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Volume 517 - Deuce and a Quarter

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 July 4, 2001.  ..... .....  ...Advertise on    .......... .......SPORTS..  ..........  ..Did you hear it? 
Christian Livemore in on vacation, so the mail won't be read until July 7th.
  So if you have some important mail, maybe send it to her and the regular
  And always, if you have business to discuss, or if you're some slimy lawyer who wants a piece of me in court, ha ha
  or if you're my good friend Ben Affleck getting back to me on an important matter, use

 So, how's your Fourth of July going?

 I'll bet you can guess how we're celebrating here at BartCop Manor.
 Chinaco Anejo fine luxury tequila, burgers on the Bart-grill, fresh Bixby corn,
 and guess what, they have another new strain of corn - called Kandy Korn.
 Stupid name, for sure, but it tastes so sweet, I just can't believe it.

 This is only two weeks after they premiered their other new strain, Silver King,
 which was sweeter than the former, long-term champ Merit corn.

 One thing - if you're used to corn from a can, you probably think I'm crazy.
 But fresh corn on the cob, when it's done right, is one of life treasures.
 So, we are drowning in fine, luxury corn, the burgers are about to go on,
 we're sipping the fine tequila watching "Grilling with The Godfather," on AMC.
 As I type this, Michael is settling "all family business."

 So, we have a light-hearted half-issue today

 Enjoy the holiday, and remember the price of freedom.

 Project 60

 Click  Here

 Thanks for the freedom, guys.


Subject: Whore Press and the 4th of July

Uncle Karl and Ari are at it again.
And the whore press never stands up and asks what the hell they are talking about.
In an AP story
it says ``The president's July 4th remarks will pay tribute to the liberties found in our
Declaration of Independence, particularly equality and freedom of religion, and he will
note the good works done by those who use their freedom of religion to help their
fellow men and women in need,'' said White House spokesman Ari Fleischer.

This is the kind of crap that drives me crazy.  As a High School history teacher we
expect kids to know important facts and details about our past, and have the ability to
use that information in intelligent conversation. But instead we get an example from the
highest office in the land, filled with honor and integrity that doesn't know the basic facts
about our countries founding documents.

I'm guessing Ari and Karl and W would have a hard time passing a standards based test in social studies.
Nowhere in the Declaration of Independence does it mention religious freedom. As a matter of fact,
it isn't mention in the Constitution either.  It wasn't until 1789 and the Bill of Rights that there is any mention
of this most important freedom we enjoy as Americans.  And it is not equality of religions or freedom of
religion to do as it pleases, it is "Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion,
or prohibiting the free exercise thereof".  Didn't anyone in the press think Ari's statement seemed a little
out of place or inaccurate?  I guess the sheep in the press just report whatever Ari Fleecer tells them.

Everyone, on this great day, needs to go back and read the Declaration of Independence
and understand what our forefathers were really pissed off about.
It was usurpation of power, unfair tax systems that didn't represent the common man,
it was leaders who dictated policy, even though never having been elected by the colonial populace.
I'm guessing they wouldn't have liked the current King George we have either!

Michael Orth


Subject: Limbaugh nailed Patricia Ireland


Two callers to NPR's "Talk of the nation," just creamed Pat Ireland in the Jaunita Brodderick rape charge.
They used limbaugh's "deafened by your silence" line.

....and she blew the response because she'll never call a woman a liar about a rape charge.

Did the porcine one tell his callers that she would be on the air today?
You track him.  I don't.

greg in wa

Greg, Rush has been off this week - having breast reduction surgery.
Patricia Ireland used some nutty weasel words there.

To my knowledge, nobody has asked her "to call a woman a liar" about rape.
To suggest that "no woman" has ever lied about rape is goofy talk. A smarter way to
put that would be, "No accusation of rape should ever be easily dismissed."

Or, maybe even better, "Women who cry rape for tawdry political purposes
are more suspect than a victim who's not looking for a gig on Larry King."

