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Tuesday,  June 12,  2012    Vol 2890 - Gaffe Derby

In Today's Tequila Treehouse...

Arrow Graham: Norquist has to go
Arrow Star Doctor Abused Twice
Carrie Underwood - Hits the Fan
Arrow Republicans are lying liars
Arrow GOP group to adopt highway?
Arrow O 'lynched' by handjob preacher
Arrow Harry Potter's Emma Watson


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Graham: Norquist has to go
Tax pledge hurting GOP, country, he says


Lindsey Graham (R-Fabulous) has never had a problem promising not to raise taxes. 
Like every sheep in the GOP, he signed the anti-tax pledge demanded by Grover Norquist.

But now Graham says the debt crisis is so severe that Norquist's tax pledge has to go.

"When you eliminate a deduction, it's okay with me to use some of that money to
 get us out of debt. That's where I disagree with the pledge," said Graham.

Norquist's pledge commits signers to "oppose any and all efforts to increase the marginal
income tax rates for individuals and/or businesses … and oppose any net reduction or
elimination of deductions and credits, unless matched dollar for dollar by further reducing tax rates."

"If I'm willing to do that as a Republican, I've crossed a rubicon," said Graham.

I assume Graham is not up for re-election this year?

Funny, we have ancient loads like Orrin Hatch vowing to out-teabag any opponent
while Graham is bucking the Teabaggers and demanding some economic common sense.

If the GOP embraces fiscal sanity, will that help or hurt Obama?

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Subject: Trayvon Martin

Trayvon Martin should be a NRA hero.

An unarmed teenager was attacked by an armed assailant who had
no credible reason to stalk him and had been told by 911 to keep away.

The latest claim is that the killer had received some lumps.
If so, the victim attempted to protect himself but could not overcome the gun wielding aggressor.

The NRA should be proclaiming to the heavens the right of
victim Trayvon Martin to carry a weapon to defend himself.

Doug, excellent point.
In Trayvon had been carrying, maybe they'd both be dead now.

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Maria Menounos, Doctor Abused Twice
Is this the bext BIG scandal?


Maria Menounos has good reason to hate doctors.
The former Dancing With the Stars contestant opened up about being sexually abused
not once, but twice, by two separate doctors.  She explained to Howard Stern that years ago,
she made an appointment to have a sore throat checked out. Once inside the exam room,
Menounos said she was asked to change into a hospital gown -- at which point the doctor
began groping her genitals.
"I was really young, so I was uncomfortable," the Extra correspondent revealed.
"(My boyfriend) Kevin was in the waiting room and I literally started screaming...
I was just so uncomfortable I didn't know what to do."
She also talked about being abused during a gynecological exam. The physician
attending her told her he liked her belly-button piercing -- and then began touching it.

I heard this interview on Stern and I'd guess Doctor Grope is a BIG scandal about to pop.

Have you, the reader, ever had a doctor that was out of line?

I'm NOT asking for the details of your story, but I'll bet there
are a LOT of women with stories to tell abouit creepy doctors.

Priests are probably saying, "Why are they going after us and not the doctors?"

Plus, if I was a pedophile, I'd become a pediatrist.
What better excuse to spend the day around naked children?

Yep, I think we have a super-sized
Doctor Grope scandal juuuuuuust below the surface.

  Send e-mail to Bart

Subject: Obama signed order to Close Gitmo - Tally Returns


Send e-mail to Bart 

Carrie Underwood - Hits the Fan
She doesn't hate gays - that makes her bad.
Is she big enough to 'turn' country music progressive?
Or is she about to get Dixie-chicked?


Carrie Underwood supports marriage equality.

"Grow up, Country fans - Stop the hate."
The country singer was asked how she reconciles her Christianity with the more liberal mores of the
music industry. Underwood responded, “Our church is gay-friendly. Above all, God wanted us to
love others. … We have to love each other and get on with each other. As a married person myself,
I don’t know what it’s like to be told I can’t marry somebody I love and want to marry. I can’t imagine
how that must feel. I definitely think we should all have the right to love, and love publicly, the people
that we want to love.”
This announcement is a little different than Lady Gaga saying the same thing.
Underwood’s fanbase is pure Bible Belt - how will Country fans respond?

I don't know if Carrie was courageous or careless, but good for her.
I'm sure a shit-storm of religious hatred is rolling her way as we speak.

Right now, her manager is pressuring her to say she was misquoted.
Right now, her record company reps are scrambling like crazy to assess the damage.
Right now, her career could turn to shit - or Country fans might grow up and join us.

A rare double shot of Chinaco for Carrie Underwood, my fellow progressive Okie.

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Marty has new stuff every day
on her fine, fine Entertainment Page

Marty's TV Listings are the best!

Marty always has good stuff.

Click on the E!

Obama 'lynched' by handjob preacher
Koran burning pastor seeks more publicity


I imagine the Democrats have no problem with this.

