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Thursday-Friday  July 21-22,  2011     Vol 2725 - Slo-Poke


In Today's Tequila Treehouse...

Arrow Steve Wynn: I Hate Obama
Arrow Eldrick's Slide Continues
Sarah Palin Nude!!!
Arrow The Murder of Dodd-Frank
Arrow Teabaggers sued by hotel  
Arrow Summer’s Juiciest Scandal
Arrow Spend all day - w/ Katy Perry


"Marketing tip: Maybe don't hire models who
  look like Casey Anthony. Turns women off...' 

     --  David Spade, in a tweet


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Steve Wynn: Why I Hate Obama
Vegas mogul has a problem with our president


"I'm telling you that the business community in this country is frightened to death of Obama's weird
political philosophy. And until he's gone, everybody's going to be sitting on their thumbs."
Wynn said he could very quickly create 10,000 new jobs himself and with the multiplier effect help
create another 20,000 hires in Las Vegas. But like many other business people in both parties he's
holding back under the Obama administration.
"I'm afraid to do anything in the current political environment in the United States. You watch TV
and see what's going on, on this debt ceiling issue. And what I consider to be a total lack of
from the President and nothing's going to get fixed until the President himself
steps up and wrangles
both parties in Congress... I'm saying it bluntly, that this administration
is the greatest wet blanket to business and progress and job creation in my lifetime..."
"Those of us who have business opportunities and the capital to do it are going to sit in fear of Obama.
And a lot of people don't want to say that. They'll say, "Oh God, don't be attacking Obama."
Well, this is Obama's deal, and it's Obama that's responsible for this fear in America.
The guy keeps making speeches about redistribution, and maybe we ought to do something to businesses
that don't invest or holding too much money. We haven't heard that kind of talk except from pure socialists.
Everybody's afraid of the government, and there's no need to soft peddling it, it's the truth."

I have no idea what Wynn is saying.
At first, I heard he was screaming "crazy socialist" at Obama, so I prepared for battle.

Then, Wynn bitched about Obama's failure to come to work and his lack of leadership, making me
want to salute him. 
(He described himself as "a Harry Reid Democrat" God help his soul.)

Then Wynn closed with his "pure socialist" crap which he failed to define.

So what the hell is Wynn saying?
He could hire 10,000 people if Obama showed more courage dealing with the GOP?

I might agree with that.
If Obama took off the kid gloves and explain to the assholes that HE WON and thus has
"political capital and plans to spend it," just like Der Fuhrer did - how could they argue?

If that's his point, why the phoney "socialism" attack without saying what that means?

Wynn is a very, very rich man.
How is it he never learned to speak coherently?

BTW Steve, I'm sure your customers are thrilled to learn that Wynn and Encore are
10,000 people understaffed and you COULD hire them but ...you hate Obama.

Sounds to me like I can't get a cocktail at your poker tables.

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Joe Conason's new web site


Subject: you are deluded...
Bart, you wrote:

> If I know my pusillanimous Democrats, and I do, they'll ruin the chance by saying
> something extremely stupid like, "Both sides do this - we should all be ashamed."

> Swear to Koresh, our Democrats need a shot of Bartcop.

Another example of why you are most deluded man in blogbidniss...you suck up to the most
whored out dems of all time... Clintons, who sold party to the corpso-rats whilst at the same time
imagine you are a fighting spirit!!!! 

That is crazy man attitude...you are big patsyboy and your tough guy schtick is for a dwindling
no. of sheeplike followers which is why you will go broke.

Too bad. I like your comedy but no contribution for you.
  Albrecht Hanspaiker  (pronounced Honz-payker)

Albrecht, you have failed to make your case.
How is calling Clinton, "Our best modern president" sucking up?

If I say "Flying is faster than taking a train," am I sucking up to planes?
Or am I just listing the facts?

Pointing out that today's Dems refuse to fight makes me deluded?

You're comparing Clinton to some fictitious president who never got elected,
like President Nader or President Kucinish.   That makes YOU crazy, not me.

You apparently hate Bill Clinton, but can you name a better modern president?
No, you can't which means you agree with me.

Please try to explain yourself.

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Eldrick's Slide Continues
Can he no longer afford his caddie?


Caddy Steve Williams is not that happy about being sacked by Eldrick after 13 loyal years of service,
particularly after having stuck by him during Eldrick's recent whoring around with anything that moved.

Williams was Woods ever present sidekick for 13 of his 14 major victories and 63 of his 71 PGA Tour titles,

This Aussie site has failed to spell "Woods's" (possessive) correctly.

Or maybe Eldrick is too broke to possess anything?  :)

They say Eldrick's Broke
CNN Money: Eldrick is without sufficient funds


It’s no secret that Eldrick, once King of the Sports World, has suffered financially since his fall from grace.
His endorsement list shrank and his marriage ended in a divorce settlement reportedly worth $100 million.
But now he may actually be hurting for funds. At the very least, there are signs that he isn’t generating
enough to comfortably cover his costs.

Poor Eldrick - I'm beginning to feel sorry for the guy.

I heard this story on the road, so I texted to myself, "is Eldrick broke?"
My stupid iPhone changed that to "Is Aldrich broke?"

