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WELCOME TO BARTCOP.COM A modem, a smart mouth and the truthNews and Commentary NOT Approved by Karl Rove, bcause vicious extremists can NOT be appeased.


Weekend-Monday,  June 16-18,  2012    Vol 2893 - Bank Yankers 

Will Romney Bain us the
way Bush Enroned us?

In Today's Tequila Treehouse...

Arrow Romney hiding behind "Opposite" 
Arrow Okies sound off on LGBT issues
Shirley explains tour wardrobe
Arrow Bristol sued for Defamation
Arrow Perv Doc sneaks Teat Pic
Arrow Romney states' AIDS Problem
Arrow Singer/actress  Hilary Duff


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Romney hiding behind "Opposite"
He has no idea what the issues are...


Mitt Romney on Saturday promised social conservative voters that his approach
towards Israel would be the "opposite" of Obama's policies.

Asked how he would "strengthen the U.S.-Israel relationship," Romney said he
would "just look at the things the president has done and do the opposite," reports said.

Funny, those are his plans to revive the economy - doing the "opposite" of what Obama did.

That tells me Romney doesn't have any plans at all - he can't say what he's going to do.

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Okies sound off on LGBT issues
Sometimes we sound like a progressive state


Carrie Underwood: "As a married person myself, I don't know what it's like to be told I can't marry
somebody I love, and want to marry," Underwood said. "I can't imagine how that must feel. I definitely
think we should all have the right to love, and love publicly, the people (who) we want to love."

Kristin Chenowith: "I am Christian and I believe in God, but...I don't believe he makes mistakes,
so I believe being gay is not a sin. I believe it's how you're made."

That's my favorite - "I don't think God makes mistakes."
Anyone who disagrees with Kristin is calling God an idiot.

Garth Brooks: "It's just not an issue for me. I have a lot of gay fans, and I'm sure
there's a real cool mixture out there,"

Reba McIntire:  "I have gay friends who have partners, and I see where they would
want to get married. I understand why. So, I can't judge that."

That's a far different stand than what Okie Anita Bryant took 35 years ago.
"If gays are granted rights, next we'll have to give rights to prostitutes and to people
who sleep with St. Bernards," she predicted. "and with God's continued help we will
prevail in our fight to repeal similar (civil rights) laws throughout the nation."
What a horrible person Anita Bryant is - begging some nonexistent God to
screw over the gays
so she can feel better about her prejudices.

Republicans and Bible thunpers are just bad people.

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Subject: Innocent people

Concerning the 60 innocent people in NC, where is the NRA on this? 

If they really care about gun rights they should be all over this. 
Could it be they are only concerned with WHITE gun rights?
  Keep swingin’,
Patrick in Lawton, MI

The NRA isn't in the gun business or the justice business.

They're in the money-making business and there's no money
to be made helping Black people get some justice.

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Don't forget the Catholic priests,
destroying young rectums daily.

Marty has new stuff every day
on her fine, fine Entertainment Page

Marty's TV Listings are the best!

Marty always has good stuff.

Click on the E!

Shirley explains tour wardrobe



She once fronted Calvin Klein's beauty campaign, works latex and lace like nobody’s business,
and serves as an aspirational style icon for ‘90s girls everywhere (myself included). But nowadays
Shirley Manson is quick to tell you she’s NOT a quote-unquote fashion person.

"I really don’t give it too much thought,” she told me. “I’m just not that tuned in now.”

That's a really poor excuse for looking awful when you're performing on stage.

We watched that New York show on Youtube this weekend.
The music was great, but the visuals were jarring.

She's up there singing sensual love songs and mega-lust songs
but it's hard to get into it when she looks like The Thing from Mars.

Shirley, wise up.
Don't let that mouthy record exec control your image the rest of your life.

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Subject: What happened to Bush?

I'm trying to figure out what happened to BUSH?

I can understand why the Republicans aren't talking about him, but why isn't
Obama talking about him, and why aren't the Democrats talking about him?

After all - our country is in serious trouble and the reason things are so bad is
because of BUSH. Is this whole country in denial? If we're not talking about
what BUSH did we're not addressing the problem and things are not going to
improve unless we talk about the BUSH issue.

So why is the news media and both the Democrats and
Republicans treating BUSH like it's a 4 letter word?
  Marc Perkel

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They say when Obama "Freed the Hispanics" last week
he was carrying out Marco Rubio's amnesty program.

If Romney is against the Obama-Rubio immigration plan
can he still pick Rubio to be his running mate?

