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Wednesday,  Oct 5,  2011     Vol 2764 - Red feathers and black tar


In Today's Tequila Treehouse...

Arrow Obama, Cantor spar over jobs
Arrow Norquist fights GOP congressman
Sarah Palin Nude!!!
Arrow Hating the wankers in congress
Arrow Poker - What about state's rights?
Arrow Slippery Slope of Assassinations
Arrow Spend the day w/ Daniela Pestova


Better than Communism...definitely better than Reaganomics:


A regulated free market economic system for democracy


"If you are thinking 1 year ahead, plant seeds. If you are thinking 10 years
  ahead, plant a tree. If you are thinking 100 years ahead, educate the people."
--  Chinese Emperor Kuan Tsu, 5th century BC, in a Tweet


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Obama, Cantor spar over jobs bill
This is not how you get it done, Mr President


Obama and Eric Cantor engaged in a war of words Tuesday as the president continued
to push his jobs package with a trip to Dallas and St. Louis.
After Cantor said Monday that House Republicans would not bring Obama’s Jobs Act
to the floor for a vote, the White House struck back by releasing excerpts of the prepared
remarks Obama was planning to deliver in Mesquite, Texas, on Tuesday afternoon.
“I’d like Mr. Cantor to come down here to Dallas and explain what in this jobs bill he doesn’t
believe in,” the president is planning to say. “Does he not believe in rebuilding America’s roads
and bridges? Does he not believe in tax breaks for small businesses, or efforts to help veterans?”
He will also ask Cantor to “at least put this jobs bill up for a vote so that the entire country
knows exactly where every Member of Congress stands.

I kinda like that last sentence, but I have zero faith in Obama on jobs.

Knowing him, he's probably scheduled a 12-month rollout for his dumpy jobs bill.
When he annouced it, why didn't he say, "I need a vote of this bill in TWO WEEKS
because America can't wait a year to get the jobs ball rolling. They needs jobs NOW!"

It's so frustrating that Obama can't get the tiny things right.

Why have an open-ended debate on this jobs bill?
They talked health care for what, a year?  Fifteen months?
All that does is it gives talk radio enough time to beat people down with lies.

Why can't Obama learn?
I've never seen a weaker president.

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Norquist fights GOP congressman
Is Grover palling around with terrorists?


Conservative activist Grover Norquist responded to attacks from Virginia Republican Rep. Frank Wolf Tuesday,
calling Wolf's accusations that Norquist was connected to terrorists "disgusting" and saying they were copied from "racist websites."

Norquist has been sparring with with Wolf for some time. Norquist has refused to support a commission that would
consider tax increases as a way to decrease the federal deficit--while Wolf has long supported a deficit-reduction plan
that would combine spending reductions with tax hikes, a proposal Norquist has fought for decades.

On the House floor Tuesday, Wolf accused Norquist of being associated with terrorist financiers, discussed his
connection in 2006 to disgraced lobbyist Jack Abramoff and said that Norquist has used his organization's pledge
"to advance many other issues that many Americans would find inappropriate, and when taken as a whole should
give people pause."

I'm guessing Norquist isn't a racist but piling on is fun.

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Subject: Obama's chances in 2012

I believe Obama is doomed to be a one term President, mainly because I do not think
he will carry six traditionally "red" states in 2012 that he did win in 2008. And that's
going to swing 95 electoral votes the other way.

Florida, Ohio, North Carolina, Virginia, Indiana and Colorado - 95 electoral votes.

Obama's current "jobs" initiative is a farce; too little, too late.
Why didn't he make the effort when he had the votes to get it passed?
He had a Democratic majority in both houses when he took office.
He failed stand up for Democratic principles when he had the power & the support to do so.

His main concern was "being fair" to the Republicans.

And who's to say that if he does somehow manage to get reelected & the Democrats
manage to take back Congress, he won't pursue the same failed "bipartisan compromise",
i.e. capitulation during a second term?

I am 100% certain that he'll never change.


The best I can hope for is he'll pull an LBJ and step aside
to let the Democrats nominate a real Democrat for 2012.

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Hating the wankers in congress

After nine months of contentious battles on Capitol Hill, Americans have reached a new level of disgust
toward Congress that has left nearly all voters angry at their leaders and doubtful that they can fix problems.

Just 14 percent of the public approves of the job Congress is doing. That is lower than just before
the 1994, 2006 and 2010 elections, when the majority party was on the verge of losing power in the House.

Sixty-two percent say they “strongly disapprove” of the waking bastards. 20 percent “somewhat” disapprove.

