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Volume 520 - Where's Chandra?

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 July 7, 2001.  ..... .....  ...Advertise on    .......... .......SPORTS..  ..........  ..Did you hear it? 


"There is no progress without struggle.
  Those who profess to favor freedom, and yet deprecate agitation,
  are men who want crops without plowing and planting.
  They want rain without lightning.
  They want the ocean without the roar of its many waters.

"The struggle may be a moral one, or it may be a physical one, or it may be both,
   but it must be a struggle.  Power concedes nothing without a fight.
   It never did, and it never will."
   -  Frederick Douglass, 1857, talking to today's Senate democrats.

 Condit Corner
 "Drip, ...drip, ...drip"

 One Pol, 2 Women, many Lawyers

  Click  Here

 I don't want to overdo the comparisons with Bill Clinton,
 because the fate of Chandra Levy makes this a matter of life and death.

 Condit's Unseemly Silence
  Do they read  at the editorial board of the LATimes?
  Click  Here

 Back in 1998, when Bill Clinton was trying to hide his involvement
 with Monica, Condit declared that Clinton should end the
 'drip-drip-drip .... You can't close this issue without getting all the information out there.'
 The disappearance of a person is far more serious  than adultery
 --all the more reason Condit should have heeded his own words.


 Subject: Condit again!
 You wrote:

> She did not commit suicide.
> People who commit suicide never hide their body.
> Since her body hasn't been found, we must assume it has been buried. >

Ha ha! Lot's of people commit suicide in remote areas, Bart.
Her body might never be found.
Sentence C, doesn't necessarilly follow from sentences A and B.




Of course, I was wrong to use the word "never."
It's like saying "Republicans never accepts blacks," when we know that
Slappy and Uncle OJ have both been accepted into the all-white party.
But one advatnage of getting old is this:
If you're 47 and never heard of it before, it's at least rare.

But who calls a friend in California and says,
"I have an exciting story to tell you,"
then packs her bags for a trip and commits suicide?

Who resigns from a fitness club the day before committing suicide?

 I'm late with this, it's great

Who freed Wayne DuMond?
  by  Gene Lyons

 Click  Here

     There was nothing amusing about the Kansas City arrest of Wayne DuMond for the murder of a
39 year-old strangulation victim. Almost needless to say, the victim was a woman. Police say they found
DuMond's DNA under her fingernails. He's also suspected in another woman's murder.

    Also not funny were Gov. Mike Huckabee's efforts to rescue himself from the consequences of
his own folly by blaming somebody, anybody, else for DuMond's release from the Arkansas penitentiary.

    "I think you guys are being played like a cheap fiddle by the Democrats," he whined to reporters.
"They want to make a Willie Horton out of it. And if anybody needs to get a Willie Horton out of it,
   it's Jim Guy Tucker and the Democrat Party and it ain't me."

Who, me?
You want to blame me?
Because I signed DuMond's release?
You should blame Clinton.
I hate Clinton, so you should blame him.
Blame Clinton for his release, not the guy who released him.


Subject: Faux News latest outrage

   I watched Faux News' morning show today, (7/6) you know it's called "Fox and Friends",
though a better name would be "Two Boobs and a Bimbo". This show is the one that features
the three imbeciles who sugarcoat the same fascist wingnut agenda that the so called 'Journalists'
spew the rest of the day, thereby making it more palatable for the uneducated masses.

This format reminds me of the Joe Camel ad campaign used by a tobacco company to lure
children into taking on a deadly habit, by making it seem 'cool'.   Well, their first topic was to
continue the 24/7 lynching of Rep. Gary Condit, which is Faux News' latest mission in life.
Reporting every rumor and innuendo as fact, and using as a source that bastion of Journalistic excellence,
(and incidentally, another news source occupied by that Australian wingnut henchman, Murdoch.)

