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Volume 490 - Par for the Curse

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 I'm finding requests for ad information buried in the mail pile, so I have a mail box for business purposes.
 To request ad information, or to threaten me a lawsuit, use

 June 6, 2001.  .....   ...Advertise on    ..... .......SPORTS..  ...........  ..Did you hear it? 
 VCR Alert
- U2 TONIGHT at halftime of NBA Game on NBC
 Also, Cards vs Cubs (Mac vs Sammy) in a white-hot division rivalry on WGN. 

From:  mukherji@MIT.EDU

Subject: Media "whores"?

Mr. Bartcop,

I think you do a great disservice to whores by comparing them with the
media outlets that we have to face everyday.  Whores are not nearly as
corrupted as the media corporations.  They are often just trying to scrape
by and keep food on the table.  The media, however, has attempted to
undermine the very fabric of our nation of laws.

Horseshit, on the other hand, is very appropos.

Nevertheless your site remains an inspiration to me.
Hammer away!

Shankar Mukherji

 Don't forget

Justice Department Finds No Racial Bias in Death Penalty


A Justice Department review of federal cases has concluded there is no evidence of racial bias
in the application of capital punishment, Attorney General John Ashcroft said Wednesday.

"Our analysis has confirmed that black and Hispanic defendants were less likely at each stage
of the department's review process to be subjected to the death penalty than white defendants," Ashcroft said.

The study released last year showed that of 682 defendants charged with capital offenses between 1995 and 2000,
80 percent were minorities and 20 percent were white.  Ultimately during this period, 20 defendants were sentenced
to death, of which 20 percent were white and 80 percent minorities.

Hey, if Ashcroft said it, ...that's good enough for me.
After all, he claims he's a Christian and they never lie...

 My mistake

 A Note about that World War II Project

 Response has been very, very good about the WWII project.
 I would've thought more people would've been interested in writing about sports
 than World War II, but I was wrong, and that's cool.

 But, I forgot to mention that the person in charge needs to know html.

 We have about 8 serious volunteers who want to take on this project.
 Maybe, like with the sports, we need a manager-type who knows html.
 He or she could coordinate "team coverage" of this massive assignment,
 like a CNN news editor covering Desert Storm..

 Maybe have one person doing the "play by play," another doing "color."
 Maybe have one "team leader" doing Japan and another doing Germany.
 Maybe have another person covering the civilian reaction at home.

 It could easily overwhelm one person, and I'd hate it if it started out great
 but that one person got burned out, so maybe a team would do it better.

 So - we need a "producer" who knows html who can compile the pieces.
 (It won't help to send me non-formatted text. That takes hours to translate.)
 If you wrote to volunteer, please write again to with
 your html expertise ( level is OK) and willingness to work with others.
 If you want to be producer or a reporter, lemme know.

 We need to get started on "Project 60"
 Hitler has already been in power for two years.

 We've already missed the fall of France, the retreat from Dunkirk,
 the beginnings of the Blitz, the Battle of Britain etc. (Thanks, Nick)


Subject: Yes, one last letter about Casey Martin

One of Parkinson's original laws (the Third Law, I think) states that the amount of time
and fervor spent on a debate or discussion is inversely proportional to its relative importance.
From the dialog I have seen on this so far (from you as well as the responders),
this issue has reached a fever pitch.

I do not recall people getting this upset when the election was stolen last winter.

In all the argument of the last week, has anyone considered the irony of Scalia
(and his golf partner Slappy) defending the game of golf more thoroughly than
the rules of a presidential election?  I can only wish they had the same dedication
to the "rules of the game" there.  This bugs me a lot more than the damn golf cart.
I have been waiting for someone to point this out, but everyone seems more
interested in winning the debate.

Still reading and enjoying,

Nobody is more sick of the Casey Martin issue than me.
I'd enjoy not printing another letter on it.
It caused a lot of long-term damage.

 Time to get the lead out
  Keep those insults coming
    by Gene Lyons

  Click  Here

 Knowing he'd done it, Hubbell nevertheless accepted an appointment from Clinton to the second highest
 job in the Department of Justice. Then when his thefts came to light in Little Rock, Hubbell stonewalled.
 Because some partners, Hillary Clinton included, couldn't make themselves believe he'd betray them,
 the Rose firm conducted a painstaking internal investigation over  many months. It caused considerable strife,
 cost a small fortune and was dishonestly used by the Clintons' political enemies to make the entire firm look crooked.

 This Just In...

 Tim McVeigh (R-Nitrate) has been denied a fair trial by our can't-make-a-mistake government
 and will be executed even tho he did not get to face his accusers.

