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Volume 414 - Rocky Dies Yellow
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 February 23, 2001
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VCR Alert - Sunday, the E! Channelis doing "Behind the Whore" on Laura the Unloved.
The promo they're using is a student saying, "Basically, she showed us porno films."
It's gonna be a busy Sunday.
TONIGHT - Jimi Hendrix on Biography


 Would the person who did the "Weekend at Stroms" graphic contact me?
 Higher-ups need your OK to run your work on their site.

 ...and, sadly, we've lost Tina the PayPal girl.

 She said she hated to leave, but she missed her family in Sweden.
 (Her father has been ill, lately)

 So, we're looking for another Fundraising lady.
 Any suggestions?

Clinton Sex Allegation Lawsuit Dropped

A judge has tossed out a lawsuit by a deranged woman who claimed to have had an affair
with Clinton's cock. She alleged that Clinton was blocking the release of her book.

In his ruling, U.S. District Court Judge William Bryant rejected a suit by Dolly Kyle Browning,
alleging Clinton and others tried to prevent her from publishing a book "loosely based" on the "facts."

Browning alleged a racketeering conspiracy involving the New Yorker magazine, Bruce Lindsey
and Uncle Bob Bennett, aimed at defaming her and suppressing her book, Purposes of the Heart.

ha ha
A waste of such a cute title, too.
I guess Hell hath no fury like a woman unlaid.

Bryant's opinion to a complete rejection of the legal underpinnings of Browning's case.
The judge ruled the case was so flawed there was no need to proceed with depositions or a trial.
"It was pure horseshit," the judge said in his ruling.

Attorneys for the former president were clearly pleased.
"It was a carefully reasoned opinion," said longtime Clinton lawyer David Kendall.

Browning has already appealed the judge's decision.
"We're confident it will be overturned," said Browning's attorney Larry Klayman.

ha ha
No wonder the judge thought it was horseshit.
It's Larry Klayman (R-No dick) again.

Punching a hole in the idea that Clinton or his associates could have undermined the book,
Bryant found that among publishers there was little appetite for Browning's book before or after
the alleged conspiracy, that for two years there was "not even a hint of interest on the part of a publisher."

He also suggested Browning may have had an unreasonably inflated opinion of its marketablity.
"Even extreme optimism must ultimately give way to reality," Bryant wrote.

But judge, these are Republicans, driven insane by Clinton's cock.

From: (withheld)

Subject: Are You as Tired of This As I am?

Giant Scandal #1:  Clinton pardons Marc Rich, whose ex-wife had donated money to the DNC and to the Clinton Library.

It's a scandal because...because...1) no one ever spoke to the prosecutor to see if she had objections to the pardon.
So I'll just surmise that no one ever granted a pardon without the prosecutor's sign-off.   The other reason this is a
scandal is because  2) Clinton granted a pardon to someone who was once related to a donor.
So I'll just surmise that that no one ever granted a pardon to a contributor or the relative of a contributor.

I must be right, right?  Otherwise, why would the press make such a big deal out of this?

Giant Scandal # 2: Clinton pardons people at the behest of his brother-in-law.
The brother-in-law, an ATTORNEY, charged people for the legal work he did.

It's a scandal one pays money to attorneys to lobby the White House on their behalf.
And I'd like to add that no one pays money to connected people to lobby the White House on their behalf.

I must be right, right?  Otherwise, why would this be such a big issue.

Giant Scandal #3 (and my personal favorite):  Clinton's brother Roger, who reminds me a hell of a lot of W.,
asked Clinton to pardon some of his pals.

This is a scandal one ever asked their brother the President to pardon anybody.
If they did, Time and Newsweek magazines would have done cover stories about it.

I must be right, right?

In the coverage of this, I keep hearing the term "usually."  As in, "The President usually consults with
the Justice Department before issuing pardons.  If that word was "always" it still wouldn't mean much.
I'd be looking for the words, "is legally required to.."  Then we'd have a small story.

Smirk says his pardon standards will be "higher than high" (and who knows "higher than high" better than him?)
I have a couple of suggestions:  1)  All pardon actions must be approved by the prosecutor's office.
2)  No pardons will be granted to people who have donated money to the President, his friends, his party,
or his private initiatives.  Smirk won't do that, though, will he?  HELL NO he won't do that.

