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 February 28, 2001

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 February 27, 2001

 8:05 PM CST
 Tonight, like you-know-who, go down for updates

 Smirk about to lie to the nation.
 (On CNN, waiting for the submarine hour - next!)

 Only one Supreme Court Justice had the balls to show up.
 Maybe they do know the meaning of shame.

 Gag me!
 Candy Crowly is gushing buckets for Smirk's communication skills.
 "He sees everyone as a potential friend," gushes the ample Candy.

 Can we get a mop up on aisle three?

 Just about to start, Schneider reminds viewers that confidence in Smirk has tanked.
 Then Bernard Shaw tears up with the cheery mood of the room.

 Look at that bastard smirk.

 All I can see is Will Ferrell.
 Are we doing a super-sized Frazier?
 Is this the SNL that follows it?

 Changing the tone?
 More like honking your horn, President Dumbass.

 "There are two kinds of pictures we could paint."

 Hey, Smirky, let's paint the picture where the kids get some fucking supper, eh?

 President Dumbass, wearing that red tie.

 Is he wearing that tie as a signal to that 15-year old he knocked up,
 to keep her damn mouth shut or her blood will run red in the streets of Houston?

 "I like teachers so much, I married one."
 That's the great, soaring rhetoric that won this election?
 Gore must be on a suicide watch, wherever he is.

  ha ha

 "We must ask the question - do be the children learning?"

 Christ, this is an easy crowd for President Dumbass.
 He just cleared his throat and got a goddamn standing O.
 The Democrats are as quiet as Ann Coulter in church after eating ...french fries.


"I'm not like they said. I'm a friend to the old, a friend to the sick, ...a friend to the nigger."

  Hey, Smirk, why are all these promises so general and widely-defined?
 "We're gonna do better, and shoot to make our pie higher."

 He's saying nothing anyone can hold him to.

 There, did you hear how he put that?

 "We want everyone to have court access if they have a problem with their HMO,
   especially those with legitimate reasons to sue."

 Who decides what's legit and what's not?
  Tom Delay or John Ashcroft?

 Now, they're applauding some dying cancer victim.
 Who is he, Joe Camel or the Marlboro Man?

 Look, he says his new budget "supports" the military?
 Every budget does that, where's the numbers, Smirk?

 Can't you be specific even once tonight?
 He just promised "faster decisions on medical claims."
 Who's doing to back that guarantee, the federal government?

 Now, the national parks.

 Gee, Smirk, can you make our parks as clean as Texas?

"See that negro there?
  I lost his city - big-time
  ...and we won't be doing any racial profiling, either."

Hey, Smirky, what do you think you just did?

"In the next ten years, I hope to repay, ten trill..., no wait.
  I hope to repay one hundred, wait. repay eleven thousan... no wait...
  Dick, what's this number here?"

 What a dumbass!

 "There's a trillion reasons to like my budget."

 Yeah, and 4.5 trillion to not trust you spend-crazy supply-side bastards.

 Smirky just got booed, big-time!
 I marked the tape, will replay later

 "I will create new jobs for the unemployed."

 Hey, asshole, we all HAD jobs until you stole the election and
 destroyed consumer confidence like it was the ballot of a black Florida voter.

 "The surplus isn't Washington's money.
   The surplus is the people's money."

 I agree, so don't steal mine and give it to the churches, thief!

 "We're going to get a million families off the welfare rolls."

 My God, I think he means to kill them.
 I'll bet BIG OIL is involved, somehow.

 ...and the Bug Man, Delay.
 If there's exterminating to be done, he's there.

 Why didn't Tony three fingers Scalia show up to watch his boy?
 ...and that slut, Sandy-baby O'Connor. What's her excuse?

Wow!  Did you see that?
When he said these monstrous oil prices were NOT the fault of BIG OIL,
the Hand of Truth showed up and slapped the living shit outta him.

ha ha

 "We can't afford Social Security, so I'm gonna appoint ANOTHER committee to study it."

Smirky, then why are you throwing a tax cut to the super-rich?
What are you, like, ...stupid or something?

"As we prepare our trip to Disney World,
  I remind you we can't afford mortgage payments when we get home."

Somebody watch Al Gore - he's sure to try to take his life - losing to this clueless moron.

