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WELCOME TO BARTCOP.COM A modem, a smart mouth and the truthNews and Commentary NOT Approved by Karl Rove, bcause vicious extremists can NOT be appeased.

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Weekend-Monday,  Aug 27-29,  2011     Vol 2744 - Muddles & Buckets


In Today's Tequila Treehouse...

Arrow Perry: Social Security "a Lie"
Arrow Katrina, Six Years After
Sarah Palin Nude!!!
Arrow Rick Perry: Gop's Messiah? 
Arrow Obama in Bed with BIG Oil
Arrow 50% don't pay taxes - Horseshit!
Arrow Spend the day w/ Elizabeth Hurley


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"Tell Rick Perry his prayers were answered, except that God sent the rain
  Perry asked for to the liberals in the East instead of to the Texas Teabaggers."
      --  my good friend Dave "Dr" Gonzo at  apj.us

 Dave's the guy, years ago, who gifted me with this...


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Rick Perry: Social Security A 'Monstrous Lie'

 Is the GOP even going to try this electyion cycle?


During a stop in Iowa on Saturday, Rick Perry stood by his criticism of Social Security as a "Ponzi scheme."
He said the entitlement program amounts to a "monstrous lie" for young Americans,

Perry recently walked back his claims that Social Security is a "Ponzi scheme," but other Republicans have
made similar statements in recent months, saying the entitlement program is a "scheme" to take money from
the American people.

Perry has previously taken a hard-line stance against Social Security. In his 2010 book, "Fed Up!" he suggested
the program was unconstitutional, put in place "at the expense of respect for the Constitution and limited government."
He also wrote that Social Security is "set up like an illegal Ponzi scheme."

Obama is a very lucky man.

The GOP's Great White Hope just lost the votes of every non-rich person over 50.


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Gaga (right) kisses Britney at last night's VMAs

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"Instead of eliminating our economic crisis, he worsened it.
  Instead of addressing the debt, he exploded it."
      --  Rick Perry, lying again,     Link


 What you and I are hearing there is Rick Perry lying.
 Do you want to know what the racists and Teabaggers heard?

 "That crazy nigger took all the money from the honest White man
  and he bought new Cadillacs for every damn lazy nigger he knows..."

 Perry isn't saying that half of that money went to tax cuts (for the super-rich)
 and he's not saying the other half went to prevent the banks from collapsing.

 You see what happens when you let "one of them" have power?
  They go "Cadillac crazy" because - that's all Black people know.
  Perry calls that "nigger rich" behind closed doors.

 Do you think Obama understands that, if he loses next November,
  it might be 50 years before another Black person is on the ballot for president?
  History will trash Obama - because the GOP writes it and the Left refuses to list the facts.

 Do you think that's enough to get him to come to work?

Subject: Tim Tebow's problem
Tim's problem is pretty simple - he's having a crisis of faith.
All his short, sorry life he's been a superstar, but he's has always
given the credit and glory to God for every success.

But now that he sucks, that must mean God wants him to fail.
That's got to be hard on a guy who, as you say,
can't pass the salt without shouting Praise!

Jeff, good point.

When Tebow throws a touchdown - all praise to Jesus.

When he throws an interception, why isn't it God's fault?

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My good friend Alan Bisbort has an exhibit
coming up Sept 1-23 in Hartford, CT.

Click Here for More Info

Katrina, Six Years After
  by Harry Shearer


What most people think they know is that, post-Katrina, "the levees have been fixed."
And that could be said to be true. To get Clintonian for a moment, it all depends on
what your definition of "fixed" is.

I used to like Harry Shearer - before the summer of 2008, that is.
It looks like Harry is still in full-on "fuck-the-Clintons" mode.

I believe, if given a choice between unfairly slurring the Clintons
and fixing the New Orleans levees, Shearer would slur the Clintons.
I believe, if given a choice between unfairly slurring the Clintons
and Obama balancing the federal budget, Shearer would slur the Clintons.