The New York comPost.  That was just the start, the next topic was a story about Sen. Hillary Clinton
declining a ride from Resident Bush on Air Force One to some event in New York. This precipitated a
lighthearted re-hashing of the now discredited White House vandal non-scandal, and this was topped off
with the claim by the imbecillic woman of the trio (forgive me if I don't know her name, I don't want to)
that the former First Lady had stolen items from Air Force One! A direct and unashamed accusation
against the former First Lady and now Senator from New York!

Does the Faux network have no shame?  (stupid question) Is there no recourse for those of us who are
outraged by such breaches of the public trust? Are there standards of integrity that alleged 'news providers'
have to live up to? Help me out here, who can I file a complaint to? I have e-mailed Mrs. Clinton, but I would
like to go further because I feel that I have been violated as well!

Thanks for letting me vent..
Long Island, New York.

Pete, get used to it.
Fox has always been a wall-to-wall circus of half-truths and outright lies.
Fox News is less credible than BartCop's Comedy Treehouse.
Even when I'm lying, I'm more truthful than Fox.
Fox is anchored by Floyd R. Turbo.

Fox would make a good comedy channel.
It's like Archie Bunker - the wildest, most factless, nonsensical, anti-education horseshit that's so many
light years from any standard of accuracy, it would really be entertaining if people weren't buying it.

A Brief Moment in Time

December 30, 1992
Executive Clemency

Question: Mr. President, on the Christmas Eve pardons,
               does it give the appearance that Government officials are above the law?

Then-President Bush: No, it should not give any such appearance. Nobody is above the law.
I believe when people break the law, that's a bad thing. I've read some stupid comment to the contrary.
And of course, I feel that way. But the Constitution is quite clear on the powers of the President.
And sometimes a President has to make a very difficult call, and that's what I've done.

But I'm glad you asked it, because I've read some rather frivolous reporting that I don't care about the law.
I pride myself on 25 or more years of public service, of serving honorably, decently, and with my integrity intact.
And certainly I wouldn't feel that way if I had a lack of respect for the law. And I don't think there is one single
thing in my career that could lead anybody to look at my record and make a statement of that nature.
So thank you for giving me the opportunity to clear it up.

Thank you all.

Note: The President spoke at 9:45 a.m. in the Rose Garden at the White House.
           The proclamation of December 24 which granted Executive clemency to six
           former Government officials for their conduct related to the Iran-contra affair
           is listed in Appendix E at the end of this volume.


Subject: Hardball

Hey Bart,

I was watching "Hardball"  last night and the guests were Sally Quinn and David Gergen.
Now I have always known that Sally was a low class prostitute and would say anything if she could
get in a dig at the Clintons, but the comments by Gergen were so far out there as to be laughable.

He said that "George W. Bush, like his father, has so much honor and dignity and respect"
that the American people trust him in doing his job.  Honor and dignity and respect?

He also said, when talking about Cheney not releasing the names of those he met with to form his energy policy,
that it's not a big deal in Washington because Dick Cheney "has such a reputation for his honesty"
that we really don't need to worry about who he met with.


It's getting worse week by week and it's scary as hell.

Keep growing that hammer BC.
Thanks.....and a shot of Chinaco Anejo to Bartcop!


Geoff, Gergen is for sale.
I guess he's trying to get a job with Smirky.

If America thought Bush had honor, dignity or respect, he would've won the election.

Pigboy takes on The American Prospect

 Click  Here

 Limbaugh says he doesn't "coordinate strategy," but he does get together with John Fund and Rich Lowry
 and perhaps others to  "talk in generics, about how best to respond to these insane liberal attacks."
 Is this not strategizing, or am I missing something?
 Or -- to borrow a favorite conservative line -- does it depend on what the meaning of "coordinate" is?

 Feedback on Sex vs Violence in movies debate
 Which is more harmful to kids?

 Click  Here

 From: Rude Rich in NY

 Subject: Madonna

 I'm no fan of Madonna's but I'll agree she came from nothing and worked her way to the top.

 This in contrast to your fat friend who today declared Eli Calloway a "self made man three times over".
 After that statement, he then said that Calloway came from a family with money.