Did you hear that Spanish he just spoke?
He said, "Waiter, there's a El-cockroach-o in my Jim El-Beam-o."
It's the only Spanish he knows.

It's over, and CCN is gushing over his greatness.
Bernard  Shaw, (R-Pees his pants) said,
 "Tonight, America was watching to take their measure of the man."

Wrong, asshole.
We did that on November 7th ...and we didn't like what we saw.
So we voted against the loser, but our vote didn't count this year,
because Smirky's brother and his bitch (plus Three Fingers Scalia) stole it from us.

It's over.

 CCN's Bill Scheinder sums up the speech:
"We funded our priorities, and we have money left over, so we need a tax cut,
  but Soc Security is going broke so I'll appoint BIG OIL dudes to a commission to study it."

Yep, it was another great and truthful speech from the Master of Details.

 If It Was BartCop's Rebuttal to Smirk's Speech
 (To be read in real time. This won't take 11 minutes.)

 Here's the deal, I'll even use small words, Smirky.

 Smirky, I don't believe you, so I'm calling your bluff.
 You get on TV with the top five up & coming Republicans,
 and I'm not talking about Thurmond, Helms, Traficant, Feingold, and Byrd.
 I'm talking about Largent, Uncle OJ, Lindsey Graham, Barr and, ...oh, ... let's get rid of Lott.

 You six Republicans-with-a-future-to-lose get on TV, look into the camera and say,
 "Social Security is safe, the debt is coming down and prescription drugs are paid for,
  and you have our personal guarantee on that,"
  then you can have whatever goddamn tax cut you want.

 Thank you, and God Bless  Chinaco Anejo.

 ...then you walk off while the anchor monkeys just stare at each other in disbelief.

 That would be the headline tomorrow:
 Democrats Fight Back, Call Bush's Bluff
 Shaken president looking for footing

 <big sigh>

But no, that could never happen.
You know why?

The message is too complicated?

"Prove it and we'll give it to you," is something Nader voters could understand.

No, it could never happen because the Democrats would never fight back.
They are too afraid.
Poor Daschle was so meek, he could be physically intimidated by Niles Crane.
Dick Gephart was whiter than Barney Fife.
Besides, disagreeing with the radical right is frowned upon.
Standing up like men might disrupt the "new civility," and Smirk won't have it.

"You should learn to like it, cause that's how it's going to be," Smirk warns them.

And Tom and Dick, the smothering us brothers, say, "Yes, Mr. President."

VCR Alert - Is NYPD Blue  going to kill Kim Delaney tonight?
She's leaving the show, and tonight is her showdown with the evil Denby.
(To me, Denby looks a lot like Smirk. He's had coke/AWOL troubles, too)
 Update - They didn't kill her. And did you see how it ended?
 ha ha - My girl!


Rumor is Spin Room will be a half-hour late tonight, at 10:30 EST

Tonight is Spin Room Sub night

Experiment - I don't think we should forget about the killer submarine. We've had to put up with eight years of
 "He's renting out the Lincoln Bedroom like a Motel 6," but nobody was killed when they did that, right?
 I have three questions:
 1. How big of a contribution must be made to take a sub ride?
 2. Do we make the check out the the Republican National Committee?
 3. Who do we call to get the ball rolling?

 I think we - everybody reading this - should write to Bill Press at the Spin Room  and ask him those questions.
 Change the wording or the order, or make up submarine question of your own, but let's see if we can get
 Bill Press to say, "Our mailbox is full of people asking about the renting of the Lincoln submarine."

 IMPORTANT - TODAY is the day, the 27th
 Send an e-mail to Bill Press and tell him we want that submarine investigated.

 Watch Spin Room tonight to see if we made a ripple.
 If 1/4 of the Mon/Tues  readers wrote, that would be a whole bag of e-mail.
 If it works (it's up to you) we will have, to some degree, set the agenda for that show.

 I get mail saying, "I wish I could contribute, but I'm too broke right now," - that's cool.
 There are other ways to contribute besides cash. If enough people wrote to Bill Press Tuesday
 and he mentioned the mini-flood, we might actually get to pick the topics for other shows, too.
 What if, every Tuesday, Press was flooded with mail saying, "Why don't you do a show about 'X' and 'Y?"