Only 3 percent of Americans said they “strongly approve” of the performance of lawmakers on Capitol Hill
— essentially as low as possible, given the poll’s margin of error of four percentage points.

Yet the idiot voters think THEIR congressman is just ducky.
Christ, people are stupid.

Obama gets some of the blame for this.
When he forgave Kissyface in January 2009 for back-stabbing him, he sent the signal
that he would NEVER hold anyone accountable for stabbing him in the back.

That means the Democrats have no leader and that's why it's Obama's fault.

Obama should've known he wasn't ready but his ego was so big.

He couldn't wait until he was ready, he wanted ultimate power RIGHT NOW
and we're seeing what happens when a president is in over his head.

Send e-mail to Bart

Subject: Paris Hilton Hatred


Hmmm... maybe that hatred of Paris Hilton is based on a combination of envy of her wealth
and disappointment with the choices she seems to make, as viewed by her critics and loathers.

Could be these same people would *love* to be awash in all her money, all of them nicely
self-assured that *they* would make far better use of that fortune, if only Life hadn't been
so careless to leave her with that much cash.

Just a thought.

Hey, maybe we could call that mixed, blended sentiment, "fortuna" after the Wiki entry for same:

Fortuna (equivalent to the Greek goddess Tyche) was the goddess of fortune and personification of luck
in Roman religion. She might bring good luck or bad: she could be represented as veiled and blind,
as in modern depictions ofJustice, and came to represent life's capriciousness...

Me?  I ignore Paris Hilton:  she's just another spoiled jet-setter celeb with no relevance for me or to my life.

(Well... I usually ignore her, except for this email, in which I have just now
 given her far more thought than I have in all my preceding years on the planet.) 

 Alex in Oregon

Alex, you sound sane.
I was hoping to hear from a walks-over-broken-glass-barefoot-to-spit-on-Paris hater.

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The Decline of America under George W. Bush
by James P. Huchthausen
Discount code for 20% off: WZLH6SD


"Dream dating is over.  It’s time to love the one you’re with."
Republican consultant Mark McKinnon       Link

 Poor bastard - trying to console the heart-broken cavemen.

 Sorry, guys, you're stuck with the crazy cowboy vs the Massachusetts liberal.

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Poker - What about state's rights?
by the Whore AP


The casino industry wants Congress to skip proposals already on the table for regulating the $6 billion
online poker industry and pass new legislation that would let states decide whether to allow online gambling
and would require online casino companies to be licensed.

Frank Fahrenkopf of the American Gaming Association said he's optimistic a new bill will be introduced this year.

"We're perhaps closer to federal legislation than we've ever been," Fahrenkopf told reporters.
"There's a buzz in Washington about the need for action."

Part of that buzz is the response to legal troubles facing the three companies that Obama targeted
this year — PokerStars, Full Tilt Poker and Absolute Poker.

Indictments filed in April charge that executives at the companies and people accused of moving money
for them with fraud and money-laundering. Prosecutors say the defendants tricked banks into processing
billions of dollars in revenue in violation of a 2006 law that prevents financial institutions from handling
funds for online gambling.

Poker is a crime for the same reason pot is a crime:
Because the religiously insane claim poker and pot are what makes God the most angry.

I suggest we allow some common sense to interfere with our law-making.

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Sarah Palin Nude


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Subject: Assassination - fuck off, Bart


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"I could rant forever. I choose Music right now. I am reading though
  almost got to BartCop.com   The mandatory site on the internet."
Henry, on Facebook

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Don't Look Down
A New Series about Heights


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Subject: 2012 prediction

Bart, if Romney does get the nomination, I predict the teabaggers will run
a third party candidate.  I'm sure that is a variation of Obama's equation.

That would split the Fascist dog vote and Obama would win.

If the Democrats had half a brain cell among them (Why do I torture myself this way?)
they'd run some puppet as a Teabagger and confuse the trogs at the polling booth,
but that would take brains and the Democrats don't have any thinkers left.

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Eldrick not penniless, homeless, dairylicked

"I'm a Cowboy, on a steal putter I ride..."


A rich roster of endorsement deals explains why Tiger Woods in still
the most valuable athlete brand in the world despite recently falling out
of the top 50 world ranking in golf for the first time in 15 years.

Note: Eldrick is currently ranked #51 in the world.

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What about Nigger Lake, New York?

The Daily Show investigates
(Very funny, lots of N-word)

"I hired Sarah Palin because she was hot and got ratings,"
Roger Ailes, head dick at FOX News       Link

 Roger, that's only partly true.

 You hired Palin (R-Quitter) because your target audience (fucking morons)
 were so impressed with how well Palin's big brain seemed to work.