Bristol sued for Defamation
Can't control her mouth - just like Mom


A Los Angeles man who spoke his mind about the Publicity Whore to Bristol Palin has filed a lawsuit
against the Lifetime Network alleging he was taped for her reality show without his knowledge or consent.

In a federal lawsuit filed Wednesday, Stephen Hanks seeks general and punitive damages, saying he’s a
victim of defamation and invasion of privacy after video of the heated confrontation was aired.

Mr. Hanks alleges he wasn’t told the film crew at a West Hollywood bar in September
was shooting footage for the reality show “Bristol Palin: Life’s a Tripp.”

The show will follow the little trallop for 14 half-hour episodes.

In recently released video from the upcoming show, Hanks heckles Palin while watching her ride a
mechanical bull at the bar, yelling out, “Your mother’s a whore.”

After Bristol confronted him, as she was taught to do by her psycho mother, their conversation grew heated
and he called the little slut, “white trash from Wasilla.”  In the lawsuit, Hanks alleges that Bristol also
defamed him in a magazine and called him a homosexual.

Damn, that sounds like a hate crime.

Subject: new design coming?

Bart, new web design coming?  Let's hope it becomes the next Facebook.
Looking forward to it. It might help to become more controversial.

How come you never get denounced on talk radio and Fox News? :-)


I don't know, but Koresh knows I've tried.

In the old days, when I slandered someone,
I'd also offer to pay their filing fees should they decide to sue.

Maybe I should get back to that.
BTW, did you know Bill O'Reilly beats his underage sex partners?

Did you know Sarah Palin's had sex with over 200 Black men?

Did you know back in college, Rush was busted for anal sodomy?
His hot-shot daddy the judge wrote a big check and got him a great
lawyer who got the charges reduced down to "following too close."

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Texas Dad kills daughter's attacker
He beat him to death with his own two hands


The adults were shoeing a horse and had sent the 4-year-old and her brother to feed chickens
when the attack occurred, a relative told KPRC.

The boy returned to alert his father that the little girl had been taken away by a man.
The father found the pair partially naked, investigators told KPRC.

"In the course of trying to get her away from him, and protect her, he struck the subject
several times in the head and the subject died," Harmon told KPRC.

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"Racy tape?"
 It's not "racy" - it's full-on hardcore porn.
Unlike Paris, she hired a third person to film them.

Paris was betrayed by a boyfriend - that makes her a nasty slut.
Kim PRODUCES in a PORN film and they call it "racy?"

Why does Kim get a pass?

Perv Doc sneaks Teat Pic
Brazen Bastard Busted Big-time


Daley says the picture was taken at an appointment on April 12th of this year,
when her client was seeking Dr. Lafuria's medical treatment for a cold.

"She had a sore throat and he was going to listen to her chest and he asked her
to raise her shirt, which she felt was kind of odd because generally the doctor will
put the stethoscope under your shirt. However she did what the doctor told her to do.
She raised her shirt, he asked her to turn her head to the left and cough," said Daley.

Investigators told her they believe it was during this time when Dr. Lafuria took the photo.

"They told her the camera was very small. We are under the assumption he was keeping
it in his pocket," said Daley. 

If you're a perv doctor, why not hide cameras in every dressing room?

Note: Next time you get into a tanning booth, check for cameras.

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Photo that's not a Mystery...
New feature - give it a try...


Every notice liberal women have nicer legs than
those mimdless Stepford Republican women?

Click  to  Order  Carrie's new album on CD

You any good at Lyrics?


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What is today's Mystery Car?


Send e-mail to Bart 

They put that picture in your head and then
they ask if you want to buy one for $5?

Romney states have AIDS Problem
Why can't he educate those stupid people?


Roughly half of all new AIDS diagnoses are occurring in Romney states such as Alabama, Arkansas, Florida,
Georgia, Louisiana, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina and Tennessee, according to federal estimates.

Overlying that dismal reality is another: There's a severe shortage of HIV specialists in Romney states, which
exacerbates access to treatment for people living with the disease in the region.

AIDS United is starting a push to control AIDS in the Romney states. The group seeks to spread awareness
of the problem and highlight ways of providing access to care in a congressional roundtable on Capitol Hill.

"This disease is no longer a metropolitan problem," says Sen. Jeff Sessions, the second-dumbest load in the senate.
"In fact, infection rates in the Romney states are among the fastest-growing in the country."