 Hey, it costs nothing.
 Let's see of we have any muscle to flex.
 Send Bill Press an e-mail TODAY

 Small Problem
 Smirk is scheduled to beg for a tax cut for his Daddy's super-rich friends tonight.
 The Spin Room may be dedicated to that topic tonight, but we still might get a mention.

 Great Fascist Quotes

Senator Lott’s actions obviously follow President George W. Bush’s remarks that the
'Pardongate scandal' should not be looked into and that instead, ‘It’s time to move on.’
 Judicial Watch is pursuing an investigation of Senator Lott’s fundraising activities at the
 University of Mississippi, and will report the results sometime in the future.
      -- Judicial Watch Chairman Larry Klayman (R-No dick)

 ha ha

 Sometime in the future?
 Hey, Larry, how about 2075?

 Poor Larry, he's got nobody left to sue.



Subject: Is Bill Press on Bush's payroll, too?

If you're not willing to criticize Bush on the submarine scandal,
and demand answers to what went wrong,
maybe you should step down and let a liberal take your place?


 Stroke me, Stroke me

 I have a reading assignment for you listeners, you four million people...
  --the vulgar Pigboy, first hour, forgetting to lie

 Usually, the big liar says, "You twenty million listeners," which is per week,

Foto Flashback

Smirk wipes his glasses on a staffer's coat.
Minutes later, he blew his nose on her skirt.

 The BartCop Store

 The company that runs the BartCop Store says they are increasing prices by two dollars
 on March 1, 2001 on those t-shirts, sweatshirts, coffee mugs and mouse pads.

 So, stock up now for.... Easter?

 The vulgar Pigboy has a new slogan for his hate radio program.

 "The Rush Limbaugh program - for the good of the country."

 But why is Rush needed now?
 The revolution is over.
 They control everything.
 The White House, the congress, the courts, the media and the military.

 Rush isn't needed.

 What this country needs is more independent news reported.
 What this country needs is more honesty in journalism.
 What this country needs is more

Foto Flashback too

September, 1999 - Susan McDougal with Marc Perkel.
That's my red tie (lower right) and Susan is holding my hand!


Subject: Greenveville Lincoln Bedroom

As I recall, the Hawaiian news also reported that part of the disruption was the result of
a Navy VIP (which must mean "above Commander Waddle") giving a guided tour.

What's the name and rank of the VIP?

And don't you get sick of the insincere disregard in "heavy hart" and "genuine sincerity" crap?

Joe N.

 Stroke Me, Stroke Me

 The reason the Democrats want that trigger to stop the tax cut
 is because they know a way to trip that trigger any time they want to.
 All they have to do is spend a lot of money.
   --El Vulgaro, second hour

 But Rush,
 You didn't explain how the minority party could spend all that money
 without Smirk's signature or a majority of congress overriding his veto.



Subject: Where can I rent a Lincoln Submarine?

I understand that civvies can now rent nuclear powered submarines for joyrides in the Pacific,
and driver's licenses and insurance are optional! Who do I make my check out to?
The Republican National Committee or one of its subsidiaries such as the National Rifle Association
(after all, guns don't kill people, republican fat cats driving submarines do), or the Southern Partisans?

Of course, I understand that if I do crash, the republican congress will
cover it up by trashing the Clinton's for leaving cat litter in the Oval Office.

John Cross

So many targets, so little time

To: Ameritrade

SUBJECT: Demand retraction from National Review

Sir or Madam,
I am a client of Ameritrade. I've been well pleased with the services of your company so far.

However today I learned that Ameritrade supports the the National Review with paid advertising.
The National Review recently published an article calling for the assassination of Chelsea Clinton.

The author maintains that his diatribe against Chelsea--appearing amid an attack on the entire
Clinton family--was 'tongue in cheek.' Perhaps it was meant to be.

But his hateful language has spawned similar, more serious attacks on the Clinton family
from less sophisticated readers.

I urge you to publicly denounce the National Review for its lapse in journalistic judgement.
Admonish them against irresponsible demagoguery.
And demand that the offending article be pulled from circulation.

I am considering whether I can continue to do business with a company which would use the profits
of our relationship to underwrite such dangerous language. I hope that you will give me reason to
continue our financial relationship: demand an immediate retraction.

