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Volume 445 - They Could Not Take Your Pride 
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 April 4, 2001

 BIG Night for TV - West Wing (no more basketball, thank Koresh) The Angie Harmon Show, Wife & Kids
 starring Daman Wayans is better than some sit-coms, but the hot new show is on Comedy Central.
 That's My Bush! premiers tonight. Have you read what happens in tonight's opener?
 Smirk accidentally executes a man, and he also hosts a dinner meeting with pro and anti-abortion forces.
 The anti-abortion side is led by a 30-year old talking fetus. Done by the South Park boys, it should be a riot.

 This just in:  "Not My President!" transcript available here   Watch it tomorrow.


 "My illness helped me to see that what was missing in society is what is missing in me; a little heart,
 a little brotherhood.  The 80's were about acquiring more wealth, power, and prestige than most.
 But you can acquire all you want and still feel empty. . . It took a deadly illness to put me eye to eye
 with that truth, but it is a truth that the country, caught up in its ruthless ambitions and moral decay,
 can learn on my time. I don't know who will lead us through the 90's, but they must be made to speak
 to this spiritual vacuum at the heart of American society this tumor of the soul."
       -- Lee Atwater on his deathbed, 1991

 Meanwhile, Atwater's number one student, Karl Rove, runs the White House with Uncle Dick.

 PS. There's a 'Karl Rove' character on "That's My Bush"
       You better be watching that tonight.
        It may blow, but if it doesn't, it could be spectacular.

 Bush Budget Cuts Aid to Uninsured

"President Bush's budget will propose deep cuts in a variety
  of health programs for people without health insurance," the NY Times reports.


 Subject: Good Job!!


 Thought I am still relatively new to your site, I wanted to take a moment to commend you
 on the work you are doing.  The leadership of this country is going to "hell in a handbasket"
 and dragging the country with it.  It's nice to see that someone out there is at least trying
 to force people to sit-up and take notice.

 Also, I read your debate transcripts as well as the after debate chat.
 Though the transcripts were incomplete, I do think that you did indeed win the debate.
 I still chuckle about some of the things in the after-debate chat.
 When it came time for Huckster to "put up or shut up", he shut up.


 Kail, thanks.

 You know, it's one thing to not want to debate. But when he shot his mouth off, and then got
 all shy on me with I called him out, it made him out to be a coward and a fool.

 False Alarm Hope

 Last night, on Leno, Martin Sheen said in tonight's West Wing,
 the president "begins his downward spiral with MS."

 Let's hope he was talking "funny," and that this is a false alarm.
 I don't want to watch a multi-epiosde arc where Bartlet deteriorates before our eyes.
 The show won't work without him, and nobody is going to watch a show with President Otter.

 Wouldn't that be just like Hollywood to have the best show on free TV and "fix it?"


Subject: Media misreports election AGAIN

Headline - Newspaper’s recount: Bush won

But futher down towards the BOTTOM the truth finally comes out

The Herald noted that although this portion of the project examined only undervotes,
The Herald, Knight Ridder, several other Florida newspapers and USA Today also
are conducting a full review of at least 110,000 overvotes — ballots for which machines
recorded more than one presidential candidate.

       That project should be concluded within a month.
       In addition, a group of national news organizations and Florida newspapers has hired
a University of Chicago research center to conduct a statewide survey of undervotes
and overvotes. That effort is still underway.


Fundamentalist Theology vs. Scientific Method
  by Gene Lyons

Click  Here  before the ditto-monkeys assassinate Lyons for having a brain.


Subject: Debate transcripts


   I just read the transcripts and all I can say is, I'm shocked.
Is this the standard result of your debates?
Do these "opponants" actually think they bested you?  Are they delusional?

It just proves the axiom, "Never get in an intellectual duel with the unarmed."
Or my favorite, "You've done nothing when you've bested a fool."

Lars (not the guy from Metallica)

Lars, Koresh as my witness, willcommer was one of the sharper ones.
Plus, he had the courage to show up!

I remember in Big debate Number One, with The Bird, when he called Clinton
"the most corrupt president in history," I mentioned the Bush pardons and he said, "What pardons?"

Oh, what I wouldn't give for a real debate...
It's tough to win a debate with someone who doesn't understand.

I know this sounds awful, but Mark McGwire can hit a fastball from Randy Johnson
a whoooooole lot farther than he could hit a fastball from Ol' BartCop.
I wish I could get a real sharpie in the hot seat one night.

BTW, there was a section of the debate that has yet to be transcripted. Early on, we were arguing
about Somalia. Willc said Bush pulled troops out of Somalia and Clinton put them back in.
I made him stake his reputation on that (which I'm sure isn't true) but I suddenly remembered
something about re-inforcements in Somalia. If a "second wave" was required, it still wouldn't
be Clinton's "sending them into battle," but where could a fella look something like that up?

