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 Volume 428 - Chris the Screamer
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March 15, 2001

 Does Smirky deserve an Oscar?

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Subject: Just a thought,

For the last few days we have been hearing about the underhanded low life types
that run and use Napster from Colonel Oink.

Yet now what are we hearing over and over on the program?

A tape recording of John F. Kennedy speaking out on tax relief.
I guess if a recording is not directly from Napster one is free to use it
to generate ratings, visa-vi, personal gain.

He remains the envy of hypocrites everywhere!


Good point.
While railing at the unfairness of Napster, the vulgar Pigboy
is dragging a real American hero thru the fucking slime via sound clips
that are making the family of the dead hero scream with outrage.

...that son of a bitch.

Have I mentioned that I'd like to clean guns with Rush sometime?

From: MD

Subject: Bartcop's tax plan praised on nationwide radio

Nancy Skinner is hosting Mike Malloy's program and 'Daryl from Michigan'
told her about The BartCop Tax Plan.

Nancy went for it "big time" and she praised it as honest, certain, and actually stimulating
the economy, unlike Bush's stupid tax cut, and being a tiny fraction of Bush's cost.

This was thursday March 15 at 1:38 Pacific time.
Word is they talked about it for 19 minutes.

 The U2 Elevation Tour

 We've seen every U2 tour since 1987.
 Would sure like to see them this tour, too.

 Saw them do Joshua Tree in Tempe and St Louis in 1987.
 Saw them do Zoo TV in Dallas and St Louis in 1992.
 Got  Popt  in fabulous Las Vegas and St Louis in 1998.

 ...of course, they're not playing St Louis this time.

 Could you do me a favor?
 If you live in or near a town where U2 tickets are still available send me some e-mail, quick!
 Last night, I booked a flight to Chicago because said "tickets available."

 But after I booked my flight, I called TB and they said U2 had sold out all four nights.
 Son of a bitch.
 Why aren't they playing outdoor stadiums like last time?
 People cannot get enough of U2!

 In 1992, in Dallas I did a short on-camera interview with The Edge,
 but it's not like we're close friends and I can get tickets from him, or anything.

 Help me out with this, would you?

 If we can't find U2 tickets, we might hand-deliver some Chinaco Anejo to Christian Livemore in NY.


Subject: "Good" blacks

You're right, Juan Williams IS a dog.
Debra Dickerson wrote a column published in the Washington Post about the GOP's attempt
to convince black voters that they don't know what's good for them.  That's not the approach
they use to address any other group.  I think the Republicans have hit on a more socially
acceptable way to talk over blacks' heads to their real supporters:
"You blacks are on the side of all that's right and holy,
and you're being attacked by your own people, who greatly outnumber you."

Translation:  "The majority of blacks (the ones outside this room) are just as bad as we've always said they were."

The GOP's 'Good' Blacks
 by Debra Dickerson

Click  Here

Margaret, thanks for that.
Anything you recommend is worth reading.

 Smirk's Oil Buddies caught Like Rats

 Full Story

 Whore City--Stung by criticism that Washington has not responded strongly enough to
 California's energy crisis, federal regulators on Wednesday ordered two companies to prove
 that they did not take generating units out of service to drive up electricity prices.

 The commission ordered Williams Energy Marketing & Trading and AES Southland to show
 why they should not be forced to refund $10.8 million to California utilities for taking generating units
 offline last year. The action forced the utilities to pay higher prices for power.

 The commission said its investigation "determined that the companies appeared to have
 financial incentive to prolong any outages from these two generating units."


 You think?
 Like I said, whenever someone is rewarded billions of dollars for fucking up
 they will fuck up again and again and again.

 What kind of idiot would correctly forecast energy needs if he can make
 untold extra billions by inaccurately forecasting energy needs?

 We can't reward them for pretending they didn't know.

 Do they read  in Venezuela?

 According to Reuters news service, a January campaign attributed to Venezuelan military
 dissidents has seen more than 100 pairs of women's panties mailed to current military brass to
 make the symbolic point that the generals have been pushed around by President Hugo Chavez.

 If I had a bigger hammer,
 I'd ask thousands of people to mail pink panties to the spineless, scared bunny Democrats.
 The news wires love a story with panties in it, unless they're red and involve Smirky.

 Maybe the fake Democrats would then realize what pussies they have become.

 Chris The Screamer Calls Rush Show

 ...and Rush made him eat his own shit.
 Two minutes into the Screamer's "tirade," Rush made him eat it by quoting from
 Matthews's book, leaving the embarrassed traitor into gushing,
 "Gee, Rush, you always do your homework."

 Oh, Christ, what a great debater the Screamer is.

 Did he call JUST so Pigboy could humiliate him?
 Is he so far into the pocket of the right-wing that he's willing to sacrifice
 what's left of his dignity to prop-up the vulgar Pigboy?

 Just minutes into the exchange, Rush said, "I've always respected JFK - he's like Lincoln,
 he's above it, he's a martyr," and, of course, Matthews let him get away with those lies.

 I remember, Pigboy, and I'll call you on it even if your personal prick-gargler won't.
 I remember the day they lowered Jackie into the ground at Arlington, Rush said,

 "I wonder if that grave will be as cold as the bed she shared with John Kennedy?"

 That's respect?
 Saying that about the widow of a martyred president as they lower her body into the ground?

 ...and Matthews, Rush's personal whore, let him get away with it.


 Marc Perkel is starting a new directed at the whore media.

