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Wednesday,  April 25,  2012    Vol 2865 - Storage Wars

In Today's Tequila Treehouse...

Arrow Mexican Immigration?  Net Zero
Arrow The Price of Gasoline is Falling
Jon Lovitz joins Dennis Miller
Arrow The Trial of John Edwards
Arrow GLEE can make you turn gay
Arrow Is Khloe really a Kardashian?
Arrow NCIS's Cote de Pablo


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"Robert Reich is a communist who secretly adores Karl Marx."
--  Bill O'Reilly, after Reich said the rich should pay their taxes,      Link

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Mexican Immigration?  Net Zero
Obama first president to seal the border


Mexican migration into the United States has come to a standstill and may soon reverse, according to
the Pew Hispanic Center. This marks a dramatic change in the wave of Mexican migration that brought
12 million people to America in four decades.

About 1.4 million Mexicans immigrated to the United States between 2005 and 2010, which is roughly
the same number of Mexicans who left over the same period.

The number of illegal immigrants from Mexico dropped from 7 million in 2007, a peak, to 6.1 million in 2011.
The report attributes the drop to the drastic decline in birthrates in Mexico, the increasingly dangerous passage
across the border, and the flagging American economy. Migrants say that they will not attempt to come back
into the United States (compared to 10 years ago).

I believe the GOP just lost another hammer to use against Obama.

Oh, and did you hear...?

The Price of Gasoline is Falling
Obama first president to lower gas prices


Gasoline prices are starting to fall.

After a four-month surge, drivers, politicians and economists worried that gasoline prices might soar past
all-time highs, denting wallets, angering voters and dragging down an economy that is struggling to grow.
Instead, pump prices have dropped 6 cents over two weeks to a national average on Friday of $3.88.
Experts say gasoline could fall another nickel or more next week, saving drivers about $2 per fill-up.
Drivers might also get to say they're paying less than they did a year ago.
"It's nice, much more manageable," said Mark Timko, who paid less than $4 for gas in Chicago,
for the first time since March. "I wasn't sure how high they were going to go this year."

ha ha

No wonder Romney can't find a VP to run with him - except I hear Herman Cain might be available.

But even Herman Cain, if he had a lick of sense, would say "nein, nein, nein" to a VP spot.


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Jon Lovitz, another Dennis Miller 
(not a compliment)
Both sacrified careers to unfunny GOP


In a clip highlighted by the liars at Breitbart TV, former comedian Lovitz jokes that
Obama is "a fucking asshole" for "saying the rich don't pay their taxes":

"This whole thing with Obama saying the rich don't pay their taxes is fucking bullshit.
And I voted for the guy, and I'm a Democrat. What a fucking asshole. The rich don't
pay their taxes?  First they say to you, you're dead broke, 'the United States of America,
you can do anything you want, go for it.' So then you go for it and then you make it,
and everyone's like 'fuck you.'"

It's unclear whether Lovitz's comments were sincere or made in jest.

Oh, I think the public will decide if he was kidding or not.

Trust me, the only one laughing is Dennis Miller. 

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Storage Wars

Are you familiar with a TV show called Storage Wars?

Here's what they do:
If someone fails to pay their rent on a storage container, the storage company
will eventually auction off your belongings to the highest public bidder.

I watched part of one episode and I saw these crazy people bidding blind.
They open the storage doors for FIVE minutes and let you peek in.

Usually all you can see is piles of boxes stacked on top of each other and
whatever doesn't fit in a box is seen as a clue to the contents of the boxes.
After five minutes, they start bidding and these people go crazy.

This pisses me off severely - can you tell why?

The episode I watched, these crazies kept bidding and bidding until the eventual
 "winner" got to buy as storage container of unknown crap for $2500.

It's LEGAL to gamble
$2500 on crappy shit stored in some loser's garage
but it's ILLEGAL for me to bet ONE dollar on three Jacks in a friendly poker game.

In poker, you can actually see your cards and use your brain to outwit the other guy
and take his money but in storage wars, you're f-ing blind and betting REAL money.

Why doesn't our president go crazy jihad aganist storage gambling?

Why did he single out a friendly game of poker to obsess over?

