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Volume 505 - Blasphemy Offender

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 June 21, 2001.  ..... .....  ...Advertise on    .......... .......SPORTS..  ................  ..Did you hear it? 




That's a fake address.
I ran on search from and it could find
no traceable information for


The people may be fake, but the website is real.
I went there right after I read their stupid threat-mail.
It took forever to come up, but it was there.

They've been down since then.
Maybe we slammed 'em with too many hits.

...let's hope it's a Larry Klayman deal and I've hit the jackpot.

 Niki Taylor Update

ATLANTA (Reuters) - Supermodel Niki Taylor, hospitalized for abdominal injuries suffered in an April auto accident,
has been moved out of intensive care, her manager said today. Lou Taylor, the model's manager, released a statement
saying that Taylor, one of the world's best known models, ``has been upgraded to good condition at Grady Memorial
Hospital in Atlanta and was moved from the intensive care unit to a private room.''

The statement from Lou Taylor, who is not related to the model, also said the model's doctor was hopeful she
would be able to participate in rehabilitation therapy very soon. The statement gave no other details.

 Coke Bear says...

 Hang in there, Niki

Media Silence Greets Rove's Shady Meeting
     by Joe Conason

 Click  Here

 Had a Clinton adviser conducted himself with so little attention to ethics statutes,
 the Congressional investigation would already be under way, encouraged by righteous
 editorials and ceaseless ranting on talk radio and cable television.

 But then we all know that the Clinton-era rules don't apply to the people
 who promised to return "honor and integrity" to the White House.

Please don't let
 Bush kill me.



Subject: I have a question

Dear Senator,

With the shift in the Senate, following Senator Jeffords decision to become independent, why is it that the Democratic leadership is still acting like a pack of whipped dogs? We endured 8 years of partisan sniping at our democratically
elected President, and have watched in horror as our national leadership was STOLEN from us. The worst part of the
coup that took place was that our Democratic leadership have acted as collaborationists, all too willing to help the new 'president' in pursuit of his reckless, extremist, right-wing policies.

Senator Daschle, I implore you to show some strength. YOU can make a difference.
YOU can become the leader you were meant to be. But you cannot lead if you are constantly on your knees.

If you do not stand for the people, you stand against us. Keep in mind that more people voted for Al Gore
than did W. You will be acting with the majority if you begin standing up to this appointed fraud.

If you keep acting like a coward, I am certain (and I pray) your political career will be over SOON.


Tim Ferguson

 Entrepreneur to Begin Proxy
 Fight for Computer Associates

 Click  Here

 Sam Wyly, a billionaire Texan, plans to begin a proxy fight today to
 take control of Computer Associates, the struggling software company.

 Is this the same Sam Wyly who stole New York for President Weak & Stupid during the primary?
 Remember, Smirk was out of money, so the Wyly Brothers stepped in with $2,000,000 to accuse
 McCain of having "dark" bastard kids and (get this - from an oil man) called McCain "a polluter."

 ...and he's about to take over Computer Associates?

 Stroke Me,  Stroke Me

"Even a broken clock is wrong twice a day."
    -- second hour, yesterday

 No, Rush, that's not how that phrase goes.
 Were you even brought up in this country?
 How can you be so unfamiliar with American slang?

 The phrase is, "Even a broken clock is right twice a day,"
 because a broken clock is wrong 99 percent of the time, just like you, Pigboy.

 Why don't you take your stroke medicine?


 "This is a race I may not win, but I've lost other races before, so it's not the end of the world."
     Geraldine Ferraro, former VP candidate, on her battle with cancer

 Off Topic

 Click  Here

To: "Bartcop" <>


Subject: Notification of Internet Violations

Dear Bartcop,

It has recently been brought to our attention that you are, or have been, in violation of the Net Authority Acceptable
Internet Usage Guidelines. It has been reported that you both distribute and view offensive materials over the Internet.

ha ha
Go to hell, you sanctimonious prick.
Do you have any idea who you're trying to intimidate?

Net Authority has investigated these claims by checking your webpage at
and verified that they are true.

Hey, suck me!
Who do you think you're talking to?
You want a piece of me?

As a result, your personal information has been added to one or more Net Authority Internet offender databases.
Your information will be stored in the databases until enough evidence has been gathered against you to warrant
further actions.

ha ha
Further action?
You want a piece of me?
ha ha
Can I have a few days to draw a crowd?
Can I videotape it?
ha ha

To help avoid such a situation, it is strongly recommended that you cease your immoral actions on the Internet at once.

