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Volume 519 - Something Stupid

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 July 6, 2001.  ..... .....  ...Advertise on    .......... .......SPORTS..  ..........  ..Did you hear it? 
Christian Livemore in on vacation, so the mail won't be read until July 7th.
  So if you have some important mail, maybe send it to her and the regular


 "It would be naive for any of us to think the Chinese
   did not gain information that we would not like them to have...''
     --  Rep. Bob Barr (R-Passing for White) talking about the harm done to
         America's security when the "heroes" surrendered our secret spy plane to China

 What Would Mike Huckabee Do?

 Governor Mike Huckabee of Arkansas, the religio-nut who refused to release tornado-disaster funds
 until the Arkansas legislature could convene and re-write the laws and delete the phrase "acts of God,"
 has made a Willie Horton-type error, and a woman is dead because of Huckabee's Clinton hate.

 Why did he release the murderer from prison?

 Because Bill Clinton said he was guilty, and Huckabee MUST take the opposite view
 of whatever Clinton said ...because, ...well, he hates Bill Clinton, that's why.

 Get the Facts

 There's worse things than the ruin of a political career because you got chummy with a rapist and killer
 because you felt sorry for his being castrated and got sold a bill of goods about how the corrupt
 Clinton-Democratic culture had railroaded him.  A woman may be dead, but Huckabee is happy to say
 he thinks he can finesse any political liability.

 Huckabee lashed out, saying, "I think you guys in the press are being played like a cheap fiddle
 by the Democrats. They want to make a Willie Horton out of it. And if anybody needs to get a
 Willie Horton out of it, it's Jim Guy Tucker and the Democrat Party and it ain't me."

 Uh, excuse me, Mr. Huckabee?  Have you met Gary Condit?
 Just like in the Condit case, we have a dead woman here.

 You can yell "Democratic spin machine" all you want, but that woman is still dead.

 Is that what Jesus would want you to do, Governor?
 Spin this woman's death, which you personally caused due to your hatred of Bill Clinton,
 into a mere political liability?  Is that how Jesus of Nazareth would've handled this, Governor?

 Boy, that religious stuff goes right out the damn window in a New York second
 if it gets in the way of a fundamentalist Christian getting his hands on more power.
 Once again, we see a religious charlatan using Jesus to further his political/economic goals.

 How can bastards like that live with themselves?

 Related: George W Bush and the Willie Horton Alumni Association.

         He can't even spell "dullard."

  Click  Here

 And now, a word from Enron Energy Company, proud sponsor
 of the Consitutional Rape of 2000*.

  * paid for by the Bush 2004 committee

 Thanks to a handful of freedom-loving code-writers, we learned how to delete the html bomb
 that Smirky's people put in his fake biography, produced with YOUR tax money.

 Click Here  to see the lies they fabricated for the Boy King

From:  Cliff Rowe


Click  Here


 "The congressmen hopes and believes that the caring public will not confuse his
   well-founded reasons for not fueling a misguided media frenzy with his continued
   willingness to speak with those professionals who are working to find Chandra Levy."
     --  Abbe Lowell, attorney for Gary Condit

 "This is the first time I can think of in the history of the world that a congressman
    who has a constituent in trouble is not trying to get on television."
    --  CBS's Bob Schieffer (R-on Bush's payroll)

  Ms. Levy has been murdered.
  She did not commit suicide.
  People who commit suicide never hide their body.
  Since her body hasn't been found, we must assume it has been buried.

  Since the DC police keep repeating, "There is no crime, so there is no suspect,"
  her body will probably never be found because the trail is cold and getting colder.

 Meanwhile, there's an opening in Rep Condit's office:

 Levy relative gives details of Condit Affair 

  Click  Here

 Editorial: Drilling deal rigged to help Bush brothers
   The Palm Beach Post   July 5, 2001

  Click  Here

  Note: there's not much news here.
  It's just another crooked deal to enrich the Royal Family at our expense.
  I mean, why bother to steal the presidency if you're going to help the people
  the way the guy you stole the White House from was going to do?


Subject: RE: latest letter to Daschle

I wonder if we were to get a mass letter writing campaign going on Daschle,
would he start acting like a Democrat? Maybe not. It's just not his character.