Vandalizing the White House proved to be a lie by the Bush White House and that shit Ari Fleischer.
Stealing from Air Force One was probably a lie, but since Smirk is our source we should be skeptical,
because he's not a very reliable witness.  Oh, wait, the steward of AF1 says it's not true, so we can
be sure--it was a lie intended to hurt the Clintons.

Stealing White House furniture has proven--upon investigation of all the facts--to be a great distortion
of what really happened. Expensive office space was a red herring, and one day when I'm not busy
I'll write about the "limits" that the press expects Clinton to follow that are arbitrarily set by others
(example:  Reagan takes 37 overseas trips, and that's great, but Clinton's 38th trip is a scandal).

We don't know if the Racist Golf and Country Club was a lie or not--Ashcroft refuses to investigate
alleged racism at country clubs, despite his promises under oath before Congress.  Even if it wasn't a lie,
I highly doubt that Clinton would callously go there if he knew it excludes minorities.

So now we're gonna do a few weeks on PardonGate, and the press is counting on the fact that people don't know
much about how lobbying and pardons work to exaggerate these stories.  Reagan pardoned over 400 people,
do you think they were all people who were convicted of trespassing for shoveling their neighbor's snow?

Pardons go to people who were convicted of or charged with crimes.
I don't think Lisa Myers or Andrea Mitchell knew that.

Salon magazine says that even Carville is slow to defend these silly-ass charges.
I guess that makes me a better man than James Carville, and I never thought I'd get to say that.
I might end up as the last man in America to defend Big Bill, and that's fine with me.

One other thing; Clinton will not be called to testify before Congress about this
because they don't want all the facts out there for everybody to see.

And besides, why should they level their bogus charges officially,
when Lisa Myers and Andrea Mitchell will do it for them?

The mention of Lisa Myers reminded me of something.

A while back, I asked if radio consumer crusader Clark Howard was Dem or Repub.
He's cheaper than Paula Jones's perfume, so I thought he might be a conservative,
but he fights for the little guy, so I thought he might be a Democrat.

Turns out he's a flaming ditto-monkey.
That new Tulsa Nazi who follows Rush, WesMinter is playing a testimonial
from Clark Howard about how "Wes Minter is my kind of guy."

So, Howard is either a Nazi or a whore.

That brings us to Papa Joe Chevalier, the sports guy on the One-on-One Sports Network
I always liked Papa Joe, he's quick and he says funny things, but he's another Nazi whore.
Yesterday, he was discussing the pardons of all things for a sports show to cover. He said,
"Clinton is a rapist and everybody knows it. He raped that woman in Arkansas.
All the people who've talked to her are totally convinced Clinton did it, and that's
not just Democrats and Republicans, I'm talking about everybody."

Now, I'm no expert on the Juanita Brodderick matter, but who, besides Lisa Myers (R-Whore) has talked
to Juanita Brodderick? The senators about to vote on impeachment heard her claims but then voted "Not Guilty,"
so who was Papa Joe talking about, "all the people who've talked to her?"

So, we have pretty good evidence that Clark Howard and Papa Joe are Nazi assholes, which makes
me wonder if one needs to pass an "I Hate Clinton" test to get on the radio in the first place?


 Funny, the local Nazi rag here is the Tulsa World.
 When you to to, it says

 Top Story
 Oklahomans' health still at risk
  from above-average rates of smoking and obesity

 But the real, dead trees edition they're selling all over the state has the top headline

 Hillary uneasy amid maelstrom
  Mind you, that's the TOP STORY.
  More than "above the fold," it's touching their masthead banner.
  It's THE story of most concern to the daily lives of all Oklahomans.

 Can you believe that?
 A junior senator's peace of mind is the TOP STORY in God's forsaken Dust Bowl?
 If ol' BartCop was the senior editor of the Tulsa World, the headline would be

 President dodges easy questions at only press conference
  Seems to have no clue what he's doing or why he's here

 You see, in today's whore America, it's none of our concern that the planet's top leader
 is a scared deer in the headlights. A trembling bunny in the White House.
 No, that's none of our business.
 What we need to concentrate on is Bill Clinton and his "alleged, possible wrongdoings."