Sam Robinson

 Who's going to give the Democratic response to Smirk's lies tonight?

 I suggest Rush Feingold, the Ashcroft-lover.
 Maybe the sight of an Ashcroft-lover would shake up the Democratic party, but probably not.
 Those poor bastards are scared of their own shadow.

 How Powerless is Smirk?

 Smirky says he thinks the country should "move on," when it comes to Clinton's cock,
 but Dan Burton is saying "screw that noise" while continuing The Great Clinton Cock Hunt.

 Smirk is not only the appointed President-select, he's the head of the Republican Party.
 But if Dan Buirton is giving Smirk orders, does that mean Dan Burton is running the GOP now?

 Smirk continues to say he can work with Democrats, but how can anybody believe
 what he says if his own party refuses to follow his lead and "move on?"

 The truth?

 Smirk loves it when the press trashes Clinton.
 Maybe he thinks it makes those nine dead people in the Pacific seem less important.

 Paul Harvey (R-Sex with animals) says Hillary has left Bill Clinton.
 The lying son of a bitch also says Hillary denies having a brother named "Hugh Rodham."

 Paul, don't you have a horse you need to molest?

 Wait, the horses are afraid of you, Mr. Sex Molester.
 I have an idea, Harvey.
 Why don't you attack your wife this time, instead of these poor horses?

Slump in Consumer Confidence Stokes Recession Fears
Consumers have no confidence in that idiot Smirk the Thief

Americans' confidence in the shaky U.S. economy slumped in February to its lowest level
in more than four and a half years, signaling a severe economic downturn may lie ahead.

A barrage of news on corporate layoffs and plunging stock markets has
unnerved consumers, pushing the overall index down for the fifth straight
month to 106.8 from a revised 115.7 reading in January.

"Right now we see much more of a fear factor for consumers,'' said Lynn Franco,
 director of the Conference Board's Consumer Research Center.

 The almost nine point drop was much sharper than Wall Street analysts expectations
 for a 109.6 level, compared with a 114.4 January reading.

 From: (withheld)


 Most liberals  who read your hammering are getting old.
 Might be a good idea to change your font size from the current size of twelve
 to a slightly larger size of fourteen. :)

 I'd have no objection to that.
 Do I hear a second on that motion?



Subject: The Lincoln Submarine

Mr. Press:

Since the unfortunate incident of the USS Greenville, I have heard practically nothing
from any news source regarding the identities of the civilians onboard at the time.
I have several questions that I am sure are pressing and relevant:

1. Were any of these civilians contributors to the RNC or DNC?
Did any contribute directly to George W. Bush's presidential campaign?
If so, which, and how much?   This question must be relevant, since the news media
made it so very relevant whenever President Clinton had guests in the Lincoln bedroom.

2.  Speaking of the Lincoln bedroom, was anyone killed as a direct result of guests in that room?
Since the express purpose of a guest room in the White House is to house guests, and the express
purpose of the Greenville is military readiness, don't you agree that it is much more newsworthy and
- dare we say it - scandalworthy to have civilians aboard a military vessel during a readiness training
operation than it is for any sitting President to invite the guests of his choice to sleep over at his home?

3.  When can we expect to see the same scrutiny of this historic foul-up that we saw given to the
Lincoln Bedroom "scandal?"   Okay, half as much? A quarter?

4.  Will the Navy present the Chester Nimitz Award to the USS Greenville?
She has earned it, after all, and this would certainly be newsworthy
considering the last presentation of this award was 55 years ago.

If the tone of my questions seem somewhat sarcastic, I hope you will forgive me.
It is the direct result of watching all news media drag Clinton over the coals for every imagined
infraction of propriety, even after he left office, while giving Bush a free ride.  I have watched the
media mutate from the watchdog of the government into the lapdog of the GOP, and the process
has made me more than a little cynical.

John L. Payton
St. Peters, MO

John, thanks.
I'm getting flooded with CC's to

Will the voice of the people be heard?
Or will the need for Smirk's daddy's friends in BIG OIL to get a tax cut
overshadow the COVER UP involved in hiding Smirk's fundraising activities?

Tune in tonight.