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Subject:  doing business with Bank of America

Who issues your Southwest Visa card? 
I currently have a BoA Visa and it galls me that every time I use it some merchant
ends up paying the bastards four or five percent, which of course comes out of all of our pockets.
I’d move on, but as far as I know every one is worse than the other one. 
So does Marc have any suggestions?  Or your vast array of dozens of readers?

My credit card is a Chase Manhattan card.
They give us about six free airline trips a year - that's hard to beat.

I get that they're trying to trap me into a 30 percent credit squeeze
but so far, the only trapping going on is Chase funding our vacations.

Maybe small town banks are better - I don't know.

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Jesse LaGreca, a shot of Chinaco for you!

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bart blog

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TV Stuff

Great new show - Homeland on Showtime.

The Marines rescue an eight-year American POW
in Iraq.
He comes home a great American hero, ...but his story doesn't quite add up.

One CIA agent (with a history of a mental breakdown over 9-11) suspects he's been
turned by the bad guys and illegally gathers evidence against him because she can't stand
the idea of letting 9-11 happen again - not on her watch, not again.

Excellent show, great writing/acting and your intelligence won't be insulted.

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Subject: Wrong re Awlaki - you're full of shit


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"If I thought about it, I could be bitter, but I don't feel like being bitter.
  Being bitter makes you immobile, and there's too much that I still want to do."

    -- the great Richard Pryor,

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Subject: killing Awlaki

So what you are saying, Bart, is that it is OK to shoot and kill anyone who might want to shoot and kill us. 

No, and thank you for another opportunity to clarify my position.

That was a problem I had with the Bush bastards.

I wasn't there, but they say our troops/the CIA offered $5K for each "al Qaeda"
pointed out.
Suddenly, every other goat herder in Afghanistan was being tortured at Gitmo.

But this Awlaki guy, he wasn't a maybe - they knew he was dirty.

I'm not into killing "anyone."
I'm into preventing planes falling from the sky.

We don't have to prove that assumption, we can just blast away. 

And if we fail to eliminate this certain threat?
How many downed planes would it take to change your mind?
A dozen?
Do you think Awlaki might someday reconsider and stop trying to down American planes?

I guess that is one way to stay safe but I think I'll join Doug's minority and take my chances.

You're free to agree with Doug, but that'd put you on the wrong side of this.
Often, I agree with the spirit of something, but not the substance.
Yes, "killing" is wrong, but not when it saves lives.
Yes, "violence" is wrong, but not when it saves lives

Dave mentioned "evidence-free conclusions being spouted by maniacs."

Obama ordered the trigger pulled.
Obama is many things but he's not a maniac.

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Today's Mystery Car


Last issue's Mystery Car Revealed      Link 

I failed to locate a correct answer on the Mystery Car Quiz.
Maybe these are just too difficult?

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Today's Mystery Celebrity


Last issue's Mystery Celebrity  Link 

Left to right - Jack Nicholson, Lauren Bacall, and Warren Beatty.

I just watched Bonnie & Clyde for the first time in many years - great movie about the last Great Depression
If you ain't seen it lately, check it out.

PS - the studio considered B&C a bomb, and offered star and producer Beatty 40% of gross to fluff him off;
shot for 2.5 million in 1967, by 1973, it grossed 70 million and made Beatty a very rich man.
Also named a culturally significant American film worthy of preservation. )

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Sometimes Nature gets angry 

Wildlife Close-up


Visiting our sponsors puts food on Bart's family...

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Subject: Assassinating Awlaki


Sorry to see you're "OK with" the assassination of an American citizen without even
a pretense of due process, No charges, no trial, no conviction, no nothing except a
drone-launched missile dispatched by our leader, the constitutional-scholar-in-chief.

The Fifth Amendment of the United States Constitution says "nor shall any person...
be deprived of life, liberty or property without due process of law." Seems pretty clear to me.

The argument has been made that Awlaki was "on the battlefield," but if "the battlefield"
is anywhere some stateside drone jockey can point a missile at the behest of his superiors,
then the world is our bloody oyster.

The Obama administration says it has evidence that Awlaki was engaged in organizing
al Qaeda plots but won't reveal that evidence. Glenn Greenwald has included in a recent
post a video of ABC's Jake Tapper probing Jay Carney on that subject. (BTW, everyone
should read Glenn Greenwald every day (salon.com).)

If the jihad that Awlaki espoused transcended the First Amendment and crossed into the
realm of treason, if his alleged participation in specific al Qaeda initiatives constituted crimes,
then he should have been charged, and if captured, brought to trial, like any other American.

