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Cinco de Mayo-Monday,  May 5-6, 2013    Vol 3056 - Never steal anything small 

In Today's Tequila Treehouse...

Arrow Howard Kurtz, Lazy-Ass, Fired
Obama Targets San Francisco
Pigboy's Radio Career Sours
Arrow Clinton Tried Zeppelin Reunion
Arrow Sanford vs Female Reporter
Arrow Amazon Helps Tequila Treehouse
Arrow TV's 'Dixie' Doc, Rachel Bilson


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"Go for the extra dark ones with no blemishes.
 Most important, get the ones that feel heavier than it seems they should,"
   --  Mrs Bart's tips for picking out the best limes for Cinco de Mayo margaritas.


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Howard Kurtz, Lazy Homophobe, Fired
However he still works for no-standards CNN

A day after Howard Kurtz wrote a widely criticized story about NBA star Jason Collins,
The Daily Beast has retracted the story and dismissed the lazy-ass Washington bureau chief.

The Beast notes that Kurtz committed several lazy-ass errors, saying Collins "didn’t come clean"
about being engaged to a woman.  In Sports Illustrated, Collins wrote, “When I was younger
I dated women. I even got engaged."
Kurtz updated his story, saying Collins “downplayed” the engagement and “didn’t dwell on it."

Who "dwells" on an engagement that didn't work out?
Of course he slanted the Jason Collins story - he hates queers.

Kurtz is a lazy, lying Republican who always pretended to play things straight,
but he always had good things to say about Rush Limbaugh and other animals like him. 

Kurtz should stop pretending he's neutral and go work for FOX News.

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Obama Targets San Francisco
He's on a mission to destroy voters wishes


We received word Wednesday that seven medical marijuana dispensaries permitted by the City
of San Francisco are being investigated by Obama's DEA. In Sept. 2012, D.E.A. agent David White
requested from San Francisco the public records of: Ketama Collective; Igzactly 420; 1944 Ocean Collective;
The Hemp Center; Mr. Purple Skunk; The Apothecarium; and Bernal Heights Collective.
White requested each dispensary’s business license and application, health permit and application,
ownership information, yearly statements/forms (i.e., not for profit, affirmation of not crossing state lines, etc.).
White is a Special Agent with the DEA Financial Investigative Team in the San Francisco Field Division.
This week, news broke that the Obama is trying to force the closure of at least one of the targeted dispensaries,
The Hemp Center. The Hemp Center’s landlord is being threatened with 40 years prison, property forfeiture,
and asset seizure for renting office space to The Hemp Center, sources say. At least four landlords in San Jose
received similar letters Friday.

Have you ever seen a president try to jail law abiding citizens the way Obama does?

Why is Obama going crazy?

Bush figured out a way to not get involved - why can't Obama be as smart as Bush?

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 Subject: America is an oligarchy - no longer a democracy

America is no longer a democracy. America is now an oligarchy.
An oligarchy is where a small group of rich people control the government.
Here's 3 strong indicators supporting my claim:

1) In 2008 there was so much fraud in the banking system that every major financial institution collapsed.
They had transferred trillions of dollars out of our pockets leaving us with 18 trillion in national debt.
And in spite of crashing the economy with fraud, no one is being prosecuted for these crimes.
The rich don't go to jail,

2) All of us in the lower 98 percent pay our taxes but the rich pay half the rate we do on the money
they aren't hiding in foreign bank accounts. Apple - for example -  has $137 billion stashed overseas.
They live in California mansions while we pay interest on the debt.

3) When the sequester made air travel inconvenient for the rich to fly Congress acts instantly
to releave their suffering while the old and the poor eat dog food in some alley.

And it's not just a republican issue. Both parties are allowing it to happen.
We need to tell Obama and Erik Holder to start prosecuting the rich the way they go after the poor.
 Marc Perkel

"Eric, raid some more legal pot farms!"

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Pigboy's Radio Career Sours
Sandra Fluke's revenge for "slut" remarks


Rush Limbaugh denied that the advertiser boycott of his show after he called Sandra Fluke a slut
would cost him anything, but a year later, it's clear that prediction wasn't true. It has, at the very least,
cost him his relationship with the radio network giant Cumulus Media.

Limbaugh's show is thinking of ending its contract with Cumulus at the end of the year, Politico's
Dylan Byers reports. Cumulus CEO Lew Dickey has blamed Limbaugh for advertising losses,
while Limbaugh thinks he's just making excuses. Either way, the Fluke controversy has clearly
cost the vulgar Pigboy.
Dickey said the boycott had contributed to $5.5 million in losses at the top three of Cumulus's
40 major radio stations nationwide.

It's my understanding that Pigboy has ruined all of talk radio.

Because of his early success, greedy radio station owners flooded the airwaves with Pigboy clones
and that's pretty much all there is to talk radio these days - and the public is rejecting that shit in droves.

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 Subject: Mark Sandford

Hiking the Appalachian Trail
More like banging Argentinian tail.
Sanford's problem is he didn't rape his under age maid.
He's be a goddamn South Carolina senator by now if he had.
 Steven B

I believe he's talking about Strom Thurmond, a truly racist bastard.

Thurmond raped the 16 year old family maid in 1925 when Blacks had zero rights.
The maid got pregnant and had a Black daughter that racist Thurmond hid for 80 years.