 Excuse me you bloated slob (Rush, not you) but if you came from money then you aren't a self made man.
 His pappy gave him whatever start he had in life, like your's did. If Mr. Calloway ran away from home
 at age 13, changed his name and started a paper route that grew into the New York Times,
 then I'll concede he is a self made man. If his father made him VP of whatever he owned the day he got
 out of whatever fancy college Daddy got him in, then he's not a self made man.
 To people like Pigboy, Dubya is a self made man.

 Rude Rich

     by Al Martin Raw
 Illegal Weapons Shipment Seized by FBI

 HUNTSVILLE, ALABAMA -- The interception of an illicit weapons shipment
 threatens to expose the Bush Regime's illegal covert policy of rearming China.

 For the rest of the story,

 Click  Here

 It's just like old times for the Bush Family Evil Empire

Will the Democrats investigate these illegal arms shipments?
 They will unless Karl Rove tells them to "Back off!"

Jenna Bush Gets Slap on the Wrist in Double Alcohol Case

Jenna Bush was fined $500 and had her driver's license suspended in one alcohol-related case on Friday
and was sentenced to probation in another.  She was put on probation for using a fake ID.

The most famous teenager in the world pleaded no contest to the May 31 incident in which she tried
to use the fake ID to buy a cheap-ass house margarita at an Austin restaurant, Chuy's.
It was her second brush with the law in as many weeks.

In the other case, she was fined $500 and suspended her driver's license for 30 days for a May 16 incident
in which she was caught drinking beer like a sailor coming off a four-month jag at sea..

Originally, the judge ordered the Texas Tramp to perform community service, like her daddy when he was
caught with a half-ounce of Peruvian marching powder. Had "J" not been caught with "B" at Chuy's,
the first case would have been dismissed on June 17.

"As you know, any matter dealing with the family is a family matter, not a government matter.
It is not an issue that the White House is going to get into, and neither is the press," Ari Fleischer warned.

In the May 31 incident, a cop ticketed "B" for underage drinking after catching her
with a cheap-ass margarita and a shot of Captain Fredo's Tequila at Chuy's.

Restaurant workers recognized the most famous teenager in the world - duh - and called police.
"B" pleaded no contest last month, and was given community service, just like her daddy on the coke charge.

If Jenna stays out of trouble until Oct. 6, her latest case will be dismissed.

ha ha

What's the line in Vegas on Jenna staying out of trouble till October?

 Cowardly Pigboy

 Rush spent his third hour yesterday playing audio clips of James Carville attacking
 the economic policies of the man we've come to know as President Weak & Stupid.

 Y'know, Rush is in the position where he could have Carville call in and debate the issue,
 but the cowardly Pigboy would rather hide behind his call screener and scream untrue obscenities
 at the innocent instead of having a fair exchange of ideas to see who's right.

 Since  has been in existence, we've taken pride in the fact that we don't hide from anybody.
 How many times has some bully written with a big chip on his shoulder, wanking on and on about how
 untruthful and biased "BartCop's lies" are, only to turn tail and run when I mention a chat room debate?

 Rush has the power to make that happen, he can get anybody on the phone, even President Weak & Stupid
 if he wants, but he's a lying fraud, so he hides behind his screener's skirt, instead.

 It's so much easier to attack Carville when he can't reply, isn't it, Pigboy?

 Rush, you're not even a man.
 You're still that same little fat kid who got teased every day at school.
 All these years (and hundreds of pounds) later, you still try to get even by hiding and ambushing
 anybody who doesn't share your need for a tax cut for the wealthiest of the wealthy.

 If you had any balls at all, Rush, if you had any confidence in your message, if you had any sense
 of fair play or even a half ounce of courage, you'd have Carville on your show and debate him.

 But no, you can't because you're a phoney and a fraud.

He   pledges allegiance to his flag...
"Screw the poor - me & Dick need more money."


