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Volume 415 - E Cannibis Unum
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 February 26, 2001

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"Help is on the way"

All through the campaign, the press played up Smirk "coming to the rescue."
The poor soldiers, forced to work at McDonald's at night and live on food stamps
because Clinton vetoed one pay raise appropriations bill after another.
(In truth, a solitary bill to raise the pay for our fighting men never crossed his desk)

"Help is on the way," Smirk repeated at every phony, flag-waving photo op.
Candy Crowley never failed to tell us how impressed the military was with Smirk,
while never mentioning the fact that Smirky went AWOL and never had to take any
responsibility for deserting his post during wartime.

By the way, they shoot wartime deserters, right?

"Help is on the way," he said again and again.
Oh, how they loved to tell the stories of our poor soldiers, and how the military
was so under-funded that our occupying forces in Haiti and Bosnia weren't even
allowed to have bullets in their guns, they said, because of bad, bad Bill Clinton.

So, Bush steals the White House from the will of the people, and what happens?
He says he wants the same military budget that Clinton had.

That's right, after promising "help is on the way," it turns out help might be coming
in 2002 or 2003, maybe, if all the panels, reviews and commissions think it's a good idea.

Candidate Bush never said, "Pay increase for the military, so help me God."
No, he only gets serious when Daddy's fat-cats buddies need extra millions.

"Help is on the way," means I'll get to it someday - if I get time.
"Tax cuts - so help me God," means it's a priority.

With no due respect, Mr. President, I have a suggestion:
Why don't we shelve the windfall for your Daddy's super-rich friends until
our fighting men have the tools to do the job that you said Bill Clinton denied them?

YOU said it was a "national disgrace" that they weren't getting paid more.
YOU said it was a "national disgrace" that they weren't getting the proper equipment.
YOU said it was a "national disgrace" that they weren't supplied with enough spare parts.

Were you just lying about that to fool the military into voting for you?


Subject: Scandalasious


When is enough enough? How long must we listen to this outrageous nonsense
from the media and their Repub masters about all this non-scandal horse poopy?

Ask yourself a simple question; do you really think Bill ever did
anything political for a nickel? Or do you think he actually was trying
to make America, and the whole world for that matter, a better place to live in?

Now ask yourself the same simple question about Shrub's motives. Cheney,
Ashcroft, oil, tobacco, funeralgate, Rove, debate tape sent to Gore
camp, dirty tricks, McCain, Poppy, Iran-Contra, Iran-Contra pardons,
Clarence, Antonin, Jeb, Katherine, Florida, Enron, Neil-Silverado
Savings and Loans, sister-in-law smuggling, Iraqgate, Olsen, Norton, the
Moonies, submarinegate, false vandalism and gift stories, misinfo on
Gore, Texas record, faith based, DWI, AWOL, John Ellis, etc., etc.

(pause for breath)

BC, how stupid can we be? We're letting the repubs set the agenda over a
couple of questionable pardons in spite of all the above shit?
Puh-leeeeze! Is there any intelligent life left in America?

Come up for some air folks. The subject should not be who Bill pardoned,
but what the Shrub-Select is getting away with. He's not stupid, okay, I
take that back, but we definitely are!

Let's keep our eye on the ball.


Great, great article on why the press have all turned into Bush's whore.
This is an article where every damn word is important.
It explains a whoooooole lot of questions I've been asking.

This is the most important story ever published at
I urge you to read and understand every word of it.

Iran Contra Pardons Saved Poppy Bush
Robert Parry in Consortium News, February 19, 2001

Click  Here

...and visit

A shot of Chinaco for Robert Parry and telling the truth.
If all reporters were this good, this would be America again.


This is the last week of the sweeps weeks fundraising season.
We'll only ask for your help when there is killer TV, so after this week
you'll be free from fundraising please until the cliffhanger May sweeps.

There are several ways to help grow the hammer higher.

The fastest, most convenient and least painful way is to use 

There is also the Claven method, at PO Box 54466, Tulsa, OK 74155

There is the BartCop Store, for meaningless, unnecessary knicknacks.

...and there is  where you can get the Bush Cheated bumper stickers.

I'll remind you one more time before the end of the month,
but if you're in a position to add some weight to the big hammer, please do.

Just think how close this last election was.
Smirk stole Florida by less than 500 votes.
We get more than 500 hits per day here at

We could become a force. And if you think such force would be helpful,
if the next election is as close as the last theft, maybe we could make the difference,
but people have to know we're here for that to happen and so far they don't.