 From:  Nick Barlow   Senior foreign correspondent

 Subject:  WW II

You wrote:

> The entire planet was going to spin one way or another, depending on
> the bravery of the men who fought and died betwen Dec 7, 1941 and August 18, 1945.
Dec 1941?

I'm going to stay calm here, and not go into some ditto-monkey-esquerant,
but the war had already been going for over two years by the time of Pearl Harbour
- and for over five if you include the Japanese actions in Manchuria during the 30s.
The generally accepted start date for WW II is September 3rd, 1939, though - when
Britain and France declared war on Germany after the invasion of Poland.

I'm not accusing you of it, but one thing that really pisses us Europeans off is the sight
of some American tourist complaining about something and saying 'If it wasn't for us,
you'd be speaking German now'. There's a belief among some Americans that all us
Euros were just sitting around waiting to be invaded until the wonderful GIs turned up
to save us all, forgetting that you wouldn't have been able to use Britain as a base of
operations if it hadn't been for the bravery of the RAF during the Battle of Britain.

Oh, and the 20 million Russians who died on the Eastern Front keping 90%
of the Wehrmacht occupied for four years.

Still, at least America had one of its great Presidents at the time who managed to get past the
objections of the 1940 equivalents of Helms, Lott and Limbaugh and keep shipping weapons
over to us before he got the chance to show the Americans that freedom was worth fighting for
- probably the reason why he has a higher reputation outside the US than he does within.

Actually, that makes an interesting point I'm sure we can agree one - next time a Republican
tries to get something renamed for Reagan, ask them why it's not already named after FDR?
Or do you need to cause a serious economic downturn to get remembered, not end one?


ha ha
Great shot at Reagan, there.

I am woefully ignorant abour World War II, I think a lot of people are.
That's why I thought  Project 60  would be a good idea.
Here's what my ignorant mind knows about World War II:

Hitler was cutting thru Europe like warm butter.
Russia held on because of the weather.
England held on because the german tanks couldn't cross the English channel.
The non-frozen land-locked countries fell in days, not months.
There was not much offense in Europe, only defense.
Europe was being pounded, holding on, waiting for a miracle.
They were against the ropes, being beaten senseless.
...and then we joined the fight and shoved it up Hitler's ass.

That's what I know about pre-American World War II Europe.

Feel free to straighten me out, because  Project 60  will take years.

I'm not questioning your country's bravery.
I'm saying you were losing the biggest fight of your life.
You were outmatched and needed some old friends to help.
We were glad to help out, but it was expensive.

 A word about the idiots at TNN

 Yesterday we had a VCR Alert about a particular Miami Vice story arc.
 This was the best Miami Vice had to offer, and before you scoff, Miami Vice
 was a pretty real show when it hit the airwaves in late 1984 (?)

 In this story, Sonny was injured in an explosu\ion and forgot he was a cop.
 All he could remember was coke-dealing and high-living.

 In his confused state, he started climbing the underworld rungs.
 He played things smart and rose quickly.
 What made this a standout series was his change of character.
 He was a cold-blooded killer and totally ruthless.

 All that good ol' boy back-slapping bullshit was gone.
 If you got in his way, he but bullets in you - without hesitation.

 Remember Huggy Bear from Starsky & Hutch?
 He tried to pull a gun on Sonny so Sonny just blew his brains out.

 Later, a crooked cop confronted Sonny, pulled a gun on him and said,
 "I know your name is Crockett and I know you're a cop."

 Sonny wondered what the hell the crooked cop was talking about, but he couldn't care less.
 He said, "The name's Burnett. That's B-u-r-n-e-t-t," and then he shot the cop dead.
 He was one ruthless murdering machine, and it was riveting TV.
 All this was witnessed by a very confused Tubbs, who thought Crockett died in the explosion.

 So, what's my problem with TNN?

 The dumbasses played Part 1 from 7-8,  then took a three hour break.
 Then at 11, they played Part 1 again.
 This is what TNN calls a "Miami Vice Marathon."

 The kicker?
 This was the make-up Miami Vice maratahon because they screwed up the last one.

