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WELCOME TO BARTCOP.COM A modem, a smart mouth and the truthNews and Commentary NOT Approved by Karl Rove, bcause vicious extremists can NOT be appeased.

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Thurs-Friday,  February 23-24, 2012    Vol 2831 - Bite'n & scratch'n

ha ha

In Today's Tequila Treehouse...

Arrow Santorum blows his chance
Arrow Man-on-Dog visits the doctor 
Franklin Graham, crazy bastard
Arrow Reich on Obama's tax cuts 
Arrow Bill Maher on Yahoo Live tonight
Arrow Is it 'racist' if it's true? 
Arrow Top Earner Jennifer Aniston


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If you are familiar with the decline of the Ghost Ranch facilities
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letters and stories for publication on the website,

"In every society, the definition of marriage has not ever to my knowledge included homosexuality.
  That’s not to pick on homosexuality. It’s not, you know, man on child, man on dog, or whatever the case may be.”
      --  crazy Rick Santorum's orginal "Man on dog" statement,    Link

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Santorum Blows his Chance

Arizona debate didn't help at all  


It could have been a very different night for Man-on-Dog Santorum.

Instead of riding his wave of momentum to a strong showing in what is likely to be the final
debate of the primary season, Santorum struck out.  Numerous times when either the moderator
or one of his opponents threw a ball right in his strike zone, he muffed it.  He blew it.

One of the best examples came when Romney attacked MoD on earmarks and big spending.

Santorum's response: "When I came to the Senate it was 68 percent of GDP. When I left, it was 64 percent."

Instead of turning Romney's attacks into an opportunity to get on the offense and back on message,
Santorum spent his time responding with process arguments and Washington gobbleygook speak.
Santorum has spent the last couple of weeks portraying himself as an outsider. He undid all of that
work in last night's CNN debate in Arizona.

Well, MoD, you gave it your best shot.

You could've stuck to jobs and the economy but noooooooooooooooooo.
You reminded people how incredibly crazy you are, and now you've lost everything.

You've even managed to turn off the hyper-thumpers, your base.
Way to go, M-o-D.
You can't even beat the guy nobody likes.


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Man-on-Dog visits the doctor
but the pesky feds got in the way...


"Doc, help me, I can't sustain an erection," says Man-on-Dog

"I can prescribe you Viagra or Cialis. Either will do the job," Doc says.
"Okay, then let's get started with the paperwork and exam."
"What paperwork?" Santorum asked. "And what exam? It's just a pill.
 Why do I need an exam?"

"Rick, I wish I could just write the prescription and let you go about your day, but I can't. 
You see, a few months ago a group, Christian Women for Sanity and Sanctity, launched
a full frontal attack on ED drugs claiming they not only led to what they called libertine
behavior but also encourages rape."



Subject: My Brush with Greatness


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Franklin Graham, crazy bastard
This racist Republican speaks for God?

Evangelist Franklin Graham called Obama's religious views into question Tuesday,
stating that he does not know for sure if Obama is a Christian.

Graham, who is the bad seed of Billy Graham and some Lady Devil, said on "Morning Joe"
that Obama "has said he's a Christian, so I just have to assume that he is."

"You have to ask every person," he said about whether Obama is indeed of the Christian faith.

However, when asked about Man-on-Dog's religion, Graham gave a much more concrete answer.
"I think so. His values are so clear on moral issues. No question about it... I think he's a man of faith."

Graham than attacked Willard Romney, stating that "most Christians would not recognize
Mormonism as part of the Christian faith."

Graham on Newt: "Newt's been married several times... but he could make a good candidate,"
Graham said. "I think Newt is a Christian. At least he told me he is."

Graham also said he could not be sure that Obama was not a Muslim.

"All I know is Obama seems to be more concerned about Muslims than the Christians that
are being murdered in the Muslim countries," he said.

If this lying piece of crap is tax exempt, I should be tax exempt, too.
This slug isn't a "preacher," he's a Republican who hates Black people.

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Subject: PayPal takes 55 percent?

Is this correct?  Did paypal take 55% of what I sent you?? 
If it's true, I'm pissed.  That money was for you, not that dipshit scamming service! 

Please tell me what to do. 
I'm pissed if they took that much money from you. 


Diane, what I said was true, but it's not that bad.
PayPal takes the first 30 cents, then a small percentage on top of that,
which means I only get killed when the donation is one or two dollars.

Thanks again for the donation.

I know some people don't like PayPal, but they're the difference
in me working full-time at home or part-time from the old car lot.

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Marty has new stuff every day
on her fine, fine Entertainment Page

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Marty always has good stuff.

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Sarah Palin Nude


Subject: Forced ultra sound for abortion seekers?

How about a man has to watch a movie about human trafficking
each time he gets a refill of his Viagra or Cialis pills?
  Chuck in Chattanooga

Good point.

Rich, white republicans don't mind making women jump thru hoops
but no way ANYTHING's going to get between a man and his boner.

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Or maybe that house belongs to a nutty Republican
who thinks the Girl Scouts are into gay sex and witchcraft.