 "I am disappointed but I've got a lot of other work to do. If  Governor Huckabee
   wants to let a thief and scoundrel like David Hale off, that's his business,"
       --  Prosecutor Larry Jegley

  Note: The governor commuted Hale's sentence against the recommendation
             of the state Post Prison Transfer Board. But there's no outrage, because
             it has nothing to do with Clinton's zipper.

  Mike Huckabee is a whore.

  BartCop is right.  I'm a whore.
  I'm also a coward,  and a hypocrite.
  If I wasn't,  I could sue him.
  But I am,  so I can't.

  He poses as a God-fearing Christian, but he's nothing but a partisan whore.
  He's giving the convicted felon a pardon because they both hate Clinton.

  Oh well, at least David Hale isn't likely to murder a young woman
  the way the last guy that Huckabee let out early did.


Subject: Condit and the Flight Attendant

Is it just me, or does this part seem a little weird?
Kind of like the rumors of trashing the White House and AF-1.

IF you really had an affair with someone, why would you want them
to sign a document stating that it never happened?
Especially before anyone has even questioned anyone or brought it up.
It smells of Paula Jones.

Maybe it's just me, but it also smells of the GOP.
I am not taking conspiracy, but perhaps someone should be.


Tally, funny, I've never had to ask a woman to sign a paper saying she did not have sex with me.
However, Deborah Shelton's attorney asked me to put in print that I never had sex with her.

 Why did President Weak & Stupid beg China for forgiveness in the spy plane affair?

 First, remember that his daddy was Ambassador to China, then Click  Here
 and check out the signature at the bottom of the page.

 We're getting screwed.

 First the China ambassadorship,
 ...then the CIA,
 ...then the million dollar payoffs from the Moonie Empire,

 ...and now this?


Subject: Let us know when you start thinking for yourself again..

y'know, when you decide that the future of the US is more important than some dream of being
some media oink to you.. I had thought better of you BC, I guess it'd be a bit over your head,
but you're right smack where the media whores you used to stand up to are.
What you say is driven by what it'll get you, reaching that "target" audience.

Unlike you, the democrats are doing something.. maybe you don't see it anymore because you're
not paying attention.. Oh, and before you dismiss my words and put me down like you did the last time..
I'm not the one who's aching to see my name up in print, that's you..


Mary, it'd be easier to reply if I had a clue what the hell you were talking about.
You say I'm "right where" the media whores are?   What does that mean?
If you had a point to make, I wish you would have made it.

Are you upset about the C-Span thing?
When they called, I should've told them "No, cause Mary might not approve?"

Who taught you the skills of effective communication?
You spell better than a ditto-monkey, so that's a distinct possibility.

You said, "What you say is driven by what it'll get you, reaching that "target" audience."

If I said what my audience wanted to hear, I'd love Tiger Woods, I would've been a liberal dishrag
on that spy plane issue, I would've praised the Casey Martin ruling (but no, I sided with the two
biggest thieves on the whore court, against the majority of my readers - out of principle)
I'd get off Gary Condit's back and I'd never mention Chinaco, Bixby Corn, Las Vegas, Area 51, etc etc etc.

You said, "Unlike you, the democrats are doing something..." but you failed to say what it was.

"I'm not the one who's aching to see my name up in print, that's you."

 ha ha

You've been around long enough to know I print the monkey mail, so I think
 you've lowered yourself to indulging in goofy talk to see your name in print.

Sure, it takes some ego to put up this page, but do you see my picture and
my name plastered all over the place?  I'm already more famous than I want to be.

Next time you write some snotty mail, why don't you be specific?
I remember you used to be a nice lady.

What happened to you?


 "Remember how Clinton got into some trouble with 'Don't ask, don't tell?'
   President Bush has his own troubles now with, 'Can't speak, can't spell.' "
    --  Dave

 I owe you a picture of Saturn.

 Isn't that cool?
 Whatever they spent on the Web Hubble telescope was worth it.


