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WELCOME TO BARTCOP.COM A modem, a smart mouth and the truthNews and Commentary NOT Approved by Karl Rove, bcause vicious extremists can NOT be appeased.

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Weekend-Monday,  February 25-27, 2012    Vol 2832 - Panderthon

In Today's Tequila Treehouse...

Arrow Romney's Money troubles
Arrow Syria, Iran and Obama
GOP Chickens come home
Arrow CNN silences war-skeptic?
Arrow Santorum admits hearing voices
Arrow Bradley Manning arraigned
Arrow Good Witch's  Catherine Bell


"I was wondering, the ACM Awards are coming up...
  Would you be my date?"
      --  Taylor Swift to cancer-fighting teen Kevin McGuire,     Link

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Romney's Money troubles

They say his cash is "stagnating..."


As he remains stuck in a four-way race, Willard Romney's financial advantage is beginning to erode.
His campaign raised only $6.4 million in the month of January, one of his worst fundraising months
of his entire 2012 campaign. By comparison, in January 2008, Willard raised $9.6 million.

Romney may have a bigger problem on his hands than disappointing fundraising totals. His campaign
burned through $18.7 million in January, only to win primaries in New Hampshire and Florida.
Romney's losing streak continued into February, as he weathered three losses to Santorum, (R-Satan)
in Colorado, Minnesota and Missouri.

Romney's fundraising and burn rate should both be causes for concern for his campaign. While small
donors accounted for 18 percent of his January total, the highest percentage during his entire campaign
so far, he is still relying heavily on donors who are maxing out their contributions. Fifty percent of his
January contributions came from donors giving $2,500 or more.

Thank God for Bill Maher.
Did you hear he donated $1M to Obama's PAC?

It pissed me off recently that Sheldon Adelson gave Newt $10M.
They say he might give Newt another $11M, not sure why the odd figure.

Meanwhile, I heard that Steven Spielberg gave Obama a whopping $100,000.

Why are super-rich Democrats so damn cheap?
The GOP seems to have unlimited money all the time.

There's always some Richard Mellon Scaife willing to give some blogger $5M,
while the only Democrat with money, George Soros, hardly ever gives anyone anything.

Why don't Democrats want to win?


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Syria, Iran and Obama
We don't we help the Syrian victims?


"Arm the Syrian rebels! And, while we're at it, give the Israelis the tools they need - bunker-busters,
refueling aircraft - so that if they decide to strike Iran's nuclear facilities, they'll get it right the first time.
Both calls have resonated across Washington in recent days. The demand to level the playing field against
the Syrian government - which is getting arms from Russia and Iran - came from Senators John McCain
and Lindsey Graham. Talk of increasing the credibility of Israel's threat to flatten Iran's far-flung nuclear
facilities has arisen in many quarters, from the Republican presidential candidates to think tanks that have
charged that Obama has not yet made "all options are on the table" a credible threat.
So far, the White House isn't biting on arms to the Syrian rebels, and it has been deliberately vague on
what kind of technology it has shared with the Israelis. The strategic calculus in the two cases is quite different.
A humanitarian intervention in Syria would almost certainly become synonymous with a move to engineer
regime change, just as the military action in Libya did. The argument over aiding Israel comes down to
managing the very public dispute between Washington and Jerusalem over what is the effective way - bombs,
sanctions or covert action - to set back, once again, Iran's chances of getting the ultimate weapon.
In a post-Iraq, post-Afghanistan, post-Libya world, the White House reaction to both calls illuminates
the conditions under which the 44th president is willing to use force, or see it used by others. But it also
sheds light on that ill-defined concept that the administration refuses to call the Obama Doctrine.

From what I can tell, the Obama Doctrine is to dither until it's too late.

How many days had Assad been murdering the city of Homs, 23 or so?

Why are Obama, Hillary and Panetta still doing nothing?