White House Logs Said to Show Pre-Pardon Visits
  by the New York Whore Times

 Click  Here

 Whore City, Feb. 26 — Secret Service records show that Denise Rich and Beth Dozoretz
 visited the White House on the evening of Jan. 19, a few hours before Bill Clinton issued
 a pardon to Marc Rich, lawyers familiar with the case said today. But associates of the
 two women disputed the records and said neither was there.

 Isn't this typical of the whore press?

 We have nine bodies on the floor of the Pacific because Smirky
 wanted to raise more and more money and all the whore press wants to know
 is did Denise Rich get her hands ( or something else) on Clinton's cock?

 In their own first paragraph, they say Rich denies being there.
 So why the fuck don't they ask her where she was and check into it?

 ...because they don't want the answers.
 They only want to talk about Clinton's cock, and cover up Smirk putting so many
 campaign contributors on that sub that our fighting men couldn't do their jobs.



Subject: Bill Press, in the continuing spirit of investigationitis

Inquiring people would like to know

1 - Did any of the people riding the sub that killed the Japanese contribute to the GOP
     or to George W. Bush or George H. W. Bush or any other republican candidate?

2 - How much did they contribute?

3 - How did they get to ride in the sub?

4 - Were any of them visitors to the Bush White House?

5 - Why did it take so long for the names of the civilians to be released?

 Rumors are everywhere

 Since the Smirk administration lied to us even before he took the oath,
 (We won Florida,) it's my opinion they cannot be trusted.
 Since the press is covering up for Smirk, (click here) the truth is harder to find.

 But I'm hearing rumors that the President has ordered that Commander Scott Waddle
 NOT testify as to what happened on that sub and another rumor that congressional
 Republicans are saying they "see no need" to have the commander testify.

 Now, I'm not going to explode until I get confirmation, but -- can that happen?
 Can Smirk and the press cover up the deaths of nine innocent people?

 If the commander of the submarine isn't needed to testify, who the fuck is?
 Do we need Monica and Linda Tripp to testify what happened on that sub?

 Is the press helping Smirk get out of responsibility?

 This is the same modus operandi as the pardon "scandal."
 They see "no needz" to subpeona the ONLY person who knows everything - Clinton.
 They'd rather dance around this dog-and-pony show, with the whore press helping,
 than get to the facts that only Bill Clinton can provide.

 Dan Burton (R-Delay's Cabanaboy) wants to talk to Bruce Lindsey and Denise Rich's
 girlfriend and the janitor on duty the night of January 19th, but not Bill Clinton.

 Hey, it's one thing when they phony up some White House vandalism, with the press's help.
 It's one thing when they phony up some Air Force One vandalism, with the press's help.
 It's one thing when they gin up some phony quid pro quo on a meaningless pardon, with the press's help.

 ...but are we going to sit quietly while they cover up MURDER?

 And if you think "murder" is too strong a word, what would be the proper word?
 Involuntary manslaughter?
 Depraved indifference to human life?

 But how will we know what happened if Smirk and the GOP say the facts aren't important?

 Notice - we're hearing lots and lots about the higher ups in this case.
 The names getting all the ink in the press are:

 Navy Admiral William J. Fallon,  United States special envoy
 Thomas Foley, American Ambassador to Japan
 Capt. Michael Hinkley, Pacific Fleet Judge Advocate
 Rear Adm. Ozawa, from the Japanese Maritime Self Defense Force,

 the list goes on and on.
 Trouble is, none of these people were on the damn submarine.
 Why are they explaing what happened?
 Are they easier for the White House to control?

 Then, I see this paragraph in the Washington Post:

 U.S. Ambassador Thomas S. Foley has been engaged in a whirlwind effort to
 try to explain Waddle's failure to speak publicly about the accident and his
 refusal to provide oral answers to federal investigators. Foley has given
 repeated interviews to Japanese media explaining the captain's constitutional
 right to remain silent on matters in which he might be legally liable.

 Someone tell me why Foley, Fallon, Hinkley and Ozawa are giving out all the answers.
 Why is Commander Scott Waddle being gagged?
 Who is Waddle protecting?

 ...and why is the whore press not asking any questions?

Press Blows Florida -- Again
 by Robert Parry

 The unofficial newspaper tallies were intended only as an historical marker.
 So why the rush?
 Wouldn’t it make sense to wait until the statewide tallies were complete
 so as not to sow any more confusion and distrust? At minimum,
 wouldn’t it be reasonable to make clear how limited any new partial tally was?