You're the hammer, BC. But between Auntie Fashions and my daily doses of
Bartcop, I am growing my horns back.


Tim, I'm not a big fan of mailing campaigns.
When Tom gets to his office, he'll ask what's new, and a secretary will say,
"We got another 50,000 e-mails and 5,000 snail mails today," and Tom will say, "OK."

What we need is a medical supply company.
If 500 people each purchased a plastic spine they used to teach chiropractic medicine,
and they all were delivered on the same day and created a problem because there wasn't
enough room to store them, maybe one of the hundreds of pro-Bush press whores would
think that was a story and print it, and we might shame Daschle into growing a spine.

...not that that's a great idea, but we need something like that, something that stands out
and would make a good news story for Smirk's puppies in the Washington press corp.

 AP Caught Whoring for Smirk AGAIN
 Washington Whore Press caught running Rove's script - not the news

 Click  Here

 In a holiday statement, Bush praised the document's drafters for articulating the principles
 of independence so well that 225 years later, it still sets apart the United States as an example
 of  "freedom and opportunity unequaled in the world.''

 "The declaration brought forth a new style of government, where democratic institutions gained
 their power from the consent of the governed,'' Bush said.
 "Our prosperity and strength stand as a testament to the ideals it embodies.''

 The problem?
 This story was filed Wednesday July 4 1:18 AM ET
 President Weak & Stupid was still hugging his favorite pillow when they used
 the past tense to describe what he had done that day.

 They're not telling us what happened with the president.
 They're publishing whatever Karl Rove's script of the day ordered.

 This is not journalism.
 This is a whore press on the Bush Family payroll.

 You cannot trust the Washington press corp.
 They are taking their orders from Karl Rove.
 They are not reporting the news.

 We no longer have a free press in this country, unless you count the internet web sites
 that aren't afraid of Karl Rove and aren't taking their orders from the Bush Family.


Subject: AMC removes obscene scene from The Godfather


I spent the 4th Grilling with The Godfather as well, and noticed
that the good folks at AMC had removed a scene, this one:

and it just made me think about the laughable  involved.hypocrisy
Is that scene more obscene than this?:

Anyway, the question has been raised before, but I don't have any kids, so I have to ask those who do:
Would you rather have your kids see a naked woman in a movie, or a graphic murder?

...and why?

in chicago

Vance, maybe we'll get some replies, but I'll tell you this:
We live in a country consumed by religious insanity.
In America, the nude female form is labeled "obscene," but graphic, bloody murder is acceptable.

If Arnold says, "I'll be back," then returns kills 27 cops, that's OK for the kids to see,
but if Jennifer Lopez wears a Versace dress to the Emmys, our children might grow up "funny."

If Bruce Willis stabs a suspect in the eye with a screwdriver, that's acceptable,
but if Madonna shows a little titty on her tour, our kids "lose their moral foundation."

The message is clearer than Lake Concha:
Nudity and sex are bad, even when it's man and wife (above)
but violence is always acceptable, and be sure you join the NRA.

And under the Failure in Thief, it's only going to get worse.

America needs a giant tip jar, and any time somebody says, "It's a free country,"
they should have to put a dollar in the tip jar.

 Bushie Awards

 Those Bushie Awards have concluded over at

 In a re-cap of people and web sites we know,

 Our old friend Art at won people's choice for Web Graphics and Toons,
 congrats to Art,  with our even older friend, (that doesn't sound right)
 Kevin Cunningham at getting an honorable mention.

 Was it fair to have them in the same category?
 They do different kinds of art, ...but ...what are you gonna do?

 Doonesbury won Best Editorial cartoonist, which Gary deserves,
 with Tom Tomorrow getting the honorable mention.

 Best Commentary was won by Molly Ivins, who I wish I could call my good friend,
 but I have not yet heard back from her.   Has anyone ever heard from Molly?
 I'll bet Tamara Baker has heard from her. Nobody is as connected as Tamara Baker.
 Tamara's e-mail are the only ones I save, because her CC's are the best on the web.
 Mo Dowd, who hates everybody, got the dishonorable mention.

 Best TV Comedy went to Jon Stewart, no argument there.
 Will Farrell of SNL got the mention, which is cool, but Will squanders his gift.
 He was on Leno recently and didn't even do his Smirk impression, the best in the business.
 Maybe Farrell is apolitical and just does Smirk when SNL asks him to.

