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WELCOME TO BARTCOP.COM A modem, a smart mouth and the truthNews and Commentary NOT Approved by Karl Rove, bcause vicious extremists can NOT be appeased.

Tues-Wed Sept 17-18, 2013    Vol 3123 - Look at Yourself

And as we wind on down the road...

Arrow Cantor to Shut Government
Arrow GOP vs. GOP in O-care Squabble
Mass Murders Not That Bad
Arrow GOP Hates New Miss America
Arrow 500 Classic Chevys Found in Barn
Arrow Amazon Helps Tequila Treehouse
Arrow TV Gals w/Guns - Alyssa Milano

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"The GOP is threatening default unless we raise the deficit -- that's what delay, defund, repeal does."
     -- LOLGOP in a tweet       

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Cantor to Shut Down the Government
Even Gingrich thinks this is a stupid idea

Heavy pressure from Teabaggers who want to defund Obamacare on Wednesday helped kill a House bill
that would have averted a government shutdown.

Head Bagger Eric Cantor on Wednesday suddenly cancelled a Thursday vote on a stopgap funding bill that
would have funded the government beyond the Sept. 30 expiration of the current fiscal year, through Dec. 15.

Republican leaders were unable to round up the 217 votes need to pass the House after intense lobbying efforts
by Senate Republicans and outside groups. Fourteen senators signed onto a bill calling for all Obamacare funding
in the temporary budget bill to be eliminated.

"We put on pretty heavy pressure to get the House members to understand," said a Senate GOP aide.

The House bill, introduced by Cantor on Tuesday, did not actually defund Obamacare. Instead, Cantor sought
to Teabaggers with an measure that would have forced the Senate to vote separately on defunding the health care law.

So the Republicans are going to shut down the government and then cry "Media bias" when the media describes
the damage they've done.  They'll eventually be forced to cave-in like the last ten times they tried this stupid stunt.

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GOP vs. GOP in O-care Squabble
Health care is gay and that makes it bad


A new GOP vs. GOP battle is brewing over health care coverage for lawmakers and their staff.

A growing number of Republicans are scoffing at Louisiana Sen. David Vitter’s push to stop federal
contributions that will help pay for health coverage for lawmakers and their staff under the new Obamacare
exchanges. Vitter’s crusade has effectively put his GOP colleagues in the unenviable position of hurting
themselves and their staff financially or siding with another political attack on a law the party universally despises.

In addition to the Vitter effort, Teabaggers are demanding that any bill to keep the government running past Sept. 30
must also defund Obamacare — an effort that senior Republicans call futile even as it has put House GOP leaders in a jam.

The GOP will continue to do the wrong thing even if
it's bad for America and bad for the Republican Party.

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by Rebecca Bartlett

In 1855, a young lady’s most precious possession is her reputation. Unfortunately, sixteen-year-old Georgia Marsh
has lost hers and faces a grim future with no prospects of marriage. Her fortune changes when a mysterious stranger
asks her to wear an ancient pendant for a week —a pendant which grants great power, but only for those able to carry it.
Most young women would buckle under the burden of such an object, but Georgia has a pure heart. She becomes
the pendant's new bearer and the keeper of the awesome power it contains. But a pure heart is little protection against
magic transferred through an act of trickery. Tied to an object that won’t obey her and won’t let her pass it on,
Georgia must explore the history of the pendant and unlock the secret of its creation if she is to save herself.

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Did you see that?
Mass murders have no upward or downward trajectory.
Mass murders are CONSISTENT in America - aren't we lucky?

BTW, why are the news networks treating the Naval Yard shootings as "news."
It's like "Middle East Unrest" - that's not news, that's everyday life.

Mass shootings are so common, it'd be newsworthy if we had a non-violent day.

Send e-mail to Bart

Subject: Star Trek and V-Ger

Bart, I believe the V-Ger from that movie was a fictitious Voyager VI.

I hope If Voyager I ever comes back as a V-Ger, it's not angry.
Keep swinging that hammer bro.
  Sal in Colorado.

Hey, is anyone keeping up with the changing laws in Colorado?
They say legal sales start Jan 1, is that correct?

Are they talking about things yet?
For instance, what are the hotels saying?

I believe currently they have "rooms" when one can
bring their own - if they have card - is that right?

Will they have "smoking" rooms?
It's illegal to smoke outside?

I'm serious about a Fest - the sooner the better.

  I know something about that, Bart

GOP Hates New Miss America
She has dark skin, that makes her unfit


People say a lot of mean things on Twitter every day. But Nina Davuluri’s victory Sunday night
in the Miss America pageant sparked an outburst of racist Republican tweets notable not only for
their intolerance but also their ignorance.

“Nina Davuluri is the first Indian-American to be crowned Miss America,” Leslie Bentz wrote on
“But the racist tweets Sunday night didn't focus on how it's the second consecutive year that a Miss New York
has taken the crown, or about the judge's questions (including inquiries about Miley Cyrus and Syria).
They were about Davuluri's heritage.”

On the feminist blog Jezebel, Laura Beck wrote, “Racists got so mad, they started mixing up Indian,
Indian-American, Arab, Muslim, and everything in between. It's (literarily) a most impressive display
of dumb mixed with intolerance and even more stupidity.”

You'd think racists would say, "Damn, she's hot."
If they can overlook race issues for football, why not overlook race for hotness?"