If we don't fight back, soon, we'll have SIX Bush thieves on the Whore Court.
Then SEVEN Bush thieves on the Whore Court.
We must stop them.

The BartCop Tax Cut

In the next 48 hours, I will unveil my ideas for a tax cut to save America's economy.
It's so simple, even I can argue the merits of the plan effectively.

Watch for it.

Laura the non-Doctor

There weren't a lot of blockbuster revelations about Laura last night,
mostly due to the fact that I'm familiar with her crimes and sins.

I was surprised the E! network didn't mention either of her abortions.

One thing they mentioned was that Laura was Unloved.
That was my favorite quote from the night.

They also said when she taught class at UCLA or SoCal, she brought
homosexual porno movies to class, turned out the lights for a full viewing,
then at the movie's conclusion, she'd turn on the lights, then jump around "like a pixie"
while asking her class, "What'd you think of that movie?"

I remember the Mangle Queen before she hated gays.
years ago, 1996 or so, gays would call in with problems about meeting the in-laws
or getting around problems that some people have now & then, and she was always
very polite and supportive of gays and gay rights. I remember thinking how different
she was from the average, knuckledragging caveman ditto-monkey.

But the money - it feels good - doesn't it Laura?
So she forgot every goddamn thing she ever learned in school and turned into
a full-boar ignoramus and started hating the gays "like God wants."

They said Laura stopped paying her doctor certificate dues (whatever they're called.)
so since 1996, she's not a doctor of anything, not even physiology.

They also spent a good amount of time on Laura's spread-legged nasty pics.
Thank Koresh, they even played that clip of her from the O'Reilly Factor swearing
she had "no memory of ever posing in those positions," making her out the lying fool.

Also, thank Koresh,  was not mentioned in connection with the Laura porn.

They remember the court outcome differently than I.
They said the judge ruled the pics were the property of Bill Ballance and he could do
whatever he wanted with them. But the way I remember it, the judge ruled that since
the photos had spread around the world like wildfire, there was no need to rule on
their suppression because the horse had left the barn or whatever.

Tom Leykis (LA radio dude) expressed the opinion that Laura, with TWO full-time jobs,
(her radio show and her television show) hardly had time to be a mother to Dehrecheyce.
Perhaps Tom isn't aware that Laura is selling her "personally hand-made by me" jewelry,
so she has at least two and a half full-time jobs, and that's OK for her.

But if a young couple is struggling to make ends meet and the wife has a degree and can make
more than waitress money, she's made to feel bad because one job for you and your kids is
worse than Laura and her 2.5 full-time jobs.for her precious bunchkin Dehrecheyce.

Laura the Unloved, the whore,  is surely the Duchess of Scumbaggia.

Forgive us for being so weak and scared.
Mr. President, forgive us for letting you down.
You were a warrior in a party of scared bunnies.
Forgive us for not standing by you when you were fighting for us.

Forgive us, Mr. President.

From: Rackjite

Subject: Press

Bartcop said:
>The Clinton people didn't trash the White House or Air Force One, and the whore
>press knew it because they road in the goddamn plane with Clinton to New York,
>but they went along with the horseshit lies because they're lazy and it was
>easier than doing actual work.

Rack says:
Gosh buddy, I wish it were true, but it is far more serious than that. Over the
years we have watched the newspapers pickup Enquirer stories. CNBC and MSNBC are
pandering to the Right. ABC, NBC and CBS are going full bore with the Clinton
Demon stories. Fox News is now beating out CNN in many time slots and regions,
and CNN is doing a major makeover, moving more to the Right.

It is not about lazy or easy, it's about giving the people what they want.
Circulation and ad dollars is the bottom line.

Polls are consistent, the people are in favor of most every Democratic issue
over Republican issues. So why are the people moving right? Three reasons, none
of which are really political. Bible thumping, flag waving and the fascist
nazism of political correctness. It is not issues put perceptions, and they keep
winning and winning and winning. Because. ITS STUPID PEOPLE, PEOPLE! :)

God Bless You and God Bless America

Rack Jite

Convictions, pardons mark life of suspect held in slaying
Suspect, pardoned by President Reagan, is suspected of killing his wife.

Click  Here

Will the press make a big deal out of Saint Reagan pardoning a killer?
No, because Saint Reagan could do no wrong.
I'm sure the fawning, sicko-fant press would have NO PROBLEM
explaining to the familt of the dead woman that Reagan was a good man,
and that when he pardons a man who murders it's nothing to get hung about.