Subject: My Brush with Greatness


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GOP Chickens come home to roost
  by Matt Taibbi

How about that race for the Republican nomination? Was that last debate crazy, or what?
Throughout this entire process, the spectacle of these clowns thrashing each other and continually
seizing and then fumbling frontrunner status has left me with an oddly reassuring feeling, one that I
haven't quite been able to put my finger on. In my younger days I would have just assumed it was
regular old Schadenfreude at the sight of people like Mitt Romney and Newt Gingrich suffering, but
this isn't like that - it's something different than the pleasure of watching A-Rod strike out in the playoffs.
No, it was while watching the last debate that it finally hit me: This is justice. What we have here are
chickens coming home to roost. It's as if all of the American public's bad habits and perverse obsessions
are all coming back to haunt Republican voters in this race: The lack of attention span, the constant
demand for instant gratification, the abject hunger for negativity, the utter lack of backbone or constancy
(we change our loyalties at the drop of a hat, all it takes is a clever TV ad): these things are all major
factors in the spiraling Republican disaster.
Most importantly, though, the conservative passion for divisive, partisan, bomb-tossing politics is
threatening to permanently cripple the Republican party. They long ago became more about pointing
fingers than about ideology, and it's finally ruining them.

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Subject: Paypal

Hey Bart – Really no need to thank me for the new Bartcop subscription.

Paypal keeps cancelling my subscription for some reason – this is only
to replace the one they cancelled.  No need to send any goodies…

Keep on swinging that HUGE hammer!
   MH  in London

MH, thanks again for re-signing up. I know Paypal's not out to get me,
but I get a couple of these "accidental" unsubscribes every month.

Over the years, how many dozens of my subscribers have they cancelled for no reason?
Cancelling my subscribes costs them money, so we can rule out greed.

But that rules in imcompetence.

Paypal/eBay is a BIG company.
Why can't they get it right?

F-ing Google is a BIG company.

Why can't they get it right?

I get e-mail, "Why do I see Nazi thug banner ads on your page?"
It's because Google, like PayPal, is still trying to figure shit out.
If you "visit"a Rethug banner, it helps me and costs them money.

Why can't the big guys pull their heads out?

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Marty has new stuff every day
on her fine, fine Entertainment Page

Marty's TV Listings are the best!

Sacha Baron Cohen dumped this urn full of grey ashes
on "Brian" Seacrest's black tuxedo, pissing him off no end.

Marty always has good stuff.

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"In the Netherlands, people wear different bracelets if they are elderly. And the bracelet is:
'Do not euthanize me.' Because they have voluntary euthanasia in the Netherlands but half of
the people who are euthanized - ten percent of all deaths in the Netherlands - half of those people
are enthanized involuntarily at hospitals because they are older and sick. And so elderly people in
the Netherlands don't go to the hospital. They go to another country, because they are afraid they
will not come out of that hospital if they go in there with sickness."
      --  Rick Santorum, making shit up again,     Link

They say the people in the Netherlands are appalled
 that this insane liar has a chance to be president.

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Subject: My Brush with Greatness


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Sarah Palin Nude


Subject: That is a nice trick you use


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Better Amazon link

Thanks, they send me pennies...

CNN silences war-skeptic?
Conspiracy or bad connection?

When CNN interviews a U.S. Army corporal preparing for his third deployment to Afghanistan,
should TV viewers be permitted to hear him out on a front-burner issue like Iran’s alleged threat to Israel?
For those who might think so, watch what happens when 28-year-old Cpl. Jesse Thorsen touches a neuralgic
nerve by suggesting that Israel can take care of itself.
It’s impossible to say exactly what happened to the remote feed that suddenly got lost in transmission back
to CNN Central, but the minute-long video is truly worth a thousand words:   Video

I think my good friends at have war on the brain.

This looks to me like they just simply lost the connection.

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Subject: Mitt's wife has TWO Cadillacs

The liberal news media is making a big deal out of Mitt Romney
saying his wife has two Cadillacs, like she's so rich or something.

Perhaps Mitts wife is just like the rest of us.
Maybe she just has one Cadillac for parts
so she can keep the other Cadillac running?
  Mark Perkel

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Thanks to Don the Pillar

Santorum admits hearing voices

       "Rick, let's talk..."


