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Volume 489 - Barstool Politics

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 VCR Alert
- U2 will perform at halftime of NBA Finals Game 1 - Wednesday -

 BartCop Challenges Clark Howard

 You know Clark Howard, right?
 He's a consumer advocate guy, usually running on the same stations as Rush & Laura.

 Today, Clark said,
 "Your best bet when you get your tax rebate is to PAY YOUR CREDIT CARDS OFF."

 Funny, that's not what President Weak & Stupid says.
 The Republicans say there's NO NEED to pay off the debt, that we should give that money
 to the richest Americans so they can buy another yacht, another Lexus or another house in Aspen.

 Since Clark seems to think paying your bills is a smart move, why would he endorse a radical prick
 like Wes Minter, who is, take my word for it, a bigger asshole than Rush OR Hannity.
 ( I realize that's a powerful statement, but it's true.)

 It seems there are two possibilities, here:
 1. Clark is a hypocrite wo thinks families should pay their debts but America shouldn't.
 2. He has sold his endorsement to a right-wing handjob who he doesn't really endorse.

 Looking ahead for possible weaseling by Clark, let me say this:
 When you say, "Wes Minter is my kind of man," and that man is more obnoxious
 than Rush or Sean Hannity, you can't back up and say, "Well, I met him once or twice
 and he seemed like a decent guy, so I gave him my endorsement."

 No, you don't do that with crazed wingers from either end of the spectrum.
 So, in an effort to get the truth, I went to

 I looked and looked but couldn't find a "feedback" button or a "contact us," button.
 Why would a consumer complaints specialist hide behind a wall with no contact address?

 Or, sure, you can write him snail mail that he can ignore.
 And you can call his office and get a busy signal or talk to an "I don't know nothing" employee,
 but can you believe he doesn't accept e-mails on his website?

 You can e-mail the webmaster, which I'm sure is for technical help, but there seems to be
 no way to contact the man who seems to be perpetrating a fraud on the public.

 So, I signed up for his posting boards (the "Clark stinks" board) and left this message:

 Is Clark Howard a fraud?

 There's a Rush Limbaugh clone in Oklahoma named Wes Minter. He's a clone and he's even more
 obnoxious than Rush, and he plays a promo everyday where Clark says, "Wes Minter is my kind of guy."
 Since Minter is a right-wing radical nut, that makes you think Clark is a Republican. Yet today, the 5th,
 Clark said, "When you get your tax rebate, your best bet is to pay off your credit cards," which is
 EXACTLY the opposite of what Bush is doing.

 We should be paying off the debt, but Bush is on a spending spree, instead. That means either Clark
 gave a fraudulent endorsement for Wes Minter   or   he's a hypocrite for telling families to pay their bills
 while shilling for a right-wing demagogue who thinks paying bills comes last.  So, which is is, Clark?

 Did you phoney up an endorsement for a supply-side nutjob like Wes Minter or were you being a
 hypocrite for telling families to pay their bills when you don't believe that's what's best for the country?


 Will he answer?
 Or will he find it easier to ignore?

 Click  Here to see the posting and/or replies

 Bush's double standard
  The president demands severe punishment for drug and alcohol offenders
   -- unless they're members of the Bush clan.
  By Joe Conason

 Click  Here

 In the situational ethics that now define conservatism,
 cracking down on kids who drink was a great national imperative,
 until that policy meant political trouble for a Republican in the White House.

 We had a "promptu" debate last night.

 Michael Gardner was the ...opponent.

 Mr Conservative was the moderator and did a very good and fair job.
 He only stepped in occasionally, to clarify or move things along.
 I'd like him to moderate the next debate, if he'd agree to that.

 No big-time fireworks here, just thought I'd post this for the record.
 It's been cleaned up a little - no sense in wasting time trying to figure out
 what phrases such as "Reagan was the biggest spedner" mean.

 Click  Here

 Also, for you dittoheads who say I'm not worth debating because,
 "All you do is insult people," a quick look at this would prove how wrong you are.


