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Volume 544 - Jarret's Backflip 
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 August 2, 2001.  ...... ....... ... ...Ad-vertise.....................SPORTS..  ..........  Sabutai Concert 
 New Policy - In today's Latest, there's a letter from two "fans" of who decided
 that petty back-stabbing and name-calling was the best way to make their contribution.
 I might not do this every time, but I've decided I'm tired of holding back and being polite.
 People assume (and up till now rightly so) that if they say, "Big fan," they can get away with horseshit.
 Starting today, if you come at me with a back-stab or a chicken-shit cheap shot, I may choose to
 treat you like the average ditto-monkey. You can attack something I've said, that's why I'm here.
 But when you ask for a piece of me, starting today, you're more likely to get it.   

 Dead Firefighters
   by Eric R. Theiner

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Subject: Debate Fraud

Bart, you wrote:

>>I've been looking for a Freeper to post a regularcolumn on my page
>>but I can't find anybody willing to take the job.

Bullshit. I've searched back and back thru your issues and
I can't find anywhere where you have even mentioned this before.

Steve, thanks for the timely reply.
The reason you didn't see that challenge in past issues is because it's made by e-mail.
Whenever I run into a critic, I offer them a forum to contrast myself with Rush, Bush, Hannity etc.

>>The left (at least BartCop) can withstand any verbal assault, but the right (Rush, Bush, Hannity)
>>hide behind call screeners and spokesmen.

Again, Bullshit. You hide behind email. I wrote to you before and you responded with
>>"Steve, good e-mail, will answer on the page,"

 That's very possible, and I'm sorry I didn't remember you..
 I get 200-300 e-mails a day. When I can't update the page right away
 I e-mail the message to myself so it'll come back up, but sometimes it gets buried again.

 If I screw you on some deal or fail to live up to something that I promised, you can always alert
 the others to what a fraud I am in  the forums. Unlike Rush, Bush and Hannity, I LOOK for debate
 instead of running away and hiding.

You didn't print anything. You are using a fake name and printing only the emails you want.
Well, of course, that is fine, it's your website, but you can't lie that you are not hiding.

As a rule, I print every negative e-mail that comes in.
I will print this as proof.

>>Prove me wrong, let's debate.
>>I have a place when only you and I can post live, or we could do it at a place you suggest.

I'll debate you on any topic you wish. But let's do it by email - I've read some of your past transcripts
of live 'debates' and they are dumb beyond belief. It's one person answering the last question while
you move on to the cohesion, no structure, no logic.

That's partly true, and you're reading the cleaned up versions!
Sure, we could debate by e-mail, but that takes days/weeks, plus, by the time you answer my rebuttal
of your rebuttal that began a week ago, it's damn hard to follow. Last time I tried that with a leftie
and it took three colors of ink and two fonts to distinguish what was what that I got a headache.

Maybe you'd consider calling in to BartCop Radio Live?

>Or - is it easier to make false claims, then hide?

Same question to you BC.


Steve, your note was nicer than most.
Thanks, let me print this, and I'll attempt to contact you
when the radio thing gets off the ground.

 Mexican Immigration: One Man's Story
    You Damn Liberals, by Pete Hisey

  Click  Here

 Impeachment Manager Confirmed as New DEA Chief
  The pink tutu Democrats bend over again.
  "Whatever Mr Rove wants," one was heard to say.

 Asa Hutchinson, one of the top zipper boys in the Clinton Cock Hunt, has won the hearts of the
 Senate Democrats to be confirmed as leader of the Drug Enforcement Administration.

 "I am thrilled that the Senate had given its consent to my nomination,"  Hutchinson, (R-Whore)
 said after the 98-1 voice vote by the Democratic-controlled Senate.

 "This is a moment of great pride for me," said Sen. Tim Hutchinson, (R-Cheatsonwife),
 brother of the cock-hunting congressman.