Apple is just like Microsteal (Not a compliment)

They're always figuring out what I really meant,
and they end up giving me that instead of what I asked for.

I hate it when people or things try to think for me.
I know what I f-ing want - so stay out of my way and don't help.

Is there any way to turn off that obnoxious auto-misspelling crap?

Why can't computers do what WE tell them to do instead of
what their know-it-all programmers tell them to do?

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Ott Art for Sale, 30% off

Elvis, Madonna, Cher, Liz Taylor, Bette Davis, Barbra Streisand, Lady Gaga


Subject: framing the debate


climate change....how to frame the discussion

why not this way?

"How many American citizens have Republican climate change deniers killed this week?"

That's about the long and short of it, really
Maybe it's time to turn up the heat index on those tools

Keep swingin'...but slowly, because of the heat...

One I like is,
"If we're wrong, we lose something but I forget what it is.
  If you're wrong, we lose the planet and your grandkids die."

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Sarah Palin Nude!!!
Exclusive pics only on  bartcop.com


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"The Kansas City Chiefs clearly hate the working man."
-- Chief's workers after being told they can't watch the game
         if they get done with their work while the game is in progress,     Link


 Somewhere in Kansas City there's a lawyer who told the Chiefs
 they could make an extra $1,000 per game by screwing their employees.

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Teabaggers sued by Vegas hotel
They don't believe in paying their bills?


The Venetian in Las Vegas has filed a lawsuit against Tennessee-based
Tea Party Nation for failing to pay a $600,000 bill.
The Las Vegas Review Journal reported that the hotel claims the tea party group
owes money for a five-day convention it canceled at the hotel last summer.
The Tea Party Nation reserved 1,637 room nights in the Palazzo.
The crazy tea baggers cancelled two weeks before the event.
The group agreed to pay the hotel $579,148 in the event of a cancellation
and $87,996 in interest has since been added to that amount.

Who thought there were 1600 teabaggers who could afford a $160 a night hotel?

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The Murder of Dodd-Frank
  by Robert Reich


One full year after the financial reform bill spearheaded through Congress by Christopher Dodd and
Barney Frank was signed into law, Wall Street looks and acts much the way it did before. That's because
the Street has effectively neutered the law, which is the best argument I know for applying the nation's
antitrust laws to the biggest banks and limiting their size.
Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner says the financial system is "on more solid ground" than prior to
the 2008 crisis, but I don't know what ground he's looking at.
Much of Dodd-Frank is still on the drawing boards, courtesy of the Street. The law as written
included loopholes big enough to drive bankers' Lamborghini's through - which they're now doing.
What kind of derivatives must be traded on open exchanges? What are the capital requirements for
financial companies that insure borrowers against default, such as AIG? How should credit rating
agencies be funded? What about the much-vaunted Volcker Rule requiring that banks trade their
own money if they're going to gamble in the stock market - how should their own money be defined?
What "stress tests" must the big banks pass to maintain their privileged status with the Fed?
The short answer: whatever it takes to maintain the Street's profits and perquisites.

Hmmm, I keep getting shit for Clinton being "a Wall Street sellout."
It would appear Obama has taken that crown away from him.

Did Clinton give billionaires a trillion dollars at the expense of the poor?

So all you Democrats who hate Clinton,
are there ANY Democratic presidents you've liked?

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The Summer’s Juiciest Scandal Yet
  Margo Howard on “News Corpse”


Where to start? Anything Murdoch is such a rich vein to mine. One hilarity is that Murdoch’s
premier tabloid, the New York Post, has not printed one word about Murdoch's “troubles.” 

The Wall Street Journal, the News Corp’s “respectable” paper, had one kid gloves interview
with him, and all Fox News has said is basically: Afghanistan is hideous, the economy’s a mess,
and we’re talking about a little phone hacking?

As Jon Stewart pointed out, the Post hed-writers (famous for great, trashy eye-catchers like
“Headless Man in Topless Bar”) must feel emasculated. Stewart is quite certain they would
have loved to run “News Corpse,” in 40 point type when Murdoch's whistle-blower was found dead.
(P.S. re the Wall Street Journal: the dysfunctional Bancroft family, who sold the paper to Murdoch,
announced they were now sorry they had sold. Had they known what he would do to the paper,
yada yada. Well, if I knew what he would do to the paper, why didn’t they?"

The New York Whore Post isn't a newspaper. It's a scandal rag
owned by a guy who got caught so of course he's not going to print the news.

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Today's Mystery City


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Subject: last issue's mystery city

Bart, Last Issue's Mystery City was the Jin Mao Tower in Shanghai.
Judging by the construction work going on around it the photo was taken about 7 years ago.

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Today's History Mystery


Who is the mysterious lady?

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Subject: last issue's history mystery

What is last issue's History Mystery?

The History Mystery is Greta Garbo.

Bart, your History Mystery is Debbie Harry photographed by Greg Gorman

I thought it was Prescilla Presley...

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Hey Bart. Congratulations on the good medical news!
And your corn dinner--that sounds really good!
  Bruce in Marquette, MI

Bruce, thanks for that.
That corn was extra-delicious.

I hope you enjoy your BCR.

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