the city?

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Subject: last issue's mystery city

Bart, Last Issue's Mystery City was is Taipai, Taiwan
The tall building on the left looks like the 101.
Yore pal,  Rick

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US Women just won a BIG soccer game against France.
They're playing for the World Cup this Sunday.

Today's History Mystery


Send e-mail to Bart

Subject: last issue's history mystery

What is last issue's History Mystery?  It's Henry Wallace, who was VP under FDR for a term. 
He also founded Pioneer seed.  Another Iowa boy.
   Bob form Des Moines


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Subject: donations

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Subject: donation

Bart, here's a donation.
Marvin the geography dude in Stillwater, OK

Marvin, that was nice - thanks.
There's some BCR coming your way.

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