Hmmmm..., pardoning a man who then commits murder?
Remember what Bush Sr. did to Dukakis with Willie Horton?
That spelled certain death for Dukakis, with Bush playing the race card.

Mark my words, this is not serious matter for the Republicans to deal with.
This will be quietly swept under the rug because it doesn't involve Clinton's cock.

 Will history record that the press laid down for the unelected Smirk
 because he gave each of them little nicknames, like "Pancho" and "Stretch?"

 Remember how just a few months ago the press were unmerciful sharks,
 (and still are, if your name starts with a "C" and ends with an "N.")
 but now they're sitting up, begging, and getting little dog treats from Smirk.

 God, I'm so sick of this "He has a pure heart," and "Bush loves the Bible" crap.
 It just makes me gag.

 When he accused McCain of being soft on breast cancer,
 or when he accused McCain of being a bigger polluter than the State of Texas
 or when he stood by while his friends said McCain sold out his fellow POWs, that what they teach you in the Holy Bible?

 Screw your old family friends to death with "He has a dark baby," late-night phone calls? that what they teach you in the Holy Bible?

 Have your brother fix the voting so you can steal an election? that what they teach you in the Holy Bible?

 How about keeping your DWI and cocaine arrests from the voters?
 Is that what Jesus would've done?

 I think it might've been Christ himself who said,
 "Render unto Ceasar what is Ceasar's and render unto God what is God's."

 ...but was Smirk "giving America what is America's" when he wernt AWOL for two years? that what they teach you in the Holy Bible?

 If Smirk's a good example of what happens when the Bible runs your life
 we should probably have a five-day waiting period on purchasing Bibles.

 West Wing

 I thought the most recent episode was another big winner.

 "Thanks for making me a hero to the Christian right and the Cheech & Chong fan club."

 I'm not sure Martin Sheen is America's most gifted actor, but he plays the president real damn well.
 He can be a pompous ass windbag, and that just makes the character more real.
 A week ago, when he was screaming at Leo about the bad intelligence that killed 9 soldiers,
 he was being a bully and Leo stood there and took it to help the president blow off some pressure.

 Everybody's had an asshole boss like that, right?

 On the Surgeon General episode, somebody said LSD was addictive.
 Uh, ...I'm no doctor, but I think that's a big load of horseshit.
 I guess you could stretch a psychological compulsion into "an addiction,"
 but I've never heard of LSD addiction before.

 One definition of "addiction" is "well-defined physiological symptoms upon withdrawal."
 I don't think "jonesing for some acid" is a term we've heard before.

 Great show, and starting Sunday, it has competition.
 I haven't been thinking about The Sopranos much, but here it comes.


Subject: Nader planning for 2002, and raising funds

Saw this on's forum. It's being reported by Nader aides that he's raising money to run
Nader reichers for 30 congressional and senatorial seats, tag teaming with the repubs to defeat democrats..

BC.. we have to do something to stop helping them by trashing democrats. Nader reichers have been
encouraging this to make democrats lose faith before the upcoming elections in '01 and '02..
it's not a joke or some delusion.. this is serious business, and you do have hardcore Nader reichers
who use your board and your chatroom proseletyzing their political agenda.

Marion Delgado is one of them

Nader aides report he is about to launch a fund-raising campaign asking
supporters for initial contributions of $100. In addition, Naderites are
tooling up to target 30 key House seats in 2002.

Not all of Nader's ideas are bad, that's why he appeals to many Democrats.
But what arrogance to think he can drop by and take the White House
when he's never won an election before.

We don't know Nader's record because he's naver had to run on one.
It'd make more sense for BartCop to run for president.
If I had Nader's money,  guarangoddamntee you I'd get more than 5 percent of the vote

I would enjoy a Naderite debate.
Anyone free Thurday at 9 PM CST?

 [CitizensAgainstBush]  By Steve Geiger

 Click  Here

 Mr. Walsh had charged that Mr. Weinberger's efforts to hide his notes may have
"forestalled impeachment proceedings against President Reagan."  But the pardon nullified
Weinberger's notes from the 1986 meetings where Iran/contra was discussed - the very notes that
Walsh had officially declared as "evidence of a conspiracy among the highest-ranking Reagan
administration officials to lie to Congress and the American people."

February 24-25, 2001

VCR Alert - Sunday, the E! Channel is doing "Behind the Whore" on Laura the Unloved.
The promo they're using is a student saying, "Basically, she showed us porno films."
It's gonna be a busy Sunday.
TONIGHT - The Sopranos episodes will frame next week's Season Premier.