 Dare I say, ... (dare, dare) ...we wouldn't make that mistake at

 TNN used to be The Nashville Network, but nobody watched it.
 So it was purchased by someone who changed it to The National Network.
 Maybe they wanted to save the monogrammed towels, who knows?

 Either way, it's a network run by monkeys.
 I have that Miami Vice story arc on videotape somewhere, but it would take days to dig into
 the vault and find all three tapes, so I was hoping to see in on TNN, but noooooooooo.

 They can't pull their head out of their ass long enough to correct their previous mistake.

Tony (A.J.) Soprano Jr. Arrested for Robbery

Robert Iler, 16, was arrested Wednesday in New York on a robbery charge, police said.

Iler was charged in connection with an incident on the Upper East Side.
He was also charged with marijuana possession and possession of drug paraphernalia.

A police statement said two people told authorities they had been robbed by four males.
Police canvassed the area and located four people who fit the description given by the victims.
New York police said the victims were robbed of $40.

In the past season, the character faced the prospect of attending military school after
he was caught vandalizing a swimming pool and stealing a geometry exam.

 With all the Smirk scandals the press refuses to write about,
 let's not forget George W Bush Jr, who was born in Texas in the 1970s
 and who had his Social Security number "retired" when the boy was five.

 Methinks somebody got a hefty check to change George W. Jr's name
 and forget who the daddy was so Smirky could ascend to his rightful throne.

 Of course, those monthly "reminder" checks won't come from any Bush account.
 I assume Enron has a ghost employee that makes $50,000 a year for doing nothing.


Subject: The "N" word

Hi BC,

I might be showing my age with this, but it wasn't too many years ago
that George Carlin made the statement, "We're all Nixon's niggers now".

It was true then and it could be true today if we don't fight back!


Michael, good one.
And maybe now's a good time to remember John Lennon's
"Woman is the nigger if the world."

I guess, in a way, he meant that as an insult,
but only to show the unfairness of being treated that way.

Two of the kids Smirk acknowledges.
But where's George W. Jr.?

 I saw the pilot of the Navy spy plane on the Today Show with cute Katie.
 He's the Grand Marshall of the Independence Day Parade in Atlanta.
 That reminds me of a column from a while back called:

 What was it made them heroes?

 Click  Here

 It doesn't seem that any one of them ever risked his neck in traditional hero fashion to save
 one or all of his colleagues. A couple of them complained that they were deprived of sleep,
 but obviously they were not tortured, as, say, the airmen captured in Vietnam were tortured,
 or even as the Iran hostages were.    (Thank you, Ronald Reagan and George Bush.)
 They weren't hung up by their thumbs, or given a New York Police Department-type
 howdy to a broomstick.  Eleven days of boredom might have been their toughest challenge.

 Note: This is not an attack on our brave servicemen.
 This is a complaint with the whore press, which was so damn eager to paint President Weak & Stupid as a
 master of international strategery.  Bush got on his knees and begged China, while the world watched and laughed.
 So to help Bush save face, Karl Rove ordered the Washington press corp to make these bored captives into
 the first great American heroes of the 21st century.

 That's horseshit.


Subject: Views on Patriotism and WWII (Glory in War?)

I just read your views on WWII, patriotism and glory seekers and cannot agree with you more.

Here's a bit of background on me:
- retired Air Force officer
- fighter pilot
- 50+ years old
- currently a volunteer at the Air Force Museum in Dayton

When I give a tour at the Museum I try to give sense of what it must have been like to have flown
hours in subzero cold to drop ordnance on the "enemy" (try not to think of them as civilians).
Every day was a struggle for personal survival, sometimes you didn't make it.
There is no glory in war.

There is honor in defending the basic things that are important to your life, family and core values.
There is no glory in war.

There are victims on every side, in every mission, every day.
There is no glory in war.

A testament to human intelligence is that we learn from our mistakes;
a testament to human ignorance is that war is still a viable option for every nation on this planet.

"Preparedness" is not the same as being a lover of war -- remember, there is no glory in war.

Keep up the good fight, never give up.