Subject: Bartcop Rantings


Never will I criticize your site. It's far too on target and entertaining.
I love it and have even contributed a few bucks from my paper route.
Have to admit, that made me feel good.

I even contribute the odd rant, most of which you reject, but that's okay because I wouldn't publish my shit either.

ha ha

In fact, I know how busy you've become because you've e-mailed back saying you're going to publish an article,
and it never appeared. That's the sign of a busy man with too few staff and unfettered access to Chinaco Anejo.

But....I have to write anyway. You did this. You made me this way. I write because I care, as I know you do.
We all want to participate, but often don't know what to say or write because most of it has been said before
we even think of it. But, we try and carry on by sending in articles, because we're liberals and outraged at this
latest farce of an election and what Bush Inc. is trying to pass off as 'compassionate conservatism.'

I think we're all even more pissed off because we know it wasn't his idea, but Rove's or one of those other nuts
pulling his strings who need the power.

Congratulations on winning a Bushie Award. You deserved it.
Buzzflash is good, but doesn't have the personal touch you do.

Onward Bartcop Soldiers.


Coach, you are correct about the missing article!
See Below

 Ton o' Mail & Toons

 Click  Here

 Stroke me, Stroke Me

 Rush the idiot is at least smart enough not to archive his show.
 He said something Friday, I was in the car, not taping, but he said something about a friend of his
 who  was 80 years old, and liberal, who didn't make the stupid mistake of letting his politics
 get in the way of business.

 He said this guy Ely Calloway would do business with ANYONE, politics not withstanding.

 Gee, isn't that what the Bush Family Evil Empire is famous for?
 Trading with Adolph Hitler because "it was good business?"

 Besides, Rush, some of us call that "putting your money where your mouth is."
 I'd salute a guy who turned down a sale if he didn't want to do business with someone
 because their politics were too extreme or they were murdering mother-effers.

  Click  Here for the story of Col Higgins,
  and remember who illegally rewarded his
  murderers with weapons from the future.

 Ronald Reagan and George Bush had no problem dealing with
 the terrorists sons of bitches who strung up Col. Higgins.

 After all, there was an election to be stolen, and a constitution to be raped - fucking TWICE,
 so they didn't mind doing a little business with Hezzbollah, the murdering scum.

 Ronald Reagan and George Bush committed REAL crimes, but the whore press
 would never raise the question because it doesn't involve Clinton's zipper.

 A Favor...

 If you skipped past that Col Higgins link, do me a favor and go back and click on it.
 He died a horrible, tortorous death for his country, at the hands of some ruthless bastards.
 He died making America safer for you and me.

 The counter on the page his family put up doesn't move much, and that's a shame.

 He died for us.

 Don't we owe him at least a click on his family's page?

 Col Higgins Page

 The Way I See Things
    by Sean Healy

  Click  Here

 I keep waiting for a story to run on Bush's alleged past
 drug use.  I expect to hear more details about the gaps in his military service.  I just know there's going
 to be a story about the oil companies he drove into the ground, the irregularities surrounding the Texas
 Rangers deal, the insider trading, the alleged abortion & illegitimate child, the corruption and rewarding
 of donors in Texas.

 I discover Joe Conason, Gene Lyons, Eric Alterman, Molly Ivins,,,  www.mediawhoresonline,,  I'm still waiting for ABC,
 NBC, CBS, CNN, Fox, the New York Times, the Washington Post, to follow up on these stories.

From: Cynthia Boaz

Subject: Report from Austin.


I went to Chuy's tonight during a Commemerative Jenna Bush Pub Crawl.
It seems the Freepers have failed miserably in their anti-Chuy's campaign.
The place was packed.  I mean, wall to wall.  It did my heart good.

Just thought I'd tell ya.
Maybe pass it on to the peeps at MWO.
Reason has prevailed, at least for the time being.
Well, that or notoriety.


Cynthia, do they serve the good tequila there?
If they do, I'll give 'em some business when I'm in Austin.

Thanks for the note

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