It is strongly recommend that you suck me.
You must think that since I'm a Democrat, I'm going to roll over for you.
You'd do well to crawl back under that rock, asshole.
I ain't from Texas, so I'm not apologizing for anything.
You don't want any part of me.

You have been added to the following databases:
 - Hate Literature Offenders
 - Pornography Offenders
 - Bestiality Offenders
 - Homosexual Pornography Offenders
 - Interracial Pornography Offenders
 - General Blasphemy Offenders

 ha ha
 He must've seen this picture of Rush raping that goat.

I hope the poor goat got a kiss, which is more than
you'll get if you try to get cute with Ol' BartCop.
I'll send you the filing fee if you want to pursue this.

If you would like more information about Net Authority or the Net Authority Acceptable Internet Usage Guidelines,
you may read the details at
It is imperative that you fully understand the guidelines if you wish to avoid further prosecution.

Fuck you.
Come and get me.
I'll defend myself and then I'll take your silly-ass website away from you.
I don't care if Karl Rove and Richard Mellon Scaife sent you.
Well tell them I ain't no bandleader.
Yeah, I heard that story.

While the individual who reported your actions to us will remain anonymous,
he or she wished to pass these words on to you:

"filled with venom"

ha ha
I get an anonymous threat letter from some piddly-ass web nanny I never heard of,
following up on an anonymous whiner who thinks I'm filled with venom?
You can suck me, and your hidden whiner can suck me.
If you want a piece of  me - I'm right here.

May God be with you as you struggle to overcome these evil impulses.
You will be in our prayers at night.

God speed,

Net Authority Investigations Department

ha ha
You punks try anything with me and I'll make you famous.

 Rove's Rangers Launch McCain Recall Effort
 A conservative group financed by Karl Rove launched the third effort this month
 to recall John McCain, an effort that members acknowledged was unlikely to succeed.

 Click  Here

''In his insatiable desire for massive national media attention, he has all but forgotten
  the people of Arizona who elected him, and Mr Rove doesn't like that'' the filing said.


Subject: Corn!

I'm sure you'll probably get hate mail for your corn entry--like: what's that
got to do with the Smirk battle, how can anyone get so stupid about corn, etc.

Know what I saw?
Something that I recognized in myself, and other non-republican types:
the ability to thoroughly enjoy the simplest things which have nothing to do
with having, making, or screwing others out of, money. To get orgasmic over
something as seemingly insignificant as a great dinner and the first corn of
the year is a ritual  reflective of our agricultural past, when people's lives
were driven by the seasons, the weather and the crops, not stock prices,
the attainment of big houses and SUV's and worrying about how the
"rabble" might take something away from you.

I, being a former manic gardener, was delighted by your rant, and after reading it,
went outside to pick MY first tomato of the year! And boy was it good!
Too bad more people don't understand how little it actually takes to be happy,
and how a lot  less emphasis on personal and corporate greed could enhance
the lives of  so many.


Sue, good stuff!
One can't do politics 24/7, gotta recharge the batteries to remain fresh.
The fun is the escape hatch.

All I have is a keyboard, a modem and the truth.


"President Bush is back from Europe.
  He says he was stunned at the number of nukes the U.S. has, when he found out.
  My question is how can you tell when Bush is stunned?"
   -- Jay Leno

 Smirk's Approval Rating Falling
 Like a Spy Plane over China
 Ratings On Foreign Policy And The Environment Are Down
 44% Say President Is Not Respected By Foreign Leaders

 A CBS News/New York Whore Times poll, taken after Smirk's European disaster proves
 Americans now know how much trouble a moronic thief installed by a whore court can be.

 The public has developed doubts about Jenna's dad's policies and abilities, and is more likely
 to support Democratic positions on health care, prescription drugs and the minimum wage --
 the agenda of the Democratic-controlled Senate. It also puts more trust in Democratic
 judgment on judicial appointments than in the president's.

 Weak & Stupid's approval rating has fallen to 53 percent, down four points since May.
 His disapproval ratings are up by that same four percent.

 Bad Language Alert

 Subject:   CNN Breaking News


 Mother of five children slain in suburban Houston, charged with murder.
 Details soon
 For complete coverage of this story visit:

 ...son of a bitch.

 The local Rush/Laura AM station ran with this horror at every commercial break.

 "Tune in for details!"
 "The very latest on the Houston child massacre."

 Why do we need to go to Houston every 15 minutes to get the "latest" on the child-killings?
 Those kids are dead, let the cops and the coroner handle it.