 Clinton was impeached by a gaggle of revenge-minded pricks on two articles of perjury and
 obstruction of justice. The Senate voted to acquit the president in February 1990.

 Hutchinson, a graduate of Bob Jones (R-Priests have tails) Univeristy  is serving his third term
 from an all-white Republican district in northwest Arkansas.

 Hutchison's plans to fight drugs?

 "More God, more prisons and less education," he told reporters working for Karl Rove.


Subject:  Lawrence Walsh's Last Battle

   I have to know. Why aren't Americans marching in the streets demanding the release
of the Reagan papers? Good Lord, people, the despicable Elliot Abrams already has a
head start in 'cleansing' them.   I think you should dedicate a page to pursue the truth and
demand the release of the papers.  And to insure Lawrence Walsh's vindication.
The Iran/Contra page. With links to sites and info regarding what, after all, was a real crime.

RB Ham

Below is a link to a good article on Lawrence Walsh's last battle.

The investigation has been dragging on for almost seven years; Bill Clinton is the third President
to sit in the Oval Office since the Government began this case against itself. The defendants' primary
strategy -- delay, delay and delay -- has had its effect. The country was once riveted by the televised
images of the Iran-contra defendants testifying before Congress -- a series of hearings that Norman Mailer
once said was "more addictive than watching cartoons." Now the public has all but lost interest in the
scandal, which seems to have receded into a mere historical curiosity, rather than the frontal assault on
the Constitution it once represented.

 RB, Karl Rove and the networks have decided if Clinton's zipper isn't involved,
 it can't be a crime so it's not worthy of mention in the media.

 If somebody wants to put together an Iran-Contra page, I'll link to it or publish it
 but I'm the wrong guy to undertake such a time-consuming endeavor.

VCR Alert



just wanna remind you about (BartCop regular)  GrannyC's VCR alert.
Here are the pertinent facts:

Seems, about 5 years ago Grannyc rescued a 15 year old grandson, Jarret
Reid, from the clutches of the Pennsylvania snow and returned him to
California to participate in his radical behaviour, without upsetting his
schooling. Though his parents and siblings miss him dearly and his antics
keep Grannyc on her toes, the move has been a good one, for Jarret anyway.

Jarret is an EXTREME sports kid. The tall ramps, the big dirt jumps, and
the wild waves. At 20 he is still Granny's kid, but he does stunt work for
Disney, Nickleodian, and CBS. Well, some folks at Guinness World Records,
kept hearing about one of his stunts and contacted the family. A challenge
was given and Jarret took them on.

Guinness film crew spent a day with Grannyc, her spouse, and grandkids.
Then the film crew spent a day at a local skate park with the grandkids.
Then the challenge. Jarret, who rides a little RAZOR SCOOTER comes
down a ramp, then up a short ramp and does a back-flip.

A preview can be seen at:

The 10 minute segment (that took 3 days of filming) may show Grannyc in her rocker.
But it will show Jarret meeting the challenge and making a place in Guinness Book of World Records,
as the FIRST PERSON to ever do a BACK FLIP on a SCOOTER. The show will air as
August, 2nd, 2001, Thursday evening at 8:00pm
(according to FOX PRIME TIME), it should be right after the Simpsons.


Subject: can anybody explain Nader in two paragraphs?


The Democrats take dirty money just like the Republicans.
Clinton signed welfare reform, bombed Iraq, and generally behaved like a pro-choice Republican.
Some of the biggest crooks and corporate lapdogs in politics are Democrats. Al Gore is hypocrite.
Government by Democrats looks a lot like government by Republicans, except they like to throw
a bone to the left every now and then to keep them showing up at the voting booth, so they can keep
collecting their  contributions.

Let's try this using a ruler.
Let's say Ralph is at the beginning of the ruler, at marker zero.

If I understand correctly, Gore was maybe four inches to the right, and Bush is what, seven inches to the right?
(In my mind, it's more like three and nine, but I'm trying to be fair.)
You say the four is too far away from you, so you vote for the zero,
which ends up putting the seven into office, a guy you CLAIM is the worst of the three.