If they can take out Anwar al-Awlaki, they can take out you and me.
It's a bad precedent. Would you have said "I'm OK with it" if Bush had done this?
 Ross in Baja New England

Ross, your questions are answered elsewhere on this page, but what's your answer?
Do you obey the law and let this asshole blow our planes out of the sky?

How would President Ross handle this problem?
Maybe have Sen Leahy write Awlaki a hot letter demanding he stop?
Maybe send troops to Yemen to look for Awlaki?

Before you tell me I'm wrong, you need a plan to deal with Awlaki.
Obama solved this problem - it's over, Awlaki's dead.

I don't have a problem with dead terrorists.

Subject: How can we declare war against an idea?

Bart you ignorant slut!,

Punctuation from the future!

I do hope all you "terrorist" killing-with-drones wackos get over it quickly when the other side
once again decides that their ideals and their gawd is on the correct side and puts out assassination
orders around the globe to extra-judicially start taking out their perceived enemy's without trials or
reasons you would be capable of understanding.

I will e-mail you $25 if you can diagram that nonsense on a blackboard to my satisfaction.

You, and maybe some others seem to think Obama killed this guy for f-ing sport.
You need to rethink that.

Oh, and thanks for writing that I'm too stupid to understand things.
I'll have you know my IQ tested out at 60 f-ing 4 and it ain't braggin' if it's true.

Do not be a bitcher when the fuckin chickens come home to roost sumore you ignorant slut.
 yes Jane I resorted to name calling

If we kill the chickens, they won't come home.

Send e-mail to Bart

"The thought of the leaders of both parties jukin and high fiven on a golf course,
  while so many families are struggling to get by simply made me boil over and
  make a dumb statement. I am very sorry if it offended anyone."
--  Hank Jr, the racist asshole, lying again    Link

 So, Hank is sorry "IF" anyone was offended?
 Niggers don't even have feelings, do they Hank?

 Like all Teabaggers, he's got his facts wrong.
 It was the Bush bastards who were cozy with Hitler.
 Hitler put minorities in ovens, did you know that, shit-for-brains?

 I hope ESPN gets rid of your racist ass like they got rid of Limbaugh's
 and I hope you lose your career over this - but that won't happen.

 There are millions of Black-hating rednecks in the South.  


Send e-mail to Bart

Subject: killing Awlaki

Bart, you wrote:
> "If you and I were pinned down behind a rock in Afghanistan and Awlaki was shooting at us,
> would you want a trial for the bastard or would you shoot him yourself, given the chance?"
Is it your contention that Awlaki was actively shooting at the people who killed him? 
If not, your analogy doesn't apply.  It's one thing to know that somebody is shooting at you
right now and if the only way to escape is to shoot him first, fire away.  I would readily
accept that kind of self-defense as "due process".

I'm confused why anybody would disagree with me on this subject.
Awlaki is a "bomb that US plane out of the sky" guy, and, as Democrats,
we're supposed to give him a break?

A better analogy is this: Obama kills Awlaki and when you ask why, he says,
"Well, because he took a shot at you the other day."
That's hearsay and I'm not comfortable about taking someone's life based on hearsay.

You're not comfy with the Demo president protecting Americans?
I'm plenty OK with that.

They don't even have to have Awlaki in custody to try him.  They can try him in absentia and
present evidence.  If they have the evidence, they can get a guilty verdict.  THEN they get to
kill him AND he gets his due process.

You're making things harder than they need to be.
I'm always extra concerned when "they" circumvent due process on Americans. 
The Fifth Amendment actually only says "No person shall be...deprived of life...without
due process of law." and doesn't specify citizenship but I've always felt things like that
kind of "extra apply" to Americans.  I don't want my government killing Americans on
the say-so of...um...my government.
BTW, the Capital Crime committed by the OTHER guy they killed at the same time? 
Why, he edited an online newspaper that said stuff the government didn't like...
I hope all is well with you and yours,
Santa Rosa

Mark, we disagree, but at least you weren't a Monkey about it.

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Today's Mystery City


Send e-mail to Bart

Subject: last issue's mystery city

Bart, Last Issue's Mystery City is Home sweet home!!! Beautiful Tulsa, OK!!!
  Adrian the environmental scientist


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Today's History Mystery


Today's History Mystery is KILLER.

Send e-mail to Bart

Subject: last issue's history mystery

What is last issue's History Mystery?

Bart, that's David Bowie, Art Garfunkel, Paul Simon, Yoko Ono,
John Lennon and Roberta Flack. Grammy awards 1975 New York.
Mary B of P

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