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Nowhere To Hyde
Issue #128

Rush Limba - Lying Nazi Whore

RL-LNW's publisher is Marc Perkel.

He's running for United States Congress against a ditto-monkey.
He's also suing the House for being porn-pushers.

Trust me - go to

It will scare the Limba out of you.

Great Fascisms

"Public media should not contain explicit or implied descriptions of
sex acts. Our society should be purged of the perverts who provide
the media with pornographic material while pretending it has some
redeeming social value under the public's 'right to know.'
Pornography is pornography, regardless of the source."

-Kenneth Starr, 1987, with Dianne Sawyer

Po' Kenny, I agree.
Why don't you get a pistol and go purge yourself...

The Elvis/BartCop Theory

Everyone has overlooked one possibility:
What if Clinton is telling the truth?

Let me propose a scenario - show me where I'm wrong.

Let's say I'm Elvis's car wash boy.
I'm 20, and Elvis pays me $50 a day to keep his cars clean.
I've worked for Elvis, say, a year and a half.

One day, Elvis and Sonny and Red are out back drinking beer.
I get done waxing the black Cadillac when He speaks to me.

Elvis: Hey, kid, want a beer?

BartCop: Why... Thank you, Sir. A beer would taste great.
So, Elvis Presley hands BartCop a beer.

Now, I'm a star-struck, mental-case.
I go tell allllll my friends how me & Elvis are drinking buddies.

I lay it on REEEEL thick, how me and Elvis hang out.
I tell eleven friends that me and Elvis "chase bitches."
My friends are very impressed.

But, one "friend" is a dirty, stab-in-the-back, slut-ho.
She tapes me telling my wild tales about bagging babes with Elvis.
Then, some Kenny guy arrives from the Federal Government and asks
me about alllllll the women me and Elvis took to bed.

He says I'm going to prison, and he won't let me call a lawyer.
So, I break down and explain it was all a lie.

I explain that yes, I knew Elvis, and yes, he once gave me a beer,
but I made up the rest of the crap to impress my buddies - that I
really was just the car wash boy and was just pretending to be close
to The King, one of the most famous men on Earth.

He doesn't buy it.

I explain AGAIN that the beer part was true, but alllllll the
other stuff I made up so my friends would think I was a big-shot.

But, this Kenny dude is a real asshole.

Po' Kenny says he knows I'm lying, and if I don't confess allll
the details about allllll the women me & Elvis took to bed,
that he was going to be sure my parents died in prison.

You see, he put all my friends under oath, and told them THEIR parents would die in prison
if they didn't repeatl EXACTLY what I told them.  So, shaking like Reagan's head in a helicopter,
they "confessed" to allllllll my sexual exploits.

They told Po' Kenny about the time I had Ann Margaret.
They told Po' Kenny about the time I had Mary Ann Mobley.
They told Po' Kenny about the time I had Nancy Sinatra.
They told Po' Kenny about the time I had Mary Tyler Moore.
They told Po' Kenny about the time I had Cybil Shepherd
They told Po' Kenny about the time I had Teri Garr.
They told Po' Kenny about the time I had Priscilla.
They told Po' Kenny about the time I had Jennifer Love Hewitt.

Since Jennifer Love Hewitt wasn't born yet, I was confused.
But Po' Kenny said it was "no problem."
Po' Kenny said the only thing that mattered was "the truth."


To save my parents and myself from prison, I "confess."

Back to the future...

Now we know Clinton admitted to "improper behavior."
Rush says that includes cigar sex.
How do we know it does?

Because Monica said so under threat of prison?

Rush does 15 hours every week on how President Clinton,
stuck a cigar up the (cough) of The Virgin Monica,
and he repeats that salacious charge over and over and over,
while insisting Clinton has sullied the dignity of the office.

Every day in Knuckledrag, OK where the RL-LNW Home Offices are located,
AM Radio Super-Christian Michael Del Giorno goes on and on and on
about how he can't understand why people are complaining that he
repeats again and again and again about Monica and the cigar.

"If Clinton can do it, why can't I talk about it?"

First of all, divorced-and-alone Mr. Del Giorno, we have no idea
if the cigar story is true. Second, (as though "first" wasn't enough)
you probably did "vile and disgusting things" on your honeymoon,
but you don't talk about that on the air, do you?

"If you did it, why can't you talk about it?

