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WELCOME TO BARTCOP.COM A modem, a smart mouth and the truthNews and Commentary NOT Approved by Karl Rove, bcause vicious extremists can NOT be appeased.

Thurs-Sunday August 15-25, 2013    Vol 3110 - The Last in Line

And as we wind on down the road...

Arrow Gingrich is Making Sense 
Arrow Chilling Date, August 13, 1961
Finally - Two Banksters charged
Arrow Obama Slays Whistleblower Myth
Arrow Is Lindsey Graham a Nancy Boy?
Arrow Amazon Helps Tequila Treehouse
Arrow Supermodel  Brooke Burke

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"The Dixie Chicks are STILL banned on some radio stations.
  But they totally deserve it because Iraq was an awesome war."

     -- LOLGOP in a tweet

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Gingrich is Making Sense
That's how crazy the GOP has become


Republican officials are looking to promote a fresh group of super-looney rising stars to help
resolve their election woes, while frustrated party elders insist that all Republicans must offer
more solutions for the nation's most pressing issues.

The calls for change come nine months after a painful 2012 election in which the GOP got spanked.
A tug of war over the Republican Party's future is on display as conservative activists and party leaders
from across the country gather in Boston this week for the RNC's annual summer bitchfest.

"We have to get beyond being anti-Obama," Newt Gingrich declared, offering a particularly harsh critique
of Republican's epic fail strategy on health care.  Gingrich said Teabaggers would have "zero answer" for how
to replace Obamacare when asked, despite their having voted FORTY f-ing times to repeal the measure.

"We are caught right now in a culture where as long as we're negative and as long as we're
vicious and as
long as we can tear down our opponent, we don't have to learn anything.
And so we don't,"
Gingrich said.   "This is a very deep problem."

ha ha

Nobody's going to listen to Gingrich making sense.

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Chilling Date, August 13, 1961
  by New Zealand Pete


We will be in California next week

If you'd like to get together, keep an eye on Twitter.

Tally suggested  El Torito's in Burbank, near NBC.
They have an outdoor patio, that could be nice.

We're talking Monday, early, maybe 5-6 PM or so.
I'll tweet final details when we have them.

There's talk of a Tuesday night private residence (cough) poker game.  

Mon-Tues are the days we'll be available in Los Angeles.
Wed-Thurs I'll be busy helping Perry Sanders Jr with trial strategery.
Friday we're heading north, might drive up the coast.

Saturday we'll be in San Francisco at Tommy's Tequila
5-6 PM or so.

New page Monday, August 29th

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Free Math Tutoring


I currently teach high school math in California of 25 plus years. I have uploaded over 300

 of my lessons in Pre-Algebra, Algebra 1, Geometry, Algebra 2, Pre-Calculus, and AP Statistics.
I started doing this for my absent students, or any student who needed to hear the lesson(s) again.

Just visit,
scroll down to “Playlist,” to find the subject you need.

Finally - Two Banksters charged
Ex-JP Morgan exployees in deeeeep trouble


U.S. officials on Wednesday lodged criminal charges against two former JPMorgan Chase employees
accused of concealing hundreds of millions of dollars in trading losses in an episode that cast a sour light
on the bank’s high-risk investments.

Javier Martin-Artajo and Julien Grout were charged with wire fraud, filing false information with the SEC
and other crimes that were part of an alleged conspiracy to hide mounting trading losses on derivatives
investments assembled in the bank’s London office.

Losses stemming from that unit eventually topped $6 billion.

First, I suspect those "losses" were actually stolen.
That's how they do things - they make trades then bet the trades will lose money.

But I'm sure, under Obama, the worst negotiator in American history, the theives will be forced
to pay a Draconian $25K fine and get a stern warning
not to steal additional billions in the future.

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Strange, Odd & Downright Bizarre Letters to the 44th President

by my good friend Marc Berlin

Amazon Link

Paperback $24.26
Kindle $2.99 - that's almost FREE!

Cops Dealing Doritos at Seattle Hempfest
Got the munchies? Seattle Cops to the rescue


A few things will be different at this year's Hempfest on Seattle's waterfront where revelers
gather to use dope openly, listen to music and gaze at the Olympic Mountains in the distance.

Having legalized pot at the state level, speakers will concentrate on the reform of federal marijuana laws.

Oh, and the Seattle police — who have long turned a lenient eye on Hempfest tokers — don't plan
to be writing tickets or making arrests. They'll be busy handing out Doritos.

"I think it's going to be a lot of fun," said Sgt. Sean Whitcomb. "It's meant to be ironic. The idea of
police passing out Doritos at a festival that celebrates pot, we're sure, is going to generate some buzz."

The idea isn't just to satisfy some munchies. The department has affixed labels to 1,000 bags of Doritos
urging people to check out "A Guide to Legal Marijuana Use In Seattle." It explains the new pot law.

  Send e-mail to Bart

 Subject: cognitive dissonance

Bart, it's none of my business, but one thought about "cognitive dissonance."
I'd suggest that you're working a tough row to hoe when you communicate in one place
that you need donations to survive and, in another place on your page, you talk openly
about traveling, playing poker, and drinking top-shelf tequila. those messages are in conflict
and cause cognitive dissonance in at least some -- i'd suggest quite a few -- of your readers' minds.
(yes, you deserve time off, but i know you get the point, si?)

I've been wondering when/how to bring this up so maybe now's the time.
My leukemia is catching up with me and Doc says I need to start chemo.

I figure before I go thru 24 weeks of hell, I should treat myself to a good time
so we're flying to California to see old friends, drink tequila and play some poker.
As far as the money, we have six free (frequent flyer) trips on Southwest Airlines.
I rarely lose at small-time poker (worst loss $200, dozens of wins of $400-$700)
and I expect my tequila "binge" to consist of two shots so that won't cost much.