They're busy investigating Obama for "treasonous leaks."

Judas Maximus agrees with those Democrats.

"He should be impeached!"


  Send e-mail to Bart

Subject: Website: Real Bad News

Sorry to inform you, but, idiot George W. Bush is no longer President.
Moron B. H. Obama is now President.


P.S.  Just a friendly tip, if I were you, I'd cut down
on the LSD and Coke. You'll make more sense.

Damn, I'm so messed up on LSD and "Coke,"
I don't even remember writing that Obama has not yet been elected.

This is 2007, right?

Maybe those nuns were right...

Send e-mail to Bart

  Check out

Who will go under first - CNN or NBC?

Republicans are lying liars
 by Mario Piperni


If I wanted to, I could post Idiot Quotes of the Day all day long. The right has no shortage
of liars and bigots in their cesspool of stupidity to ever fear running short of material.
Case in point, Republican Congressman Jeff Landry of Louisiana decided to attack the
Obama administration for mandating that contraception be included in health insurance
policies by spouting this bit of nonsense.

Down here in south Louisiana this is huge, this is very important to my constituency.
I think the biggest problems that a lot of Americans are having out there is the hypocrisy
of this administration. Remember, this is an administration who has no problem
special status or waivers to Muslims as they go through TSA screenings.

Look, as they believe that there is a need to grant them special rights as they go through
the TSA screening based upon their religion, that’s fine, I’m ok with that. But then don’t
turn around and attack Christians when they stand up and say ‘listen, we believe that the
policies you’re putting in place violate our religious freedoms as well.
They literally just make this shit up as they go.

IF Obama had a policy to let Muslins skip airport screening, don't you think Pigboy
and FOX news and the rest would be squealing like a chicken caught in a tractor's nuts?


Sarah Palin Nude


GOP group wants to adopt highway
KKK has been quiet in recent years


A K;an group affiliated with the GOP wants to "adopt" a stretch of highway in Georgia.

The Georgia DOT is currently reviewing the request—filed by International Keystone Knights
of the Republican Party in Union County—to clean up part of Route 515 near Blairsville, GA.

"Any civic-minded organization, business, individual, family, city, county, state, or federal agency
is welcome to volunteer in the Georgia Adopt-A-Highway program," according to the department's website.

The state attorney general's office is expected to decide Monday.

  Send e-mail to Bart 

Subject: fundraising suggestion

Bart, you could try this --

The Repubs are know it and I know it and even Bob Dole knows it.
Financially, times are tough. I have to pay my bills and
I want to swing that hammer, and damn it, I mean hard.

I can't keep swinging the big hammer without a hearty meal and a small stipend.
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Every little bit helps.
Thank you in advance for your anticipated clickety clickety.
PS--you're still wrong most of the time,
  Carson, Mayor of Monkeytown

Carson, that was nice - thanks.

I'm working on my Grand Plan to Survive.

We're auditioning software that would keep this same page format but somehow
also be blogged to where people could add their comments and stuff.

That way, if someone sees a story or toon they want to share,
I could get credit for dozens of hits if enough people share it.

I just need to hang on until my big break comes :)

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You any good at Lyrics?


Send e-mail to Bart

Subject: union voting


My son is taking a course in Labor Relations at Penn State.

His text book says that 44% of Union members voted for Reagan, 40% for Bush the Older,
and even 39% of union members voted for Bush the Dumber vs Al Gore.

1, I think that there is a certain percentage of Union members who are members in name only.
   They are part of a closed shop, or joined because of work pressure.
2. Being a union member doesn't necessarily instill any intelligence,
3. There is a certain % of every population that is racist and ever
     since Nixon's Southern Strategy, they vote Republican

Take care
 John C

That begs the question:
IF the unions can't defend their existence, are they worth keeping around?

IF they can't talk their own members into supporting them, should we?

Send e-mail to Bart 

Subject: Shirley's appearance...

From what I have seen in an interview some reporter commented on her looks
and how they were important – I cannot find a reference to it, but I saw it on VH1,
I think – she was pissed that the guy only focused on her looks and not her talent,
she holds a grudge well…

I think it was a record executive - he told Shirley to "bring your pretty face"
to some
meeting (I wonder what she looked like when she showd up? :) and
she's been getting even with that guy for all these years
, possibly costing the
band extra millions in record sales and concert grosses.

However, she/they still have it musically.

Just try to make it all the way thru this four minute video
without humming that song all day tomorrow.

Send e-mail to Bart

Obama's Mess: Medical pot in Montana

Send Tom some encouragement

You're too busy to click and write, "Hang in there, Tom!"

What if YOU were innocent and going to prison?

Wouldn't you want others to notice?

"I might get 20 years in federal prison because
  our president has a problem with legal pot laws."


Send e-mail to Bart

Subject: the dangers of facebook

If you have a family/friend/business associates who view your facebook page
and you comment on another’s page... All who have friended you  will see it..