I guarantee you, when Pigboy or Del Giorno talks about the cigar,
they have one hand in their pants, stroking Mr. Happy.

The GOFP has never had sex this good in their lives.


A love-struck dingbat tells a story to her friends, then is forced
to swear it's true, even if it's not, in a roomful of strangers and
THEN has to watch her electronic image repeat the story again and again
on live, worldwide television - even if it's not true.

Welcome to Fascist America.

According to Starr's report...

Monica got angry with Clinton for falling asleep during
a session of phone sex they were having.

And in his deposition, Clinton denied remembering having
sexual relations with Monica Lewinsky.

Sounds to me like sex with Monica isn't particularly memorable,
which means Clinton was telling the truth all the time!!

Doctor Laura Mengele was on Larry (8-Wives) King last week.
Unlike last time, she was FULL of political opinions.

She was whoring her book, "The Ten Commandments." 8-Wives asked,
"How strictly do we need to follow the Ten Commandments.
For instance, 'Thou Shalt Not Kill,' but we kill in wartime."

"No, Larry," she barked. "It says thou shalt not MURDER!"


I think organized religion is in some trouble when Old BartCop
knows the Ten Commandments better than the Holier-Than-Thou's.
Unless the Vatican had another coup, it's "Thou Shalt Not Kill."

Of this, I'm certain.

Why doesn't Doc Meng know the Ten Commandments?
Why does BartCop know them better than Doc Meng?

Isn't that scary?

Then, 8-Wives asked her about forgiveness and Henry Hyde.
Of course, she said we can forgive Henry Hyde, but not Clinton.
When asked why, Doc Meng said:

"Clinton's behavior is repetitive. Henry Hyde is clean now."

Gee, Doc, how do we KNOW that?
You give that homewrecker a pass because he's a Republican?

We Get Letters

Mr. BartCop,

Please reconsider your harsh criticism of Judge Kenneth Starr.
Judge Starr is a true American hero.


- The Government of North Korea
- Saddam Hussein
- Islamic Jihad
- The Taliban
- The Coathanger Coalition

Challenge Mail


>My name is Cubby Leisdon.

Glad to meet you, Cubby.

>You prove once again that people of your political ideology
>cannot defend your positions with logic.

I have been searching for YEARS for someone who can shut me up.
You, Sir, might be that someone.

I believe you have what it takes to take me down a peg.
I'll bet you could put 3 short, to-the-point questions to me,
and I'd stumble around and kick the dirt and wet myself
trying to come up with some kind of lame answer.

At the same time, I'll bet I could put 3 short questions to you
that you could answer quickly and easily.

Yes, I feel strongly about this.
Are you that someone who can shut me up?
We could do this LIVE on IRC, for the country to witness.
Koresh, that would be a lot of fun.

You could get 20 ditto-monkeys to help you with your answers,
while I'd start on a bottle of tequila, just to make it fair.

(I'm slapping you with a glove, Cubby.)

Do we have a deal?

>It is you people that are the mean-spirited, hate mongers.

Ha ha
And the GOFP is known for fairness and compassion?
Ha ha

What's your ranking in the Ditto Monkey Army?
I'm betting you're a corporal.

>Clinton is an admitted felon, and those of us on the
>political right are on the verge of vidication.

Cubby, let me explain the reality of the situation:

You've been on the verge of "vidication" since January 20th, 1993.
America LOVES Bill Clinton, and we hate fascist whores.

>Instead you resort to name calling.

Name calling?
In a Rush Limba tribute magazine?
That can't happen.

Tell me.

Are you that someone who can shut me up?

Paul Harvey is at it again:

"Every day, now, as we open the newspaper, we see filth.
We see the ugliest filth about respected members of congress.
It's so terrible - like a garbage can with the lid off."

-- Hate radio, the day after Hyde got caught

Oh, sure.
NOW it's filthy garbage?
NOW it's time we grow up and gave our leaders a break?

When it was Clinton's cock, we had a "right to know."
When it's Clinton's cock, we throw away the Constitution and
Backdoor Bettina Gregory hosts a two-hour nightly special and
we listen to hours and hours of the wildest speculation
and we regularly hear opinion substituted for fact -
and Paul Harvey has no problem with that.


the FACT that Henry Hyde had an affair and broke up a family
is "ugly and filthy garbage about respected members of Congress?"