 The press has become one giant distraction machine.
 Like a cheap-ass magician's part-time assistant at a child's birthday party,
 the press's function is to distract us while the magician sets up his next trick

 "Don't worry about what Cheney and Rove are doing with your country," the press tells us.
 "Don't be concerned that things are changing rapidly and you don't have the facts," they tell us.
 "Don't be worried that the man Scalia appointed has no clue what he's doing," they tell us.

 No, the press isn't covering the present.
 They refuse to cover the important things happening in Washington.
 They refuse to write stories about our current leaders and current problems.
 They refuse to do their job.
 They will only cover the trivia of the past.

 "You need to be concerned with which ottoman Hillary took from the White House.
  We know that happened because the Bush people have told us that."

 "You need to be concerned with the alleged trashing of Air Force One.
  We know that happened because the Bush people have told us that."

 "You need to be concerned with the alleged trashing of the White House.
  We know that happened because the Bush people have told us that."

 The worst part is - nobody seems to care.
 Remember when Bob Dole kept asking, "Where's the outrage?"

 America no longer has a free press.
 The Fourth Estate has come under the wing of the Bush spin machine.
 They cover only what Ari and Karen tell them to cover.

 And since the Democrats have all joined Team Smirk or gone to fucking sleep,
 the revolution seems to have taken place without firing a shot.

 Well done, Mr. Rove.
 Well done. Mr. Delay.
 We are at your mercy.

 Please be nice to us, ...please?
 Please temper your decisions with mercy, ...please?

 Ask not - what your country can do for you.
 Ask what you can do for the appointed president.

 Stroke Me, Stroke Me

 The Democrats are the party of impeachment ...and everybody knows it!!!
    -- The vulgar Pigboy, first hour today

 Rush, let's hope you're psychic


Subject: Clinton needs to fight back!

Hey Bartcop,

The media frenzy on Clinton has gotten so bad lately that it's not even making sense anymore.
They're running with stories about him, his wife, his young daughter, his cat- you name it!
It can be true, untrue, or an OUTRIGHT LIE- the media runs the story without question.

Meanwhile, the newly installed fascist regime (GOP) stokes the fire,
and then runs around claiming to be a bunch of humble nice guys.
Smirk and company have succeeded in turning the country into a total sewer in 30 days, with more to come.

Anyway, don't you think it's time for Bill Clinton, private citizen, to start hitting back?
I mean, can't he file a liable or a slander suit against some of these frothing lunatics, at least the ones in the press?
(Many celebrities have, and won)  I'm all for freedom of the press and such, but going on the mainstream
media airwaves and print with KNOWN LIES and UNTRUTHS is too much. It's become insane!

As far as unofficially, he was president for 8 yrs. and probably knows a lot about the GOP's dirty antics than
they'd like him to know. (like the treason of the Reagan-Bush arms for hostages deal in 1980)

Why doesn't he blow the whistle on something like that?
They're begging for it, and it's the only thing that they'll understand.



Have you ever seen a great James Cagney movie called, "Angels With Dirty Faces?"

Cagney and Pat O'Brien had known each other since they were kids.
One day the two of them were into some petty shoplifting or something and while
trying to run away, Cagney was caught and O'Brien got away.

As they grew older, O'Brien went straight and became a priest.
"Rocky," meanwhile, went thru the justice system and hardened into a criminal.
His fame as a criminal made him a celebrity of sorts in the neighborhood.

Between prison terms, he befriended the neighborhood kids.
They looked up to him as a tough guy who wasn't afraid of anything.

He eventually killed a cop and was sentenced to die in the electric chair.
Minutes before he was to be executed, O'Brien came to him and asked him to "die yellow."

Rocky: What do you mean, "die yellow?"

Priest: I want you to die crying and begging.

Rocky: You're out of your fucking mind.

Priest: Please, Rocky. Those kids idolize you. If you die like a man, that will inspire them
           and some of them might eventually leave this Earth the same way you're going to.

Rocky: Take a walk off a pier, Father

Priest: Rocky, please.

Rocky: Goodbye, Father. Get out of my cell.

The guards come to take Rocky to the death chamber.
The camera shows Pat O'Brien in total despair, worried about those kids.

Suddenly, Rocky starts sobbing and screaming like a baby.