 Rewriting Clinton's messy exit

 The stories seemed irrefutable:
 The exiting Clinton team trashed the White House and blew the West Wing budget
 on frills and bonuses. Or did they?

 "It just didn't happen," says Mark Lindsay, former White House administration boss.
 Democrats have said that before, but Lindsay has the goods.

 Issue 1: vandalism
 Lindsay says he worked past the high-noon power switch on Inauguration Day,
 walking through key White House offices. Sure there were some pranks and some filth.
 But he saw none of the reported damage to furnishings. "Some staffers aren't neat," he says.

 Issue 2: overspending
 Lindsay's office did a report showing that spending was on par with past years.
 And there weren't any bonuses. What's more, Lindsay tells us, his group kindly packaged boxes of
 office supplies for the new gang and wrote detailed how-to books explaining everything from the
 phones to the schedule of the classified document "burn bag" pickup. It was all part of an 18-month
 "legacy" project to ease the transition. So what about all those stories?

 Lindsay fingers low-level Bush staffers "trying to make a name with their bosses."

 I wish I had a staff.
 I remember when Smirk daddy got his clock cleaned by Clinton in 1992, Jack Kemp gave out
 a shitload of bonuses at HUD, or whatever department he was heading at the time.
 He did it after the election, of course, in the dark of night, but I don't remember the whole story.

 One of the easiest and cheapest tricks is to accuse your opponent of that which you are guilty.
 Clinton took fewer gifts than Saint Reagan or Bush, so they act all outraged about it and the
 stinking lazy press goes along for the free ride because they don't have to do any work.

 The Clinton people didn't trash the White House or Air Force One, and the whore press knew it
 because they road in the goddamn plane with Clinton to New York, but they went along with
 the horseshit lies because they're lazy and it was easier than doing actual work..

 And I don't give a goddamn what they claim Marc Rich did.
 We know he didn't give Stinger missles to Iran, then deny it, then stonewall the truth,
 then wag their finger for the live TV cameras and swear he didn't do what he did,
 then commit perjury only to pardon everyone when the truth was about to come out.

 The lazy whore press knows this, too, but they've COVERING for the Republicans
 and nobody knows why and that's the scariest son of a bitch of all.

 Since the press is working for the Bush Administration, there's NOBODY watching them.

 What's that they say about having "absolute" power?

Top 10 Dick Cheney Excuses For Not Voting
(14 out of 16 Opportunities as a Citizen of Texas)

 from Friends of Bill Online

10) Absentee ballots are tougher to get than draft deferments.

9) Spent so much time in Kuwait for Halliburton that he forgot all about that democracy stuff.

8) His chauffer was sick.

7) Statistic fails to include 5 All-Star Game ballots cast at a Rangers game on June 23, 2000, so it's really 14 out of 21.

6) Too busy arranging shell companies to circumvent U.S. law forbidding trade with terrorist sponsor Iran.

5) All of the candidates were "Big-time, major-league a$%#%*&s."

4) George W. Bush was going to win anyway.

3) It was raining in Dallas on each of those election days.

2) High voter turn-out always favors the Democrats, so he was just doing his part to keep the turn-out low.

1) His polling station was kind of far and gas is pretty expensive.


If you're not getting you news from Voltai News
you're probably reading that crap from the whore press.

Send an e-mail to him at  and put "subscribe" in the subject box.
You'll start getting Tuesdays news on Monday.


Subject: Critique


Let me start by saying that I agree with you politically and share your outrage regarding
the hard right in this country: i believe that the Republcans have repeatedly exercised the
power of their majority status in the judicial and legislative branches of our government to
abuse and irreperably hurt the Constitution and as a result, undermine the most important
single component of a free society -- our confidence that these institutions themselves are
more important to those in power, than power itself.

I also recieve your daily emails, which I enjoy.
However, i think it not helpful to call blacks that disagree with our views as "uncle toms".
There is usually some room on most issues for legitimate debate.
That's my opinion.

David Glazer

David, maybe you "misspoke," but I don't send out daily e-mails.
If you're getting them, they're not from me.

On the "uncle tom" issue, I'm unable to back off that one iota.
Recently I criticized Andrew Sullivan, Uncle OJ Watts, Ward Connerly and Slappy the Wonder Judge.