I don’t think I could notify this part of my social circle of my political side
– without serious ramifications to my relationships.

Many don’t have this problem.   
Sadly, I do.

I can't speak for others, but it seems like that would only be a problem
for people who didn't know you were a Democrat.

Who, besides Obama, thinks this law-abiding businessman belongs in prison?

...but thank you for the explanation.

Subject: the dangers of facebook

OK bart I don't know whether you just don't get facebook or what

I do NOT get facebook, or foursquare, or linkedin, or any of the
hundreds of other weird, new things I get invited to join every day.

Seriously, we should have a Techfest where we can all get out our laptops
or tablets and exchange information - maybe it'd even be tax deductible?

but you cannot LIKE a person's personal page and his CAUSE is medical marijuana. 

OK, I'm getting educated here - just what I asked for.

So I should ask people to perhaps leave a message of encouragement for Tom
while warning other non-techies (I'm not the only one) NOT to "Like" him?

And that page is

However I do know any link and publicity is a good. Tom gave you a shout out
on facebook and he gave the right link... I am really disappointed you didn't add it. 

I disappoint a lot of people on a regular basis.

I don't know if my Hillary and filibuster comments rubbed you the wrong way or what.
And I don't care bc I meant it. And I have never thought of you as over senstive. 

I don't know where you're going.
If you had an opinion on Hillary or said something that was true about her - no problemo.

Furthermore I really see no reason for the photo of Tim Russert...once again you
hating on people that don't see the Clintons through rose colored glasses like you.

What are you talking about? I rag on Russert because he admitted under oath that
"he traded favorable coverage for access to powerful people."

The FACT that Russert admitted it under oath and is STILL considered a hero kills me.

That means, "I'm a sellout whore who slanted the news for whoever gave me an exclusive,"
and that's the worst kind of journalism - journalism for sale.

That sick bastard Russert HELPED the White House sell their fake war against Saddam.
When Cheney needed to spill some propaganda, he spilled it to Russert because he knew
Russert would go easy on him and not ask any follow-up questions - the perfect dupe.

If you want to let that go, fine, but as long as Russert is their shining example
of a great journalist I'm going to keep running that reveals-the-truth graphic.

And I am a fan of the Clinton's as well as OBAMA.  

And I think you putting "They give me PENNIES" under you link downplays it
and gives people little reason to feel the need to bother with it for pennies.  Percentage makes a
whole lot more sense. And I often buy from amazon thru your link, however sometimes I use my church's link.
 J Good

Yes, that could be a mistake, calling Amazon's contributions "pennies"
but there's often a reason why I use the words I use.

Here's what my Amazon Income Report looks like, mostly.

I will change that wording on pages that follow.

Thanks for your educative note.

Send e-mail to Bart

The GOP's War on Women

The GOP voted down equal pay for women.

These cavemen don't think women deserve equality.

If *I* ran the GOP, they would pay dearly for that,
but I'm pretty sure Obama gave the "No fight" order.

We're fighting the anti-progress GOP - can you help?

You could PayPal something to

Click to Subscribe or Donate
or you could send a "love" check to
PO Box 54466
Tulsa, OK  74155

We accept credit cards
Thank you

I Was Born in June/November Bart

Better Amazon link

Thanks, they send me railroad cars filled with gold...

Today's Mystery Celebrity photo 


Subject: last issue's Mystery Celebrity       Link

Bart, yesterday's Mystery Celebrit

Hey, Bart, that's former NBC TV star Susan St James.
  John G

Several people got it, but I wonder how many people got it without clicking on the bonus clue?

Send e-mail to Bart

Wildlife Close-up  


Send e-mail to Bart

Subject: can you provide the Zimmerman link?

Dispatcher:   Are you following him?

Zimmerman:   Yeah.       Link

Candy, thanks for that.

Send e-mail to Bart

Today's Mystery City


Subject: last issue's mystery city

  Last Issue's Mystery City 

Hi Bart, that's the Queensborough Bridge that links
Mahattan and Queens under construction about 1902,


Send e-mail to Bart

Today's History Mystery


Subject: last issue's history mystery

Bart, Last Issue's History Mystery  is Walter Shirra, one of the original 7 Mercury astronauts.
 Al C

Walter was the only person to fly in Mercury, Gemini and Apollo missions.

That should be good for a shot of Chinaco.


Send e-mail to Bart

Subject: donation

I know everyone is broke.

Every day, my mailbox is full of "We must have money now" requests
so that tells me everyone is hurting and there's not much we can do.

I've tried to spare you the fund-raisers - nobody likes them and until things get
semi-back to normal, we all have to live in the prison called the "new normal."

One thing you can do is remember the Bartcop Portal when you buy something online.

It never hurts to check prices.

Harry Potter Girl, Emma Watson

Check out  over 900 sexy and tasteful photos of  Emma Watson  in  BC Hotties

  Thanks to Blue in Seattle for helping me corral the hotties.

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