"Please, I don't wanna die, please don't kill me, please, please don't kill me."

Pat O'Brien gets a tear in his eye, knowing his old friend sacrificed his dignity
and reputation when that's all he had and was about to die.

O'Brien goes back to the old neighborhood and is surrounded by the kids reading a
newspaper with the headline screaming , "Rocky Dies Yellow," and they asked,
"Is it true, father? Did Rocky die yellow?" and O'Brien answers with a big lie.

"He sure did, kids. Let's go say a prayer for a kid who couldn't run as fast as I could."

Why do I bring up "Angels With Dirty Faces?"

Nobody wants to give Clinton the benefit of the doubt.
Nobody will even consider the possibility that Clinton took one for the team.
Right now, Clinton is taking the beating of his life.
His friends are turning on him.
His party has turned on him.
The only former Democratic president has turned on him,
and he's taking it, like Rocky walking to the electric chair.

Hey, I'm a realist.
I'll allow for the possibility that Clinton is stupid and guilty, but I don't believe it.
Dick Morris says Clinton has $125 million for his library.
...and he's going to go out a loser/traitor for an extra $450,000?

Don't forget - the KGB and Bani Sadr have both provided Clinton with proof that Reagan
and Smirk Daddy were guilty as hell and both committed perjury when they testified that
they did not know there were Stingers on those "two small planes" that went to Iran.

There's a word I like to use sometimes... that word is "IF."

IF Barak talked to Clinton in his final days and said,
"Mr. President, you HAVE to issue this pardon, and you can't tell anyone why,"
then that would make Clinton a hero, but nobody will even allow for that possibility.

Clinton is taking this whipping when he doesn't have to.
Clinton is a bigger man than I.

 Great Political Quotes

 “Why be so easy on the Clintons?  Even after they are dead, I say we
  stuff their bodies, fix them in some kind of preservative and display them
  at county fairs across the nation, where the citizenry can have fun putting
  cow dung on them (remember that’s ‘art’).  If that’s not in good taste,
  their bodies should be flattened thin as possible, again fixed in some kind
  of preservative and hoisted up a flag pole to flap in the wind.”
    -- LA attorney Brian Buckley, nephew of William F. Buckley Jr.
       and general counsel for

 ...and people wonder why I own guns...

Poor Rush

He's so lost without Clinton.
He's repeating and re-running the same skits, the same songs, over and over.

He's played that Beverly Hillbillies parody song four times in 98 minutes.
He's played that Hillary "I Don't Remember" song two or three times in less than 1.5 hours.

He's got nothing left to say.
Without Clinton he's nothing.


Subject: Your site and a parody

I love your site. I've been reading it every day and it has been sort of a
release for me. During the recount fiasco and even now, I've say to myself
"Is everyone nuts? What's wrong with the media? Why has no one around me
seen through Republican schemes for what they are?" Your site is a beacon of
sanity in an insane world. Don't let the hatemongering right-wingers get you down:
there are a lot of people that appreciate what you do.

Anyway, keep up the good work, and I'll be doing whatever I can in my own
small way to help "grow the hammer higher".

Anyway, here's a spoof campaign ad for Bush I came across.


Click  Here  to download or hear the MP3

Unequal protection

Click  Here

Remember how the Supreme Court halted the Florida vote-counting in December
on grounds that it would have violated the Constitution's equal protection provision?
Turns out that this concern of the Rehnquist court doesn't go beyond aggrieved Republican presidential candidates.

Ditto-monkey Tom Kilbride is a very lonely man.



Subject: Keep up the good work!

I have thoroughly enjoyed your sit since discovering it a few weeks ago.
As a life-long fan of MAD magazine (when it was 10¢ CHEAP) I appreciate your juvenile approach to politics.
The silliness of your "essays" keeps me chuckling and chortling.



Subject: Bartcop is Great Sophomoric Humor!

I have been looking at regularly now for several months since the election.
MAD magazine did it first and best (remember when it was 10¢ CHEAP?)
Your ingeniously juvenile approach to politics is astonishing.
The total silliness of your  essays keeps me chuckling and snorting..

Tom thinks I wouldn't catch that he sent both e-mails.
He sent the e-mails uder different addresses.
Did he think I wouldn't notice?
He uses the same phrases in the same order.
I may have an IQ of 64, but I'm waaay smarter than the average ditto-monkey.