To the logical mind, that's crazy.
Four was too much for you, so you voted to install seven.
And you're happy with the results?

Democrats thrive on suckers like Bartcop,
just like Republicans thrive on their own herd of suckers.

Oh, so now we start with the personal attacks?
I'm a naive sucker because I chose the four over the seven?
I have math and logic on my side.
You have some wild-eyed, pistol waving fever that made you put Bush in office.

Ralph Nader has fought for labor, consumers, and the environment since the early sixties
and hasn't been bought and co opted like Clinton and Gore and the Democrat Party.

Ralph Nader has never won an election of any kind.  He has no record.
He's never had to compromise to get anything done, so his hands look clean to you.
By the way, how old are you?

He refused to accept soft money for his campaign, thereby putting his money where his mouth is.
His platform makes sense.

It didn't make sense to the 97 percent who refused to vote for him.
There's a recurring theme here at
If you feel so strongly about an issue or candidate, and are willing to go against 97 percent
of all Americans, you ought to be able to explain yourself.

He has the answers progressives are looking for, not mealy-mouthed platitudes designed to keep
targeted constituencies in line. So, is this simple enough for you, or was this just too much to read?
After all, Bartcop, simple problems require simple solutions (I tried  to use as many little words as possible).

D.M. Carter

When asked to explain your candidate's platform, you insult the guy asking the question.
What do you or your candidate have without the personal insults?


Subject: is fantastic

You have one of the best and most creative sites on the net,
even if I don't agree with a lot of your politics.

Keep up the great work, we need a thoughtful and inspired "loyal opposition" in this country
that doesn't take itself too seriously, something we haven't had for about 8 1/2 years.

And this from a Republican -- but not a frothing dingdong right winger.
The impeachment vendetta was the worst thing the Repubs ever did to this country -- so far.

Bartcomaddict Arnold
heh heh

Arnold, thanks for the note.
Write some short rebuttals, I'll publish 'em.

Murder in Small Town X

Hi Christian & Bartcop. Hope that email problem is fixed soon.
But anyway, dammit, thanks for getting me hooked on this show.
At last, a pseudo reality TV survival show that at least has a premise that makes sense.

Anyway, my theories on the killer so far. Whoever is doing it is screwing with the whole town,
and obviously knows about nasty things the people of Sunrise have done -- Pru's affair with Flint,
probably Thibodeaux's odd living quarters, the whole business between DeBeck, Oscar and Leita.

So the killer is somebody with access to information -- which could point to Leita Rose-Blodgett, town
gossip and postmistress. Of course the mitigating factor there is the desecration of her dead husband's grave.
On the other hand, she conveniently lead the investigators right to it after the funeral, didn't she?
Or... who else in a small town would know everything? The Priest, of course, Reverend Crandall.
He's probably heard all their confessions, and would also have all-hours access to the cemetery,
no questions asked, not to mention that nobody would find it suspicious to see him wandering around town,
nor, in a place like this, would they refuse him entry. Just a bland, innocuous background character who
has reason to do a little Wrath 'o God business on his neighbors.

The real key to it is: which of these two would have access to photo-developing equipment?
The post-office/drugstore could have that kind of stuff. So could a small community church with its own
AV/publicity program. But tipping the scales toward Crandall, in my mind, are two things:

1) The killer was welcome in the Flint's home before doing the deed,
2) An old lady isn't going to be as intimidating as a killer.
Finally, there's all that language from the first episode in the killer's spiel, about making the victims
his (or her) own. That has the ring of religious lunacy to it, doesn't it?
(Have the investigators do a background check on Crandall, find out if he went to film school.)

So, as of episode two, that's my guess: 90% chance it's Crandall, 10% chance it Leita. Besides,
if I was producing the show, I'd make the villain the town pastor, just to fuck with middle-America's head.


Now, that's a review of a murder mystery show.
And yes, suspect the priest!