Paul Harvey, don't you have a horse to molest, or something?

I have an idea that's really fair:

Several books claim that Nancy Reagan gave knobbers to Frank Sinatra
inside the White House while President Memory was out of the country.

Let's ask her, under oath, if this is true.


I suggest we hire Harold Ickes, give him 50 million dollars,
unlimited time, unlimited scope and subpoena power,
call the Secret Service in to testify against her,
have Nancy's attorney's testify against her,
threaten her estranged children with prison time
and see if any perjury develops.


We play her videotaped testimony on every fucking television on earth.

I think that's a bang-up idea, don't you?

Dear Mr. Clinton,

Could you please release the cheated-on-his-wife records on that
chunk of human waste Jim Inhofe, (R-Scumbag), please?

He's such a partisan, hypocritical son-of-a-bitch.
He really deserves to have his marriage ruined.



CNN says Doc Meng had a hymen graft in 1996.

My boss asked me yesterday what I'd do if the GOFP forces Clinton
from office, then turns their big hate machine on President Gore.

I told him I'd probably have to quit working for him, because RL-LNW
would get HUGE when President Snoot Scumbag assumes the presidency.

But, it would only be a matter of time before LNW was declared
a "danger" to the security of the United States by the GOFP.

...maybe I could publish the prison newsletter.

If you get a chance,
visit our good friends again at Coral Ridge Ministries.

Apparently, they've gotten so many visits from liberals they've had
to open and close their web page with a RL-LNW disclaimer.

Mrs. BartCop says there's a Coral Ridge Ministries TV show,
no doubt to raise money to help poor people.

So visit our friends at Coral Ridge Ministries,
but be polite.

Now that Mrs. Dan Burton knows her husband is a scumbag,
is she going to preserve her dignity and leave him?

Has she no sense of shame?

How can she agree to be seen with her scumbag,
since he's put her through this TOTAL HUMILIATION?

Perhaps she craves power?
That's it!

Mrs. Burton Scumbag has sold her soul for power!

I guess she LIKES being married to a powerful scumbag.
Their marriage must be one of convenience, a political
partnership, NOT a marriage of love and affection.

...and now that Mrs. Hyde knows her husband is a scumbag,
is she going to preserve her dignity and leave him?

Has she no sense of shame?

How can she agree to be seen with her scumbag,
since he's put her through this TOTAL HUMILIATION?

Perhaps she craves power?
That's it!

Mrs. Hyde Scumbag has sold her soul for power!

I guess she LIKES being married to a powerful scumbag.
Their marriage must be one of convenience, a political
partnership, NOT a marriage of love and affection.

You see how they are?

Republicans will do anything to stay in power.

I was watching Houston Astros baseball on my new satellite dish.
They kept saying Rush Limba was there, and I couldn't figure out why.

Then it hit me:

Randy Johnson was pitching and, for some reason,
he's called "the Big Unit."

I thought they were saying "the Big Eunuch."

...another BartCop error.

Let's look at the FACTS.

It's a FACT that I called Pigboy a rapist and a child-molester in
Volume 127 of RL-LNW.

It's a FACT that this was published on the website located at

It's a FACT that this was sent directly to the child-molester's e-mail box.

It's a FACT that he received it, because I've had mail returned from
Rush as "undeliverable" or "mailbox full." This went through.

It's a FACT that Rush has not denied these very serious charges.

Friday, September 18th, Rush said "Clinton has yet to deny ANY
of the charges leveled against him by Po' Kenny, and the absence
of any denial is FURTHER PROOF of his guilt."

I'd say the FACTS are very clear.

By his own admission,
by his own definition,
using Rush Rules,
Pigboy is not only a lying, nazi whore,
but he's an admitted rapist and child-molester.

This is straight from the pig's mouth, folks.


>Subject: You just prove Rush right

>a liberel like yourself in trying to discredit Rush proves him right
>all one has to do is see the subtitle "Rush Limba - Lying Nazi Whore."
>liberels are have taken name calling to newhites when you have
>nothing to refute the truth with just as Clinton has raised the
>art of spin to religious status.

>Steve Popiel
>(A poud card carrying member of the vast right wing consiparcy)

Steve, are you the guy who invented that pocket fisherman thingy?
I bought one, and it was a piece of shit.

Can I get my money back from you?

Rush finally admitted, on Sept 15, 1998, that "even though Monica
set out for Washington intent on earning her presidential kneepads..."