 Why should Jenna even bother with college?
 She can drink like crazy for the next 21 years, without having to show up for any work duties,
 pay for (or have) an abortion, get addicted to cocaine, screw every other guy in Mexico and still
 be president of Exxon-Mobil, General Motors or the United States, for that matter.

 If Daddy wants her to be president, she will be, and the press won't ask any questions.

Arkansas Governor is Soft on Crime!
Whitewater Felon David Hale's Sentence to Be Commuted
 Ted Olson's best friend gets a free ride from partisan whore Gov. Huckabee,
 who has been posing as a conservative Christian all these years.

 whore 4 sale           crooked judge

 Arkansas Gov. Huckabee plans to grant clemency to David Hale.
 Hale had been the key rat in Hardon Kenny's Cock Hunt.

 E-mail this crooked governor-on-the-take bastard.
 Tell him he's a fraud and a hypocrite.

From: (withheld)

Subject: Your recent debate

Bart, I just read half of your debate, and I think I heard the best line on
the tax cut and the deficit from a Wisconsin congressman.  (I think.)

He said, "If the taxpayers own the surplus, then who owns the debt?"

I think it's a great line to use when you're talking about paying down drooling Ronnie's massive debt.
Just a thought...

Deputy Andy.

 Have you read that fascinating story in the Rolling Stone with The Rock on the cover?

 Who Killed Biggie Smalls?

 They say it was Suge Knight, the guy who Vanilla Ice claims held hin over a railing in a Miami
 highrise and made him sign over his rights to "Ice, Ice, Baby," which he stole from Queen.

 Rolling Stone says Knight killed Tupac, too, to avoid paying him $4,000,000 and
 because Tupac was about to bolt from Knight's label, Death Row records.
 He killed Smalls because he was (at the time) the biggest rapper on the East coast.

 How was this done?
 Crooked cops.

 They say Suge sat in the car with Tupac during the hit as an "alibi," hoping the shooters had good aim.
 They also say Knight paid a guy to be beaten up by Knight so the security cameras at the MGM Grand
 would give him another alibi, and throw Tupac's killer's motives into a cloud.

 They say Tupac and Smalls each had off-duty LA cops as bodyguards, but they
 kept quiet about witnessing the hits because, ...well, ...because they're crooked.

 Click  Here  to read the Top 10 Reasons Why Suge Killed 2Pac

 ...and why, after all this time, haven't the LA cops made an arrest?
 Because blacks don't deserve justice?

 IF the LA cops know for a fact that both hits were witnessed by LA cops,
 why are they just sitting on that information?

 Good article...

 Bush Rally in Tampa

  Click  Here interviews Al Franken
  Thanks to Voltai News, who's back in business.  Welcome back, Volt!

 Click  Here

 Salon:  I'm going to give you a few names and I want you to tell me the first word that comes to mind.

 Salon: Bill O'Reilly.

 Franken: O'Reilly fucker.

 CAL told me she's never seen Monument Valley in Arizona

 There's nothing like driving around out west.

 FDR Feedback
    by Ray Coleman

 Click  Here

President Gump
 by Isaac Peterson

 Click  Here

 Remember the hit George Sr. ordered on Randy Weaver's innocent wife?

 F.B.I. Agent Can Be Charged in Idaho Siege, Court Rules
   by Evelyn Nieves

 Click  Here

 From: (withheld)

 Subject: SR-71 Blackbird

 Heya Bartcop,

 The premature demise of the Area (the Ranch, Watertown, what have you) is just a
 rumor spread by shoddy reporting (wow, how unique).  The Popular Mechanics writer
 who went down there a few years ago and reported "no activity" included directions to
 a place nowhere near the facility.  In other words, he was lost.
 No surprise he saw nothing, because he was, well, nowhere.

 The Utah thing is a red herring, or a mistake, or something along those lines.
 People I know who have nothing but spare time and have camped out near the supposed
 "new" test facility say there's nowhere near enough activity to support the theory.

 Speaking of spare time, if you have any (ha), you can visit my website about finding the
 crash site of one of the Area's more notorious previous tenants, the SR-71 Blackbird.
 Interesting, it seems, just to guys... must be another gender myth under construction.

 Keep the faith,

 Click  Here

Scrappy-Doo Spoiled It
  by Maureen Dowd - she hates everybody

Click  Here

Hillary is a shark.
I hate her.
Hillary is a shark.
I can't think of anything to write.
People think I'm so goddamn clever,
but I'm a fraud and a whore.
I hate everybody.
Hillary is a shark.

 Traficant Cries Rape
  Formerly sane Demo wooed by crooked GOP

 Click  Here

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