I believe, if given a choice between unfairly slurring the Clintons
and getting
50 wishes from a magical genie, Shearer would slur the Clintons.

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Subject: God bless Glenn Beck
Glenn Beck says that Hurricane Irene is "a blessing from God".

With this kind of religious insanity it's no wonder America is in trouble.
So as a Liberal Atheist I have to respond with, "May God bless Glenn Beck as well."
  Marc Perkel

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"Every time Obama walks to his desk he passes this image of courage
in the face of hate and the word “Nigger” scrawled on the wall."   Link

See more at  http://mariopiperni.com

America is so stupid...

Scumbag metal thieves, mostly copper thieves, are everywhere.

Companies that buy scrap metal should be held to
the same standards that pawn shops are held to:
1. No exchange without a valid drivers license.
2. The seller leaves his fingerprints.
3. The transaction must be videotaped.

That would cut down 90% of metal thefts
but Teabagging legislatures are worried about stopping
"the spread of Sharia law" instead of stopping crime.

America is a nation run by Teabaggers.
I wish Obama would come to work.

Rick Perry: Gop's Messiah?
by Kathleen Parker,  who I believe is a Rethug


Rick Perry’s rapid lead over Mitt Romney was predictable. But it is not a good sign for
Republicans hoping to reclaim the White House and further highlights the crucial battle
within GOP circles: Who is the godliest of us all?

That’s the mirror-mirror question for Republicans. Forget charisma, charm, intelligence,
knowledge and that nuisance, “foreign policy experience.” The race of the moment
concerns which candidate is the truest believer.

Talk about a perfect candidate. Combine Elmer Gantry’s nose for converts,
Ronald Reagan’s folksy confidence and Sarah Palin’s disdain for the elites — and that dog hunts.

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Subject: Ron Paul is an idiot

Ron Paul just said "We should be like 1900... [FEMA is a] great contribution to deficit financing."

1900 was the year of the deadliest hurricane in US history.
It made landfall in Galveston, TX and killed between  6,000 and 12,000 people.
Ron Paul wants to take us back to THAT?!

Galveston is in Ron Paul's district (TX-14), so he has
absolutely no fucking excuse to not know this.
 --  J V in WPB

Ron Paul is trying to out-crazy Rick Perry.
I don't think he can do that.

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Eric Cantor is a f-ing Ass

Check out the news and toons at

bart blog

 on the Bart Blog!

Sarah Palin Nude!!!


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Subject: Obama is a one note instrument


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"50% don't pay taxes" - Horseshit!


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Subject: Remember...

Bart, you always have to remember what
President Obama did that so offended the GOP:

He got elected.

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Obama, Look out your window
 by soon-to-be-arrested Michael Kieshnick, dated 8/29/11

I run a mobile telephone company, and expect to be arrested in Washington today just outside
your window representing my customers' view on global warming. Seriously!

Your administration is soon to make a pivotal climate change decision on the Keystone pipeline
bringing tar sands oil from Canada, and available hints indicate that you are going to get it disastrously wrong.

To help you and your advisors focus on this choice, I am going to join with many others and hold
a big sign in front of the White House, for which I am likely to be arrested. Interestingly, Obama's
climate scientist is expected to be part of the demonstration and likely to be arrested as well.
It has gotten that bad on the global warming front.

Well, you don't need my IQ of 64 to tell you how this is going to turn out:
Obama has already given them permission.

As always, Obama surrendered BEFORE THE FIGHT!

This writer,
Michael Kieshnick, expects to be arrested for protesting a decision
that Obama has already surrendered on - so why bother?

Here are the facts:
This pipeline would carry 700,000 to 800,000 barrels of tarry, unrefined oil every day.
Keystone 1, the company that wants to build Obama's Pipeline, has recorded 12 spills in its first year of operation.
  The latest was last May in North Dakota, involving some 80,000 liters of tar sands crude.