Not that anything would excuse cheating on your wife,
but why didn't "Mr. Honesty" admit that BEFORE Clinton spoke?

Just like Paula Jones.

After YEARS of "Paula Jones has a GREAT case," when her suit was
thrown out, Limba admitted "It was a weak case, anyway."

Why can't Pigboy be honest BEFORE the verdict comes in?

When BartCop makes a prediction, it's in writing.
Any ditto-monkey can surf the archives issues and check my accuracy,
but because Feedbag won't allow his personal slurs to be archived,
it's harder to hold his words up to examination.

You have to parse Pigboy's wild stories with a road grader.

See, I told you so....

Remember back in issue # 124 I said:

"When this is over, Kenneth Starr will be left with nothing
but a ruined reputation and his dick in his hands.

I was wrong, and I'm man enough to admit it.
If I make a prediction that fizzles out, I stand up.

I said Starr would be left with nothing but his dick in his hands
but, when the dust settled, The Honorable Judge Kenneth Starr
had Clinton's dick in his hands, and he won't let go.

RL-LNW regrets the error.



>I just wanted to write you because I wanted to commend you for your
>continued conviction that the press, the GO(F)P, and that obsessed psycho
>Ken Starr spent five years and $54mil on a fishing expedition and the best
>he could come up with was typical white-boy-on-a-power-trip hanky-panky

Those last ten words are great.
Can I steal that?

>Where I do take issue, though, is with your reaction to George
>Stephanopoulos' comment about, "It may be impossible for people to ever
>trust him again."

>BUT, I think George has a valid point.

Before we go further, aren't you puzzled by Judas's behavior?
He was hired to give the pro-Clinton spin, but he's anti-Clinton.
If there's bad news about Clinton, why do I need Judas to tell me?

When Krystol says "America no longer trusts Clinton," Stephie says
"Boy, you're right. They're leaving in droves."

He should be saying, "America is sticking with their president,"
even if that statement is less than engraved in granite.

What did Clinton do to piss him off so much?
And why is ABC happy with a "we-all-hate-Clinton" roundtable?

>Clinton handled this whole thing so poorly.

*The way I see it...
True, but he SHOULD have gotten away with it.
Starr went nuts and the Supreme Court went nuts.
Granted, he should've stayed zipped, but no other President has had
his friend's parents threatened with prison if they didn't talk.
That hasn't happened before in my lifetime.

>in January he could've said, "Look, it's a private matter.
>Any relationship I had with her was between us and my wife and it's
>nobody's else's business" then I wouldn't be upset in the slightest.

Possible, but his timing has saved him so far.
People are so goddamn sick of this Monica stuff.
A new poll on CBS says 70 percent say NO MORE HEARINGS on this.

If Clinton fessed up in January, we might be in Gore's 6th month.

>three cardinal sins in my book:

>1.) He sat back while everyone from his wife to James Carville (both of
>whom I adore and respect beyond words) defended him from every corner.
>Time and time again, they put up a good fight. And he LET them,

See *The Way I see it...
If he hadn't lost his atty-client privs, and his SS privs etc.,
if maddog Starr showed normal prosecutorial restraint, etc etc.
Unlimited time, scope and money?
How in the world does Reno give him permission to go after Monica?

Plus, whoever the next GOFP President is, it's time for payback.
Think of the war that'll be, and it's all because Scarfe has the
money to water any seeds he thinks might bear nazi fruit.

>2.) He has publically humiliated his wife in the worst possible way.
He didn't deserve her loyalty and defense.

I'm sorry, but all I can see is *The Way I see it...
This was never supposed to GET that far.
It's like a silly water balloon fight that led to a murder.
This should be a tawdry, bonehead affair, not an excuse to strip
the president of his legal rights. This would never have come out
if Reno and Starr and the Supreme Court hadn't lost their minds.

The very IDEA that Scarfe can fund 1,000 separate lawsuits against a
sitting president is scary as hell.

What if Bill Gates gets mad?

He could fund 1,000,000,000 lawsuits against the next president.
So, the next president needs 1,000,000,000 lawyers?

People might say, "How likely is that?"
Well, since it's already happened, I'd say it's very likely.

That's why Clinton didn't tell the truth.
There was NO WAY they could prove anything, so he denied it.
It was the right move at the time.