Let's look at them:

Andrew Sullivan (who is white) could almost be the worst of the lot.
He's an HIV-positive homosexual who worships the hard-right and hates anybody to the left of Jesse Helms.
This has made his VERY popular with Fox News, Pigboy, Tim Russert and other Clinton-hating media.

Uncle OJ Watts is the ONLY openly black Republican.
Uncle OJ is "proof" they they don't hate niggers.  He's their shield, their insurance policy.
Uncle OJ is one of the most powerful men in Washington because he provides this shield.
Uncle OJ is proof that the GOP is "color blind," and he gives some credibility to the notion
that people like MLK, and Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton are the "bad niggers."
Why, if the bad niggers could just be like Uncle OJ, we wouldn't HAVE any race problems.
Uncle OJ is slowing the black race's acceptance into whitey's America,
and that is unforgivable.

Ward Connerly travels America accepting big speaking fees for beating down Affirmative Action.
Connerly is "proof" that "the niggers are too lazy and too stupid" to get into good schools and get good jobs.
Why, if they'd all be more like Connerly and Uncle OJ, we wouldn't even have a race problem in this country.

Clarence "Slappy" Thomas has to be the worst of the bunch.
He went to school on Affirmative Action. he got his start thru Affirmative Action.
But now that he's made it, he's slamming the doors behind him so the others can't escape like he did.
Slappy was APPOINTED to a lifetime position BECAUSE OF HIS RACE.
When Thurgood Marshall retired from the Supreme Court (before it was the Whore Court)
Smirk Daddy was pressured to fill the seat with a darkie.
The GOP looked high and low for a qualified black judge who thought like a Republican.
They searched and searched for a black supply-cide caveman.  When they got to the bottom
of the barrel, they still had nobody, so they scraped under the barrel and found that idiot.
When they couldn't find anyone high, they looked low and found Slappy the Wonder Judge.

Words mean things, right?
I'm going to use a six-letter word: That word is "before."

BEFORE Clarence was a politician, he was rated "less than qualified" by the ABA.
That tells me he was an idiot when Bush appointed him to a LIFETIME mistake.
He wasn't rated "less than qualified" after he was picked by a Republican.
That was his rating BEFORE he was picked by Bush, who, by the way, is the same man who
decided that Dan Quayle was the most qualified man in America to take over if Bush died in office.

I'll bet if any of these four Judas Uncle Tom's were slaves 150 years ago, and they saw another slave
trying to read a Bible, they'd run tell Massa and they'd get an extra bowl of soup to eat while Massa
tied the reading slave to a tree and tore the flash from his back with a fucking bullwhip.

This way, the GOP can be as racist as they want.
When someone calls them on it, all they have to say is, "Uncle OJ doesn't think so."

Don't think I dislike these traitors because they "disagree with our views."
I hate them for making money by ratting out their brothers and sisters.
That's so much worse than just being a whore.

Rage against the Rove machine
by the always-impressive Jennifer Kelly

Click  Here


Subject: Paul Harvey's Big Lie

Hey BartCop,

I heard Harvey saying that the Governor of Carolina has agreed to appoint Thurmond's wife
to finish his term if something happens to the old fart and they have it on videotape.

Now I find out what really happened was that old Strom sent his wife to see the governor.
She had a videotape showing old Strom endorsing her.

I thought Pigboy was the best at twisting stories but I think the horse molester
makes Pigboy look amateurish in comparison.

What do you think of this story?

Bob A

Paul Harvey is a lying son of a bitch.
I never paid much attention to the old horse molester, but in 1994 or so,
he accused Clinton of murdering the 41 people on Jerry Falwell's "Clinton Chronicles"

Do you know there are people who believe Paul Harvey?
Swear to Koresh, there are some people in this country who think Paul Harvey
is an honest and impartial man who's just "telling it like it is."

Soon, he'll be in Hell with his lies, so screw him.

The Top Ten Conservative Idiots

Click  Here


Subject: Why...

should Hugh Rodham have to pay back the money he received for his legal services?


Brian, I agree with the Pigboy - he shouldn't have.
The Democrats are caving like Atlanta did for Sherman.
Clinton is giving back furniture - why?
If it's his furniture, why is he giving it back?
If it's not his furniture, he should explain why he took it.

When they say "Clinton returned $20,000 worth of furniture, wouldn't it be nice
if the press would give us a list? Or is the $20K figure a "Bush staffer estimate?"
I know they have an appraisal guy, but $20K in furniture could be anything.
If it's 2000 sets of silverware, the Clintons should be examined by a specialist.
But if $20K in furniture is a hand-carved, motorized, hydraulic reclining chair,
and it was carved to Bill Clinton's ass's specifications.
why the president can't have his fucking chair?