 It's  and he wants your imput.
 He's especially looking for cartoons and stories that are ...irreverent.
 (Actually, he said "The sicker the better.")

 So, if you have a picture of Cokie Roberts servicing a donkey,
 if you have a story (real or fictitious) about a run-in with the media,
 if you have a ani-gif of Paul Harvey committing a crime with a horse locked in a stanchion,
 Perkel wants to hear from you.

 Write him at

 Perkel has also expressed an interest on hosting anti-Smirk or anti-whore-media sites.
 If you're not happy with your Internet host, contact Perkel.

 ...speaking of fighting the media whores, have you been to lately?

 JennyQ always has interesting stuff over there.

 Open Letter to Chris the Screamer

 Click  Here

 Warning: Very, very bad language alert

 Stroke Me, Stroke Me

 "Nobody under 50 has ever heard the sound of JFK's voice."
    -- The vulgar one, yesterday.

 Koresh, that's stupid - even for a stroke victim.
 JFK was murdered by Republicans 37 years ago.
 Pigboy, your math is as accurate as your logic.

 Is there any doubt Survivor is rigged?

 It's my guess the producers intentionally made Jerri (the professional actress) the "bitch"
 so everyone would love to hate her. Every catty comment she makes is broadcast.
 (Did you notice she'd get with another cast member and always say "we" can't trust so-and-so?)

 Jerri has become the star of the show, and every week America tunes in to see if she gets hers.
 She's the 2001 version of Lexis Carrington, the bitch we love to hate.

 I don't know if the voting is rigged.
 I assume (could be a mistake) the cast members recognize their handwriting.
 Could they be so stupid that they don't?
 Could the producers be re-writing the votes and the cast is too stupid to realize that?

 The whole show, they talked about how the voting was wide open, and then at council,
 only two people had votes cast against them - what are the odds?

 Without a doubt, the reading of the votes is rigged.   They wanted everyone to think Jerri was going,
 only to have that snatched away at the last second so we could hate her more this next week.

 This means Jerri will be on the final show, right?
 I doubt she'll win, because that would leave a sour taste until Survivor Three begins,
 so they'll let Jerri stay until the end, then find a way for her to lose big-time on the final show.
 The editors deserve a raise. They are master manipulators.

 Tally Briggs / Actress at Large

 Click  Here

 Helping Smirk Pull the Wool

"Defending his reversal of a campaign pledge, Smirk said that 'an energy crisis'
  that threatened the nation's economic health caused him to decide not to try
  to regulate power plants' emissions of carbon dioxide,"
        -- the NY Times

 This "crisis" has been fabricated by the people who financed his election.
 They say they "underestimated" demand.
 Anytime someone makes a few billion extra dollars in profit, you can bet they'll
 make that same "mistake" over and over and over and over.

"Bush's global-warming reversal undercut his EPA chief and promises frictions with nations
 that signed the Kyoto Protocol. Intense behind-the-scenes debate led the president to
 backtrack on campaign pledges to regulate carbon dioxide as a pollutant."
  -- The Whore Street Journal

 Science proves he's lying

 Increase in Greenhouse Gases Seen From Space
     by Patricia Reaney

 LONDON (Reuters) - Scientists dispelled any lingering doubts about the increase of greenhouse
 gases in the atmosphere Wednesday with new evidence from satellites orbiting the Earth

 Full Story

 "President Bush's retreat on a campaign pledge to regulate power-plant emissions
   -- hailed by environmentalists as a breakthrough when Bush made it -- signals his
   eagerness to avoid antagonizing a narrowly divided Congress."
     -- The Washington Whore Post


 It's his own party he's running from.
 He's antagonizing the DEMOCRATS with this back-stabbing flip-flop.

 What a whore paper!
 Trying to convince us Smirk is polluting more to get along with Democrats!

 Did the Moonies buy BOTH Washington newspapers?


Subject: McDonald's Secret Ingredient


I was just reading the bottom of today's issue and noticed your comment about McDonald's
and shutting them down compared to the tobacco companies. God, I hate the tobacco companies.
Living in Taipei is like living in the states must have been in the fifties. Everybody smokes--up from
nobody five years and a shift in tobacco company strategy ago.
They believe that cool Americans all smoke.
I have seen eight year olds smoking here.
It is disgusting.
But on to McDonald's.

You will notice that every junk food product has three things in it--sugar, fat and salt.
Why do Doritos need sugar in them? Why does Coke need oil in it? (It has a little.)
Because the combination of these three elements increases consumption and desire for these products.
McDonald's puts sugar in its buns, trys to get you to buy a sugary drink as part of their mega-meals,
and the salt and fat are obvious. It isn't quite the same, but . . .
Look at turkey breast, not the good stuff but the cheap stuff.
Number two ingredient is often: corn syrup.


Good point, but they don't add ammonia and formaldehyde to make the cigarettes taste better.
It's specifically in there to rush that addictive high to your faster and stronger.
Maybe it's analogous to crack vs. powdered cocaine.
I've never done crack, but they say that first high is a mother-effer, and it's gone so fast
that you spend the rest of your life (and money) chasing a similar high to that first one.

 Some really good Napster arguments

 Click  Here

 I wish I could get my good friend Howie (president of Reprise Records) to join the dscussion,
 because he knows more about the subject than anyone and he surely is vehemently anti-Napster..

 Read the  Previous Issue

 It had everything.

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   Thanks for the fumble, Dude.

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