Thanks for the note, and yes, it'd be great to debate someone who knew about politics and history.
I'm no textbook, myself, but I'm old and I have a decent memory.


"I voted for Bush, and I never voted for a Republican before.
 After what I've been through, I really enjoy seeing a couple in the White House
 who are in love with each other.   It's nice not to have to listen to any more
 late-night jokes on Jay Leno about  a president with a roaming libido."
   -- Kathleen Willey, who'd rather have a complete moron as president
       than the former running mate of an unfaithful spouse.

 Hey, Kathy, how's that book deal coming?

 Come with me, and visit Kathleen Willey's 15 minutes.

 Major Simmons Responds
  to yesterday's exchange


 American soldiers, sailors, Airmen and Marines routinely perform what are coined
 "Freedom of Navigation Operations" in various parts of the world.  15 years ago as a young sailor
 I participated in one off the coast of Russia on the Kamchutka peninsula.  That was during the cold war,
 and was a bit intense (We were alone and unafraid...our "little" cruiser against what seemed to be a large
 part of the Russian navy).

 We fly into other countries "claimed" airspace, steam into their "claimed" waters, and do this not only
 to protect our rights under international law, but other nations as well.  This as been going on long before
 our current president.  It will continue for the foreseeable future.  You ask if I "know for a fact" that the
 plane was in international airspace?  No.  I was not part of the crew.  But based on my current and past
 experience, I doubt we would blatantly and intentionally violate international law in this manner.
 Not everything is a conspiracy.

 I'm with you so far.

 You ask if we would launch planes against a Chinese plane over 12 Nautical miles from our coast.
 I believe yes, as the Chinese did.  Would we "splash" the plane?  No.  Other countries (on the east coast particularly)
 routinely press our territorial limits.  That's part of the game...again it has been going on for some time.
 They spy on us, we spy on them.  And everyone stays behind lines (usually).

 Further, had we been in Chinese airspace, you can bet China would be screaming about that...check the press,
 BBC, Sidney, no one is reporting that.  None.

 You use subtlety well Bartcop.  But you miss, or refuse to acknowledge the same (at least in regards to my last letter).
 Or perhaps I am losing my touch.  Let me be blunt...There is not a shred of evidence that suggests we were in
 Chinese Airspace. None.  We fly and drive "close" to China, Indonesia, Vietnam, Iraq, Russia (pick a country here)
 all the time.  All the evidence available to the public from all the sources (including China) states that two planed
 collided in international airspace.  If you really believe the current administration sent a fat, slow, cargo plane on a
 mission to play bumper cars over the south china sea to somehow start a war...well, hats off to you.

 Having surrenders the word "over" and substituting "near," I'm not sure why you press that point.

 Your piece and counter imply heavily that we were in Chinese airspace, or somehow breaking the rules with a cover-up.
 I never implied this or any other administration was free from cover-up.  I reserve that opinion for other forums a bit
 less public.  However, your leveraging this particular incident as a way to point blame at the current administration
 is wrong. Retracting the word "over" with the qualification printed above is a joke


 Major Philip E. Simmons
 Staff Judge Advocate
 11th Marine Expeditionary Unit

 Major, I continue to be confused.
 Real Catholics believe that every word from the Pope's mouth is dogma.
 If you're asking me to believe the government ( and Bush) the same way, I can't go there.

 I notice you didn't address the Gary Powers/Gulf of Tonkin/Iran-Contra part of my reply
 that proves the government often lies to us. I can understand, in your position, you're not
 supposed to question your commanding officers, but how do you know you're getting
 the complete story from our government?

 Statistically, you may know a guy suffering from Gulf War Syndrome.
 Do you think he thinks the government never tells a lie?

 Do me this favor: Don't assume that, because I think Bush is an inept liar, that somehow I am
 anti-American or pro-China. If worse comes to worse, we could agree to disagree on this,
 but I can't change what I believe because I don't want to offend someone who may be incorrect.
 In a few weeks we'll have more information.


“It's the opening week of baseball season, which means it must be time
 for George Will and his ilk to spew about the pristine majesty of ‘our national pastime.’
 This year's bloviation is even worse than usual, because it includes hoo-ha from
 a newly prominent and all-too-powerful fan: President George W. Bush.”
     David Plotz, in Slate


Subject: abortion vs. cloning


Let's take the "Napster rule of inevitability" here to excuse an assumption that Cloning
will eventually become a reality. Even if the Conservatives, or whoever for that matter,
ban cloning - let's say it happens anyway and it results in cloned human beings.

Will these same people who declare that an unformed fetus is a fully legal human being also propose to
protect the fully formed cloned human beings' lives, or do you think they'd prefer to have them executed?

I'm betting on the latter.


 Can this be?

 "Dan Rather recently served as the star attraction at a Democratic Party fundraiser,"
   the Washington Post reports.