 And  won the rigged voting for "Best Bush Watchdog."
 Hell, even I voted for

 If they'd had "Most fun comedy treehouse," I could accept this award with pride,
 but is so much better at watching Smirky,

 ...drumroll, please.

 I'd like to call up to the podium..

 C'mon, Buzzflash, are you out there?

 Buzzflash, you should've won this award.
 We here at shamelessly pulled a Kathie Lee and campaigned for it,
 whereas Buzzflash kept their dignity and it cost them in a very close race.

 So I think we should have a big hand for - the real winners of the award
 for "Best Bush Watchdog." (Hands Bushie Award to dudes)

 (wild applause)

 I'd feel a lot better if someone wrote and told me was about
 sixty people in ten cities because there's so much content there. How do they do it?

 Lastly, many of the best Bush watchdog sites weren't even on the list.
 In alphabetical order, so as  not to play favorites:


  ...and the others that I can't think of now,

 Plus, and and others are doing great political stuff
 but it's shrouded, pun intended, in religio-speak., I've been so busy, I've never been to George W. Bush Scorecard of Evil or The Smirking Chimp,
 or if I have, I don't remember, but anyone who's giving President Weak & Stupid a bad time deserves a hand,

 ...because Koresh knows the Democrats are not fighting back.

 If it wasn't for the Online Resistance, there wouldn't even be a fight.


Subject: Just a thought


You wrote...

>They ran like 8-year old girls being chased by a boy with a frog.
>Oh, the gelding Democrats disgust me...

The question arises: "Why, then, do you remain a Democrat?"

Is it the same reason that I remain a Catholic?  I don't like many of my coreligionists, and disagree
with many of the church's rules; but (1) I am loyal. (2) They were here first, and in matters of faith
it is impossible to prove them wrong -- I mean really prove -- which is why I do not debate religion.

BC, I know you are loyal.  You argue logically about liberal values... but values, like faith, are something
to be believed in rather than debated.  Hence, I see little difference in my staying with the Church and
your staying with the Democratic Party.

Incidentally, my opinion of Democrats is the same as yours -- but I stick with them, too.


Pipe, this is a debate I don't want to win.
I gain nothing if I convince you that your faith is misplaced.


In my mind, when I broke free of the nonsense about the angels,
I went from Mother Goose to science and logic.

If I break free of the Democrats, I leave the only army that can overthrow the Boy King.

Don't let me talk you out of your faith (not that I could).
Just think of me as a guy who doesn't get it.

 From: Alex Mnatsakanov

 Subject: What the hell is Bush talking about?

 BC, if you have a moment, please go here and read the official press release
 (unless they delete it soon) of some comments our National Embarrassment Bush made.
 Here's the link:

 Click  Here

 In case they have deleted it already, here's a blurb:

 Question: What does the 4th mean to you, Mr. President?

 Smirky:  Well, it's an unimaginable honor to be the President during the 4th of July of this country.
 It means what these words say, for starters.
 The great inalienable rights of our country.
 We're blessed with such values in America.
 And I -- it's -- I'm a proud man to be the nation based upon such wonderful values."

 If you know what he is talking about, I would appreciate your translation.
 See, I have only been living in this great country for 10 years, so I guess my English
 isn't as good as I thought, cause his remark made no sense to me!

 Alex Mn

 Alex, what do you mean?  He was very clear.
 He's a "proud man to be the nation."

 Just kidding - I was born here 47 years ago, and I can't understand him.
 Nobody can.  He's got his own language, like the code talkers in World War II,
 except the code talkers could at least understand each other..

 Next time you see him on TV, don't watch him, watch the faces of his feeders & handlers.
 They don't have a clue what he's talking about, just like Reagan.

I need more of these ...anybody?

  Print Think
   by RB Ham

   Click  Here

 Follow the money and you find a massive, organized Private Institution playing politicians and
 media propagandizers like marionettes. This institution has many heads, like the mythical hydra.
 Cut one off and another grows. While preaching a fair,free market philosophy they quietly strangle
 upstarts that dare to challenge them. If that doesn't work they try and absorb them, and turn them,
 ultimately, to their own ends. Using their unlimited wealth and access they use the system to legally
 bribe elected representatives into looking the other way and, often, to actively shill for them.