I'm going to do all I can to get Obama re-elected but if he loses a close one,
I'm going to say it was his stupid and illogical obsession with stomping out poker
that cost him the election and I'll be f-ing right.

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The Trial of John Edwards
He could've been our Vice President
but Kerry couldn't be bothered to fight


John Edwards had some filthy words for slut Rielle Hunter when he found out she was pregnant,
it was revealed during the disgraced former North Carolina senator’s federal trial yesterday.

“He said that she was ‘a crazy slut,’ and it was a ‘one-in-three chance’ that it was his child,” testified
back-stabbing former aide Andrew Young, who was given immunity to screw his old friend.

Young then spilled details about how Edwards allegedly tried to buy Hunter’s silence as he campaigned
for the 2008 Democratic presidential nomination.  Young allegedly funneled $1.2 million to the slut
in exchange for her keeping the tawdry affair and their love child under wraps.

“She would often say, “I’m tired of living a lie. I’m going to go public,” Young testified
— a threat that kept the money coming.   She traveled by private plane and demanded upgrades
to luxury suites if the spiritual “energy” in a hotel room was bad.   She was given a credit card
and a monthly allowance between $5,000 and $12,000

OK, we get it - she's a greedy, gold-digging, blackmailing slut.

Too bad John Edwards wasn't as smart as Bill Clinton, who realized up-front that it's very
difficult for a woman to get pregnant from giving her boyfriend a few blow jobs.

BUT, I have a prediction:
Let's remember that John Edwards became rich and powerful because he was a great trial lawyer.

He knows the law and he knows how to work a courtroom. The prosecurion gave Edwards
a chance to plead guilty and go to prison for many years and he told them, "Go fuck yourself."

I predict Edwards is going to put on a GREAT defense and be acquitted.
Remember, nobody in America has ever been charged with these "crimes" before.

The prosecution is trying to make history - I predict they will fail.

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Marty has new stuff every day
on her fine, fine Entertainment Page

Marty's TV Listings are the best!

Marty always has good stuff.

Click on the E!

Subject: life begins two weeks before conception?

 ...which means I would have been pregnant before I met my kids dad.....

 Good thing my name is Mary.

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GLEE can make you turn gay
According to Bill O'Reilly...


Bill O'Reilly is at again, suggesting to his Fox News audience that the TV show Glee
somehow turns kids gay or transgender.

Both O'Reilly and Gretchen Carlson agreed that Glee was good entertainment, but they felt it went
too far with LGBT issues. O'Reilly said as a child he was influenced to smoke by James Dean,
so the same may be true of kids today watching gay teens.

Isn't it time we called them on this?

says watching gay or transgendered people can make you "experiment."

Really, Bill?

I'm pretty sure there's no amount of TV watching that could make me wonder
what it would be like to blow some dude, but O'Reilly disagrees with me on that,
meaning watching Glee makes Bill O'Reilly want to blow some dude.

Isn't that true of all gay bashers?
Republicans who are afraid of gay people are CONFESSING that they're somewhat gay.

It's the only possible explanation.
When they see gays, they get tempted and they want to warn others.

Same for Michele Bachmann's gay husband.
He opened a clinic to "save" people who are gay.
Someone "saved" Marcus Bachmann from being gay and he wants to "save" others.

Seems to me that every time someone bashes gay people,
we should thank them for having the courage to come out.

Same for Christine O'Donnell, the teabagging masturbating witch.

"I used to masturbate like a jackrabbit..."

She overcame her severe masturbation addiction and she made it her life's goal
to save others from the hell of pressing their pleasure button again and again and again.

Rethugs, teabaggers and bible thumpers don't understand that education would free them
but they are anti-education so they continue down their path of ignorance.

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Garbage and Wildflowers
Trip Report

Ran out of time, maybe tomorrow?


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Sarah Palin Nude


Subject: let's fight until the end of time about Israel


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Subject: Carville & Matalin

Hey Bart,
I was thinking again and I wondered if James Carville and Mary Matalin are the most
cynical people on the planet or something else. I mean they spend their day trashing
each other's clientele as hard as they can and then go home and laugh their asses off
over brandy and cigars. And get paid (assumedly) large sume of money to do it.

I don't get why nobody has called them out on it either. Seems like an opposing
pundit would smack one of them upside the head with it.
I guess it is more evidence the media is completely in the tank.
Keep after those bastards!