Subject: FAQ

How do you view FDR in relation to Bill Clinton, in regard to historical impact,
political savvy, charisma, and the ability to drive right-wingers into a frothing frenzy?


Like gerrymandering, I don't have a lot of opinions on FDR, but I have guesses.
FDR died more than eight years before I was born.

Certainly, FDR had a bigger historical impact, because of the times.
Clinton had the "bad luck" to avoid catastrophe, so we never got to see him
rally an embattled nation to defeat a world-threatening force.

I'd be surprised as hell if FDR was more political savvy than Clinton,
but the times were so different it's hard to say.

Charisma would probably go to Clinton, too.
Driving right-wingers crazy?   Probably Clinton again.

FDR didn't have Richard Mellon Scaife financing a fabricated story about state troopers
and girlfriends and he didn't have a sex-crazed hardon like Ken Starr threatening the president's
friends, family and business partners with death in prison if they failed to deliver false evidence.

(Susan McDougal, if you ever need anything - you got it.)

FDR wasn't impeached by a howling pack of religio-crazed, white-power cock-hunters.
FDR didn't have worldwide cable channels and the New York Whore Times
hammering him 24/7/52/8 for fathering babies with skid row crack whores.
FDR didn't have a whore court undercutting his civil rights at every turn.

FDR had it easy - he just had to contend with a depression, Tojo and Hitler.


 "John McCain is so mentally unbalanced,
   he screams his own name during sex."
     --the vulgar Piboy, third hour Tuesday

   ...and what did YOU do during the war, Rush?


Subject: I'm with you, BC

File this under "as if I gave a shit about golf."

Well, another spectacularly bad decision from the Whore Court. That's four in seven months.
- First they select Drinky McDumbass to be the President;
- then they say cops can handcuff you and take you to jail for the most minor offense;
- next they say "Fuck cancer and AIDS patients, marijuana is baaaad."
- Now lame millionaires can ride motorized vehicles in sports events.

Hey Cubby, here's a clue: maybe it's time to retire from that "sport" and do something worthwhile with your life.
The ADA is right, but the Supreme Court is wrong.

BC, if fans are willing to dump you over this,
I say they were never fans in the first place.
Fuck 'em.


GOP Pol Urges New Probe Of Office Vandalism Charge
 A conservative abortionist wants to reopen the investigation
 into whether Clinton aides trashed the White House.

The move by Rep. Bob Barr (R-It was a Girl he had killed) comes as Democrats demand an apology
for the unproven vandalism charges and after White House staffers over the weekend detailed,
for the first time, the alleged antics.

"I welcome any number of independent investigations into this matter," said Rep. Anthony Weiner
(D-Brooklyn), who delivered a letter demanding an apology on Friday.

Barr's call could create problems for the Bush administration because it failed to turn over any
evidence to the General Accounting Office, which closed the books on the charges in April.
A spokesman had said President Bush wanted the probe to go away, since they'd gotten
all the mileage they needed with the help of the Clinton-hating press.

Weiner spokeswoman Serena Torrey has said that Bush aides may have violated federal law if they
did not cooperate with the GAO. But the White House has said it simply did not keep a paper trail.
"Staff members had been keeping track of that information only in their head,"
said Bush spokeswoman Claire Buchan.

If only there were some senate Democrats willing to fight...

 Rush's morning update made mincemeat out of the Democrats.
 He said,

 "Now that the Bush team has cleaned up the vandalism in the White House,
   and after they've decided to be big about the whole thing and not press it,
   NOW the Democrats are wanting proof - five months later."

 This is a great tactical move for Rush, Bush and the GOP.

 The truth is, most Democrats believed the White House trashing rumors.
 They were so ashamed of Clinton on January 20, they just wanted him to leave.

 The Marc Rich pardon?

 He's guilty, of course.

 White House vandalism?

 He's guilty of course.

 Stripping Air Force One?

 He's guilty of course.

 The stab-in-the-back Democrats assumed everything that Team Smirk said was true.