  Subject: Strawman Attempt
  (I'm guessing he read "kiss my ass")

  Click  Here

Now & then someone sends me a link to some
Freeper gone wild on

Every time I get one of these,

I send an e-mail similar to this:


Would you care to have a friendly debate?
I can be real nice, and I don't ambush anybody.

I've been looking for a Freeper to post a regular column on my page
but I can't find anybody willing to take the job.

Similarly, I'd LOVE a chance to debate a Repub on their site,
but there are no Repub sites with a standing offer to debate all comers.

Can you see the difference between left & right?

The left (at least BartCop) can withstand any verbal assault, but the right
(Rush, Bush, Hannity) hide behind call screeners and spokesmen.

Prove me wrong, let's debate.
I have a place when only you and I can post live,
or we could do it at a place you suggest.

Or - is it easier to make false claims, then hide?


...but instead of answering the challenge, they choose to hide and claim victory,
because they know their arguments can't stand up to simple questions.


Subject: Unseemly 24/7

Somebody dies from heat exhaustion, so it is just NATURAL for MSNBC & Faux
Propaganda Networks to have his teammates describing their memorial services,
how they spoke of him in grief, and, finally, weeping themselves in front of these blasted cameras.

Oh, then, let's cut away to the Levy driveway.  Shameless GHOULS!
Oh, but let's NOT have any pesky questions about the CIA, Iran/Contra,
the 2000 Selection, the BUSH family business activities, the amounts the
taxpayers have subsidized the BUSH family businesses over the years, etc.

Why THAT would be unSEEMLY.

The press runs with whatever stories Karl Rove wants them to run.
Except for Helen Thomas - she wants to give Smirk the red-ass.

 Was Hanssen a Spy for the Right Wing, Too?
  by Joe Conason

 Click  Here


Subject: Bill Clinton in Harlem could Whip King Smirk's Butt

Hi Bartcop,

I love your site.  Thanks so much for doing it.  I saw a link to mediawhores about Clinton in Harlem
and realized my local rag, Palo Alto Daily News is much cooler about printing Clinton story's without
focusing on his genitals.  Unfortunately, they don't place their stories on-line, so you'll have to take
my word about the news they did print.

This is the part I love:  During the ceremony, there were protesters there with signs and jeers.
First off, Clinton addressed their main fear, gentrification, by stating he wanted to "be a good neighbor".
He said that he thought the home values going up would be good for the residents and that he didn't want
local businesses to leave.  He also talked about how he dreamed of playing the sax at the Apollo theatre
and hoped to get his chance someday.

Then, he read out one of the protester's signs that said "What have you done for Harlem?"
and he addressed it, pointing out all he had done for the economy, for blacks, for the poor and for welfare.
Very awesome!
While Smirk can't address a reporter's comments, Mr. Clinton is addressing people who don't even like him.
Isn't he amazing?  I'd like to see King George talk to protesters.
Heck, I'd like to see the media even show the protesters.

According to the article, people were chanting for four more years of Clinton.
Thanks again for your awesome site.


Kimberly, good one.
Someone tried to stump the Big Dog & got throwed.


Subject: i'm so sad the idea is to be popular.
Being right is being a loser, if it's unpopular???

Pipe, I don't know what language that is.

Thanks Bartcop for letting me know who you are.
I was getting ready to send you $100 as soon as the tax "rebate" came in.
It's who'll be getting $200 instead.

Enjoy your popularity.

--bill n

You'd be crazy to send money to a site you don't understand.

My guess is that you're hung up on the word "popular."
You said you were about to send this site some money, and if I'm not mistaken,
the reason you were sending that money was "to grow the hammer higher."

How is that different from "being more popular?"

Why do you think I used that analogy with the rock band?
The farther they got into their niche, the more unpopular they got.
They walked away from the people, and eventually had to get real jobs,
similar to Dukakis, Mondale and Gore.

Send your money to
and tell them half of it came from me.

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