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 June 23, 2001.  ..... .....  ...Advertise on    .......... .......SPORTS..  ..........  ..Did you hear it? 

 Project 60

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 "It is a pathetic spectacle that [the Bugliosi book] beckons us to behold
   --this high, hallowed court and its revered majority sold out to Power."
       -- Gerry Spence, from his Foreword to Vincent Bugliosi's book,


Subject: Your  Kiss My Ass  rant

Excellent, wonderful, true and sad!!
This was such a good article, it is a shame Clinton doesn't receive a copy of this.
I miss him, he truly was the absolute best President we have ever had.

But, hang in there, what goes around in the GOP, will come back to slap them upside their empty, tiny heads!!

Aleesha Poe, Knox, IN.

Our own Tamara Baker got a gift from The Master

 Archie Bunker

 The networks have had a day and a half, audio and video has surfaced.
 Interesting stuff, ...what they picked  ...what they didn't pick.

 Got some audio for you, got some video stills.

 The most striking Bunker ever, the "Goddamn draft-dodger" video was not featured,
 but the editors managed to sneak-in this most-dramatic-moment-ever and I have it for you.
 It might require faith, but when has faith ever been a problem on ?

 Let's start with some stills.
 This is one of the funniest things I've ever seen - ever.

 Edith is prattling on.
 She's prattling on and on and she won't stop.
"Mary knows a man who's from Boston who was a hairdresser and he knew a guy
  who once met a cousin of Uncle Roy and she went to the doctor..."

 All married men know what it's like when the wife wants to tell a loooooooong story.
 Y'know, women can't just tell a story, they have to give you background and color.
 Archie can't take it any more - he does this.

ha ha

That's great stuff.


Subject: Big Time


Congratulation on becoming a Certified General Blasphemy Offender.
I bet the most you ever aspired to was Pain in the Ass or Bad Example or Burden on Society.
Way to go guy.

Anyway, I think you should try for the Netauthority Interracial Pornographer Certification.
Find a pic of Clarence Thomas smooching his wife (the swearing in ceremony is good bet) and put it on your page.

ha ha
Good point, cause Slappy grabbed him a white girl.

 This proves Slappy is an interracial blasphemer!

An alternate could be the one of Nancy Reagan sitting in Mr T's lap.

                        Mr. T  has a woody.

By their creepy guidelines, that should do it.
Seriously, if you haven't read thru that whole site, do so.
That's an ugly place; interestingly not one name is given.


 Today in History

 In 1972: President Nixon and H.R. Haldeman discussed a plan
 to use the CIA to obstruct the FBI's Watergate investigation.
 (Revelation of this tape sparked Nixon's resignation in 1974)

 For you kids out there, (lissen up, Bird) this is known as a crime.
 Trying to conceal a little oral sex is not a crime.

 Can you tell the difference between the two?

 We know Reagan/Bush committed a bunch of serious crimes, too.
 So serious, Bush had to pardon everybody who he thought might talk.

 Ohhhhh......the first Saturday of corn season.

 That yellow kernel reminds me of Uncle O.J.Watts
 The Silver King kernels let him in for one reason:
  to deflect criticism that they are a "whites only" variety.


 "There are no superlatives to describe the profound impact John Lee left in our hearts.
   When I was a child he was the first circus I wanted to run away with."
     -  Carlos Santana

 The moment America has been
 talking about the last 2 days

Archie's Republican friends spread copies of this photo far and wide.

Manson performs despite protests

"I voted for Bush, cause Gore is weird."

DENVER (AP) - Shock rocker and President Weak & Stupid loyalist Marilyn Manson took the stage
at Mile High Stadium Thursday night after protesters failed in a months long campaign to keep him away.

Denverites said Bush-fan Manson encourages the kind of violence that led to the Columbine massacre.
Manson canceled an appearance in Denver shortly after the Columbine massacre, which left 15 dead.
Thursday's performance was his first since.

 BartCop wins Impressionist drawing award.
   for drawing of the road to Area 51

 Yes, it's true, and you thought I was a no-talent hack.
 Well, it turns out the Boston Impressionist Society has voted my Area 51 map, pictured here:

 ...has won the Blue Ribbon in their 2001 "No Rules" category,
 which carries a $2500 "prize redemption fee."

 All I gotta do is give them the $2500 and I'm an Impressionist, just like Van Gogh.

 ha ha

 And you thought I had no talent...

 Stupid, stupid, stupid quotes

 "He's an honest, straightforward man who loves his country.
   He loves his family. We share a lot of values."
    --President Extremely Stupid, talking about Vlad Putin of Russia.

 Hey, Smirk, you know what you just gave Putin?
 You gave a blanket endorsement that Putin is an honest man.
 That means, whatever Putin says in the future is the truth.

 You can't do that, Smirky.
 Don't you know anything?