 I said yesterday that ran a thing on a George W Bush born in 1974.
 Mea culpa, mea culpa, mea maxima culpa it was my good friend Bev at
 I had the dates wrong, too. Born in 1964, deleted 1998, just as Smirky was beginning
 his acsension to his rightful throne. How much more suspicious could it see,?

 Click here

 During our search for the truth about Dubya's past, we came across something very interesting indeed!
 Another George W. Bush, white male, blue eyes, brown hair, but born on Oct. 17, 1964!
 What called our attention to this person, since there are so many Bushes living in Texas, this person's
 record was deleted on Dec. 24, 1998. Could there possibly be a connection between this person and
 Dubya that we as voters as yet are not aware of and why was his record deleted? For that matter, is it
 possible to have a living skeleton in one's closet from a wildly misspent youth? We shudder to think of
 the implications considering the havoc wreaked on the president based on lies about paternity of a child,
 and not even a name or physical description in common?
 We wonder what Dubya will say about these questions???

 First, how creepy to read that now.
 Those questions were never asked.
 The closest anyone ever got to asking Smirk real questions was funnyman david letterman.
 That's how badly the American whore press has dropped the ball - leaving the comedians
 to ask the tough questions, knowing they'll get a laugh and then we'll all forget.

 Second, that piece is from July 8th, 2000 - almost exactly a year ago today.

 We all expected the press do actually do some work and print the truth.
 How wrong we were - to think they'd actually present the facts to the voters.
 My, how young and naive we were one year ago.
 That was before Team Smirk rigged the vote and stole the White House,
 and it was back when we thought the Whore Court actually followed the law.

 Third, you should go to that OnlineJournal link and read the whole story.
 Bev Conover and Linda Starr are two of our strongest assets.


 "I feel like he is my equal and that's hard to find.  He makes me laugh,
   he's gorgeous, he's brilliant and we're very much in love,"
    -- Madonna, about her husband, Guy Ritchie.

 I always liked Madonna.
 Has anyone ever gone so far without having anything handed to them?
 She didn't win the looks lottery, and she doesn't have Mariah Carey's pipes,
 and Koresh bless her she can't hardly act, kinda like Tom Cruise, but look how far she's gone.

 One reason she is/was so hated is because instead of letting men use her,
 she used herself and a lot of people don't think women should have that much power.
 I think she decided early on to use her sexuality to her advantage, not someone else's,
 and a good Catholic girl isn't supposed to have any sexuality, right?

 Sure, she's made a few dozen mistakes that she'd like to have back, even if she denies it.
 She made it all on her own.
 She didn't have a father in the business to hold her hand and open doors for her.
 (Yes, that's another shot at President Weak & Stupid)

 If the legend is true, (so few are) she went to New York with no money and no contacts.
 She was raped, taken advantage of, spit on and ignored, but she just kept coming.
 She wanted it bad enough - that's why she made it.

 Remember that early song, "Over and over?"

 Hurry up, I just can´t wait, I gotta do it now, I can´t be late.
 I know I´m not afraid, I gotta get out the door,
 if I don´t do it now, I won´t get anymore.
 You try to criticize my drive, if I lose I don´t feel paralyzed.
 It´s not the game, it´s how you play And if I fall I get up again now.
 I get up again, over and over... ...Got past my first mistake,
 I´ll only give as much as I can take.
 You´re never gonna see me standin´ still,
 I´m never gonna stop ´till I get my fill.

 That's how she made it.
 She kept coming.
 Over and over.
 And if she screwed up, she got back up and came at you again.
 She wanted it more than anybody else.

 Not a bad attitude to copy.
 Too bad the Democrats don't feel this way.

 When they fall down, they cry and say, "We can't make it."


Subject: Getting accurate about WWII


I've seen a lot of people write in with corrections on WWII info.  What most people don't realize is
that Americans were fighting in WWII long before our government ever entered the US into the war.
Americans were fighting the Japanese in China (i.e., the Flying Tigers), the Fascists in Spain
(Hemingway wrote about that in his novels), and many of the pilots flying Spitfires in the RAF
during the Battle of Britain were Americans who wanted to get involved.