Santorum hears voices.   Four years ago, he admitted just that:
"Satan is attacking the great institutions of America, using those voices of pride, vanity,
and sensuality as the root to attack all of the strong plants that has (sic) deeply rooted in
the American tradition," Senator Rick Santorum from The Daily Beast.

That's a very strong statement. Some wonder if the senator is barking-at-the-moon mad.
Santorum is undeterred. Campaigning in Arizona, he asserted his right to speak out about
"good and evil." He referenced former President Ronald Reagan as one political leader who
shared this view. Santorum also shares Reagan's strongly held conviction that trees cause pollution.
The Father of Lies (that would be Satan)
In a 2008 speech in Florida, Santorum offered this chilling vision:
"This is a spiritual war. And the Father of Lies has his sights on the United States of America.
If you were Satan, who would you attack in this day and age?"

If *I* was Satan?

There is no Satan, you idiot.

There's to Heaven, no hell and No God.
There's no Easter Bunny and Santa isn't real, either.
I knew that in grade school - where you been, Rick?

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Subject: Mayweather

I think Mayweather has a point.
When the Williams sisters were dominating tennis, a lot of Caucasian players were saying it was bad for tennis.

I remember when people in 1986 were rooting for the Celtics because they had a predominantly white team at the time.
It's up to Lin to prove him wrong.
 Dr Stoll


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"I think Mitt Romney's going to get the nomination, and then I hope Obama beats him
  like a runaway sister-wife. If I had one bit of advice for our president, it would be stop
  trying to get everyone to like you. It's never gonna happen. About half the country
  wouldn't vote for you if you personally saved them from drowning."
      --  Bill Maher,     Link

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Bradley Manning arraigned
 So soon after the Super Bowl?



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Subject: Another thumbs up for your computer mechanic...

Hey Bart,
Just wanted to say thanks for the tip on Jordan at Cat9 Productions. 
I had occasion to employ his services today and have been very impressed so far. 
You are right - it's fascinating to watch his blazing speed at what he does.
I am due to pass along a tip, will be forthcoming shortly. 
Again thanks for recommending an honest and competent computer tech.
  Michael in Columbia City IN

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Today's Mystery Car


Subject: last issue's Mystery Car       Link

Bart, I believe that is a '58 Cadillac, but with foreign (British?) plates.
The two chrome breasts on the front were a common motif on "Caddys" through the late
fifties/early sixties with later breasts having a black rubber tip to prevent parking damage.

When I was delivering mail in Brooklyn, in the mid seventies,  I saw an old Italian gent
sitting on the curb by his '58. He probably bought it with his retirement money twenty years
earlier and he was stroking the chrome bulge with a polishing rag and a far away look in his
eyes like he was thinking of Sophia Loren....for some reason.
Koresh Bless,
 Jim Clark

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Subject: fund-raising idea

Some organizations collect dues from members in their birth month. 
  Karen in Indiana

Karen, thanks for that.

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Today's Mystery Celebrity


Subject: last issue's Mystery Celebrity     Link 

Bart – that's Tony Curtis and Janet Leigh in a publicity still for the 1953 movie "Houdini."

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Today's Food Mystery


Subject: last issue's Food Mystery     Link

Bart. that's cream cheese and a dried beef log.

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Wildlife Close-up  


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Subject: My Brush with Greatness


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Today's way-cool Mystery City


Subject: last issue's mystery city

Bart, Last Issue's Mystery City is a horrible Lego experiment called
Nakagin Capsule Tower in Tokyo Japan! 
Joe Liberal

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Today's History Mystery


Subject: last issue's history mystery

Bart, Last Issue's History Mystery is Floyd Patterson and Sonny Liston.
Rick and Kathy

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Subject: donation

Happy Birthday, Bart!
BTW, I need a Bartfest. We all do. NEVER QUIT!!
 Ray, the Fort Smith Pillar

I'd like to do a Fest, but when I bring it up, it's just crickets.

I guess we need to wait longer for the economy to catch up.

Thanks for your generosity.

If you're shopping online,
it never hurts to check prices.

Good Witch's  Catherine Bell



Check out
sexy, tasteful photos of Catherine Bell  in  BC Hotties

  Thanks to Blue in Seattle for helping me corral the hotties.

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