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Subject: congress is exempt from Obamacare

Anyone who tells you there's a congressional "exemption" from the law either doesn't know
what they're talking about, or they are easily fooled into believing nonsense. The exchanges
were designed for Americans who CAN”T get coverage through their employer. If Congress
were forced onto the exchange they would be the ONLY exception. The federal government,
like most large employers, not only provides the opportunity for its workers to get insurance,

It also pays a large portion of the premium. I know this because I have the same insurance
options as congress. If I am forced onto the exchange along with lawmakers what would
happen to the employer contribution the Government pays for me as my employer?
Would I just lose the money? Most employers pays part of workers insurance.
Why should the government not pay part of mine?

Rather than list the facts, The Democrats have offer to appease Senator Grassly’s bill by having
Lawmakers and federal employees keep their employer contributions, and apply that money
towards the cost of whatever insurance they buy in the exchanges. Republican have turn this
offer into congress protecting their own interests and fail to mention anything about the hundreds
of thousands of federal workers this will hurt. If I have to be force onto the exchange UNLIKE
every other person that works for an employer that offers health insurance.
Why should I lose out on my employer contribution?
 Bob in the D

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Today's OMG!  Don't Look Down Picture


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Legal Pot: More States to Follow?


Speculation is afoot after the Justice Department signaled it will mostly leave to states the responsibility
to regulate use. Washington State and Colorado are already working out details of legal marijuana.

Can you believe they made it thru the entire opening paragraph without a boneheaded cliche?

Is it possible that most US states will legalize marijuana for recreational use?

Already, Washington State and Colorado are working out detailed regulations for such use and 20 states,
plus the District of Columbia, have allowed marijuana for medicinal purposes.

Yes, people are still being arrested for selling, even consuming, outlawed street drugs, and people are troubled
by new psychoactive compounds like the club drug "Molly," which has been blamed for several recent deaths.

Exactly - human nature says some people are going to want to get high now and then.
Why not let them have something that's cheaper and safer than liquor?

And specifically regarding marijuana, the federal government still categorizes it as more harmful than cocaine.

Which is pure insanity but nobody will stand up and say the obvious.

How many more presidents will we go thru before one of them says, "Let's stop lying to ourselves."

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Today's Hollywood Gossip


  Subject: Last Issue's Hollywood Gossip answers


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500 Classic Chevys Found in Barn
Retired Chevy Dealer had Retirement Plan


There are few things as exciting for classic car aficionados than the “barn find.”
A coveted car is placed in storage or forgotten for decades, and when the property
changes hands or the car’s hiding place is disturbed- these long-lost vehicles return
to the classic car world. It is a special occasion to find one of these lost classics
- but nearly 500? That’s a vintage car gold mine.

The collection belongs to Ray Lambrecht of Pierce, Nebraska. He was a Chevy dealer
for five decades, and retired in 1996. His dealership didn’t sell any trade-ins and bought
its inventory outright. He kept any unsold inventory and stored it, along with any cars he
thought would have long-term value. The collection grew and became his retirement plan.

The collection includes a 1958 Chevy Pickup with 1.3 miles, a ’64 Impala with 4 miles,
and a ’78 Corvette Indy Pace Car Edition with only 4 miles on the odometer.

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 Subject: Tuesday's issue

There is no explanation on your web site as to where Tuesday’s issue is or when you will be posting again.
  Alan S

I had a funeral to go to - an old rock n roller from the Rock Island days.
I always hate funerals because of all the stupid lies they tell.

"Bob isn't dead, he's just moved on to another chapter."
No, Bob's f-ing dead - deal with reality, people.

"Bob is currently playing in the Celestial Band in Heaven."
Too stupid to reply to.

"Bob is so happy right now, he wouldn't come back if he could."
Really? He looked forward to dying? Why are you lying?

"Bob is having so much fun right now he wishes we were all there with him."

It just went on and on...

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Is it hot where you are?

Today's Wildlife Photo


Send e-mail to Bart

Subject: photo for you

Bart, this is growing in my garden.

In Oklahoma, they put you in a cage if you possess something that dangerous.

Maybe I should do a Kickstater "Help send Bart to Colorado"

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Today's Mystery Celebrity Photo 


 Subject: last issue's Mystery Celebrity    Link

Bart, that's Ally Walker—starred in “Profiler” a couple of years back
and co-starred in a few seasons of “Sons of Anarchy.” 
  Risa in Black Hills of South Dakota

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Today's Mystery City


Subject: last issue's Mystery City    

Bart, that's my home town of Duluth, MN.  The Depot is in the front left,
the entertainment and convention center along with the ice arena is in the center
and the landmark Lift Bridge in the back.  In the far back is a ship moored out in Lake Superior.
 Dennis in Duluth

Bart - That's Duluth, MN, seen from the south end of downtown.
The drawbridge is the giveaway. Also the Aquarium and historic Depot in the foreground.
I've been there twice, both times in August.  It's a cool city. A lot of fun.
Good shopping, great restaurants and bars, and unexpectedly great scenery
in the country north and along the north shore drive.
 Kevin B


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Name the Mystery Car


 Subject: last issue's Mystery Car    Link

Bart, that is a 1921-1926 Farman A6B Super Sport Torpedo. It is an exceedingly rare car,
built by the French Farman brothers to compete with other European luxury cars of it's day;
Between 1921 and 1926 they only built 10 of these per year. This particular car, judging by
that license plate, belonged to an Indian Maharaja. It was retrieved from India and was
completely restored in the 1980s by a well-known German collector. After his death about 2005,
it was auctioned for $475,000. It remains the only known model of this car remaining in private hands.

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What is today's History Mystery?   


Subject: last issue's History Mystery    Link 

Bart, that's Mary Surratt hanging along with her fellow Lincoln assassination co-conspirators,
Lewis Paine, David Herold, and George Atzerodt.  

Surratt has the dubious honor of being the first female executed by the United States
 Ted Miller

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TV Gals w/ Guns - Alyssa Milano

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