 If Russian tanks go into Chechnya and mow down the population,
 and then Putin denies doing it, that means he's telling the truth.
 Now, you're stuck with your blanket honesty crack.

 Did Condi make you wear the dunce cap for saying that?

 A classic "Family" moment in television history.

 Click  Here for the (950K)  file.

 If you ever heard this, you'll remember.
 This is the moment "Meathead" got his nickname.

 More Area 51 reports

 Attribution - look under "trip Reports"

 Anyone who has ever watched X-Files or studied UFO's know the mystery that surrounds AREA 51.
 The Air Force's super secret test base in the Nevada Desert.  Originally designed by Skunkworks,
 the development sector of Lockheed, back in the 50's, such planes as the SR-71 Blackbird in the 60's
 and the Stealth Fighter and Bomber in the early 80's are believed to have gotten their start on the base
 and the proving grounds over the Nevada Desert.  People who live  around the base claim to have
 witnessed strange objects in the sky over the base that seem to defy the laws of physics.


 The view from here is beautiful, as all of Tikaboo Valley is visible. We then headed for Groom Lake
 Road, and drove to the warning signs. The cammo folks appeared on the hill, and gave us a good once
 over with their binoculars. From here we headed back to The Little Ale-i-Inn to rest before dinner.

 The rooms at The Little Ale-i-Inn are actually a trailer divided into rooms. They are clean, small, without
 luxurious amenities, but it gave us a feel of "roughing it" in the desert. The atmosphere is wonderful, and the hosts
 from the Inn second to none. We had a treat that evening as we observed a "dog fight" in Rachel's
 Valley involving at least 10 fighters from the Red Flag exercise that was still in full swing.
 After dinner, we settled in to watch "Independence Day" on the VCR in our room.

 The sounds of sonic booms and bombs rang through the night, as the Red Flag maneuvers continued,
 giving the night a ghostly feeling indeed.

 If/when you see these planes dogfight in the dark sky, it will shake your faith.
 These aircraft do things that planes can't do.

 Witnesses Say Generator Cut Power Supply to Raise Price
  Guilty, guilty, guilty,

 Click Here

 Three former workers at a plant operated by one of the biggest power producers in California testified today
 that the company shut production units in what they said was an apparent effort to drive up electricity prices.

 The three men, who worked at a plant in suburban San Diego owned by Duke Energy, told a hearing in the
 State Legislature that the plant's managers also threw out spare parts needed for repairs and took other measures
 that reduced its output and helped drive up prices.

 Archie explains Gun Control
 They haven't evolved at all in 27 years.

  Click  Here  for this short (244K)  file.

  For the speaker-impaired:
 Gloria: Do you know that 65 percent of people murdered
              in the last ten years were killed by handguns?

 Archie: Would it make you feel any better if they was pushed outta windows?

 That's sacred dogma to the crackheads at the NRA.

 The Big Moment

 I can't explain why the Carroll O'Connor retrospectives have avoided the "goddamn."
 I pity the fool that would debate me on the point that it was "just another show."
 (Referring of course to the famous draft-dodger show mentioned last issue.)

 It happened, because I'm about to show it to you.
 I have stills, and I have the video.

 You won't be able to see the video I'm posting,
 (I have the video, but most of you can't see it.
  I got e-mail from some of you saying, "I see it, clear as Smirk's guilt,"
  but until more people get nice video cards, we'll stick with video captures.)

 Remember the scene:
 Thanksgiving (coulda been Christmas) dinner at the Bunkers.
 Archie finds out a guest is a draft-dodger and goes beraerk.

 Since it f-ing happened, why is the press pretending it didn't?
 Is it a tribute to Carroll, because it was an accidental slip?
 Or a whitewash for something that doesn't NEED a whitewash?

 CNN ran this after Larry King Friday.

They talked over the video of Archie screaming "goddamn."
 First, the stills...

 Look at the rage on Archie's face.

 That's the draft-dodger to the left of Archie.
 Archie is pitching the biggest bitch I've ever seen on network TV.

 Archie is screaming, "Goddamit, this is wrong."
 Swear to Koresh, this meant something.

 Carroll O'Connor is giving everything he's got.

 You can't rule out the possibility

   ...that this was the Saturday night America turned against Vietnam.

 Probably, statistically - it's not.
 But if historians can't pick the day, this could easily have been it.

 They had 20,000,000 viewers this night.
 If Archie lost this debate, and most say he did,
 this could  have been the night America went from 51% to 49%.

 ...shot of Chinaco Anejo for Carroll O'Connor helping to end the war.

 When Archie's friend said he wished his kid was with him today,
 I'll bet a lot of Americans asked themselves why we were sending our boys
 10,000 miles away to walk into a murdering fucking meat grinder.

 Read the  Previous Issue

 It had everything.

 Copyright © 2001,
   Thanks for the fumble, Dude.

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