(Hopefully this isn't coming across as an attack.
I rarely get a letter like yours that I can answer "smart."

>3.) Chelsea.
>The fact that he added this to her plate makes him a shit of a father.

I agree.
Men who cheat are chickenshit assholes.
I'd say the majority of men DO cheat.
Many men are dogs.

I hope I'm not too "cheery" for you :)

>So, I think George Stephanopoulos is right.

He might be.
I just don't need doom-and-gloom from Clinton's "friends."

>I'd ..have him BEGGING for Lorena Bobbitt and a Quissanart.

That's good, can I steal that?

> is not one of his strong suits

Sometimes "fidelity" and "men" don't belong in the same sentence.

>He hung a lot of people out to dry --

>calling George "Judas" means you are missing the point.

>Alora C. Chistiakoff, 
>Secretary & Web Designer, Sonoma County
>Chapter of NOW

I still think, in his position at the time,
not knowing the future, he made the right move.

Besides, and think about this,
anyone he told the truth to would either be going to jail now
for perjury or would've been forced to be the person
that ratted our the President.


...and as far as honesty,
can you name the last honest President?

Yes, he was greedy and stupid.
Agressive men usually are.

I understand your anger, I'm angry, too.
Clinton threw away an awful lot.
He could've been the man who fixed America AND
the hero the evil Repubs tried to destroy.
Now, he's the guy who fixed America and cheated on his wife.

You said you were what, 22 or 23?
Cheer up.
LOTS worse stuff is going to happen to us all.
On my deathbed, this will rank as irritant #59 or so.


Old Business

Be sure to check out the Rush funny-audio site.
Wear your Depends - you're going to wet yourself.


You MUST check out the REAL Rush Limba from 1985.

Welcome back to the show, I'm Doctor Mengele.

That's 1-800-m-e-n-g-e-l-e

(This is a true call, swear to Koresh.)

Next up is Betty.
Welcome to the show, Betty.

Betty: I met a wonderful guy about 2 years ago.
He was a beer drinker when I met him, and when we
started dating, I asked him to stop drinking and he did.
Now, two years later, we want to get married.

DM: NO!! Two years is NOT long enough!!

Betty: Really? How long do I have to wait?

DM: He needs to be sober for AT LEAST 5 years.

Betty: FIVE years?
           He's been sober for two, so I thought...

DM: NO!! Five years!!!!

Betty: But, Dr. Laura, I LOVE him.

DM: Sometimes, love isn't enough, cupcake.

Betty: Even if...

DM: Even if's don't work with me, Sugar Pie!

Betty: ...(sigh)... OK, Dr laura, thanks

DM: Some women are so weak and easily manipulated...

Starr says Monica came twice.

Starr says that means Clinton must've stimulated her genitals.
Starr says that proves Clinton committed perjury.

Po' Kenny KNOWS when a woman has an orgasm.

You women cannot fool Herr Starr.
Goddammit, if Po' Kenny says you came, then you came.

And if you think you fool him, your mother might die in prison.



This Brian Maloney clown is a talk-radio flunky in Seattle.
He's your typical, local Rush Limba-wannabe.
Today he was comparing a lie about a blowjob to the mass-murders
of Ted Bundy, the crimes of Al Capone, and crap of that nature.


Little Miss Opinion-For-Rent, our own Doc Meng, had a similar take.

On 8-Wives Live, Larry asked her if secretly taping a friend
would be an example of breaking one of the Ten Commandments.

The highly-paid whore said: "Well, if your friend is planning to
blow up a federal building in Oklahoma City, it's no sin."

So... getting a blow job is equal to murdering 168 people?
In Doc Meng's America, those two "crimes" are equals!

I've said it before, and I'm going to say it until I'm a Smurf.

Doc Meng is a lying whore, spreading her legs for money.

I wonder...

What if Kenneth Starr's wife is a crack whore?

Seriously, now, ...stay with me.

If Kenneth Starr was axed about his wife, under oath,
by a super-partisan prick-asshole-bastard, who KNEW his wife
was a street whore on crack, would we blame Kenneth Starr
for saying "No, my wife is NOT a crack whore?"

Po' Kenny wants us to believe he'd VOLUNTEER that information,
before it was even asked for, because he's "so law-abiding."

Gag me with Pigboy's swastika...

The GOFP doesn't want free elections in America.
The GOFP wants that decision out of the voter's hands.