 Well, I didn't wait - I spoke out.

 From Volume 393, dated Janury 26, 2001

 I'm catching a lot of shit for saying the White House was NOT trashed.

 Tell me, is there any EVIDENCE that it happened?
 Besides the word of a crazed ditto-monkey Smirk employee, I mean?

 That's not evidence, folks.
 Evidence would be PICTURES of the terrible, terrible vandalism.

 Are there any pictures?
 Is there any evidence?

 If there are pictures, why won't Yahoo or somebody print them?

 ...and people are buying what the whore press is selling!

So, as a result, Rush gets to say the Democrats waited until after Team Bush cleaned up to
demand to see the evidence, and in this case the Republicans win because the stab-in-the-back
Democrats didn't have an ounce of faith in the only repeat winner we've had since 1940.

Scared and stupid - that's our Democratic Party - handing unearned victories to Smirk.

Why did we wait 5 months to demand to see the evidence?

Scared and stupid - that's our Democratic party.

 The productivity of U.S. workers logged its sharpest fall in eight years
 during the first three months of the year while signs of wage pressure
 emerged with the largest gain in labor costs in more than a decade, the
 government said on June 5, 2001. (Reuters Graphic)


Subject: Pulling punches

> I have a tendency to keep my guns holstered when "debating" a Democrat.
> That could change.

Tell me it ain't so, BC!

I'd much rather read you
bashing ethnic groups,
denigrating women,
trivializing the popular "for our children" line (ha ha re George Carlin)
than see you go soft on Democrats!

We can take it;
we thrive on it;
we grow stronger because of it.

Give us hell!

ha ha


Jenna Bush

Rock band Journey plays in Vegas
LAS VEGAS - Members of  Journey say they've got a lot in common with Las Vegas,
where they headlined over the weekend. Neither is new and both have been evolving
over the decades. "Vegas has evolved into a world-class place for entertainment," said
Journey's new lead singer, Steve Augeri, who joined the band in 1998.

Journey, which consists of three of its original members from the 1970s and a new drummer,
is also setting off for "new frontiers," Augeri added.
Guitarist Neal Schon, an original member, referred to Las Vegas as New York City on steroids.
"No one ever sleeps," he said.

Schon likes to hit the casinos' slot machines when he's in town but Augeri said
he just likes to find a pool to lounge by. Journey headlined for the Junefest 9 event.

Steve Perry was never my favorite,
but can you have Journey without him?

From: quirk

Subject: area 51/groom lake is still there and of late are up to
            testing something currently have been driving art bell crazy

By the way, just how much of your opinion on the golf decision is influenced by the fact
of who make the decision? colored by their installing smirk$co?
a knee jerk reaction that you haven't accounted for.

I'm not sure I smell what you're cookin', but let me say it would've been so easy to bash Tony Scalia
and his pet monkey than to take a stand that 90 percent of liberals disagree with to the extent
that they they're bailing on me with a "fuck you, and goodbye forever."

If some other universe, calling it as I see it may be seen as courageous.
I figured my position might be unpopular, but I didn't expect the long knives.

I disagree on that opinion. Still, you're my first stop on he net.
I know 20 years ago locally in the high school golf teams you could use a cart.
I asked, because i wanted to use my parents cart. they said i could, then dad said no,
was woried i couldn't handle the trailer. (you know females can't handle such a manly thing
like driving as well as a male or the even more male thing of backing up a trailer (giggle).

My Question: As an apache spirit walker, i'm asking if you have considered the fact
your reaction to the golf decision is because it's by the whore court.   i strongly suspect it is.
(and people wonder why my handle is Rock Quirk!)

keeping keeping on and at least consider it.
universe bless you,
dsylexic diane in kdrag west (spokane wa)

Again, I'm puzzled by the question.
I don't trust the whore court at all.
They ruled against Clinton at every turn, throwing out spousal privilege, attorney-client privilege,
forcing a frivilous lawsuit on a sitting president, forcing the Secret Service to testify AFTER they
said it would endanger the president, etc etc.