Thanks for bringing this up because I know others are thinking about it.

On the bigger picture - how do I write about my descent into hell?
I'm on a roller coaster of diminishing returns - I've been OK so far, but now I need chemo.

Chemo should give me a boost, nobody knows how long - hopefully years.
Then I'll need more chemo for another boost, and then more chemo after that.
Unlike most people who get chemo, there's no cure in my future.
I'll just keep getting chemo until it no longer makes sense.

But, the leukemia might not get me - I could get hit by a peach truck at any time :)

Nobody wants to go thru hell with me and I get that
so I figure I'll only write about things if they're funny.

  Send e-mail to Bart

Obama Slays Whistleblower Myth
Canonizing a traitor is wrong, he says


At that NSA press conference, Obama took on the accusations that the government is spying
on the American people without the proper Constitutional safeguards. He told the truth - that it
wasn't, and that most of the manufactured outrage has been centered around what people thought
the government could do, not what it was actually doing. He called out The Guardian and their
Attention-Whore in Chief Glenn Greenwald without mentioning them by name, but pointing out
that the drip by drip release of the leaks is meant to maximize attention, rather than to contribute
to any legitimate debate.

The president also hit the nail on the head on head when he called out the canonization of a traitor not my bold
(Edward Snowden), by pointing out the fact that he and not Edward Snowden had called for a review
of the surveillance programs and their transparency - and that Snowden's only contribution to that process
was to disrupt it and hurt the actual debate by generating heat rather than light, as well as the fact that it
was the president that provided safeguards for whistleblowers within the intelligence community.

 If Edward Snowden actually believed himself to be a whistleblower acting in the interest of his country
rather than for the political benefit of himself and the global attention whores like Glenn Greenwald,
he would have noticed that President Obama has, since taking office, been the strongest advocate for
whistleblowers that has ever occupied the oval office. He took pains to stop agency retaliations against
whistleblowers. Just a few examples (when you click)

  Send e-mail to Bart

Subject: your Hollywood gossip page

Bart, how the hell is anyone supposed to guess Steven Seagal? 
Whoever wrote that kept referring to him as an actor.
  Tom B

  ha ha

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Is Lindsey Graham a Nancy Boy?
His Teabagger opponents thinks so


Lindsey Graham’s primary challenger, Nancy Mace, suggested that Mr. Graham,
a confirmed life-long bachelor  ha ha  is a homersexual (h/t Holy Bullies).

Actually, she called him a “nancy boy,” which is an old slur for “gay.”

Now, I have no problem with anyone suggesting that Lindsey Graham is gay,  though I’d
prefer they avoid using slurs to do so.  And while Graham denies that he’s gay, he just
might be the gayest heterosexual on God’s green earth.

I can’t swear to you that Lindsey Graham is gay.
But let’s just say he might want to avoid anti-sodomy Virginia.

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Subject: Snowden a spy per CBS news

The reason you can not find the story from CBS is because it was a complete B.S. story that
the babbling tool Scott Pelley read with all seriousness.  Snowden said in an interview with some
magazine that if he were a spy he would be the first spy ever to have opened up so completely
to a journalist.  Per CBS news, that was a confession from Snowden that he was a spy. 

That is really all there was to that story. 
Pathetic, even by post Bush junta standards,
 Hal G

Wouldn't it be cool if Al Jazeera showed American how to do real journalism?

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Today's OMG!  Don't Look Down Picture


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Subject: Mikey Weinstein to Speak in Tulsa

Hey Bart.

You should get a press pass and go hear him.
Then let us know how it was.
Tim, you mean go to a church?

Last time I was in a church (National Cathedral 1998) I was asked to leave.

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Today's Hollywood Gossip


  Subject: Last Issue's Hollywood Gossip answers


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Is it HOT where you are?

Today's Wildlife Photo


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Ted pretty much hates everyone and everything, doesn't he?
Have you ever seen him be positive about anything?

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Today's Mystery Celebrity Photo 


 Subject: last issue's Mystery Celebrity    Link

Last issue's Mystery Celebrity was Sasha Alexander who played Special Agent Caitlin Todd on NCIS.
I sure hope they do not screw up Ziva’s exit. I’m tired of people being killed off.
I’d like to leave the door open for Ziva to come back.

Good news - they are not killing Ziva.
(You were the only one to get that right.)

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Today's Mystery City


Subject: last issue's Mystery City    

Bart, that's the monstrous dust storm which roared through Phoenix, Arizona on July 5th, 2011.
The massive dust cloud, also known as a "haboob", was around 5,000 feet when it arrived hit,
but radar data reveals that it reached heights anywhere from 8,000 to 10,000 feet high prior.
from Idaho


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Name the Mystery Car


 Subject: last issue's Mystery Car    Link

Bart, that is a 1929 duPont Model G Speedster.
Paul in VA

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What is today's History Mystery?   


Subject: last issue's History Mystery    Link 

Nobody got Enrique Pena Nieto, the current president of Mexico.

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Subject: donations

Bart, I read about your money troubles.
I will match August donations up to $1,000.
We need you on the Internets,
 Rey in Seattle

, thanks for that - seriously.
We now have $680 in matchable funds with 16 days left in August.
If I can raise
$2000 I can make it thru this summer.

Humor can get us thru the worst of times so we will keep on.  
As my buddy Ray Coleman used to say, "Never quit!!" seems to be my best bet to stay on the Tubes
if you shop with them, you might even save some money.

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Supermodel/Hostess  Brooke Burke

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More hot babes in BC Hotties

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