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Tuesday,  August 14,  2012    Vol 2921 - Tool bag

In Today's Tequila Treehouse...

Arrow Ryan, worse than Palin
Arrow Paul Ryan and The Right
Palin, not at Nazicon 2012?
Arrow Check out
Arrow Bad Weekend for Ochocinco
Arrow Obama, the only Protestant
Arrow Hottest Vampire - Nina Dobrev



"Historically unpopular presidential candidate chooses historically unpopular running mate."
   --   my new favorite writer, LOLGOP,    Link

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Ryan, worse than Palin
He's dead weight on Mitt's sinking ship


3. The Ryan Plan, which even without Ryan on the ticket was dragging Mitt down.
 It starves the government to pay for massive tax breaks the rich do not need.
 It’s not a budget as much as it is a cookbook for the middle class.
4. Ryan reminds voters that Mitt is for turning Medicare into a voucher system.
 This not only costs seniors more but also explodes the cost of health care in general.
 Medicare costs are far more manageable than private insurance, but Ryan and Romney
 want to blow up our single-payer system that works so Wall Street can profit off seniors.
5. Ryan maybe improves Mitt’s chances in Wisconsin but hurts them in Florida, which Mitt needs to win.

Don't you just love that "Medicare voucher" rhetoric?

Seniors now have a GUARANTEE of health coverage.
Under Willard/Ryan, you get a f-ing COUPON for 20% off.

It's like asking a hungry homeless man:
"Would you like a complete Thanksgiving dinner, with turkey and mashed potatoes
and gravy
and cranberry sauce and green beans and some shots of Chinaco...


Would you like a coupon for 20% off a Thanksgiving dinner?"

No wonder they're sinking in the polls.,

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The worst since Quayle?
This race is over.

Did Romney have a choice?
His VP HAD to be an insane 'Bagger, right?
What sane Repugnant could he have chosen?
There are none.

He could've put up a sign: "Sane need not apply."

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This is what we're up against.

Paul Ryan and The Right
 by Russ the Pillar 



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Subject: R-Money? R-Nya

Hey Bart!

I put together an updated bumper sticker for the Republicant ticket.
Let me know if it's worth promoting.

 Tom at

  Tom, I like it.

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Translation: Keep that nutty bitch away from my convention.

Once again - did Romney have a choice?
Didn't Palin show up in Massachusetts to upstage Romney the day he announced?

Why couldn't she see that would poison her future?
She gets off on making people angry - she has personality disorders.

Why can't Sarah get along with the other Fascist dogs in the Repugnant Party?

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Subject: Shit-fil-A

It’s might interest everyone to know that the money donated by Dan Cathy
also goes to support Westboro Baptist church nonsense...

Since he hates God's gay children, that makes sense.

Why did God make so many big mistakes, Mr. Cathy?
Why can't God get it right when He creates His children?
Why did God create "abominations" that need to be exterminated?

Is your God incapable of getting it right, Mr. Cathy?

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Obama, the only Protestant on either ticket

Ryan and O'Biden are Catholics and Willard is in that nutty Kolob Kult.

So what do the Protestants do?

They abandon their religion because Obama's Black.

God must be sooo disappointed in them.

I imagine God likes Ol' Bart better than his "Christian Hater" kids.

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Marty has new stuff every day
on her fine, fine Entertainment Page

Marty's TV Listings are the best!

Marty always has good stuff.

Click on the E!


Have you been to

I guess it's new - Joe Conason is apparently a big dog there.
Gene Lyons columns are there - that's good because Gene is hard to find sometimes.

I also just discovered LOLGOP, who is a great and funny writer.
He or she is on the team so I guess I'll visit them often.

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We may already be past the tipping point.

What if it takes 30 years to turn back global warming?

What if we wait another 30 goddamn years to start doing that?

When will a Democrat summon the courage to say,
"Jim Inhofe is CRAZY - We're out of time,
we have to start reversing things NOW!"

Sarah Palin Nude


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Subject: Did Paul Ryan show Romney his tax returns?

Usually the Vice Presidential vetting process is pretty thorough.
Romney had to collect a lot of information about his potential running mates.

Which makes me wonder, did Paul Ryan turn over his tax returns to Romney?

If so - is the voting public going to get to see them too?
After all, the two of them are applying to us to choose them as our leaders.

They are running on tax reform issues.
Shouldn't they show us what taxes they pay like Obama and Biden did?
 Marc Perkel

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What is today's Mystery Car?

Subject: Last issue's Mystery Car   Link

Bart, it is a Ferrari 360 Modena Spyder.
Unfortunately, it isn't mine.
 Harker in Japan

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Bad Weekend for Ochocinco (Chad Johnson)


So his new-ish wife finds a receipt for condoms in his car - asks WTF?
He responds, of course, by headbutting his bride, giving her a 3-inch gash on her forehead.

The cops arrest him, the Miami Dolphins fired him, HBO fired him from one TV show
and now VH-1 cancelled his spin-off TV show.

Gosh, dude - did you fuck up?

And do you know what Johnson's defense is?

He claims
she headbutted him.

Really, dude?
That's your way out of this?

Who gave you that great idea?  Jermaine?

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Beautiful Nature Picture

Bonus: Can you name the city?

Medical pot Mess n Montana


"I might get 20 years in federal prison because 'the Feds'
  have a problem with the legal pot laws in



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The GOP's War on non-whites

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Today's Hot Mystery Celebrity photo 


 Subject: last issue's Mystery Celebrity    Link

Bart, that is Oscar-winning actress Charlize Theron!
  Harold S


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Don't Look Down

Today's Wildlife Photo...     


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Subject: Ayn Rand madness

I've been rolling "Enlightened Self-Interest" around in my head. I had a queasy feeling about it.
It isn't altruism, it is just selfishness that looks at the long term.

Here's what happens if a society is based on it. They can't recruit anyone for the army.
There is no reason to die for your country, if you really believe Ayn Rand. You could go
if your prospects on the outside were slim and the chances of getting killed were small,
but when it really counts: at war time, no. No reason at all.

Likewise if there is a crime you can commit with practically no chance of getting caught,
and gets you lots of money, there is no reason to stop you. None.

Not even a reason to feel guilty. There is no right and wrong any more, just Enlightened Self-interest.

Society is disgusted with people who act this way. Ayn Rand shrugged.
She just believed that's the way people really are.

Imagine Ayn Rand meeting him in the afterlife. Maybe it would take four of them.
And how about these men and women?  And I didn't even have to include the military,
where sacrifice is right in the job description, and not less precious just because it happens all the time.
  Scott Davis


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Today's Mystery City



Subject: last issue's mystery city    

Bart, that is Puerto Madero, Buenos Aires, Argentina.
  Vince C

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Today's History Mystery


Subject: last issue's history mystery    Link 

That is the legendary Brigitte Bardot.
 John from Charlotte


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Subject: donation

Hey Bart~ looks like "Americas team" is "Super Bowl bound".

Lowrand, thanks for that.
Yes, once again, the Dallas Cowboys are going to the Super Bowl!
Maybe this year they won't have to sit in the End Zone.

I heard the announcer say Dallas has won ONE playoff game in the last 15 years.
Jerry Jones says he's stick with Tony "Butterfingers" Romo NO MATTER WHAT.

That's exactly what I wanted to hear.
Oh, and I love that they won last night - since it didn't count.

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Hottest Vampire - Nina Dobrev


Check out  over 100 sexy and tasteful photos of Nina Dobrev

  More  in 
BC Hotties

  Thanks to Blue in Seattle for helping me corral the hotties.

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Marty always has good stuff.

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