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Volume 511 - Stigmata Kits

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 June 28, 2001.  ..... .....  ...Advertise on    .......... .......SPORTS..  ..........  ..Did you hear it?
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  VCR Alert - is to be on  C-Span's  Washington Journal early Saturday morning
  When I say early, I mean early.  Between 7-8 AM Eastern, 6-7 AM K-Drag, 5-6 AM Mountain, 4-5 Pacific.
  Rumor has it they rerun it later in the day, but I can find no confirmation for that.. 

  ABC to Edit 'Tampering With Nature'
   John Stossel caught lying again

   Full Story

  ABC agreed Tuesday to edit a special on the environment to remove interviews
  with several California children after their parents complained about the line of
  questioning by correspondent John Stossel (R-Liar).


 "I'm not happy, but I see their point,'' Stossel said.

 From: (unknown)

 Subject: Next move for Rep. Condit?

 I have no proof that Rep. Gary Condit has done anything inappropriate regarding missing intern Chandra Levy.
 However, as a general proposition, I do believe that any politician who voted to impeach Bill Clinton
 (as did the ostensibly Democratic Condit) is capable of having an affair with a 23 year-old intern without
 telling the wife, and when that intern demands to expose that congressman if he refuses to escalate the
 relationship and let her move in with him, then chops the intern into little bitsy pieces and carefully puts her
 down the garbage disposal before the police have an opportunity to inspect his apartment.


Subject: Re: Your stupid ass buddy who made the "AxeRack"

I enjoyed fucking with one of your "advertisers".
It was entertaining.

It really is a piece of shit ,but your a whore,your just lookin for a chump to milk.
You would advertise for Nambla wouldnt you?

Mike O'Reilly


 "Have you noticed how much cleaner the water is in the rivers around New York?
   We have President Bush to thank for that.  You see, the polar caps are melting,
   and all that clean water is rushing into our area."
      -- Dave, last night

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 Nothing says "Catholics" like guns and alcohol.

  Thanks to for the tip.

 Jackie Jackson freed, Sharpton still held
  They're black, you know - Ashcroft is white.

  Click  Here

  Excerpt from the latest John Conyers letter:
 The bad news is that she was subjected to repeated and outrageous treatment by the
 Department of Justice merely so our government could send a chilling signal to other would be
 protestors.  In my view, she is a modern day political prisoner -- mistreated for her views, not her
 conduct. Her abuse and mistreatment represents a blight upon our system of justice.

 As most of you know, I raised these objections early and often with the Department of Justice,
 including Attorney General John Ashcroft. Their response has been weak -- hiding behind the
 mistakes and misjudgments of low level bureaucrats.


 Subject: Ship's Name in Horowitz article

 It wasn't the USS Aurora, the name of the ship  was the USS Acadia,
 a tender (which was the only class of ship to carry women at that time).


 It's a shocker to think Horowitz doesn't check his facts.

 Guest Rant
 Horowitz: Women & Gays in the military

 Click  Here

 Brock bombshell reverberates across Atlantic
   Of course, the press is pretty quiet on this here...

 Click  Here

"When I wrote those words I knew they were false," he says.
"Thomas was playing dirty and so was I."
  Mr Brock says he lied to protect the conservative political agenda.

 Paula Poundstone Arrested

 Full Story

 Paula Poundstone was arrested Wednesday and charged with felony lewd
 acts upon a child and child endangerment, the district attorney's office said.

 Poundstone, 41, was charged with three counts of committing a lewd act on a girl
 under the age of 14. She was charged with endangering two other girls and two boys,
 Deputy DA Gina Satriano said. The charges carry a maximum sentence of 12 years.

"I have faith that the truth is the right thing,'' was the only statement a haggard-looking
 Poundstone made to reporters after she was released from jail on $200,000 bail.

 Checking the back records... No, Paula Poundstone did NOT demand additional salacious
 details about Clinton's private sex life so I say we give her the benefit of the doubt.

 When you read the whole story, it says she was cooperating with police and this big
 arrest was so the crooked LA cops could make themselves a feel-good headline.

 If no children were in imminent danger, they could've telephoned her attorney
 and she could have surrendered without the hoo-haa.