800,000 barrels of oil every day, pumped over North Dakota, South Dakota, Nebraska, Kansas,
Oklahoma amd Texas with shoots over Missouri and Illinois, which begs the question:

go wrong?

"If Obama sides with greedy oil companies instead of people and the climate,
  he will essentially be urging a huge part of his base to sit out the election."
      --  Erich Pica, president of Friends of the Earth,    Link

Once again, Obama has shit on his base in a really, really big way.
He so afraid that The Bitch and The Boner won't like it if he sides with the Democrats.

Who knew Obama was an oil man?

Send e-mail to Bart

Good point - our choices are between a candidate who wants
to coddle the super-rich more while punishing the poor
...and the Republicans.

"I don't know how much God has to do to get the attention of the politicians.
  We've had an earthquake; we've had a hurricane.
  He said, 'Are you going to start listening to me here?'   
(I love it when they quote God verbatim.)
  Listen to the American people because the American people are roaring right now.
  They know government is on a morbid obesity diet and we've got to rein in the spending."
      -- that crazy bitch Bachmann, who just hung up from talking to God,      Link


"Obviously she was joking..."
      -- spokeswoman Alice Stewart told TPM in a statement.    Link

 But, when Teabaggers say the craziest shit we've ever heard,
 how are we supposed to know if they're serious or not?

 Last issue's "I fantasize about tsunamis of blood" quote, I'm told,
 was not a real quote - but how can we tell when every word out of
 their mouths sounds like Jon Stewart doing sarcasm?

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Luck be a lady - or a vengeful bitch...


Six days after accidentally shooting his penis with his fiancee's pink gun, the Arizona man
obtained an order of protection against her, saying she burglarized his home. Meanwhile,
police are questioning his account of the accident.

"My apartment was broken into and I'm sure she was involved," Seto, 27, said in court papers.
"So I need to get her out of my apartment to avoid any other problems."

It was a bad week for penises.

Penis Amputee Receives No Damages in KY Trial

After all, it was just his penis...


A unanimous jury ruled in favor of the Kentucky doctor who amputated a portion of
Phillip Seaton's penis during an October 2007 circumcision to treat inflammation.
The jury unanimously found that Dr. John Patterson exercised appropriate care when he
removed a portion of Seaton's penis after finding cancer and ruled 10-2 against Seaton's
claim that Patterson did not properly obtain consent to him before removing his penis.

For some treason, Buddy Hackett just popped into my head.

If I ever lose my penis, I hope it's not in Kentucky.
Speaking for all men, I would not give a doctor permission to remove my penis.

...but the jurors in this case are the same Kentuckians who elected Rand Paul and
Mitch McConnell - so there you go.

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Today's Mystery Celebrity


Do you know who the Mystery Celebrity is?

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Friday's Mystery Car

Bart, there is no such car.

That was a Photoshopped version of this photo (pretty well done).


It's a 2009, Superformance Shelby Daytona Coupe.
 Art the Voice

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I haven't hear from Astrocat  in a few days...
I hope he didn't get too close to a bear...

Name that Song!


 I ran out of time - hopefully back tomorrow...

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Wildlife Close-up


Visiting our sponsors puts food on Bart's family...

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Today's Mystery City


 Can you guess the city?

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Subject: last issue's mystery city

Bart, Last Issue's Mystery City  is Lombard Street in San Francisco.
Morte Fromage


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Today's History Mystery


Who is today's Mystery Person? 

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Subject: last issue's history mystery

What is last issue's History Mystery?

Bart, the mystery person “beheaded” by Sean Connery is Bridgette Bardot.
Keep hammering,
 Nancy C.

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Subject: donation

Hey Bart!

I sold a few items & thought I'd throw a little of my earnings your way.
I always feel bad being on the take & reading your page for free.

I'm feeling better. I'm in remission right now.

Thanks for swinging the BIG Hammer and always making me laugh
All the best,
  Joann H/L

Joann, thanks for thinking of me
and congrats on the medical news.

Good news from the doctor beats winning the lottery.

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