Then O'Connor blurted out, "Oh, No!" when they called Florida for the rightful winner,
and they expect us to believe their claims of impartiality?

The safer move would've been to curse Scalia and his pet ditto-monkey.

...but tell me more about Art Bell and the new toys being tested at Area 51.


Subject: Las Vegas -- Boring ? You Worry too much

  As far as I am concerned, entertainment ain't required.
It would be fun to put some faces to some characters,
however I would most enjoy toasting my (very) first shot of Chinaco to you...

(Then maybe rent you a golf cart)


ha ha

How about a speedboat ride on Lake Mead, instead?
Y'know what's really great?

The river/lake just below the damn, between Vegas and Searchlight, Nevada.
The water is blue/black and the rock formations shooting out of the water are vermillion,
and when the canyon narrows, the walls are close enough to touch with your hands.
What could be better than that?
They'll rent you a bad-boy speedboat for half a day for less than $100.

If one was inclined, one could float on the most gorgeous water one ever saw
while responsibly sipping a shot of fine luxury tequila while burning a splif.

I should post some pictures, huh?

If only this were 10 percent true...

 Betty Bowers is at it again!

 Click  Here


 "How about those Bush twins, J and B?
   They say if the press doesn't back off,
   Jenna and Barbara will be traded to another team - the Kennedys."
    -- Dave

  Better watch out, Dave.
  Uncle Karl doesn't like Bush jokes,
  and Team Smirk plays hardball.


Subject: Questions to ask Arie Fleischer WERE asked last night


I don't know if you watched Hannity & Colmes Monday night, but they had that jerk John Fund
from the WSJ and a former Clinton administration lawyer on.

Maybe that Demo lawyer read your message from Tamara Baker because he matched Fund and Hannity
yell for yell with "Where is your proof!" and "Show me the paperwork" and "Show me the documentation."

Of course the punks weaseled saying that Bush didn't catalog the damages because he wanted to "change the tone."
Then why doesn't Bush tell Fleischer to shut up?


Steve, exactly.
It'd be like me giving a speech at the White House Correspondent's Dinner party and saying,
"I don't want to bring up the alleged rape charges that were never filed against Bill Bennett,
  so don't even ask me about it because I want to change the tone in Washington."

...and the whore press lets Team Smirk get away with it when they KNOW they're lying.

 Today in History

 June 5, 1968:
 Bobby Kennedy was assassinated after claiming victory in California's presidential primary.
 Alleged gunman Sirhan Sirhan was arrested after Rosie Grier broke his goddamn thumb
 getting his finger off the trigger.

 Did Sirhan Sirhan shoot RFK?

 Click  Here

 The tests  showed conclusively that the victim bullets matched a gun that was not Sirhan’s.

 I'm not trying to drum up something that's not there, but I've known for decades that
 they found two different sized bullets in the walls of that kitchen at the Ambassador Hotel.

 Perhaps Bojan needs another page?


Subject: some things wrong with PEARL HARBOR

Dear Bartcop,

I generally don't pick cinematic nits. . . . well, that's a lie; I do it all the time.  But within my narrow naval frame of reference, Pearl Harbor suffers from considerable floating anachronisms that, were analogous errors to present themselves as aircraft or infantry gear, would get the movie laughed out of the theatre.  Knox-class frigates, Spruance- and Arleigh Burke-class destroyers, and Nimitz-class carriers may pass among land-lubbers as 1941-vintage warships, but to an tin can sailor such as myself, these modern vessels--some having only come into the fleet in the last ten years--make as much historical sense as showing Eddie Rickenbacker flying an F-4 Phantom or Audie Murphy packing an M-16.  Kind of ruins it for me.  Now, I realize that old four-pipers are pretty hard to come by (I think there's one left) and the Imperial Japanese flat-tops that participated in the sneak attack litter the bottom of the Pacific from Midway to Leyte.  But they can do wonderful things with computers these days (like, uh . . . e-mail), and the producers did such a great job reproducing the battle wagons; it's too bad they didn't show a little more care with the rest of the fleet.