 Hey, I have an idea!

 Maybe the LA cops could investigate the MURDERS first, then make their big
 show biz arrest after the MURDERERS are safely behind bars.

 ...Paula, be innocent, OK?


  "If the Navy wants the committee's support on this matter, they must first
   prove that the closure of Vieques will not damage military readiness,
  does not set a precedent by which other nations and communities will force
  the U.S. military to withdraw from critical training facilities around the world,
   and that the decision to leave Vieques was made for military, not political, reasons."
      - House Armed Services Committee Chairman Bob Stump,
        on plans for congressional hearings on the Vieques issue.              Attribution

 Hmmm, so the House Republicans don't want a precedent set?
 They don't want other nations forcing our military into action or non-action?
 Where was this conviction when China was setting a precedent with that spy plane?
 Where was this resolve when China made Smirk dance in the pink tutu?

 When President Weak & Stupid got down on his knees and said he was "very, very sorry,"
  for landing on their island after they shot our plane down, the House Republicans
 weren't concerned with setting a bad precedent - which is exactly what happened.

 No, they were allowing China to rewrite our military's rules of engagement.because
 they were so intent on propping up the weakest president we've ever had

From: Rude Rich in New York

Subject:  Where's Paul Harvey?

Bart, any news on the GOP's third-oldest liar?

Rude Rich

I've gotten several e-mails in the past few weeks about Paul Harvey,
who has been off the air for the longest time.

Here are some answers from a ABC Radio executive who wants to remain nameless.

As you may know Paul is recovering from an extended bout with "laryngitis,"
at least that's the cover story they're releasing to the press to protect his wife, Pippy.
Truth is, he has contracted some form of horse herpes and is battling strep throat, too.

Doctors have so little experience with equine STDs, they've called in some vets.

Since there are no 90-year old horses, they're having to give him antibiotics
at a slow, measured rate to be sure he doesn't go to the glue factory too early.

He's very eager to get back on the air -- and has spent the time off on his ranch.
Privately, Harvey is telling friends he doesn't blame the horse(s).
He's that kind of guy.

I would like to say that he'll be back on the air on Monday -- but I'm not his doctor,
and I can't say for sure.  What I CAN say is that the doctors think they have his strep
throat under control -- and he'll be back to lying about Hillary before you know it.

 Troubling Questions for Daddy Bush

 Click  Here

  uh, ...just to be safe, save this page on your hard drive. case, ...oh, ...I dunno, case all copies are ordered destroyed by the Whore Supreme Court


Subject: Linda Tripp and her money problems

  Will stab in back for food.

Sign up for the "I have sympathy for Linda Tripp, and I'd love to help" newsletter.

Get on her mailing list, when her outfit sends out the return mail paid envelope,
send her a penny, she would lose money on back postage.

Idea stolen from a friend,

Dralec, tell your friend twelve pennies is just over an ounce.

 Higdon vs BartCop
  When contributors attack!

  Click  Here

Energy prices plunge in California
The reason?  Duh!  Jeffords defection empowered the Democrats

 Click  Here

The big loser from all this -- for somebody always gets hurt even by good news
-- is, of course, Dick Cheney, the architect of the Bush administration's drill-and-burn
energy plan. Remember that Mr. Cheney sneeringly dismissed conservation as a mere
"sign of personal virtue," and was scathing about people who thought price controls
would help. Now things are suddenly looking up -- partly because of conservation,
and partly because price controls and the threat of further government intervention
have deterred energy producers from manipulating the market.

Translation: Since they can no longer rape family budgets under cover of Smirk,
                     they're having to play by the rules and sell energy for just a small profit.

 My Story (so far) Part 2
   by Isaac Peterson

 Click  Here

I'm not sure what this is. It was sent to me with a caption that it was
President Weak & Stupid with his wife, Pickles, and the high school
student who just set a new record for fastest time in the mile, but the
guy in the picture is white.

If anyone has the proper photo of Alan Webb, please send it.


Subject: NETAUTHORITY.ORG -- it's a prank man...