Mick, thanks.
Roosevelt said "Dec 7th, 1941, a day that will live in infamy."

I think of Dec 7th, 1941 as the very last day in our history when we could be caught napping.
That won't ever happen again.

 And shot of Chinaco Anejo for your service in that jet fighter.

 There is a thing called the "Free Find" report that shows up in my mailbox each week.
 I don't remember signing up for it, but things have been a blur for a while, so who knows?

 It shows what people have been searching for, and how they wound up at
 Some of them make sense -

 But there are some interesting ones, too.
 17 people found the page looking for "republican," which makes sense, but
 16 people found the page looking for "monkey."

 ha ha

 10 people found it looking for "hannity" and
 10 people found it looking for "horse."

 The top five were:
         59     laura
         50     bush
         45     dr
         34     naked

 If I didn't know better, I'd think someone was looking for Dr Laura's naked bush.
 So if you have any interest in seeing this not-asked-for report,

 Click  Here


Subject: Happy Independence Day...

 ... such as it is.  Our first July 4th ever without real leadership.

 What a crock.


 I got this from my ultra-right wing nephew.
 We bet an Imo's Pizza on who would win last November's election.

This cartoon seems to make the point that if Floridians knew how to vote,
we'd be happy under the rightfully elected President Gore right now.

But since this cartoon proves the people's will was subverted,
doesn't that mean he owes me that Imo's pizza?


Subject:   Thank you for your site

I just wanted to thank you for your site.  I've been reading it for about a week
(I saw you on C-span), and I've got to say that it's the best site I can find that deals
with the mess going on in the political arena today.  I also love the way you don't pull any punches.

I especially liked your article on the use of the word Nigger.  As an African American democrat,
I really liked what you had to say on the subject ( I wish people would open their eyes, then they
could see what you were saying),  I think it is something that should be talked about.

I also wanted to comment on the reader who talked about the Sanford and son episode when the word
was used in court.  I remember the episode,  I caught it not more than six months ago (I'm still a big fan).
I wanted my girlfriend to see it because of that great line- THEY CUT IT OUT OF THE SHOW!

I was completely shocked to think that in this day and age something like that is still taboo to some people,
especially with what gets said on T.V.   Well, keep up the good work and I'll keep reading and telling
everyone about your great site.




Subject: Happy 4th --in an ironical sort of way, that is...

Today is the 225th anniversary of the day when Americans stood on their hind legs  and said "no"
to an unelected soverign who held his throne by virtue of no merit, no achievement, by no dint
of justifiably earning his position by any means save birth and inheritance.

To be certain, the irony of this day is lost upon Little Boots and Vice President Nosferatu.


 Josh Gibson : Tragic Glory
   by RB Ham

 Click  Here

 Nearly all the best players came from the sunny South where the youngsters could hone their skills year round.
 And the unofficial gentleman's agreement of barring "coloured" ball players was born. Not all whites were happy
 with this.  John McGraw, the colourful and brilliant Manager of the New York Giants often tried to slip 'coloured'
 players into his line up, claiming they were Cuban. It sometimes worked. His reasoning was that if a player could
 cut it, that it shouldn't matter what his skin colour was. His enemies called him a cheater and a 'win at all costs'
 kind of guy. McGraw was before his time.

 I really like the way RB Ham writes.
 I hope he sends more stuff.


 Subject: Clinton's cock

 There is no Exhibit B because his behavior/id is irrefutable you idiot.

 Julie, Sayre, PA

 Theodore  Them

 I believe you are mistaken.

 The point was there are dozens of anti-Clinton channels running 24/7.
 There are no pro-Clinton channels or shows, save maybe Geraldo.

 And they only reason we know about Clinton is because YOUR SIDE
 spent $90 million threatening everyone he ever met with death in prison unless they talked.

 If we tried that with Reagan or Bush, we'd find out what happened with Iran Contra, October Surprise
 and the other REAL crimes that were hidden because of the Bush pardons, you idiot.

 Read the  Previous Issue

 It had everything.

 Copyright © 2001,
   Thanks for the fumble, Dude.

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