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Clinton Tried to Broker Zeppelin Reunion


It's a diplomatic failure at the highest level: Bill Clinton couldn't get Led Zeppelin to reunite.
The CBS "60 Minutes Overtime" webcast reported Monday that the Bill was enlisted to ask
the British rock gods to get back together last year for the Superstorm Sandy benefit concert
in New York City. He asked, they said no.
David Saltzman of the Robin Hood Foundation says he and Harvey Weinstein flew to Washington
to ask Clinton to make the plea. Led Zeppelin's surviving members were in Washington just before
the Sandy concert for the Kennedy Center Honors.
Led Zeppelin last played publicly at a one-night reunion in London in 2007.

Apparently Robert Plant is content to sing country songs for 20 people in small bars.

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2 minute video, SFW

 Subject: are Fortune 500 companies paying taxes?


You have an ad on your website--in the main part, where you choose what to put up--that claims
"Fortune 500 companies, including Apple, have more than $1.6 trillion in profits parked offshore
in order to avoid paying US taxes." 

Another version was on the site yesterday.  I don't know the truth of most of the Fortune 500,
but I have reason to doubt this is true of Apple.  One reason is that Apple already pays a larger
percentage of its income in taxes than the average for large technology companies, much more
than the other large computer companies.  Another is that this claim disagrees with Apple's
publicly available financial statements.

Yes, it is true that Apple manufactures its computers, iPods, etc. in China.  Yes, Apple spends
a lot of money in China -- after all, they have to pay their workers (and pay for the equipment
that they buy in China).  Also, Apple pays taxes in China, just as it does here.  From what I've
been able to find out, Apple not only pays a higher percentage of their income in US taxes than
most other large technology companies, they actually do this because they employ a larger portion
of their workforce in the US than the other companies.

So why are people ragging on the large technology company that does the best for the US,
instead of companies that spend a larger portion of their income overseas -- and, thus,
pay a lower portion of their income in taxes?

Apple owes it to their stock holders to pay as little in taxes as possible.
Over the years, the super-rich have bribed congress to eliminate their tax load.

If it's legal to park $1.6 trillion offshore to avoid paying taxes,
I'm sure that's exactly what Apple is doing.

It's like Romney paying only 9% on his income where you and I
are paying 25-30% - the laws favor the super-rich.

I'll bet Apple is obeying all tax laws.

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Today's OMG!  Don't Look Down Picture



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 Subject: Cheney and the Boston Bombers

No Cheney was not behind the Boston bombing but... he has more blood on his hands when
it comes to killing and crippling people, a thousand fold more than than the two Boston scumbags.

Yet he walks the street free and recipient of a free heart transplant given to him by the tax payers.
The single Boston bomber will spend the rest of his life in jail or executed... what a country?

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We watched the Kentucky Derby Saturday.

As they sang, "My Old Kentucky Home" I wondered about the lyrics.
Yep, they are as racist as the Teabaggers.

Shirley's Advice for Beyonce
"She should say 'Blow me' "


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Sanford vs Female Reporter
At one point, he wished for her death


The traveling train wreck that is Mark Sanford continued its comedic way this weekend,
with the candidate conducting an impromptu street poll of local women.
Hoping to prove to a female NBC reporter that he can still count on the votes of the state’s
women despite his well-publicized female problems, Sanford began questioning random ladies
on the street, trying to find, he said, “a woman who hates me.”
And, ever the ladies’ man, Sanford showed why he’s so popular with the fairer sex when it
came time to cross the street — accompanied by the female NBC reporter — to question
another random woman:

“Let’s go to this woman – does she look biased?” he asked as he crossed the street,
the NBC reporter walking next to him.
As a car whizzed by, he told the reporter, “Watch out, I don’t want you to get run over.
Actually I kind of do, but that’s a different story.”
Chivalry, it appears, is alive and well in South Carolina.

The latest poll shows Sanford coming back to about even.

The local newspaper endorsed Busch-Colbert, the first time
they endorsed a Democrat since Moses wore short pants.

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Know Your Classics


 Subject: last issue's Classic    Link

Bart, that's from Crime and Punishment by Fyodor Dostoevsky. 

The protagonist's name is Raskolnikov, which people our age remember
as the cuss word used by Rocky & Bullwinkle's Boris Badanov.
 MIT Pillar

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Today's Wildlife Photo


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Anyone out there ever work sound for a band?

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Today's Mystery Celebrity Photo 


 Subject: last issue's Mystery Celebrity    Link


OMG, Bart, could that be the usually drop-dead gorgeous Faith Hill without make-up? 
She sure looks different than she looks in her NBC Sunday Night Football opening numbers. 
Some women look great au natural (like Beyonce), but others need significant cosmetic assistance.

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Today's Mystery City


Subject: last issue's Mystery City    

That's Naples, Italy with Mount Vesuvius in the background.
 Paul A

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Name the Mystery Car


 Subject: last issue's Mystery Car    Link

That's a 1955 "Gypsy Red" Chevrolet Corvette.
Only 700 were made that year and the rarest were
painted in "Corvette Copper" (only 15, see attachment)

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What is today's History Mystery?   


Subject: last issue's History Mystery    Link 

Nobody got last issue's History Mystery.

That's Mr. Benz, as in Mercedes Benz.

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