There's only one man qualified to pick our president.
Richard Mellon Scarfe is that man.

Is that a good idea?

Still Smoking...

"Politicians exaggerate from time to time."

-- Bill Bennett, waaaaaaaaaay out on a limb

Great Chenoweth Fascisms

A GOP operative in northern Idaho told a reporter:

"Helen is living proof that you can fuck your brains out."

Rush keeps whining about Clinton.

Pigboy says "Clinton's willing accomplices in the media"
are helping him to subvert the will of the American people.

You're right, Rush.

USA Today reports 115 American newspapers have called for
Clinton's resignation, but in Naziland, that STILL makes
them "Clinton's willing accomplices in the media."

Just another example of Pigboy's "truth."

If you want to see how low Starr can go, check:

Check Footnote 210, and have a bucket nearby.

Thanks, Herr Starr.

America is a little safer since you dug up that "fact."

Monkey Mail

>From: "Brian M. Fish" 


>your a piece of shit

Ha ha
You must be a ditto-monkey.
It's "you're" a piece of shit, you scumbag.

Ha ha

A ditto-monkey, dumb-hole who can't spell.

"Your" in Volume 128 of Rush Limba- LYING NAZI WHORE

Ha ha

ditto-monkeys are soooooo stupid


PS. Please write back and say "your" going to SUE ME
if I print your "intelijent" letter - ha ha.

A little more perspective on Bill Clinton, "the monster."
(say it: per-SPEK-tiv)

He's not OJ Simpson - he didn't try to cut anybody's head off.

He's not Micheal Jackson - he didn't fellate children.

He's not Marv Albert - he didn't hurt anybody.

He's not Henry Hyde - he didn't orphan any kids.

He's not Mike Tyson - he didn't rape or bite anyone.

He's not Scumbag Dan Burton - he didn't disown his son.

He's not Roman Polanski - he didn't screw a 13 year old girl.

He's not Tommy Lee - he didn't kick a woman holding a baby.

He's not Snoot Gingrich - he didn't divorce his dying wife.

He's not Woody Allen - he didn't marry his step-daughter.

He's Bill Clinton - the hero who saved America's economy.

Great Fascisms

I saw this on CNN Wednesday, the 16th

"When I was younger, I abused drugs and alcohol, and if I run
for President, my past would be put under a microscope."
--George Butch Junior, bad seed and whoredog

Sounds to me like Butch did some "scumbagging," too...

Butch is carefully laying the groundwork for the inevitable:
When the women start coming forward, Butch will say,
"I've already admitted youthful indiscretions."

You know, the scariest part of this "scorched earth" thing is the
GOFP KNOWS they're guilty, they KNOW they're going to be exposed
and humiliated and that their families will be torn apart,
- but they don't care!

They want Clinton, and they want him bad.

They don't care if EVERY GOFP family gets torn apart,
they want Clinton's head on a stick, so screw their family.
If they all lose their wives, that's OK.

If they can embarrass Clinton, they're willing to pay ANY price.

"The Fascist Trifecta"

Why can't they just tell the truth?

I'm going to offer three concrete examples for your consideration.

Example #1

The transcripts of my battle with Liddy are posted in serial fashion
on the LNW webpage at

In Volume 78, you can read the full transcript of Liddy's on-the-air
remarks to a fax I sent him concerning women's abortion rights.

(This is Liddy reading my fax:)

>IF a fetus has rights, would you support a trial and prison time
>for a woman who miscarries negligently?

>Well, I don't see how THAT is possible. Miscarriage is a
>popular term that means "spontaneous abortion," which by
>definition is an accident, and you cannot try and imprison
>a woman for something that's not her fault.

>A deliberate abortion, of course, IS that woman's fault.
>So, that's THAT!

That's that, eh?

How could an attorney worth twenty dollars MISS the LONGEST word
in a 19-word question? (negligently)

Liddy had to CHANGE the question to answer it, because answering it
would force him to agree with me. You'd have to hold hearings for
ANY woman who miscarried to see if a crime was involved.

Mr. Uber-Lawyer, Mr. White House attorney for Dick Nixon had to
CHANGE my question or change his views on abortion.

Poor Mr. Liddy lost that exchange.
Had it been a prize fight, they would've stopped it.

Example #2

George Will, inadvertently, took the BartCop Quiz and failed it.