All of this, of course, says nothing of American Merchant Marines who were defending international
shipping lines from U-Boats.  So when people tell you that America got into the war late, tell them
that's true about America but not about Americans.

Jim H.




Click Here to see a really nice picture of Saturn

 Condit Corner

 Come Clean, Mr. Condit
  CA Congressman Asked Mistress to Lie, Report Says

  Click  Here

While it might have been nice to hide the details of his ill-defined relationship with Chandra Levy,
 it's Condit's dumb luck that the woman is now missing, and his involvement in the whole situation is
 beginning to look a bit too suspicious.  Even the number two man in the DC police force says he
 believes there "is more to know" about Condit's dealings with Levy, according to the AP.

 What about the girl, Gary?
   by Damian Whitworth

  Click  Here

 US Congressman Gary Condit insists that he was just good friends with Chandra Levy.
 Now more women claim to have had affairs with him

 But while the story is familiar, it is not that story. For despite the uncanny echoes of Monica,
 this tale has sinister overtones. Then, the sex and lies merely threatened a President’s political survival;
 now, a young woman’s physical wellbeing is almost certainly at stake.

 This Pol Acts Oddly for a Guiltless Guy
  by Steve Dunleavy

  Click  Here

 Gary Condit must have the brains of a goat to hire a megabucks lawyer
 whose job has been to rescue more drowning politicians than a battalion of lifeguards.


Subject:  Constitution "repairs"

I hear the Government is removing the original copies of the Constitution and
the Bill of Rights from public view for two years for "repairs" and "restoration".
Seems pretty fitting after what Dubya and the whore Court did to it this year, doesn't it?

Joe C

Koresh, I read that story, but didn';t even think of that.
What if they let Tony Scalia "help" with the restoration?


 Radio station appeals 'Shady' fine
  Smirky's faith-based thought police are coming

 The FCCommission will drive rap and hip-hop artists from the airwaves if it lets stand an
 unprecedented $7,000 indecency fine against a Colorado radio station for playing a "clean"
 version of Eminem's "The Real Slim Shady," lawyers said Monday.

 The FCC's June 1 indecency ruling "raises the specter of a dominant culture exerting its power
 to bar those groups who do not share its mores from the public forum," Citadel Communications
 said in appeal papers. Citadel is a parent company of KKMG-FM in Colorado Springs, which
 played the Eminem song at all hours throughout spring and summer 2000.

 FCC's enforcement goons said the "clean edit" version of the song was still provocative and raunchy.
 No other radio station has been fined for playing the song in question. Program directors have long
 assumed "clean" versions of songs are OK, and they fear the FCC order will have a widespread chilling effect.

 I admit, I've never heard it, but isn't this that "Please stand up" song he sang on some awards shows?
 Considering the filthy horseshit that flows out of Rush, Laura, Harvey and Hannity,
 how obscene could this Eminem song be?

 Did Eminem call Chelsea the White House dog?
 Did he accuse Al Gore of having sex with his daughters?
 Did he suggest his weakest fans get paid for sex because they're whores, anyway?

 This Colin Powell's appointed (or is it annointed?) son in charge at the FCC.
 No doubt, he's a faith-based idiot who's going to save us from Eminem and
 any other artist who has not accepted Jesus Christ as his Lord and Savior.
 I mean, do we really need those kinds of people in this country?

 They're coming, and they know we're the party that's afraid to own guns.

 As Cleavon Little once said - "We in trouble."

 When was the last time you visited the BartCop Spirits page?

 It's a place where we kick around drink recipies, talk about fine tequilas or home brews,
 maybe tell a funny story about that party where you wished you had your camera...
 We're not glorifying drunkenness, don't write with the "I got so drunk" story unless
 it's happy, entertaining and harmless. Drinking too much is stupid.

 That's why I like drinking Chinaco.
 Once you're into the taste, it'd be a sin to drink a lot.
 It's like the finest creme de menthe, just a drop will do wonders.

 So drop by and leave Joe a story or a recipe or your brewing tips.
 It's OK, even if you're Catholic.

 Read the  Previous Issue

 It had everything.

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   Thanks for the fumble, Dude.

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