Steve, you reminded me..

Ten years ago yesterday, 200 of us had a Party at Carville's restaurant in DC.

The way I remember it, I wrote a note thanking James and Mary and he got angry
and tore the note up and said, "Hell, she didn't have a damn thing to do with this."
Can anyone that was there confirm?

I can't remember if I saw that or if someone told me about it.

I was there Bart, and I saw Carville do that

Check out the news and toons at

        bart blog

Read all about it!

  on the Bart Blog!

Florida man mistakes girlfriend for hog, shoots her
Well, if he felt threatened...



A Florida couple was on a weekend camping trip that ended in an airlift to the emergency room.
Steven Egan was hunting with his girlfriend Lisa Simmons when he mistook her for a hog and shot her.

"He saw a hog and thought he shot it and went to look for it," the Sheriff's Office told ABC News. 
"He heard her and thought it was a hog and just shot."

The mistake was not actually related to her appearance.

Gee, thanks for that.

Rather, Egan had earlier shot at a hog that continued to evade him.
He told Simmons to stay at their campsite while he pursued the evasive animal.
However, Simmons ventured away from the campsite, looking for oranges.

Maybe God was trying to thin the herd?

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Subject: John Edwards

Hi Bart,
They're not going after Edwards to get him back for cheating on his wife.
Hell, in NC, that's not even sneezed at.

They're going after him for being a very successful trial lawyer who won massive
damages in cases against manufacturers of dangerous and / or mislabelled products.
He sued hospitals successfully for malpractice, and he even sued the Red Cross (but the case was legit).

Conservatives HATE Edwards in NC - and they always have, not so much for his politics
but because he made industry pay up time and again.  They can't stand that.
This is revenge - plain and simple.

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Is Khloe really a Kardashian?
She doesn't look much like her sisters

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Subject: Brush with Greatness


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You any good at song lyrics?


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Subject: Del Castillo

HI heard Del Castillo live on KUT radio in Austin on Monday.
They where playing stuff from the new CD that is just coming out.
Good stuff. I'm sure KUT probably has it on their website.

Hold on I'll look.    Found it.

  Gary in Austin

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Subject: John Edwards

I don't know who wants to punish him and what their reasoning is but I do know
he is a truly odious guy. I don't know if a judge could do what I think he should get.

Take away his license to practice law and take away every dollar.    
What do u think?

I think he was more stupid than evil.

I'm certainly not a fan of cheating on a spouse but if his sick wife didn't
feel like having sex, should John have done without for the rest of her life?

I suppose the answer is "yes," but a man has needs.

Like I always say, if he had gone to Vegas and spent a little money there
he would NOT be blackmailed into giving some slut millions of dollars.

Why isn't she on trial for blackmailing Edwards?

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Today's Mystery Car


Subject: last issue's Mystery Car       Link

Bart, that a 1963 Chrysler Turbine car. Only 50 were built,
but I remember seeing one on the road when I was a kid.
 Gerry in Broken Arrow, OK

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Today's Mystery Celebrity  is quite hot. 


Subject: last issue's Mystery Celebrity     Link 

your Mystery Celebrity is Zha Zha Gabor.

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Wildlife Close-up  


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Subject: flogging John Edwards

Hey, Bart,  I just want to know why it is ALWAYS Democrats that get busted, and when the
Repukes do, they never (or almost never) go to jail. And if they go to jail, they get out really quick.

Wasn't Tom Delay supposed to go to jail?
Aren't W. and Darth Cheney supposed to go to jail for war crimes?

The unfairness of it just turns my stomach.
At least John Edwards did stuff that was helping the people.
If he was a Repuke, no one would have ever bothered him.
 Janet B

Janet, one difference is the Democrats are too nice to go after them.

Obama says we need to "look forward" if the crime is not pot or poker.

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Today's Mystery City


Subject: last issue's mystery city

Bart, Last Issue's Mystery City is...a photoshop'd image of the Shalom Meir Tower in Tel Aviv.
Al in Indy

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Today's History Mystery


Subject: last issue's history mystery

Bart, Last Issue's History Mystery ?

That's Craig Breedlove. Probably going for another land speed record.

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NCIS's killing machine  Cote de Pablo

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