Give us a list.
Let us decide if what the Clintons took was appropriate.
Barring that, why does everyone assume he's guilty?
Hillary just got her $8 million, and Bill can make $100K a day by speaking.
Why are they going to steal what isn't theirs?

Since I like them, I'll assume anything they took was for the sentimental value.

If the Clintons were 1/16 the greed monsters the cavepeople say they are,
why were they broke their entire lives?

I'm told when you give something like that to the president/White House, the giver/artist
signs a letter saying, "This is for the White House," or "This is for the Clintons."

These are documents that MUST be available to the press.
Why the fuck have documents like that if we can't see them?

The lazy leech press can't use their brain long enough to ask for documentation.
They want to crucify Clinton without looking at the evidence.

Democrats in trouble, and the pardons are just the half of it
 by Bob Douglas in the Arkansas Democrat Gazzette

Click  Here

There have been so many phony charges against Clinton that they have,
for all practical purposes, become fact. Still, he has remained popular,
or did so until the last few days. This his critics hate most of all.
They continue to whittle away at his margin of approval, managing to
reduce his rating from 68 percent to 57 percent, now only one percentage
point ahead of President George W. Bush's 56 percent.
So, gradually, they are getting away with it.

...because the Democrats are too scared to stand up.


 Subject: Submarine

         I have a theory about the sub that I don't THINK has been brought up.
 This thought immediately popped  into my head. But maybe the crew wanted
 to have a little fun with the little fishing boat and also scare the shit out of them.

 "Hey, let's surface fairly close to them and maybe they will think it's Godzilla coming for them!"
 If you were on a boat and a huge submarine came crashing through the surface like a sea monster
 100 yards from you, totally unexpected, wouldn't that scare the shit out of you?

 But since they hadn't plotted it's course for an hour, maybe they underestimated the distance
 to the boat, big time. They KNEW that boat was there. Why crash through the surface at all
 when there is a civilian vessel anywhere near the sub, unless you were trying to put on a show?


Arlen "magic bullet" Specter Received Money from Denise Rich
 The Dallas Morning Whore, February 21, 2001


The Clinton pardon of fugitive financier Marc Rich continues to make news as investigations
focus on whether contributions by ex-wife Denise Rich to the Democrats, the Clintons and the
Clinton library fund may have influenced the former president's decision.

So The Washington Post checked the Federal Election Commission for any pattern of contribution
activity by Ms.Rich. And which politician received the first contributions Ms. Rich made in the 1990s?

None other than Sen. Arlen Specter, R-Pa., the Judiciary subcommittee chairman who is leading the
Senate inquiry into the pardon. Checking records that go back to 1989, the newspaper found two
$1,000 contributions from Ms. Rich. The first one was made March 26, 1991, to "Citizens for Arlen Specter."
Her next contribution was made on Sept. 29, 1992, to Freedom of Expression '92.

The cock-grabbing idiot is investigating his own contributors?
Who watches the watchers?

A moment of rightness for Bush on the drug war
 by Molly Ivins

Click  Here


Subject: Jake Tapper's column


The whining and confusion of the Democrats is disgusting.
Some blame Clinton for "hogging" the press.
Why yes, of course, it makes perfect sense that Clinton put the word
out there to smear his name, just so he could hog the front pages.

Why should Democrats become suddenly shy about defending eight years of peace and prosperity?
Why not ask Republicans and media types to back up irresponsible charges with some proof?
Are they (congressional Democrats) really suggesting that because a $60,000,000.00 investigation
against Clinton turned up Monica Lewinski, they don't trust that they can back up Clinton?

Heyo!  Schumer!
If it can happen to Clinton, it can happen to you!
Let's spend $60,000,000.00 and find a religious zealot to investigate you and see how you fare.

Some claim, "we just don't know yet if Bush is taking the extreme right as a bargaining stance,
or whether he intends to stay there."  At least Bush (while none too bright) has the intelligence to create
political capital.  If I'm negotiating for a used Nash Rambler, and the dealer asks for $50,000.00, I don't just
wait for him to come down on his price like a puppy begging for a piece of bacon, I walk off the lot.
Or I say with equal seriousness, "I've got a steel penny in my pocket I'm willing to part with."

These are obviously people who don't have the slightest clue as to how to fight for their constituents.

It's time to start looking for some new candidates.
We need to fire some people!

Jim H.


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