BC -

The whole thing is a prank.. For more information
please read:

Just letting you know..

kevin alexander

Kevin, I've thought about having a special font for when I say things that
I know will sound bad or self-serving, but that maybe need to be said anyway.
(This is the Garamond font.)

I got a hueueueueueuge amount of mail about that "hoax."
People wrote to say, "You've been had."
They said, "You've been tricked - you fell for that hoax."

I think the opposite is true.

When I saw that in my mailbox, I didn't investigate it.
Knowing it could be a hoax, I went to their website to be sure it existed (it did).
I didn't answer them.
I didn't ask them to please reconsider.
I didn't ask them for a list of blasphemous items that needed to come down.
I didn't take any steps to appease the bully.

If I acted like a senate Democrat, then I'd agree that I fell for their hoax.
But I didn't do any of those things.

I told them to suck me.
I was pretty clear about it, too.

I'm not going to claim it was my finest hour, but I wanted to get it published it whle I was still angry.
When someone threatens me with court, I say "Let's get it on."

On one side, we have religiously-insane ditto-monkeys.
On the other side is BartCop and the Constitution of the Unites States.

One reason I did what I did was the hope that some forgetful Democrats
might read it and remember what a little bit of fight looked like.

I'm not asking the Senate Democrats to say "suck me" each time trouble pops up,
but they could use a little of that attitude when Karl Rove gives them orders.

From: Tamara Baker

Subject: Re: New Evidence on Clarence Thomas

>> How does anyone know what to believe?  I believe wholeheartedly that this is consistent with
>> Thomas' character, but I'm puzzled by David Brock's turnaround.  There's too much evidence of
>> Thomas' lack of integrity and his anger.  But what about the convenience of Brock's new revelations?

If you remember, Brock's turnaround actually started in the spring of 1998, when he came forward
-- just as Susan Webber Wright was getting ready to dismiss Paula Jones' lawsuit -- to publicly repudiate
his "Troopergate" article in the American Spectator.  This was the article that kicked off the whole PJ mess.

See, what happened is that the AS (then funded by Richard Mellon Scaife) was
in 1993 implementing the earliest phases of the "Arkansas Project", a
dirt-digging (and, in most cases, dirt-manufacturing) anti-Clinton operation.

They sent David Brock to interview some state troopers (who were secretly
paid for their stories), and Brock turned the result into "Troopergate".

The story referenced a woman identified only as "Paula" who supposedly was a
girlfriend of then-Governor Bill Clinton.  "Paula" allegedly loved to hang
around Bill whenever he went to hotels for speaking engagements.

After the article appeared, suddenly, Paula Jones, then an unknown State of
Arkansas employee, came forward, insisted the story was false, and sued...

The American Spectator?  No.

David Brock?  No.

The troopers who were Brock's informants?  No.

Who did she sue?  Bill Clinton!

What did she sue him for?  "The loss of her good name."
(Never mind the fact that Bill Clinton hadn't said 'boo' to her, and didn't know her,
 much less write the article or even collaborate with David Brock.)

Can you say "VRWC set-up job?"
I knew you could.

Tamara Baker

Tamara, the ONLY reason the Paula Jones story was fabricated was so
Hardon Kenny could get Clinton under oath and ask him questions about his cock.
That was the only reason.

They pretended this was about Whitewater, but that was a dry hole and everybody knew it,
including the Whore Court who doesn't like seeing a Democrat in the White House.

Like every sane person in America, Clinton had no idea the Whore Court would sanction
this no-proof cockhunt by ruling again and again in favor of Ken Starr, and against hundreds
of years of precedent and common sense just so the right-wing pack of dogs could get their
hands inside Clinton's pants, "to see if there was a pattern."


I think we need to re-visit impeachment all over again.
The stuff we now know about Ted Olson and Ken Starr both working to help
Paula Jones while Susan Carpenter McWhore was telling her NOT to settle.
Paula ended up with less than her attorney's fees, but she was just a tool.

This was always an out-of-control cockhunt.
The Whore Supreme Court treated this cockhunt with the same dignity as the last election.


 Subject:  Myth Buster on women in the military

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 It had everything.

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   Thanks for the fumble, Dude.

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