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Subject: from Tom Daubert, federal medical marijuana felon

Bart, I write to thank you for your support.
Every time I log onto Facebook, there are new people wanting to be my "friend"
and expressing support, thanks to you.  This is gratifying.  I post news links every day,
focused on medical marijuana and the so-called "drug war," on
I understand the comment you received from one reader suggesting that more of your followers
would contact me if there were a way other than Facebook.  Please consider telling everyone
they may reach me directly at a new email I've created:
Here's something you might find it interesting, a Missoula review of Code of the West:
I'll be sentenced on September 6 in Missoula. 
I'm preparing for the worst but hoping for the best. 
There are reasons to think I may escape a prison sentence. 
We'll let you know, and will otherwise keep in touch.
Thanks again for all your great work,

Obama's Mess: Medical pot in Montana

Send Tom some encouragement

You're too busy to click and write, "Hang in there, Tom!"

What if YOU were innocent and facing prison?

Wouldn't you want others to notice?


"I might get 20 years in federal prison because Obama
  has a problem with the legal pot laws in


Send e-mail to Bart

Well then why do Teanaggers...

Oh, that's right - Bush is White.

Eldrick's Massive Saturday Meltdown
He choked like the Hillside Strangler

 Eldrick saw so much sand he thought he was in Abu Dabi


Like a famous actor suddenly forgetting his line in front of a packed Broadway theatre or a
concert pianist striking precisely the most awful note in front of a rapt Carnegie Hall audience,
Eldrick stood over a chip shot in front of the closing hole and absolutely muffed it.

Eldrick, in his cream sweater and matching slacks, on a day that started with so much
major-championship promise for allegedly one of the greatest players in golf history,
just played himself out of a U.S. Open.

The only thing left was to assess the dimensions of the disaster. There are so many ways to do so.

It was my "Hex on Thee" that sank Eldrick.
I started watching Saturday late, like 6 PM or so and Eldrick was tied for the lead.

I chanted "Hex on Thee" and soon Eldrick was bogey, bogey, then double-bogey.

Poor Eldrick - some say he used to be the best.

The GOP's War on Women

The GOP says women don't deserve to be paid as much as men, who are better.

If there was a God (I know...) that'd swing the election by itself.

If *I* ran the GOP, they would pay dearly for that,
but I'm pretty sure Obama gave the "No fight" order.

We're fighting the anti-progress GOP - can you help?

You could
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PO Box 54466
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I Was Born in June/November Bart

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Today's Mystery Celebrity photo 


Subject: last issue's Mystery Celebrity       Link

Bart, yesterday's Mystery Celebrit
y?     That's Stella Stevens.
She was quite tasty back in the day.
Michael in Denver

Send e-mail to Bart

Wildlife Close-up     


  Send e-mail to Bart

Today's Mystery City


Subject: last issue's mystery city

  Last Issue's Mystery City 

Hi Bart, that's Lake Austin as viewed form Mt. Bonnell neat Houston.

It must be a semi recent photo as all the McMansions shown at the waters edge were not there
when I was growing up about a 1/2 mile away. Those lots were the result of building the water's
edge out into the lake. I don't know who the developers knew to get that done.

There used to be a lot of dope smoking hippies down that way in the 60's but they were phased out.
I guess that's progress anyway. I always wondered what it was like (before the lake) when it was
just the Colorado River flowing though a nice hill country canyon.

Thanks for sparking some memories.
 Jeff in Santa Fe


Send e-mail to Bart

Today's History Mystery


Subject: last issue's history mystery

Bart, Last Issue's History Mystery  is  James Buster Douglas, the former heavyweight champion
who shocked the boxing world with his upset of unbeaten Mike Tyson
Enjoy the corn crop!

Buster Douglas should be an inspiration to everyone.

When he fought Tyson in 1990, "Iron Mike" was undefeated.
Only one casino in Vegas was giving odds - 42-1.

Tyson had been knocking out one palooka after another - usually in the first round,
but Buster had the balls (and the plan) to dance and jab ...and suddenly, the most
feared man in boxing found himself on stumbling around on Queer Street.

A shot of Chinaco to Buster Douglas for overcoming the odds.


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Subject: donation

Hey Bart, Got some extra coin this month
so I thought I'd help you swing the hammer!
Thanks for your work!
 Kevin in Buffalo

Kevin, thanks for that.

Everyone is broke. 

We're temporarily stuck in Bush's America until further notice but
humor can get us thru the worst of times so we will perservere.
As my Fort Smith buddy Ray Coleman used to say, "Never quit!!"
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Singer/actress  Hilary Duff

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