 Some crazy nonsense group has taken control of the media.
 We're being fedhorseshit,and we're not even complaining about it.
 Smirk's buddies raised energy prices like crazy in California,
 while everyone's attention is on the tragedy in Houston.

 That's front-page news, forget that stolen $600 billion going to BIG OIL.


 Project 60

  Click  Here  to see today's installment.

 From: (withheld)


Remember when the crew of the spy plane came home on Easter Sunday, and all the conservative commentators
were praising Bush for not flying to Hawaii to greet the crew the way Clinton would have?

Besides implying that Clinton hogs the spotlight, the commentators also implied that they clearly understand
and can predict Clinton's behavior.  Let's look at their track record the past few months:

**Limbaugh insisted Hillary would drop out of the race, and said that it was his profound insights into Hillary's personality
    that qualified him to insist that his prediction was absolutely, positively, 100% accurate.  He was 100% wrong.

**They all predicted a Clinton divorce.  "Mark my words, Hillary will file for divorce the day after they're out of office,"
    was the Republican commentator refrain.  They didn't even have the humility to use the word "maybe."
   They were all 100% wrong.

**Limbaugh told us all last summer and fall that Clinton would be holding news conferences "every single day"
    to criticize and second-guess the new President.  So far there's
   Limbaugh was completely and totally 100% wrong.

**When the Clintons bought their house, the conservative commentators all chortled about how the Clintons
    were financially irresponsible, wouldn't make the mortgage payments and have to be evicted.
    They said Big Bill would be unable to even get a job at Taco Bell.  They were 100% wrong.

The people who made those bold and confident predictions, with a certainty beyond the shadow of a doubt,
should have the decency to refrain from telling us "what Clinton would have done."

I used to go to the horse track, and I remember talking to the compulsive gamblers with bad teeth and cheap clothing
telling of their racetrack heroics and their infallible predictions for the next race.  That's who O'Reilly, Hannity, Will,
Matthews, and Limbaugh remind me of.  They haven't picked a race correctly since Koresh knows when,
but they won't shut up about the next race.

I'm guessing that these liars are getting tired of always being so pathetically wrong about "what Clinton will do next"
that they now prefer to talk about "what Clinton would have done."  It's so much safer.

I can play their little game, too.
You know what Reagan would have done if he was President when the spy plane crew came home?
He would have had the minorities court-martialed, sold Stinger missiles to Iran, lied about it under oath,
and raped Selena Williams.

That's w-a-a-a-y worse than what Clinton would have done.

 We're not making a good impression overseas - and we should care
   by Molly Ivins

 Click  Here

 Look at it this way: The president hasn't barfed on anyone yet, and he's only mispronounced
 one world leader's name so far. The bad news is that it was the only guy over there who likes us,
 and he has only two syllables in his name.

 Bill Clinton pens this "thank you" note
 to his former staffers

 Click  Here


Subject: Another Day, Another Insight Into Smirk's Stupidity

And here's Smirk, speaking about Vieques:

"My attitude is that the Navy ought to find somewhere else to conduct its exercises
  for a lot of reasons.  One, there has been some harm done to people in the past.
  Secondly, these are our friends and neighbors and they don't want us there."

NO, you dumb CHIMP...

*CANADIANS* and *MEXICANS* are our "friends and neighbors".
Puerto Ricans are our FELLOW AMERICANS.

Just shows you how this nitwit "thinks", huh?


 California tells jobless 'Go east'
  and pays for the journey for relocation

 Click  Here

 Thanks to Nick Barlow,
 Senior European Correspondent

Regarding Treatment of Rove
  by Marguerite Chandler

 Click  Here

 No one wants to stand up to these people. Though the crimes they have
 committed in only six months time are googles worse than Al Gore's non-lie
 about his visit, or not, with a FEMA executive to TX. Or Bill Clinton's
 blowjob or pardons or Jesse Jackson's child by his mistress.

 The Repubs "get" the Dems on non-crimes.
 But the Dems are paralyzed to stand up to the Repubs on actual ones.

 Marguerite,we need more people who think this way.
 We need more people to stand up and say, "No."
 We need a Democratic Party in this country.
 We need one real bad.


 Please post this:
 Senator Daschle's office number is (202) 224-2321.
 I called this morning--- you get right through.

 Urge him to investigate Rove, there's much more than just the Intel mess.
 He has stock in many corporations (GE, Enron) who have benefitted from White House policies.
 And he didn't sell anything until recently.

 Read the  Previous Issue

 It had everything.

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