Remember the trap I set back in Vol 119?

It said "Let's say your kid was in car wreck and had a torn aorta.
The best heart surgeon in the world is available and ready to
operate, but there's a RUMOR that he was unfaithful to his wife.

Do you ask him to do the surgery or do you get craggy old
Doc Dole, who's a decent man, he's just not very competent
with a scalpel in his trembling hands."

This is your child, and it's life and death, so OBVIOUSLY
you want the expert to do the job, not the "nice" doctor.
There's no escaping the logic, so stop lying to yourself.

Well, George Will fell for the trap, but he cheated, too.

The other day, that smug bastard George Will wrote a
column where he attacked Roy Romer, current DNC chairman.
Romer had been on Face the Whore with Bob Schieffer.

Romer likened the American public to airline passengers
flying in a dangerous storm. Romer said there were two
pilots, one pilot had some personal problems, but he was
a much better pilot than the older, "nicer" pilot.

So, who do you want to pilot the plane thru the storm?

George Will took the little quiz and said this:

"The passengers are becoming queasy. They may soon rethink
the question of of whether it is a purely "personal" matter
that their choice of pilots is an arrested-adolescent liar
who parties in the cockpit with the flight attendants.
Is his "personal" character altogether irrelevant to the
question of whether they will enjoy a soft landing?"

Now, look at what the smug bastard has done:

He changed the better pilot into a drunk.
The ONLY way he could win the argument was to fucking cheat.
He had to change the question to make it fit.

The question was not:

Do you want the drunk pilot or the sober pilot?
No, the question was "better pilot" or "better man."

Do we see a pattern here?
Helen Keller could see a pattern here.

Changing the question means they CONCEDE.

It's like during BC's deposition.
If they said "Did you have sex with Monica?" and Bill
was allowed to change "Monica" to "Hillary, we wouldn't have
the nationwide Springer Show we're forced to watch now.

Like Liddy, Will had to change the question to answer it.
Like Liddy, that means Will CONCEDES he's wrong.

Example #3

Doc Meng

Last Wednesday morning, Little Miss Opinion-For-Rent said on
her little hate radio show, "There are two kinds of apologies.
There's the kind you give BEFORE being caught, that is sincere.
And there's the kind of apology you give AFTER getting caught.
That's usually a phony apology."

I guess there's some merit to that...

But... hours later Henry Hyde got caught.

Hyde was exposed as a home-wrecker between Doc Meng's morning
show and her evening appearance on Larry (8-Wives) King Live.

When Doctor Laura Mengele was on 8-Wives Live, Tom Delay preceded
her, and he said Henry Hyde was "a good man who made a mistake,"
something he'd never say about any Democrat, no matter what.

When 8-Wives asked Doc Meng about Henry Hyde, she said:
"There's "two kinds of SORRY! There's the kind of sorry BEFORE being
exposed, and there's the sorry AFTER getting exposed, and since
Henry Hyde was sorry YEARS ago, he's different than President Clinton.

You see how they are?

If Little Miss Opinion-For-Rent repeated her earlier
statements, Hyde and Clinton would both be guilty.

But, we can't have that.

Doc Meng will twist and spin any way she can to make
Democrats the dirty demons and Republicans the saints,
even if they are caught committing the same offense.
(Remember, Clinton didn't orphan any kids, Doc.)

May I be blunt?

Doc Meng is a paid-for whore.

She spreads her legs for the McVeigh-wing of the GOFP.
She doesn't believe that stupid shit she says,
but she's making a big, fat bank deposit every week.
I think that's disgusting, don't you?

So, to sum up:

Liddy PRETENDS he can't find the word "negligently" in a
short sentence, because if he answered the question asked,
he'd have to agree that miscarriage is manslaughter.

Liddy got trapped in the BartCop snare.

George Will PRETENDS that the question asked involved
a drunken pilot, so, to save lives, he votes for Dole,
even though ALCOHOL wasn't in the question.

George Will got trapped in the BartCop snare.

...and Doc Meng, while not a victim of the BartCop snare,
clearly changed her views on morality between 9 AM and 9 PM
so she could lay blame on Clinton and absolve Henry Hyde.

You can disagree with me.
You can say I'm too blunt.
You can call me any name you want.

But until I start changing my views for money,
until I spread MY legs for profit like Doc Meng, can't call me a whore.

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