 Editor's Note: I'm attempting to contact Robert Parry.
 I've been told he has been totally blackballed from the journalistic community
 for having the courage to take on Team Bush.

 He broke the Iran-Contra story, and if you know anything about the Bushes,
 they love loyalty and they never - ever - forget one who crossed them.
 I have heard his life has been threatened by CIA types.

 I will continue to try to reach him.
 I'd like to hear the truth from him.

 Robert Parry might be the most dangerous man (to the GOP takeover) on the Internet.

 Great Political Quotes

 It is beginning to seem that the reason people aren't answering questions
 is because they are hiding something. This is unacceptable.
   --Dan Burton (R-Handjob)

Was Burton talking about the submarine disaster where nine people were killed?

 Nothing so trivial as that.
 He's talking about important matters, matters that need a thorough investigation.
 He's talking about "possible alleged appearance of a quid pro quo" involving Clinton's cock!

 ...and the all-white whore press agrees!

 There's no need to investigate those deaths.
 We have Clinton's cock to investigate, instead!

 ...and if Japan doesn't like it, they can go to Hell.
Smirk has an inhertited empire to run, so fuck Japan and those nine dead.

Smirk's Rating drops like a rammed fishing boat.
Bush's Low Approval Rating Shows His Lack of Mandate

Whore City (Reuters)- A new ABC News/Washington Post poll released Monday shows Smirk
with a 55 percent job approval rating, the lowest rating given a newly elected president since Eisenhower.

Bush's approval rating compares to a previous low of 60 percent for former president Richard Nixon in late
February 1969, and a high of 76 percent for George Bush, Bush's father, shortly after he took office in 1989.
Clinton had an approval rating of 63 percent in February 1993, the month after he moved into the White House.

The poll of 1,050 adults, conducted Feb. 21-25, also showed only lukewarm support for Bush's $1.6 billion
tax cut proposal, with only 22 percent of Americans giving top priority to a tax cut, ABC News and the
Washington Post said.

The pollsters also asked about the controversy surrounding Clinton's pardon of fugitive billionaire Marc Rich
and others, but found no "broad public outrage."

No, that's only in the whore press.
Meanwhile, the know-nothing Smirk gets a free ride.

I think we need to create a new press in this country,
one that looks at real issues and leaves Clinton's cock alone.

Navy report confirms:
Civilians distracted crew of US sub
By Kate Randall
27 February 2001

Full Story

Greeneville Cmdr. Scott D. Waddle released a letter of apology on Sunday that
stopped short of admitting responsibility for the accident.

The statement read in part: “It is with a heavy heart that I express my most sincere regret
to the Japanese people and most importantly, to the families of those lost and injured in the collision.
It is my most sincere desire to determine the truth about what happened.” Cmdr. Waddle has been
relieved of his duties pending the outcome of a naval court of inquiry into the collision, which has
been postponed until March 5 at the request of a civilian defense lawyer hired by Waddle.


IF Cmdr. Scott Waddle feels he's not responsible, why can't he or his lawyer
tell us who they believe to be responsible for those lost lives?

Who is the beneficiary of this cover up?
Why can't we know the truth?

Is this not as important as which of Monica's nipples Clinton licked first?
Is this not at least as important as that?

We've got nine dead people here!

Two years ago, the GOP said "the rule of law is paramount," when it was Clinton's cock.
But now that we have nine dead, the public has no right to know?

And why is the press helping with the cover up?

Twin Twits by the Wizard of Whimsy

Here's a poem someone forwarded to me.
The quotes were arranged by Post writer Richard Thompson.

by George W. Bush:

I think we all agree
The past is over.

This is still a dangerous world.
It's a world of madmen
And uncertainty
And potential mental losses.

Rarely is the question asked
Is our children learning?
Will the highways of the Internet
Become more few?
How many hands
Have I shaked?

They misunderestimate me.
I am a pitbull on the pant leg
Of opportunity.
I know that the human being
And the fish
Can coexist.

Families is where our nation
Finds hope
Where our wings take dream.
Put food on your family!