Better Amazon link

Thanks, they send me pennies...

Reich on Obama's tax cuts
"It doesn't even make sense"


The Obama administration is proposing to lower corporate taxes from the current 35 percent
to 28 percent for most companies and to 25 percent for manufacturers.
The move is supposed to be "revenue neutral" - meaning the Administration is also proposing to
close assorted corporate tax loopholes to offset the lost revenues. One such loophole allows
corporations to park their earnings overseas where taxes are lower.
Why isn't the White House just proposing to close the loopholes without reducing overall corporate
tax rates? That would generate more tax revenue that could be used for, say, public schools.
It's not as if corporations are hurting. Quite the contrary. American companies are booking higher
profits than ever. They're sitting on $2 trillion of cash they don't know what to do with.

Robert, have you ever heard of a thing called "politics?"

Obama is trying to get re-elected.

He knows the lying SOBs are going to scream "tax raiser" at him, so by proposing a tax cut
that the GOP will likely torpedo, Obama gets to be the friend of business while the GOP asses
come off as the bad guys who did their best to kill the big Obama recovery.

I shouldn't have to explain these things to a lifelong polirician.

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Subject: frothy Santorum at the debate

Bart, did you see the signs in the audience of the debate in Arizona that said


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Bill Maher on Yahoo Live tonight


Welcome to the new Yahoo! Screen Comedy Channel and Bill Maher's "CrazyStupidPolitics."
This is the first installation of the Yahoo! Screen Live Standup Series, with more coming.

Feb. 23 at 10:30pm ET/7:30pm PT

They're not saying much about what this is, but I think it's a smart move.
TV is dying and the Internet is taking over.

Bill might find out tonight that he can reach more people HERE than on HBO.

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Subject: Buckethead

Buckethead has been gone for a while.
Richard Fortus of Maryland Heights, MO is Guns-n-Roses's current Axeman.

My GF tutors his kids.

Ya gotta love the irony!

I wonder if he lies to his neighbors about who his employer is.

I thought about Buckethead again yesterday.

I was in the Bartmobile and Ozzy's "Mr Crowley" came on.
Randy Rhodes was a damn good guitar player.

His guitar solo on Crowley is a great example of what I was trying to say.
In that solo, he goes somewhere.

He plays this part and then he plays that part.
He wasn't a guitar machine, spitting out mindless riffs at 500 MPH,
He actually knew where he was going on his guitar. 

A shot for Randy Rhodes, who was under-appreciated when he was with us.


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Is it 'racist' if it's true?


Floyd Mayweather is catching flak over this tweet.
I can't find anything wrong with what he said.

Sure, it's "racist" in that race was discussed, but then, any conversation that
mentiones someone like Rosa Parks would also be a "racist" conversation, right?

Seems the only way this could be considered racist is if Jeremy Lin
was scoring, say 60 points per game and people tried to downplay that
accomplishment as "nothing special" because he's of Asian descent.

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Subject: Obama vs. Medical Marijuana

Bart, I'm no mind reader, but it occurs to me that the man who did a back-room deal
with Big Pharma in order to help pass a law that requires us to buy for-profit insurance
from companies that make money by denying health care to the sick, just might think
he owes something to the pharmaceutical industry, which just might feel a tad threatened
by the notion of everybody, everywhere, being able to grow their own medicine for free.

Or maybe he's just a giant dick. I dunno, what do you think?

Be well

When Obama breaks a promise and does something this illogical
without bothering to explain his weird turnaround, it causes speculation.

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Today's Mystery Car


Subject: last issue's Mystery Car       Link

Bart, that's 1958 Desoto! 
My roommate in college used to let me borrow his ‘ 55 Desoto so I could go out and “park” with my girlfriend. 
I was going to say I still have a soft spot for the Desoto, but it is more like a hard spot!
  G Dawson

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Subject: fund-raising idea

Some organizations collect dues from members in their birth month. 
  Karen in Indiana

Karen, thanks for that.

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Today's Mystery Celebrity


Subject: last issue's Mystery Celebrity     Link 

Bart – that's Victoria Beckham.

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Today's Food Mystery is sure to stump you


Subject: last issue's Food Mystery     Link

Uh . . . looks like my coffee beans before I grind them in the morning.
 Maureen in Holland

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Wildlife Close-up  


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Subject: My Brush with Greatness


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Today's Mystery City


Subject: last issue's mystery city

Bart, Last Issue's Mystery City is Chicago.

The John Hancock building is on the right.
  Dave L

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What's more fun than playing "Find the kitty?"

Today's History Mystery


Subject: last issue's history mystery

Bart, Last Issue's History Mystery is Booker T. Washington.
Fred H W III

It sounds dumb, but I've learned a lot from these history pics.

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Subject: donation

Bart, haven't been able to donate recently, but here's a little something in honor of your anniversary.
I'm proud to say that I've been reading you for nearly almost all of your existence.

Keep swinging that hammer.
 Thomas S in Irvine, CA

Tom, thanks for that.

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Top H'wood Earner Jennifer Aniston



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