Yer frinn,

Bonezan, you could be right, as WWII-era ships is one of the many thing I don't know about.
However, on the History Channel they did a thing about "Hollywood or History," and the
historians gave Pearl Harbor high marks for ship authenticity.
Maybe they were speaking in general and you're being specific.

Hard to believe they'd put in ships from the 90's at 1941 Pearl Harbor, tho...

 I'm not saying Bush Sr had anything to do with the death of JFK.

 They are.

 Click  Here


Subject: Unloading your guns

The PGA, during qualifying school, allows you to use a cart.  Thereby the PGA is saying to its potential qualifiers
that to get your tour card, and to compete with the other pros, it is OK to use a cart.  The PGA bills the senior
tour as "real golf", and they are allowed to use a cart.  Casey Martin passed qualifying school, so he CAN compete
with the rest of the field, provided he has a cart.  The PGA has been inconsistent on the usage of carts and came
back to bite in the ass.  This isnt so much as Martin's victory, as it is the PGA's stupidity.  I can understand where
you think others will cry for a cart should they be injured, but the fact of the matter is, that if walking was so important,
then carts should NEVER be used in any PGA sanctioned event.  The PGA's consistency, or lack thereof, cost them
this ruling.  If they would have settled on it before making it a legal issue, then things could have been worked out,
without any legal ramifications.  But again the PGA got snotty, and refused Martin's request.
If they would have made 1 exception, they could have avoided this whole mess.


Jason, thanks for the civil tone.
One thing I noticed in your note was this line:

Casey Martin CAN compete with the rest of the field, ...provided...

That's the crux.
If enough provisions are made, if enough rules are bent/ignored, then Casey can compete.

   This fine toon by Rex Babin of the Sacramento Bee, a fine paper

 Tally Briggs / Actress at Large

 Karma's a Bitch

 Click  Here

 The Bush Nazi Connection

 Click  Here

From: ben

Subject: Vegas Vacation and Area 51

Hey Bartcop,
I stopped by Area 51 two years ago on a motorcycle road trip and it's still there, in security anyway.
Get too close and the white Jeeps come out - it's pretty freaky.
They've got a great museum, too.  Worth the visit.

Name the date and I'll be there in Vegas - just be mindful that some of us hard-cores are working
on off-year stuff and would prefer something mindful of election day this year.

Keep up the good fight!

Ben, did you see anything crazy flying around?
And yeah, those white Jeep boys are ex-Seals - they mean business,
but if you're not over the line, they'll just "be there," and not attack.

  By Jordan Smith and Andy Geller, Rupert's apologists

Click  Here

Being in the national spotlight is not something Jenna and Barbara have ever sought.

They value their privacy intensely, and their reluctance to become public figures was
a big issue when the family was deciding whether Dubya should run for the presidency.

They knew that Washington had become Whore City.
Washington is ten times the cesspool it was in 1993.
They knew exactly what they were getting into - a situation where "payback" was king.

But Weak & Stupid couldn't rape California as governor of Texas, now could he?


What the Bush daughters STORY means:
Not what the media SAYS it means

(that everybody screwed up at their age--some did, some didn't). Also, should we cover it?
The UT college newspaper editor dude said, no, that hundreds/thousands of college kids do it,
therefore, shouldn't be covered.


The STORY IS that they are the daughters of a wild-ass dude who is now the Appointed Prez,
AND he signed wild-ass laws DAMNing drug and chemical abusers (while being guilty himself),
and NOW his (mildly) wild-ass kids will get off scot free (with high priced lawyering) over doing
things that everybody else does.

Hell, YES, it's a story.

Also, the daughters appear to be OBLIVIOUS to the embarrassment
they are causing their parents, grandparents, and party/ideology.

Now, THAT's a story.

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 It had everything.

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   Thanks for the fumble, Dude.

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