 "Rather explained that he had not realized beforehand that the event was a fund-raiser."
   the Boston Globe says.

  Does this mean it's possible to attend a fundraiser and not know it beforehand?

 Ted Rall is one of the best.

 Click  Here

 April 4, 1968

     One man come in the name of love
     One man come and go
     One man come to justify
     One man to overthrow

     In the name of love
     What more in the name of love
     In the name of love
     What more in the name of love

     One man caught on a barbed wire fence
     One man he resist
     One man washed on an empty beach.
     One man betrayed with a kiss

     In the name of love
     What more in the name of love
     In the name of love
     What more in the name of love

     (nobody like you...)

     Early evening, April 4
     Shot rings out in the Memphis sky
     Free at last, they took your life
     They could not take your pride

     Click  Here

 Last Night's Debate Transcript

 Remember this guy?


 Subject: Love it?

 I wish to thank you for putting up your  web site.
 The stress relief liberals experience from viewing your site must be fantastic.
 It must be a great pleasure for you to express yourself so emotionally,
 without needing to resort to facts, logic, or reason. You and your fellow
 liberal contributors have cleansed your human souls, having removed
 all traces of logic and rational thought from your minds.

 ...and do you remember the first thing I said?

>How many times have we been here?

>You say my problem is a lack of facts, logic and reason?
>So, you'd have no trouble taking me apart in a live one-on-one debate, right?

 Since that day, Willc and I have been trading e-mails, trying to find a night to debate.
 His biggest concern was that I had to be civil, and I assured him I would be.
 I always start out nice - it's the smart move.
 We settled on Monday at 9 PM, so I contacted Genslab and asked him to moderate.
 (In this case, "moderate" means lock the other chatters out, so we could do battle)

 So, Monday at 9, Gens and I were there - but Willc didn't show.
 Did I make a big thing out of it?
 Did I come on Tuesday with a bunch of "Neener, neener, Willc's a coward?"
 Nooooooo, I gave him the bene of the doubt and assumed something came up.
 See what a nice and fair guy I am?

 Last time I tried a debate, around 120 people showed up and it overloaded the system,
 so I decided to do this on the hush-hush. Besides, we'd always have the transcript.

 So early last night, Tuesday, I got an e-mail from Willc saying "Debate tonight?"
 So, the debate was on:

 I was hoping to get a full transcirpt of the debate, but so far I don't have it.
 However, I managed to grab two chucks of it.

 As things were heating up, my computer crashed.
 When is came back up, it started all than "Scandisk" crap, so I opted out
 and it came up in SAFE MODE, which is a real pain.

 Chunk one of the transcript starts when I got back from the crash.

 Click  Here  for the middle of the debate

Oops, bc crashed & burned again!

You're about to eat it, son

 Chunk two was the post-debate chatter.
 The post-debate chatter was funny as hell.

 Click  Here for the post-debate chatter

 If anyone got the whole debate recorded, send me a copy  ...for the archives.

 So, after a long set-up of "Are you going to be civil in this debate?" you can see
 it was willcommer who lost his cool and started with the pitiful insults.

 As you saw in the post-debate chatter, JesseHuckster talked real, real big,
 until I tried to pin him down for a Thursday night ass-whoopin'
 but he had trouble finding his keyboard when the challenge was made (repeatedly)

 All ditto-monkeys are cowards - that's why they need Rush to be their brains and courage.
 And when I brag about beating them up, it's not that I'm Mr. Know It All or Mr. Debate.
 It's just so easy to win when you're right and the other guy is a misled sheep.

 So, what do you say, JesseHuckster?
 Think you can do as good a job as your friend Willcommer? (chortle)
 Can you grow a pair by tomorrow night at 9 PM CST?

 ...and do you think I'll ever get to debate someone
    who has the slightest clue about politics or history?


Subject: AOL can't find your site?


Who knows what evil lurks in the minds of men.
If I punch up in my AOL browser, it says it can't find the site.
I click on an old issue (Vol 366 - Strategery) that I had saved as a favorite place,
scroll to the bottom to your link and Viola, today's Bartcop Rants.
Just thought you'd like to know, there may be others with the same problem.



Is it possible to set up mirror sites, with a dummy name?
Like that big corporations would allow
that would actually have the  content?

Editor's note: Wolf does these killer 'toons


  "Jesse Jackson is a worthless f-ing nigger, and he's going down."
     -- Vic, the racist at work

 I told Vic if they succeed in destroying Jesse Jackson, the Republicans will
 throw a party almost as big as the one they threw the night of April 4, 1968.

 It goes without saying that the same forces who fabricated Clinton's "scandals" took part in MLK's murder.
 That makes me fucking sick.

 ...and the press just play along, doing what they're told...


 Read the  Previous Issue

 It had everything.

 Copyright © 2001,
   Thanks for the fumble, Dude.

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