So, like what, ...I'm going to stop publishing because he made some clumsy-ass attempt
to make me think this came from two different people?

Tom must be very lonely.
Maybe you could drop him a line?

 You won't be in a good mood after you  Click Here  but you should do it anyway.

 It's an important story about real crimes at the highest levels of government,
 so the whore press refuses to even mention it.

 Forever version

Now hear this...

The Navy has announced that for the first time in fifty-five years
it will be presenting the Chester Nimitz Award to the USS Greenville.

The Chester Nimitz Award was established in 1942 and is presented annually to the
United States Navy submarine that sinks the most Japanese tonnage in any one calendar year.

 Another article to turn your stomach

 Click  Here

 The press continues the Smirk cover up while trashing Clinton.

Great Political Quotes

When I began swooning for George W. Bush during the Republican primaries,
my friends warned me that I was going to have to eat my words. It's now a month
into his presidency, and I'm even more doe-eyed about Bush than ever.
   -- Ann Coulter

Sure, Annie, but does Smirk give you free french fries?


 How did you get the name BartCop anyway?


 Jason, not much of a story there, but I argued politics on Prodigy from around 1990 to 1995.
 People said I wasn't very nice to the ditto-monkeys there.
 They said I tended to dismiss their idiocy with scalding sarcasm.

 One person said "You're merciless with those sheep. You're meaner than Black Bart."

 Someone else said "You ask questions like a state cop."

 Somehow, the Bart and the Cop came together.

 Today in History

Fifty six years ago, today.

Click  Here

Not to trivialize their courage, or their horrifying losses,
but a shot of Chinaco to the brave men who made Hitler and Hirohito eat it.


Subject: I've fuckin had it!!

That's it!   I've fuckin' had it with today's politicians....namely the fucking whores in the republican party.
I'm also pissed off at the media whores...(nothing new here though)  What the hell does it matter if
Roger Clinton had 10 people lobby him to try and get them pardons if Clinton DID NOT pardon any of them.
Why the hell does the media have to say reports like this after referring to Hillary's brother getting money
for lobbying for pardons?

What happened to wanting to work together and getting rid of partisian politics?
What the fuck is going on here?
Are we going to see nothing but hearings on every one of Clinton's decisions for the past 8 years?
Has that become the new job and purpose in congress?
Is this what my tax dollars are paying for?

NO ONE can tell me that this is for the good of the country... or that this is what the majority wants.
Remember that the majority of the American people didn't vote for the current numb-nuts in the white house.

Look at what is going on in the world right now....A spy is caught in the FBI, recession around the corner
and a star wars defense program being pushed forward.  This is going back to when Bush Sr. was president.
Now that Russia is talking about creating their own missle defense's going to be the cold war all over.

You know why we don't have a missle defense system like the no-necks want....?
Because we have a fuckin' treaty saying we won't and they won't.

So here on the TV I see king dip-shit Trent Lott saying we need a star wars program because a piece of paper
isn't good enough... apparently they repuglikans have no faith or trust in just a piece of paper because of what
they did during this past election and having hearing on the presidential pardon that gives the president
ABSOLUTE say in who he pardons and when....

I know this has rambled on some and I'm sorry.
I just get soooo pissed off at these piss-ants surrounding me.

I just have to keep running a lyric through my head to calm me down.
It's from RUSH (not the gas bag but the band) their Counterparts album...
"try to hold some faith in the goodness of humanity"

One last thing...




 Scumbag Dan Burton Strikes Again
 With the help of disloyal Democrats, of course.

 Click  Here

 Burton is once again staging his self-righteous act, accusing Clinton of doing a favor
 for a big contributor. Burton knows of what he speaks. He has done plenty of favors
 for contributors, according to an exhaustive investigation by The Hill and other publications
 in 1997 and 1998. Clinton did a favor for Rich, an alleged tax cheat and a fugitive.
 Burton has done favors for reputed terrorists, human rights violators, and a despot.

 Read the  Previous Issue

 It had everything - Gerbils, hoops, babes, and, of course, a lot of piling on.

 Copyright © 2001,
   Thanks for the fumble, Dude.

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