Knock down the tollbooth!
Vulcanize Society!
Make the pie higher!
Make the pie higher!
Major league.


Subject: my bill press email

Dear Bill Press:
I'm so excited about the tax cut plan Mr. Bush will detail in his speech tonight. I'm hoping I can use my
tax savings next year to accomplish a life-long dream: to rent a ride on the Lincoln submarine
(I'm pretty sure the moratorium on civilians will be lifted real soon).

Do you know  whether I should make a check out directly to the RNC?
Do you think I have a chance even if I'm not in the oil or gas business and am not from Texas?
I'm hoping the answer is yes, because I've always wanted to actually get to drive a submarine.
I promise I won't distract the crew and kill any school children.

I'm so excited I'll be getting this money to live out my dream!

M. Johanssen
Eau Claire, WI


Subject: Sub

The civilians on the Greeville were contributors to a organization to restore the USS Missouri.

Sir, the fund to restore the USS Missouri is a private organization, just like the Clinton Library Fund.
I'm not going to let you pick and choose which private funds should allow abuse and which shouldn't.
You might argue that the Missouri Fund is more worthy, and many might agree with that.
But don't think soliciting funds for the Missouri is legally any different than Clinton's fund.

They may also have made contributions to the Bush Campaign or the RNC.
Hell, they may even contribute to PETA and to the "Keep Bartcop's lame site operating" fund,
but that's not the reason they were on the sub.

If that's true, then surely you could arrange sub rides for all of us?
Put another way, what do you think distinguishes those BIG OIL fat-cats
from every other citizen of the United States, if not their donations to the RNC?

Their joy ride was planned well in advance WHEN PARDON-BOY CLINTON WAS IN OFFICE,
before Bush was even elected. Trying to compare this to the Lincoln bedroom rent-a-thon is a
pathetic attempt to minimize Clinton's shameless behavior.

Ken Weeks

ha ha

You're saying Clinton arranged for a bunch of BIG OIL Republican fat-cats to play around on
one of our submarines after he'd left office?

...and he did this because...he wanted Smirk to have more money in the campaign?

ha ha

Christ, that's stupid.

Who told you that?
Rush or Hannity?

And I didn't mean to compare the Lincoln Bedroom to that submarine accident
because sleeping in the Lincoln Bedroom didn't kill nine people.

The Rich Get Richer. . .and Pay Less Taxes
 New York Whore Times, February 26, 2001

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The richest Americans are paying a declining share of their incomes in taxes,
even as their incomes grow more rapidly than everyone else's,
according to data that the Internal Revenue Service gave a Republican member of Congress.

The Greatest Show on Earth

"The Committee has just been informed that Beth Dozoretz will exercise her
Fifth Amendment rights will refuse to testify on March 1, 2001. I am extremely
disappointed. She now joins Denise Rich,  who has already taken the Fifth.
It is my hope that when she comes before the Committee on Thursday,
she will change her mind and answer the Committee's questions. It is very
troubling that Beth Dozoretz  and Denise Rich, both close friends of former
President Clinton who discussed the Rich pardon with him,  would refuse to testify."
       -- Dan Burton (R-Handjob)

ha ha

Is this turning out perfect, or what?
Dozo and Rich can't tesify for the same reasons Susan McDougal didn't.
They can't be charged with perjury by Hardon Danny if they don't speak.
Plus, there's that extra, added bonus.

What bonus, you ask?

ha ha

Make him stop!
With Clinton, you always get a bonus.

If Dozo and Rich won't talk,
if they won't break off no 411 for whitey,
maybe they should subpoena the other party.

ha ha

I chose my words carefully - this is gonna be a party!
They can't put Clinton in the hotseat - they don't have the balls.
They can't afford to ask him to explain himself before the committe because
no matter what Clinton will come out a mile ahead of those nasty cock-hunters.

Look at the top healines right now:
"Rich visited Clinton the night before pardons!" tho that was some kind of evidence of wrongdoing.

Please God, make this happen.

Poll: Bush with Low Approval Rating of 55 Percent
Reuters   Feb 26 2001 11:45PM

Whore City - A new ABC News/Washington Post poll released Monday shows Smirk with
a 55 percent job approval rating, the lowest rating for a newly elected president since Dwight Eisenhower.

Pardons Explained
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